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Log Cabins

Laminated Log Cabins

The Garden And Residential Single and Twin Skin Engineered Laminated Log Cabin Range


If your looking for fully residential Complaint Buildings please follow this link


We also have a New Amazing Range of Glulam-Laminated Cabins please follow link below


Engineered Laminated Cabins are a major leap forward in strength, durability, machined accuracy, and affordability.


Engineered Laminated Glulam timber construction is a recent innovation in the timber buildings, but now has combined this technology with the process of tanalised wood preservative treatment, and added it to log building construction methods to bring you Engineered Laminated
buildings. The result is a range of buildings that are the best quality and best value available from anyone, anywhere in Europe.

Glulam Buildings that will not rot, or shrink, or crack, or split, which require virtually no maintenance and yet last a lifetime. Glulam - laminated Buildings that are designed, crafted and constructed from engineered laminated timber, to bring you a level of specification and quality never available for log cabins, garden buildings, or park homes, until now.


Lets take a look at these three technologies separately.


GluLam timber is glued and laminated wood. Take two or more strips of wood, and lay them so the woodgrains are in opposing directions, and the wood is now stronger. It will bend less, and shrinkage is dramatically reduced. The laminates are held in place with wood glue, which also makes the timber significantly stronger and hard wearing. Many modern wood floors in homes are produced this way, as laminate floors.


Tanalised timber treatment is a widely used and accepted form of timber preservative, usually found under floors or in external positions. A preservative chemical treatment is applied to the timber under pressure, and the resulting timber is far less prone to fungicidal infection, rot, or decay from UV exposure. But until recently it has not been possible or cost effective to combine GlaLam construction with the tanalisation process, until today with


Machined and engineered logs have been available for a few years for the manufacture and build of log cabins, garden buildings and log homes. But there are limits to the size and strength of standard timber in log cabins, that limit the size of the logs and the strength of the joints. GluLamLogs are inherently stronger, allowing larger logs and highly accurate engineered and machined joints. The higher strength permits the use of the highest quality engineered dove-tail joints, not found and not available on lesser quality log cabins found today.


The result is a range of timber log buildings that last longer, are stronger and better constructed and finished than ever before. GluLamLog buildings from are simply the best of the best.



Engineered Laminated are the result of recent investment in modern technologies and machining and manufacturing techniques, combined with over 35 years experience in the production of glue laminated load-bearing timber.

Our state of the art factory has a vast experience in the manufacture wooden houses and timber buildings from high quality laminated logs.


The rigid bonding of the Engineered Laminated elements means that these beams hardly crack or twist even after long periods. They are the perfect material for building log houses. Houses made of laminated logs are premium technology buildings, which contain all the best properties of a wooden house: strength, reliability, sound and heat insulation. Laminated logs will not twist or crack and laminated log houses do not require additional finishing.


Our factory has experience in the manufacture of glue laminated timber load-bearing logs, straight or curved beams, single or double pitched beams, arches, frames, trusses. The timber is of course ecologically sourced from Lithuanian and Siberian timber species: spruce, pine, white-wood, red-wood and larch. The laminate is bonded with phenol resorcinol and melamine adhesives. The resulting characteristics of high strength and high stability allow the manufacture of a wide range of dimensions, so GluLamLogs are perfect for many building constructions, and can be used to span large openings or for fantastic looking exposed ceiling beams and rafters. They are the perfect material for exceptionally stable and high quality timber construction.


The logs are cut very precisely by a modern and high quality 'AuerTech' automated log house milling machine linked to a sophisticated CADCAM software program. All the data needed to manufacture the GluLamLog beams is obtained directly from the CADCAM program. The use this specialist design software ensures that the design and manufacture instructions are sent directly to the machine thus eliminating any possibility of error, and assuring an increased accuracy of machining. This allows for a significant increase in the quality, manufacture and assembly of our GluLamLog houses.


The timber is kiln dried to a stable moisture content of 12% +/-2%. When combined with the laminating process, this ensures maximum stability and virtually no shrinkage.

The GluLamLogs and log buildings can be designed in a variety of widths from 50mm, 80mm, 120mm, 160mm, 200mm up to 240mm. This ensures excellent strength and rigidity, plus exceptional thermal, sound absorption and insulation properties.

The GluLamLogs  can be up machined in continuous lengths up to 13.5m. This allows easy transportation of large logs of building sections by trucks or by container.

This level of quality and excellence is normally reserved for larger more complex building structures which require high stability and high durability, and our factory has typically produced timber and GluLam structures for buildings such as pools and water entertainment parks, sports gyms, stadiums, tennis-courts, farm buildings, concert halls and theatres, conference halls, shopping centres, even pedestrian bridges. But now, thanks to yet another innovative idea from, this level of high quality, high durability, and affordability allows us to offer a range of GluLamLog building designs including the highest quality and most prestigious log cabins, log homes, home offices, park homes, lakeside cabins, holiday villas, lodges, leisure buildings, saunas, garages, pavilions, clubhouses and summerhouses available anywhere in the UK or in Europe. We have well over 22 years of experience as a leader and innovator in the design and construction of a wide range of buildings and log cabins, and you can be assured that you will be getting the highest quality and best value possible summer houses, log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses from



This Unique Range of Twin Skin Log Cabins is avalible in Single Skin also starting from 70mm, depending on structure size.

