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Residential Log Cabins

Logcabins LV Quality Residential Log Cabin Range


If Buildings Regulations are a major Concern, please follow this link to find out how our Highly Insulated Timber Frame Solution can help!

Please also have a look at our New 2018 Residential Timber Frame Designs

All Twinskin log cabins must go through planning and full structural calculations before they can be considered as a residential building.

Please have a look at our New Website,  here you will find new and exceptional residential type log cabins. 


If you are looking for a Residential Log Cabin, then has the largest selection of Residential Cabins in the market to date. Our Interlocking Residential Log Cabins can be insulated and can be brought up to building regulations, all our Residential Log Cabins have CE/EU approved Residential quality windows and doors all doors can easily be fitted with toughened glass, we also offer a custom service on bespoke designs and disabled needs. Our Residential Log Cabins make a perfect holiday home or a permanent retirement home. 

So many people call us looking for a cabin to live in, or they are looking for their children a suitable cabin to live in. 

If you are looking for a cabin to live in, there are a few things to take into consideration.Windows and doors should always be of residential quality. The log cabin or residential building should be fully insulated; you should always put fire extinguishers in all rooms, fire alarms fitted, carbon monoxide detectors, and check if it is legal to put a cabin to live in, in the garden.


Always look for our registered Trade Mark on the image to be sure it's a log log cabin.


1 Bedroom Residential Log Cabins 

2 Bedroom Residential Log Cabins

3 Bedroom Residential Log Cabins 

4 Bedroom Residential Log Cabins 

Please follow this link to our new website, has over the years designed hundreds of different Residential Log Cabins, in many different timber thicknesses; we start at 70mm/90mm/120mm/ 180mm/220mm in Siberian Pine, we can also offer Spruce and Laminated Timber.

Our Unique Twin Skin Log Cabin System allows you to make your Residential Log Cabin highly insulated with very little fuss.

We also offer a Timber Frame solution to any of the Residential Cabin plans below.

Residential Cabins in timber frame are sometimes easier to pass through building regulations.

Our Timber Frame Residential Cabins are built to a very high specification.

All Our Residential timber frame cabins offer PEFC certified Timber. All the timber is CE approved. Our typical framework specification is 200mm x 50mm all vertical timber is C24 Trada graded and horizontal Structural Timber would never be below C18. Sadly many companies offer lower C16 as the overall timber for their framework, as this is the governments lowest allowed specification grade for structural timber, however, we deem this grade unacceptable for any type of stud, wall weight-bearing construction.

We can offer amazing pricing to Trade, all panels are pre-made, we do not believe in constructing, manufacturing in back gardens, or building sites, we believe panels should be pre-made in a controlled factory environment where damp, rain, mud and general mess cannot destroy the integrity of the panels, also making a mess of the final location of the building.

So if you are looking for that Residential Log cabins or a Residential Timber Frame Cabin please feel free to go to our dealer’s page and find the nearest LOGCABINS.LV dealer near you.


We service,

Residential Log Cabin Fishing Parks

Residential Log Cabin Retirement Parks

Residential Log Cabin Holiday Parks

Residential Log Cabin Camping Grounds

Residential Log Cabins for Private use


The housing market today, in terms of bricks and mortar, makes it very difficult for both young people who would like to purchase their own home and, at the other end of the scale, the more mature retired people who really deserve to make good use of their money that is tied up in the equity of their existing property.


Many forward-thinking people who really want to break the mould and change their lives for the better have decided to either self-build or go to a reputable builder to erect a Residential Log Cabin.


Residential Log Cabins in 44mm x 44mm will not meet building regulation standards in the England, Wales Scotland Northern or Southern Ireland.

Our Twinskin cabins are available in 80mm x 80mm Glulam which will and can meet building regulations and structural calculations. However too many people will not purchase these due to costs.

Please remember that if you purchase a 44mm x 44mm you are purchasing a garden building not a residential.

What we suggest if you are looking for residential timber frame building that meets all the requirements is please look at our timber frame ranges. has got some fantastic news for both start-up people wanting to buy for the first time and also for the retired where maximum use of released equity could be made.


Consider this. A brand new detached 2 Double Bedroom Residential Log Cabin Bungalow for under £30,000


If you have land available your first property as a young couple would be, in terms of quality, far beyond your expectations.

 If you are a mature couple, either retired or considering retirement and looking to release as much equity as you can so that you can enjoy the rest of your lives in comfort and happiness, you would find that easy to do for a property under £30,000.


No compromise on quality. These Residential Log cabins are designed to last a lifetime and research shows that some have already lasted for over 300 years. Care in maintenance every 3 or 5 years and you will have a much more economically viable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Here is a genuine opportunity to do what others have already done. To live the dream.


At you can be assured that even in the coldest of winters you will be snug and cosy in one of our residential Log Cabins.


When you consider the lifestyle of those in northern Scandinavia living in much colder conditions than we normally have in the UK. Their living accommodation is predominantly Log Cabins.


The warmth and natural insulation qualities of good solid thick logs of seasoned Pine coupled with top quality insulation between the outer and inner walls, not only retains the warmth from within but also saves a tremendous amount of fuel costs, thus making for a very economical and comfortable way of life.


Residential Log cabins can be fixed or mobile. The maximum acceptable size for a mobile Log cabin is 19.8mts (65ft) x 6.8mts (22.5ft).

