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Log Cabins

Garden Studio Log Cabins

The Bedsite in The Garden -Garden Log Cabin Studios-The Bedroom in the Garden.


Are you looking for a Interlocking Quality Garden Studio Log Cabin?

Do you need a living space in the Garden?

Thermally Efficient. Quality FSC Timber.

Custom Designed, Bespoke Options on all Twin Skin Log Cabins.

We are able to offer also Twin Skin Laminated Log Cabins in Pine, Spruce and Siberian Larch.

The Highest Quality Laminated Engineered computerised CNC machined Log Cabins in the industry available.


Has one of your children come home to stay and there isn’t enough room?

Our amazing quality Garden Studio Bedrooms can be that saving space.

Our Highly Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabins for the Garden are amazing value for money. As the main manufacturer of Log Cabins and Twin Skin’s in the UK, we are always proud of our designs and structures.

When buying a Twinskin Log Cabin you are entering a fraternity of owners who understand that Twin Skin Cabins are possibly the best for cost insulated cabins on the market to date.

We have been manufacturing log cabins longer than anyone on the market to date; the Twin Skin Log Cabin system is ours, first to manufacture, first to bring to market.

So if you’re looking for an original quality Twinskin log cabin than please go to our Dealers Page. 



Garden Studio Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabins 4.0m x 4.0m 

Garden Studio Insulated  Twin Skin Log Cabins 5.0m x 4.0m

Garden Studio  Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabins  5.0m x 5.0m

Twin Skin I bedroom Log Cabins  4.0m x 4.0m

Twin Skin I bedroom Log Cabins  4.0m x 5.0m

Twin Skin I bedroom Log Cabins  5.0m x 5.0m

 We do not offer 28mm log cabins, this is a floor board material, not a construction timber, beware of any manufacturer using the word (strong) 28mm timber is not a construction timber.

If you are looking for independence and enjoy your own company.

If you yearn for a place for yourself without having to be constrained in a flat with people above and below you.

If you would really like to break away but just cannot afford the bricks and mortar.

Then don’t buy bricks and mortar. have launched the latest and greatest Studio bed-sit Log Cabin that can solve so many problems.

Let us consider further practical solutions to some more of those problems.

If you have an elderly relation who wants to be near you but needs independence …Problem solved.

If you have a son or daughter who needs to be out of the house…..

Problem solved.

If you get the odd unexpected guest that means that you have to sleep on the sofa …

Problem solved.

If you are in the leisure industry looking for extra income from accommodation …

Problem solved.

The Studio Bed-sit is the answer.

This specialised Log Cabin has been added to the 2013 range and has already being taken by storm.

Manufactured from the finest well seasoned Siberian Pine with strong 28mm tongue and groove pine flooring together with a beautiful fine ceiling with Pine log walls and

double glazed windows and doors, it is the Pad of the future.

In this Studio Log Cabin, one single person can enjoy the comfort of eating, sleeping and lounging in exquisite surroundings in complete privacy.

This is the most sensible stepping stone from being part of a family unit to adult independence without breaking the bank.

The Studio Log Cabin is easy to build and can be assembled very quickly.

Make it your priority to contact us, or one of our appointed Dealers or Partners.

Log Cabins with Beds- Garden Log Cabin Studios- A Quality timber Bedsit for the Garden

If you are looking for a Insulated Garden Cabin Room, Insulated Garden Log Cabin Insualted Studio, Garden Insualted Timber Bedsit, then look no further, these amazing new designs totally unique to are suited for long-term living. What we have tried to high light with the furniture is that a pull out sofa bed can turn these small Insulated 4.0m x 5.0m cabins in to an Insulated amazing living space.

Over the next few months we will be introducing to the world our vision on small space living, small cabins, with everything included but a high price. has over the years designed so many different unique quality log cabins, which sadly have been copied by the mass produced factories, dragging down the quality, and upping the price and killing the design.

Our Clock House Log Cabin is a great example of this, as well as our Twin Skin System. If you are thinking of buying a log cabin from us, and the company does not have our Logo on the Image, please question the supplier. When you receive your cabin please look on the plans to see if there is our Logo also a unique number, which you can then check with us to see if your cabin was manufactured by us.

Sadly a lot of companies are now claiming to sell us, be aware of copies. Our production standard is with out doubt the highest in the UK / Europe for the lowest price. is known for Design,Quality and amazing Prices!

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