You will know doubt appreciate that Residential Log cabins come in all shapes and sizes. However to give you a ball park figure on price for Residential Log cabin “Shell” i.e. the Timber kit with the absence of anything else such as plumbing, electrics, building, connecting etc. your first requirement would be simply to

come up with the size of your Residential Log Cabin in meters. Multiply the width by the Length and you will arrive at the number of square meters. This helps us enormously to calculate roughly the amount of timber required for manufacturing the kit. In addition the number of internal walls would need to be added.


In terms of size, for mobile residential log cabins the maximum allowed size for planning permission is

22.5ft( 6.858 mts.) x 65ft( 19.812 mts.). This is the largest twin unit either built in two halves along the length or built on site. With two sets of wheels on relevant chassis with supporting legs or tripods.

The accommodation for this type of bespoke residential log cabin could include 4 bedrooms with one en suite.  


At the other end of the spectrum you can comfortably live in a 2 bedroom residential log cabin  12ft wide(3.65 mts) x 30ft long( 9.144 mts). Fully fitted becomes a very affordable home to live in.


There are three different ways of satisfying your requirements when it comes to bespoke residential log  cabins.


1) A self build and just by the kit (shell) as mentioned above.


2)  “The Halfway”  method

Where we will supply deliver and build the “Shell” for you up to the point where you need to connect to your supplies for plumbing, electrics and sewage. We then complete the building once all connections are in place.


3) The complete package where we supply build and complete your residential log cabin to include all fixtures and fittings, electrics, plumbing and any other particular features that were originally discussed.


Depending upon which avenue you pursue will reflect upon the price you pay.


Other factors to consider are:-


The Outer Walls.

We can advise you of the types of wood available Larchwood Panels or Pine interlocking Logs.

Logs are available in a variety of thicknesses unlike many of our competitors who just provide one thickness.

It is always prudent to consider thicker log outer walls for larger cabins to ensure strength and stability.

Once again we at log can help you choose the correct thickness of log for the appropriate size of cabin.


The Insulation

If you intend living in your residential log cabin throughout the Winter period you will definitely require insulation which is readily available to be fitted within the cavity of the outer and inner walls.

Generally 100mm of insulation is very efficient for most requirements to cover walls. 175mm insulation is ideal for under the flooring and 215mm above the ceiling to stop heat going straight out through the roof.


At Logcabins l.v. we are again the forerunners in having launched into the U.K. a fabulous range of “Passive” houses in residential cabin form manufactured with outer walls of waterproof and rot proof Siberian Larch coupled with insulation as much as 200m to ensure minimal heat loss and maximum energy saving.



The Roof

Your residential Log Cabin can look so different depending on the type of roof you have.

Here are some examples of what is available.


1) Quality Felt

This weatherproof highly durable waterproof felt is easy to apply and makes for a very efficient and affordable roofing material. Such Felt today is also available in a few different colours to enhance the overall appearance of your residential log cabin.


2) Shingles

You can have a “Shingle effect” cut from Felt that adds a little more style to your roof coupled with the different colours.


Shingles are also available in bitumen form, again in different colours.


3) Roof tiles

Here you have a variety of different types from wood to metal again available in a wide range of colours.



The Windows and Doors

At log cabins l.v. we provide a wide range of bespoke windows and doors, manufactured to the sizes you require. The types and designs vary and we are happy to show you the different styles that are available for you to choose.


The varieties include left hand or right hand opening. Inward or outward opening. Tilt and turn etc. etc.

If any of this leads to confusion then all you need to do is to contact us or one of our appointed dealers who will be only too pleased to assist you.



The Flooring

Generally we manufacture the flooring in tongue and groove 28mm seasoned Pinewood.

This proves to be one of the strongest and long lasting methods that also looks good.

There are other options of course, to include MDF, Plywood, Chipboard etc. and again we are happy to make the best recommendations for you. 


The Inner Walls

If you want your walls painted, wallpapered, a dado rail, fully logged from floor to ceiling. half log half plasterboard. You name it, we can do it.



In summary, you can see that after taking each of the above elements you could end up having a very personalised Residential Log Cabin at a very affordable price.

We are able to Offer….

Custom designed Residential Scandinavian Log Homes

Custom designed Timber Frame Gazebos

Custom designed Timber Frame Cabins

Custom designed Log Cabins

Custom designed Round Log Cabins

Custom designed Tan Timber Frame Lodges/ Chalets

Custom designed Timber Frame Beach Huts

Custom designed Utility Cabins / Utility Timber Frame Buildings

Custom designed Twin Skin Log Cabins

Custom designed Insulated Garden Offices

Custom designed Camping Pods/Euro Pods

Custom designed Siberian larch Timber Frame Buildings

Custom designed Summer Houses

Custom designed Log Cabin Garages/ Timber Garages

Custom designed BBQ Huts

Custom designed Cabin Sheds

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