This provides almost 135 sq. meters of living area.

This size would easily accommodate 4 Bedrooms, 1 En-suite, plus a good Lounge, Kitchen, Dining Room and separate Shower or Bathroom.


The most popular Mobile Log Cabins usually accommodate 2 Bedrooms with a shower/Bathroom, and Kitchen or Lounge Diner. Internal plans can be adjusted to suit your own requirements.

If you are considering going to a Residential Park Home and would like one of our Mobile Log Cabins on that particular Residential Park then please contact the relevant Park Manager who will liaise with us and provide you with a full “Turnkey Price” to include the Park Home services etc.


If you have your own land, then once you have the necessary planning permission we will be happy to work very closely with you right from the planning stage through to the final installation.


As a rough guide, the lead-time for delivery is generally 8 -10 weeks from receipt of your initial deposit.

Delivery times will vary somewhat depending upon the complexity of your requirements.

This means that within the space of approximately 3 months you could have a brand new detached Log Cabin designed specifically for you at a fraction of the cost of bricks and mortar property.


Another great benefit of living the dream in a Residential Log cabin is that once you close your door and windows you will experience sheer tranquillity, as hardly any outside sound will penetrate your home due to the extremely efficient double glazing and insulation properties of your property.


Electrics, plumbing, foundation and drainage are all extra but you can choose your own contractors to do this for you if you own your own land or, as mentioned before, you will receive a complete package price from your Park Homeowner.


We look forward to hearing from you.




In many cases when you talk to a Log Cabin Manufacturer and you are looking for a price, they will often come back to you and ask what size you are after. 

You will then say something like. “Well, I am looking for a cabin that has 2 Bedrooms”.


The manufacturer can then confuse you a bit more by talking in terms of square metres as opposed to the accommodation that you are seeking.


To clarify why manufacturers do this is that all the timber components are calculated in terms of square metres and that is how they can come up with an estimate of price for you. It has no bearing on accommodation.


So why don’t manufacturers talk the same language?


Guess what? We do.


Our residential range of log cabins ranges from single occupation up to 4 bedrooms.


To make life easy for you we have detailed below the reference numbers of each log cabin with the number and type of bedrooms they have.


All you then need to do is to take note of the relevant reference numbers and take a look at each one.

You will then be shown the different elevations and a plan and in most cases the actual dimensions.


At last! Choosing a Residential Log Cabin is no longer a chore.


Single Bedroom Accommodation

Residential Log Cabin 15 is a studio styled accommodation.

Residential Log Cabins 13,18,19,23 accommodate one single bed.

Residential Log Cabins 14,16,17,20,21,22,24 accommodate one double bed.


Two Bedroom Accommodation

Residential Log Cabin 31 accommodates two single beds.

Residential Log Cabin 28,32 accommodates one single and one double bed.

Residential Log Cabins 04,12,26,27,29,37,52,53 accommodates 2 double beds.

Residential Log Cabin 51 accommodates 2 double beds with one en-suite.


Three Bedroom Accommodation

Residential Log Cabin 56 accommodates one double bed and two single beds.

Residential Log Cabin 55 accommodates one single bed and two double beds.

Residential Log Cabin 54 accommodates three double beds.


Four Bedroom Accommodation

Residential Log Cabin 36 accommodates 2 single beds and two double beds


We have produced this range of Residential Log cabins by really listening to customers’

requirements. You will be pleasantly surprised at the consistency of the extremely high quality of craftsmanship in all of the log cabins immaterial of size.


Whether you are on your own or have the responsibility of a family, you deserve the best quality.

Isn’t it rather nice to have single bedroom accommodation in a detached building?

Very few of those exist in bricks and mortar. The nearest you will achieve would be in a Caravan.

By purchasing one of our residential log cabins you can live like a Lord and enjoy your own peace and tranquillity.

When considering bedrooms and sizes, you will find that in most brick built modern houses, designs can be quite nice, but the sizes of the bedrooms are often tiny. 

The price you pay is also quite exorbitant compared with your log cabin purchase from We are proud to offer excellent value for money.


For a further chat about your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us or one of our  appointed dealers or partners

We are able to Offer….

Custom designed Residential Scandinavian Log Homes

Custom designed Timber Frame Gazebos

Custom designed Timber Frame Cabins

Custom designed Log Cabins

Custom designed Round Log Cabins

Custom designed Tan Timber Frame Lodges/ Chalets

Custom designed Timber Frame Beach Huts

Custom designed Utility Cabins / Utility Timber Frame Buildings

Custom designed Twin Skin Log Cabins

Custom designed Insulated Garden Offices

Custom designed Camping Pods/Euro Pods

Custom designed Siberian larch Timber Frame Buildings

Custom designed Summer Houses

Custom designed Log Cabin Garages/ Timber Garages

Custom designed BBQ Huts

Custom designed Cabin Sheds



Please note that all our residential log cabins can be manufactured to either the BS3632 or full build regulations depending on what country, please ask our dealers for more information. Please note none of our residential twin skin 44mmx 4mm is manufactured to build standards, you will need to ask our dealers for more information regarding this! Different countries have different built regulations for building reg permits.

All of our log cabins, be it residential or garden log cabins, can be made to suit building regs. please ask our dealers for more information. 

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