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The New Micro Houses by Logcabins.LV New for 2014 1 The New Micro Houses by Logcabins.LV New for 2014 2 The New Micro Houses by Logcabins.LV New for 2014 3The New Micro Houses by Logcabins.LV New for 2014 4
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The New Micro Houses 2018

The New Micro Houses by Logcabins.LV New for 2018

The 2014 Range of Micro Cabin-Houses. are pleased and excited to present a superb selection of cabins that is

both exceptional and affordable. Nine incredible Micro cabins that have been designed as perfect Studio accommodation with all the necessary mod cons with no compromise on the quality of craftsmanship that you would normally expect from any of the larger cabins. There are a number of different applications and uses for the Micro Cabins.

A perfect mini “Granny Flat” in your garden, where you can have the best of worlds so that you can continue having the privacy of your own home and your Relative can enjoy independence at arms length. Here is the perfect opportunity

for your growing offspring to really get to grips with “leaving the nest” for the very first time. Young son or daughter can live their own lives and take upon themselves complete independence and responsibility as a “Rehearsal” prior to, perhaps renting or purchasing a property of their own at a later stage.

If you happen to have a member of the family who works late shift-work, they will need to have their uninterrupted sleep during the day. With much happening in a busy household, it can be very difficult to keep quiet simply because your shift-worker is trying to catch up with that all - important sleep in the next room. With a Micro cabin you have a Customised Shift Worker’s Studio. A perfect night’s sleep – no interruptions and the family can enjoy the jollities of the day without restriction.

On the commercial front, if you happen to be an Hotelier or the owner of a Guest House, the Micro cabin could provide you with that additional bed & breakfast income

for those who are normally after a single room. Single rooms are always at a premium and business is often lost because of insufficient availability of single rooms.

The Micro cabin provides a complete “en suite” luxury apartment for a single person.

The footprint starts at 3m x 3m and therefore really doesn’t take up much ground space. With two or three of these Micro cabins on show looking quite spectacular

In the Hotel grounds, they will attract customers and provide you with some very good additional income. Very low maintenance and easy to clean makes it a breeze for either the user or the person responsible for care-taking.

The 2014 Micro Cabins are just perfect to have as an additional bedroom for that sudden unexpected visitor requiring an overnight stay. Everything can be at the ready without having to disrupt any of the rooms in the main house.

The 2014 range of Micro Cabins has been professionally crafted from only the very best materials. The outside cladding is made with solid vertical 20mm x 140mm Larch panels. This cladding design gives the Micro cabin a much more higher commanding appearance as well as that extra touch of sophistication. Larch, even in its natural untreated state has the ability to withstand the elements without any evidence of rot setting in. This type of timber is much sought after for the reason of longevity without maintenance. The Siberian Larch or Russian Larch (Larix sibirica) is a frost-hardy tree native to western Russia, close to the Finnish border east to the Yenisei valley in central Siberia

Over many years this timber has served many purposes, the main one in the construction of Venice where Larch logs were pile driven into the silt, on top of them was added stone and other materials. Venice still stands today after hundreds of years sitting on top of an incredibly rot - resistant timber.

The wood is a golden yellow colour with a strong grain pattern. The trees are very slow grown, resulting in dense growth rings.

Unlike the British or European Larch, the knots in the Siberian species are light grey in colour and tend to stay solid, even after drying and machining.

Siberian larch is very resinous and extremely hard, making it one of the toughest and most durable softwoods in the world.

When used as cladding, Siberian larch is ideal for really exposed elevations or areas that are subjected to the elements where assurance of resistance is needed.

Siberian Larch verses Oak…A Larch can live 700 years, growing to 160' tall and 8' in diameter. A dense, slow growth Larch has a hardness like Oak (3.2 HBS Brinell scale), but even greater resistance to decay and rot due to high tannins.

This means your 2014 Micro Cabin will last many years.

Quality timber of this nature requires quality craftmanship and top quality high tensile cutting machinery to manufacture to the very high standards expected by our company. Very few companies have the facility to mill this kind of timber because of its high density. We at are committed in keeping right up to date with the most sophisticated cutting machinery that results in perfect Larch cladding every time.

The supporting framework is very strong 45mm x 95mm high quality timber.

Wind proofing and insulation is well taken care of with 100mm Knauf insulation coupled with internal plastic film and Gypsum plates. These extra elements of production make for an extremely superior Micro home.

It is amazing how quickly such timber - framed buildings can be erected.

No mess, no waste and best of all, very environmentally friendly.


Only the very best quality double - glazed windows and doors are as standard in these exquisite buildings, as are the high security strong locking systems for extra safety. You have your own options for roofing which can be mineral felt, shingles, or a range of different types of roof tile readily available from your nearest builders merchant or DIY store.


At we believe we have covered most people’s tastes by producing 9 Micro Cabins of varying sizes and designs. Although they are called “Micro” the smallest in the range is 3m x 3m offering a very affordable and practical building that will be easily positioned on most sites including gardens.

Here is a quick reference guide showing the dimensions and areas in ascending order.

Ref 932 Micro Cabin - House 3.0m x 3.0m =  9.00 sq. m.

Ref 933 Micro Cabin - House 3.5m x 3.5m = 12.25 sq. m.

Ref 934 Micro Cabin - House  4.0m x 4.0m = 16.00 sq. m.

Ref 935 Micro Cabin House 4.5m x 4.5m = 20.25 sq. m.

Ref 936 Micro Cabin house 5.0m x 5.0m = 25.00 sq. m.

Ref 940 Micro Cabin House 6.5m x 4.5m = 29.25 sq. m.

Ref 937 Micro Cabin House 5.5m x 5.5m = 30.25 sq. m.

Ref 938 Micro Cabin House 6.0m x 6.0m = 36.00 sq. m.

Ref 939 Micro Cabin House 6.5m x 6.5m = 42.25 sq. m.


This quick reference guide shows you the substantial additional area you get just by increasing the dimensions by a mere 0.5m The increased area achieved from a 6.0m square Micro – cabin to a 6.5m square Micro-cabin shows an increase of 6.25 sq. m.

The increase alone is over two thirds of the size of the 932 Micro - cabin.


To complete the outstanding appearance of the Micro – Cabins an additional 1.5m

of decking is included across the front of all 9 Micro-cabins in the range.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly or to any one of our appointed dealers or partners, who will be pleased to assist you.


By clicking on “more details” you will be taken to individual descriptions and plans of each building. Larger cabins provide more space available for extra rooms. If you are looking long term with additional family etc. you would do well to go for the largest Micro-Cabin that you can afford thus saving you extra expense in the long run.

If you are looking for a quality bespoke log cabin please go to 



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