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Log Cabins

New LV Camping Deluxe Lodges

Travel Light - Camp without a Tent

Glamorous Camping or GLAMPING is what more and more people are getting involved with.

What better way to do this than to enjoy a most memorable stay at one of’s futuristically designed Camping Lodges.

The specification that has been put into this octahedral shaped building is truly 5 star rating.

For Private Use
The Camping Lodge is perfect for use in your garden for the benefit of someone who needs to stay over. They will enjoy their independence in comfort. Perhaps one of the offspring needs their own space. What better way of solving the problem than allowing them the facility of this incredible overnight Studio Pad.

Grandchildren would love to stay in one of these Lodges knowing that they are safe and secure.

For Commercial Use
If you happen to be an Hotelier or run a Leisure Centre your initial set up costs of purchasing such an exquisite building would definitely be recouped within the first year.

Hotel costs, B&B and Guest House costs rise each year and therefore command an increased annual rental charge that often become too much for many people to afford.

Self-catering facilities for just two people are at a premium and the choices are limited. So what is the answer?

A Camping Lodge!
It’s all here. A perfect haven where you can stay in comfort.
Here are just some of the benefits.
A very affordable self-catering facility can be achieved.
Small floor area enables more units to be sited.
Perfectly designed to coincide with any environment.
The unique design represents a visual advert in itself.
Very easy to clean and maintain.
Your outgoing rental charges would be most competitive.
Ideal for short breaks or weekend accommodation.
More cost effective than having to pay for expensive extensions.
Faster construction makes for quicker income.

The Origin
The Lodge is a modernistic design of the early Scottish “Bothy”. Such cabins or huts during the 18th century were used mainly to house labourers. The actual origin of the word is still a little bit of a mystery but has theoretical connections with the word “Booth”. with historical research into the early designs of such constructions finally created, probably, the most practical and most comfortable camping lodge to date.

The Quality
Besides the practicality and comfort afforded by the Camping Lodge, one must consider that good value for money is being achieved even
when making a modest investment.

The quality of the raw materials and craftsmanship that has been put into the Camping Lodge is unsurpassable.

Any 5 star hotels would love to have any of their en suite bedrooms designed and fitted in this manner.

The architectural design features coupled with the longevity and durability of the best quality timber that has been slow grown before being felled and milled contributes strongly towards a building that will last for many years.

The introduction of the use of Siberian Larch for the outside cladding is a testament to the long lasting appeal.
The Larch used is so dense that it is virtually impenetrable from rotting. The Venetians used Larch as the main support beams for many of the houses that are surrounded by water. These have stood for hundreds of years without any chemical application.
Larch can be treated with any good proprietary brand of wood protection and can be stained with a range of different available colours. This would be mainly cosmetic, however, as Larch supplied by stands alone when it comes to defying the elements.

This kind of timber, because of its density, is very difficult to cut and mill. Only the very best and most modern machinery can cope with cutting and shaping this kind of timber. are very proud to be one of the very few organisations that can supply to the UK and other parts of the world this much sought after timber with the support of a highly sophisticated factory.

The internal panels are manufactured from the highest grade of spruce. Every part of the timber frame is made from graded timber. Such certified graded timber is CE stamped and the Camping Lodges use the best CE grades. These are C24 and C18. The C24 is used for strength bearing and the C18 is used for horizontal bracing in the panel. Here you can see that go the extra mile to ensure that even the correct grade of timber is used for its own specific purpose.

The real hidden beauty of the Camping Lodge is its insulation. With top quality insulation you can be assured of keeping cosy and warm during the winter months whilst retaining a cool comfortable night during the summer months.
This makes it ideal for all year round usage for private use for the family and if you are a commercial user then you can happily derive
an all year round rental to boost your income.
The insulation, besides acting as a thermal barrier, also helps to lower any outside noise. You can be assured of a restful night. A far cry from sleeping under canvass.

This spectacular Camping Lodge is totally self-contained and has its own decking area for outside lounging or dining as an “al fresco” option. This additional feature is extremely attractive and adds that extra style and sophistication to any garden or commercial enterprise.

Quality Control
At we want to be sure that every single Camping Lodge is of the highest quality every time.
Wood absorbs moisture and if you can obtain natural wood products quickly and “off the shelf” please check for moisture content by asking how long the product has been in store. Generally such products can be met with disastrous results later by the wood warping and twisting badly as a result of being fast grown and brought into the country as second grade timber. Here problems can arise with gaps around the windows or, worse still, difficulty in construction. You can always tell young wood by looking at the concentric tree rings that would be fewer in number and spaced further apart from one another. manufacture each and every Camping Lodge specifically made to order. The raw materials are kept in very controlled temperature conditions so that the timber moisture content remains low after being carefully kiln dried.

From our factory to your home or site you will receive A Camping Lodge in pristine and fresh condition that has come from our factory
having only recently been milled to perfection.

It is always well worth waiting for a longer delivery time knowing that the end product will always be better than the cheap “Off the shelf” version.

Credibility and Re-assurance
The Timber that is used in the manufacture of all of our products is grown predominantly in arctic conditions. Such slow grown trees have to withstand extremely cold temperatures throughout their growing period. The wood is therefore of a much higher quality having been well seasoned over many years. The sustainability level of such forests is also high because there is a vast acreage of forestation, probably the largest in the world. Most are under strict controls to maintain sustainability. supply certified top grade timber
to ensure credibility and reassurance for all our clients and dealers.

How much is it?
You have now been introduced to one of the finest Camping Lodges in Europe in terms of design and high specification. We are concerned that the Camping Lodge is somewhat under priced at below £30.000.
For a limited period we are promoting the product through our dealers and partners at around this figure. Please make your commitment early as we do expect an avalanche of orders that will increase the time for delivery. If you do order early, besides being near the top of the waiting list, you know that the price quoted at the time of your order will remain firm. This means that when the promotional offer ends you will have saved possibly many hundreds of pounds.

Please now take a look at the specification details where you have a complete breakdown of sizes and components that are used in the construction of this unique Camping Lodge.

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