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Here you will find amazing new designs of Garden Offices and Timber frame Laminated Residential Park Homes. Only available from


Whilst residential timber frame buildings have been around for a while, you will be hard-pressed to find a Residential Timber Frame Cabin that

meets the exacting demands of sheer professionalism and craftsmanship that the 44 cabins have to offer.

This incredible range of superb buildings can be split into three categories.

1)    Garden Cabins

2)    Garden Offices

3)    Commercial cabins.


The main benefit of timber frame buildings is the speed of construction once on site. Up till recently the main features that have existed within the timber frame building industry has been the advantage of extending a single beam from a natural maximum 6m timber beam to as long as 15m. Here with the benefit of Glulam laminations, a single length of this nature can be achieved without any noticeable join and without loss of strength. As a result, longer lengths of buildings with longer overhangs have been achieved. Furthermore, curves can be introduced during the lamination process. However, if you look around at the competition you will find it very difficult to see a curved shape in site! This is where have once again spearheaded the successful manufacturing of Residential Timber frame Cabins that include that extra superior design by introducing curved shapes. Many cabins elsewhere are manufactured with either pent Flat Roof or Apex roof designs only. By introducing a curve shaped roofline have achieved a new dimension into Garden and Commercial designed cabins. As an example, just feast your eyes on the 6m x 5m Ref 1136 Residential Office Timber Frame Cabin. Here you see that the roofline curves downwards right down to the floor across the rear elevation. A superb softness is brought about by this change of design. The artistic flair makes this cabin head and shoulders above many other cabins of this size. Another prime example is shown with the larger 12m x 5m Residential Timber frame cabin ref: 1138. Both sides show the sloping roofline down to the floor level.


By taking advantage of the modern technology that have been able to tap into, there is another type of curvature in the roofline that creates an air of opulence and superiority. The 6m x 14m ref 1151 says it all. A commanding appearance that would cause anyone to do a double take. Here you have the combination of the front curvature combined with the generous overhang that shades and protects the veranda styled frontage. This particular cabin sports three Double Bedrooms, a Kitchen, an L shaped Lounge Diner and a spacious Shower room with WC. 1151 shows the roofline curvature going across the width of the cabin. If you take a look at the Ref. 1151 with the dark trim fascia, you will see that this curved roofline spreads from front to back. Here then, with the research carried out to see the possibilities of manufacturing curved rooflines, Logcabins.LV has successfully launched three versions of this concept that you can choose from in this range. Having now explained the different types of curved rooflines now available, Log needed to ensure that this type of building had to be different from the traditional type of Residential Timber frame cabins. The roofline itself was not enough. Something was needed to be carried out to enhance the general appearance of these superior cabins to a greater degree. The traditional log cabin concept still stands well with horizontal interlocked Siberian pine outer walls. changed the appearance of the Residential Timber Frame Cabins by having the outer walls clad vertically. Every one of the 42 cabins in this range has been crafted to be clad on the outer walls vertically. Immediately there is a more sophisticated and a more business-like approach to the ambience of the use of these cabins as an office, for example. Almost half of the range is made up of Offices and these are split into domestic Garden Offices as well as commercial. We say commercial by virtue of the size but there is nothing to stop you building a sizeable Residential Timber frame Cabin in your garden, provided you have the room and you have been granted planning permission.

On the commercial front, there is a greater variety of uses for the Residential Timber Frame Cabins. Take a look at the 8m x 20m Ref 1145. This particular cabin has 5 internal sections. If you happen to be a School, Academy or College looking to expand your classroom facilities, or perhaps a Library, this would be an ideal answer. Fast assembly, no mess, much more economic than bricks and mortar and a very nice looking clean-lined building that any school or college would be proud of.

There are never enough Pre-School Nurseries. Here again is an ideal answer to provide that much needed early education in an environment that is both pleasant and practical.


Whether you opt for a Garden Residential Timber frame cabin or a commercial version you will find that the quality of the timber used both internally and externally is of the highest quality. A quality that is much sought after by our competitors. The beauty of the vertically clad outer walls is down to top quality Siberian Larch. A timber that is rich in tannin and extremely dense due to the slow growth in arctic conditions. Nature has brought about a tree that can stand up against the most extreme temperatures

and survive to the point that once it has been felled and used as timber cladding, it is virtually impenetrable in its natural state. Internally, the very best grade Siberian pine is used and it is this timber that is milled, laminated and shaped to produce the design features that have been presented in the range. You will find that from the most compact cabin to the largest commercial version, the same high-quality timber and craftsmanship is used throughout.


