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Residential Timber Frame Buildings

Timber Frame Residential Buildings-Highly Insulated Park Homes 


Amazing Prices and Unbeatable Specification

All Our Highly Insulated Timber Frame Buildings Will Pass Buildings Regulations !

Please have a look at our New 2018 Residential Timber Frame Buildings



If you are looking for a Residential Holiday Home, Park Home, A large Timber Frame Office complex of 600 Sq metres or a small 6m x 6m  Granny Annex, or maybe a  bespoke designed Smart Eco Family Timber Frame Highly Insulated Home then please contact us today to find out more. 

When we have received your email we will forward it on to the company most suited to your needs. has over the years acquired what we believe to be the best Dealer/Partner Network in the world, where log cabins, timber frame buildings, Large Log Cabins, or one of our Quality Siberian Pine Garden Log Cabins . We can recommend a company in Russia, or one is Auckland, Dublin or Helsinki, London and New York!

Our net work of professional cabin dealers, who are most suited to your needs will give you a call, offer their assistance, and sweep all the uncertainty or woes you may have away. Our belief through out our network is Design, Quality and Price.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 1


Are you looking for fresh ideas for your new park home or caravan home? Are you a homebuilder and you want to build your own insulated residential annex, holiday home or lodge house. Perhaps you are looking for a new style for affordable and ecological mobile homes or eco park homes. And if like many people you want to get ahead and take advantage of great new ideas, construction methods and build materials for your timber house or log cabin. Then lets look closely at the range of new residential prefabricated modular timber frame park home from


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 2


Firstly, why consider a residential prefabricated modular timber frame park home? Until now, your choice was limited. Caravans are expensive, depreciate quickly, and are totally inflexible when it comes to layout and internal fittings, decorations, and redecorations. They are also poorly insulated, very expensive to heat, and to many people just not attractive. Log cabins are beautiful to look at, and are fully ecological, but are time consuming to build, and may not automatically comply fully with UK building control and regulations.

Residential Timber Frame Buildings 3


The new alternative, now available from, is a residential prefabricated modular timber frame park home.

Simply stated, this is a kit form of modular prefab house or panel building, fully insulated and fully conforming with building regulations, most suited to holiday parks, lodge parks, park homes, second homes or holiday homes, perfect for occasional or permanent residential use.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 4


And what are the benefits of a residential prefabricated modular timber frame park home from They are really affordable, they don’t depreciate but increasing in value but are a great investment, very quick to build, long lasting, beautiful to look at, with a wide range of sizes and layouts, or can be custom designed and built, they are fully ecological, can be fully insulated, conform fully with relevant building regulations, are luxuriously comfortable, are built to the highest residential quality, look perfect with decking laid around it, and can be factory finished in a range of great looking colours.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 5


So lets look in more detail at each of these.

Residential prefabricated modular timber frame park homes from are very affordable. They offer great value for money principally because they are prefabricated to strict quality control guidelines as panels or segments at eh factory. Typically, each panel can be prepared with the structural fame, insulation, windows, doors, internal plasterboard, and the external cladding optionally finished or painted to your choice. The building is transported in large sections or panels, and then quickly and easily assembled on site. This includes internal walls, roof and floor sections, and optionally decking’s and verandahs. So you benefit from quality materials, strict manufacturing control, and rapid assembly, all of which increase the quality, rigidity and longevity of your park home, and yet the rapid modular build and construction process ensures a highly affordable price.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 6


Typical mobile homes on park home holiday or leisure sites will depreciate around by 50% over 3 years. That’s a worse rate of depreciation than a car. A home should be an investment, and with a residential prefabricated modular timber frame park homes from, it will be. Constructed to fully comply with the relevant building regulations, a residential prefabricated modular timber frame park homes from is sure to appreciate over the years, and with easy maintenance it will still look great into the bargain.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 7


The speed and ease of build is a key change and trend for park homeowners or timber frame kit homebuilders alike. Each panel will be transported and arrive by lorry, and be craned off and straight into place. Whether it is a floor panel, roof panel, or a wall panel, they are bolted into place to immediately form water and weatherproof building in virtually no time at all. Each prefabricated panel can be specified to your needs, and can be prefabricated, assembled and finished in the factory to rigorous quality controls and inspection methods. On a pre-prepared site, a park home can typically be offloaded and assembled in less than a day.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 8


A residential prefabricated modular timber frame park home from is designed and built to last a lifetime or more. Unlike commercial mobile homes, which are designed for a shorter lifespan, our residential homes that are built to conform to Building Regulations will last a lifetime.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 9


After many years it is your choice to replace or renew the cladding and windows, kitchen and interior fittings. The integrity of the overall structure will not dilapidate like some commercial units. Internally walls can be repainted or repapered, just like a normal brick built house.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 10


We use the same materiel and construction methods that are used throughout northern Europe, which are designed to meet, and always meet the harshest Siberian winters but still provide a comfortable, snug, water proof and draft proof home for many years, generations even. The larch-clad exteriors are virtually maintenance free, and look
Absolutely stunning on day one, and for years to come.
A park home or mobile holiday looks just like that. Just like every other park home, right? Wrong! A residential prefabricated modular timber frame park home from is a distinctive and individual home that can be suited just to you. Whether you choose from our wide range of standard size park homes, with a number of varied internal layouts, or opt for a custom design to suit a standard park home footprint, or larger, you can be assured that a park home from will be the envy of everyone around you.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 11


