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Twinskin Log Cabins

Our "Twinskin" Log Cabins are, as you see in the photographs, manufactured in a unique way. Twinskin Log Cabins offer greater stability than many other Log Cabins that continue to create a mere perception of solid wood walls when in fact they are not.

If you are looking for a twin skin log cabin that is not just the best manufactured, 


As the original manufacturer and distributors of "Twinskin" Log Cabins in the U.K. / Europe, you can be assured that we have ironed out all the necessary obstacles and difficulties attached to such precision related engineering to end up with a superb construction that is ready-made for top quality insulation within the cavity produced by the Twinskin design.


This superb method not only minimises heat loss but also acts as a great sound diffuser providing that all important feeling of tranquillity and peace from any outside noise.


Note by looking from the outside corner you will see two end sets of solid logs exposed in an interlocked fashion. please look very carefully at some other manufacturers who create the impression of "Twinskin" walls by showing you projections that have just been stuck on the outside. We have even seen this done on single walls to give this misleading perception.


When you deal with you can be assured that a "Twinskin" building is a truly original well made "Twinskin" at its best.


Don't allow yourself to be lured into purchasing a Log Cabin whose beauty is only "Skin Deep." 

Marketing and advertising have become so sophisticated nowadays that it is very easy to get a false perception of what is really on offer. 

So many Log Cabins are truly beautiful - "On the outside". 

Our "Twinskin Log Cabins" show a depth of beauty and stability never before experienced.


Many District Councils across the UK, in conjunction with the Environmental Agency,  are looking more carefully at the structures of Static Caravans and Lodges, particularly along the coastal areas where flood zones are apparent.


The Environmental Agency has projections of storms and flooding showing projected heights of flooding and also water flow in various parts of the UK.


Many existing structures just do not meet the criteria needed to withstand such flooding whether origination from the Sea or from a breached river Bank.


Our Twinskin Solid Log Cabin structures go a long way towards upgrading the quality to meet the rigorous demands set by such organisations for the benefit of our safety.


Whilst other factors need to be taken into consideration, our “Twinskin” interlocked structure provides another practical method of resilience against the wintery elements of the UK   

With a Twinskin Log Cabin, you have the best of both worlds in terms of insulation. If you opt for single wall cabins of 44mm thick walls or greater, the insulation properties increase pro-rata as wood is a very good insulating material.


With Twinskin you start with 35mm thick wall, doubled up to form two parallel walls

each of a 35mm width with a gap of approx 100mm between which can then be filled with an insulating material. The result of this is a much more efficient form of insulation than having a single wall of 70mm thick.


Taking the Twinskin concept to its ultimate. You could opt for a 45mm + 45mm double parallel wall with a 100mm gap for insulation which, again will be more effective than say a single log being 90mm thick.


One must consider a sense of balance here because the outside dimensions of the Log overall thickness of the wall become, there is a lower internal floor area of usage.


As an example, if we take the 45mm + 45mm Twinskin arrangement with a 100mm central gap for insulation, you have a total thickness of 190mm. Assuming all walls are of the same thickness surrounding the Log Cabin you end up taking up a total of 380mm 

of floor space across any width or length.


If you are planning for a log cabin to be 6mts wide. This width is the outside measurement of the cabin. Your internal width, taking into consideration the above example, would be 6metres - 0.38 metre = 5.62 metres.


When planning to have a Log Cabin built, it is always prudent to ask and calculate the area of internal usable floor space as well as the exterior.


Twinskin Log Cabins are therefore particularly popular with larger Residential Cabins

as opposed to the smaller Garden Cabins because of the higher ratio of loss of floor space in a smaller building.


When it comes to the quality of timber that is used for Twinskin buildings, it is extremely important that good quality well-seasoned pine is used. Where lower grades of timber are used that have not been properly kiln dried to the correct moisture content. Worse still timber from young trees that have not matured, will result in warping and twisting and sometimes split. This can cause havoc within the Twinskin arrangement as the notched interlocking system in each corner is quite precise and along the length, the interlocked logs could become misshapen and bellow out in places both internally and externally.

With the Siberian pine, by nature, is slow grown and hewn at a mature age, usually around 70 years old. For twinskin cabins this type of timber is renowned, yet much sought after. is fortunate in holding long-term contracts with the production of such carefully selected timber where assurance is given to have a constant high-grade Twinskin product. We hope this information is useful and inspires you to purchase all your Twinskin buildings from or from one of our carefully selected Dealers or Partners.

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