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44 mm Summer Houses

Building a summer house can be a therapeutic distraction from the stresses and strains of the  "real world". The aim, of course, is to be able to enjoy your retreat but in the meantime, the building process can have its own rewards of a very satisfying sense of achievement.


From planning the Summer house to deciding what will go where, the building project should have its fun aspects. It can be lots of work if you are doing it yourself but when you walk through the front door of your completed Summer house, you will forget how much work it took to get there!


People build a Summer house for a variety of reasons. Some do so strictly for leisure-- to have a retreat in which to relax and enjoy themselves. Some want a fishing or hunting cabin in order to pursue their hobby. Or a wooded site to hike, mountain climb, or even to photograph nature. Others may want to build a structure that will strengthen family ties or a one that can be enjoyed and passed down through generations as a legacy. Once a family has started enjoying the warm weather together in their summer home, it is easy to establish it as a regular retreat.


Some owners prefer to have a contractor come in to carry out tasks like making the foundation, putting up walls, putting on the roof, and installing the exterior doors and windows. 

Then it is up to the owner to run the plumbing and electrical, install any needed heating and cooling.

 It can be a rewarding compromise that instead of doing everything, the owner has the responsibility to do all the finish work while making sure the structure is done by a professional local contractor. whatever you choose,  logcabins l.v. provide the ready to make Summer house direct to your specified location and you can be assured of your purchase becoming a real pleasure to build.


Did you know that  you can buy summerhouses that have two rooms?, one that is a smaller area that can be used as a separate space to hold all of your garden tools, hedge trimmers and lawn mowers, nice and securely. Yet the other area of the summerhouse has enough space for you to have a nice space to put a sun lounger or  table and chairs in for outside dining. Or to be a little more Scandinavian, why not consider installing a sauna in one of the rooms.


When it comes to buying a Summerhouse then you may want to look for a manufacturer that offers a good range of sizes or designs, as this facility can help you maximise the space in your garden without making your garden look cluttered by having a building that does not sit right aesthetically. We at have such a wonderful variety of Summerhouses and there will always be help and guidance from one of our team members  who will be only too pleased to help you make the right choice.


Other features to look for are insurance standard security window locks and door locks. Without these you may find that your insurance does not cover you for theft from your summerhouse, so these are well worth paying extra for if not included as standard.


You may also have the option of fitting double glazing as well as insulated wall panels. Whilst you may think this seems extravagant it can really extend the seasonal usage of your summerhouse, as it will warm up faster and stay warmer for longer in the winter months. And for the keen gardeners amongst you this can provide a great space for growing plants and germinating seedlings if you have a shelf fitted under the windows.


Purchasing a Summerhouse can be one of the best pound for pound investments that you can make. Buying one is far cheaper and quicker than building an extension, and if you move house then you can easily take it with you if the new owner does not require it.


Summer houses by nature are for fun and enjoyment and what better way to entertain than to do so in a Summer House that is different, unique and one that cannot be purchased at the local Garden Centre. One that we at log cabins l.v. can make for you.

You will be amazed how affordable it could be because our high tech computerised

cutting equipment coupled with hands on manufacturing experience of high grade timber technicians make for a very quick response to any bespoke enquiry.

You will see some of the versatility in our standard range. However, we are always able to adapt to making new and exciting designs originating from our clients ideas.


If you would like to add a Sauna, a Jacuzzi, an extra room, whatever, we will be pleased to come up with a quotation for you.


Sometimes you may have a specific budget to work to. By allowing us to have knowledge of that budget we may be able to create the Summer house of your dreams.

You could then have a fully bespoke Summer House knowing that it is going to be one that you can readily afford.


For any further information please contact us or one of our appointed dealers. 

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