Choose from one bedroom, one bedroom with en-suite, two bedrooms or three bedrooms with en-suite, or four bedrooms or more. Choose a main bathroom and as many en-suites as you need. Choose a separate kitchen or an open plan kitchen and living room combined. You will need plenty of storage, so choose internal storage for extra security where you need it, or external storage, or both. And choose window positions and sizes to suit your taste and mood, as all our windows are triple glazed full Euro specification quality timber framed units. They look beautiful and are designed to last a lifetime.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 12



The timber used in our residential prefabricated modular timber frame park homes, is of course ecologically sourced from the best slow grown Siberian timber. Timber is the most sustainable building product available. It is naturally renewable. Over 97% of softwood timber used in the UK comes from Europe, where the forest area is increasing by the equivalent of 3 football pitches every hour of the day and night. For reassurance on softwoods and hardwoods, look for certification labels like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programmed for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 13


Our residential prefabricated modular timber frame park homes come fully insulated and can fully comply with relevant building regulations for residential park homes. As standard, we insulate in the walls, in the roof and under the floor, and the doors and windows are not double glazed but triple glazed. Modern building regulations today require the highest performance of both insulation and pressure testing. The construction method used on our residential prefabricated modular timber frame park homes complies with both insulation and pressure standards and tests. Lets look at the profile of a typical wall structure on our residential prefabricated modular timber frame park homes.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 14


We start with the timber frame sections, built from 45mm by 195mm section timbers into wall panels to suit your design and configuration. On the inside we fit a 12.5mm gypsum plate or plaster board and 12mm OSB or chipboard, 50mm of insulation, a 45mm gap for piping and cabling, 0.2m breathable membrane, a 2cm air gap, another 200mm insulation, and impregnated gypsum plate or plaster board for wind insulation, and to finish on the outside we have Siberian larch external cladding panels. This ensures that there are no cold bridges that you typically get in an insulated log cabin, or in a typical caravan park home. It also ensures that in combination with residential standard higher quality sealed door and window units, that there will be no leaks and that your residential prefabricated modular timber frame park home from will conform to and pass the volume pressure seal test that is part of our modern building control regulations.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 15


Our residential prefabricated modular timber frame park home from will be luxurious and comfortable inside. Compare it with you typical park home caravan. Park caravan walls and ceilings are typically aluminium skin, a thin layer of insulation and man-made plastic based interior finish. Walls in our residential prefabricated modular timber frame park home from are timber throughout, around 300mm thick, and the rigidity and standard of finish on the inside is similar or better than the walls of most brick built homes, but for a fraction of the price.

The floor in a caravan is a flexible, bouncy plastic based construction covered in carpet or plastic based flooring. The floor in your residential prefabricated modular timber frame park home from is the same construction as in many modern homes. The floor joist segments consisting of 60x280mm glue-lam or glulam beams, 250mm of insulation and 22 mm chipboard or OSB on top as the floor base.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 16


You will be able to paint and decorate your residential prefabricated modular timber frame park home from in the same way you decorate at home, with wall paper or paint. We can even offer you a pre finished service option for your exterior cladding, either in natural wood finishes or a painted finish in your choice of colour. But most importantly, you will be able to redecorate and refinish your interior whenever it suits you. Try doing that with a mobile caravan park home, and you will have no option but to buy a new one.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 17



SO a why choose a timber framed park home from


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 18



Well why not!
Timber frame is by far the most environmentally friendly way to build a park home or holiday home. It has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building material. For every cubic meter of wood used, compared with other conventional building materials, 0.8 tonne of CO2 is saved from the atmosphere. Timber is an organic, non-toxic and naturally renewable building material. Although worldwide deforestation remains a significant issue, we in the UK use 99% European softwood and every year European forests grow by over 3,500 square miles. (Unicef). It’s a fact that timber frame buildings have higher insulation values than standard masonry structures. This typically saves 30-40% on heating bills. Depending on the insulation material used the thermal values can be significantly better than traditional breezeblock structures.


Residential Timber Frame Buildings 19


Over 70% of people in the developed world live in timber-frame housing. In the USA and Canada it accounts for 90% of low-rise buildings and 65% of all new housing in Scotland. One in four new homes in the U.K and over half of all new social housing is now timber-frame (UKTFA). Although the cost of timber-frame is arguably cheaper than traditional build, the real savings come from the speed of construction and the simplification of fitting out trades, realistically saving dramatically in overall build time and massively in total cost. Additionally you get a fixed cost from the very start, allowing accurate budgeting. In the long term you get lower heating bills, no subsidence, cracking or damp. With modern manufacturing technology and computer aided design used in controlled factory settings, timber-frame structures can be measured to +/- 1mm accuracy. Apart from the obvious advantages in the integrity of your build, this also makes laying floors and installing kitchens and other fittings trouble free.



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