Let us now take a look at the windows and doors that are manufactured for this exquisite range. If you look at the 6m x 19m Ref 1152, you will see above each of the French windows to the front elevation the additional shaped windows that have been carefully crafted in to produce maximum natural light as well as enhancing the overall design of this cabin. It’s little touches like this that gives residential timber frame cabins that extra finesse that is hard to find elsewhere.

Only the best grade double glazed windows are used, many with a 5 point locking system for extra security is included as standard. Best grade windows are thicker than many others that you see and are also argon filled which has a much more effective insulating process due to the slowing down of any cold air from outside going in and heat loss from the internal areas going out. This more advanced system has the benefit of cost saving with minimal energy consumption.

The insulated Timber Frame Residential Office Cabins are great for all year round use, even in the coldest of winters. If you are looking for an office in the garden you will be able to proudly invite any business associate or prospect client into one of these cabins knowing that they will be totally impressed with the surroundings. Such an impression coupled with the relaxed form of ambience that these cabins create must be good for business. As the proud owner of such an office, you will be able to focus more clearly upon the work in hand without interruption whilst your main house can be used totally for domestic use.


If you happen to be the owner of a Park Home looking to upgrade, you will find that the Timber frame Residential Cabins will be the ideal answer that will definitely command premium lease and rental values that would be expected from such a prestigious range of cabins. A perfect example of this is the 5m x 10m Ref 1156 Cabin.

This residential Timber Frame cabin comprises two Bedrooms, a Master Bedroom with Master Bathroom and an additional Bedroom with separate Bathroom. An open plan room for kitchen, dining and lounging completes this cabin as a perfect Park home cabin with all the quality design features at an affordable price.


This same reference 1156 cabin can be used as an office with the internal area opened up to show a large open plan working area with a smaller area for washing facilities. Take a closer look at the windows on the front elevation of this particular Timber frame Residential cabin and you will see the rounded corners that compliment the roofline curvature. In most cases, you will see that the windows and French doors are floor to ceiling to maximize natural light. There is no shortage of windows either. This means that wherever you are in one of these timber frame residential cabins or offices, you are going to experience a nice light fresh environment where there is no need to put the electric light on when living within a dull or darkened room due to small insignificant windows that are often seen in cheaper cabins.


There is a fantastic variation to the reference 1145 – 8m x 20m cabins for residential use as opposed for commercial requirements. This is a sizeable cabin that internally boasts no less than 6 Bedrooms with bathrooms. A truly spectacular cabin that is perfect for that large family or for frequent overnight guests. In terms of design, the squared clean front elevation has a rear elevation that has the roofline that curves to the floor. This cabin also has a massive 7.6m x 5.7m main room area.


One of the main features that you will see inside many of these cabins is the inclusion of the fresh laminated pine beams that offset the fresh ceiling and internal walls.

Every aspect of design intricacy has been put into every room within each cabin to bring out a whole new experience of modern living coupled with the traditional feel of living and/or working in a cabin.  


It is worth mentioning here that many of the cabins within this range also include a decking area to the front elevation. If you were to purchase a Garden cabin elsewhere you will probably have to purchase your own decking and arrange for it to be built as an additional part of the building. With this is not the case.

Some examples of this are as follows:-

The 5m x 10m ref 1156 has a 5m x 1.3m decking included.

The 5m x 6m ref 1155 has a 5m x 1.3m decking included.

The 6m x 17m ref 1153 has three sections of decking included.

In fact, most of the cabins in this range have decking included as part of the package. 



The beauty of laminated glulam timber frame residential cabins is that, as previously mentioned, longer sections of timber can be manufactured. The strength of such creation ends up being stronger than the original natural wood. With this advantage, longer overhangs can be achieved that provide that additional area of shade and protection from the elements. Most of the overhangs within this range are in proportion to the size of the cabin. So a smaller cabin will have an overhang of 1m, a medium size cabin of 1.5m and a large cabin such as the 6m x 19m ref 1152 cabin has an overhang of 2m. The overhang in this particular cabin protects a decking area of 6m wide by 2.3m deep. All included in the package!


Summary is committed to listening to ideas, putting them into practice and delivering the product of the customer’s choice. We feel that this new range is a fantastic compliment to the existing traditional log cabins that will always be popular.

For more information about this new exciting addition, please do not hesitate to contact us or any one of our appointed dealers or partners who will be pleased to help you make the right choice for either your garden or your business.

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