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Larch Clock House Cabins


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We at wanted to bring to market a building which was durable, which we could guarantee body life for more than 60 years, which would need little or no maintenance, that would age and still keep its beauty, that would be water proof, warm, and aesthetically pleasing.


Being first in the UK with our Clockhouse range we felt it ready to introduce the same design with the superb quality cladding of Siberian Larch.


The Siberian Larch or Russian Larch (Larix sibirica) is a frost-hardy tree native to western Russia, from close to the Finnish border east to the Yenisei valley in central Siberia

Because of its rot resistance, Siberian larch wood is especially valuable for posts, poles, railroad tie sleepers, and mine props. It is also used in many Velodromes around the world as the track surface including the Manchester Velodrome and the Velodrome Krylatskoye in Moscow. Over many years this timber has served many purposes, the main one in the construction of Venice where Larch logs were pile driven into the silt, on top of them was added stone and other materials. Venice still stands today after hundreds of years sitting on top of an incredibly rot resistant material.


The wood is a golden yellow colour with a strong grain pattern. The trees are very slow-grown, resulting in tight growth rings.


Unlike the British or European Larch, the knots in the Siberian species are light grey in colour and tend to stay solid, even after drying and machining.


Siberian larch is very resinous and extremely hard, making it one of the toughest and most durable softwoods in the world.


When used as cladding, Siberian larch is ideal for really exposed elevations or areas that are subjected to the elements where assurance of resistance is needed.


Siberian Larch verses Oak…A Larch can live 700 years, growing to 160′ tall and 8′ in diameter. A dense, slow growth Larch has a hardness like Oak (3.2 HBS Brinell scale), but even greater resistance to decay and rot due to high tannins.

This means your Larch Clockhouse Cabin will last many tens of years.


Quality timber of this nature requires quality craftmanship to manufacture to the very high standards expected by our company.


Our House Builders (not Shed Manufacturers), have to show a minimum of 8 years work experience and need to be certified with a BM Trada certificate plus CE creditation.


All the timber is Stress graded, Kiln dried and picked for its perfection.


All the Siberian Larch Timber used is hand picked, for 100% perfection.


The high quality of the timber we use in these buildings is not accessible

in the UK.

Special design features


One of the most outstanding design features that presents itself is the Larch outer cladding is of vertical direction as opposed to horizontal interlocked pine.

Both have their own unique likeable appearance but there is a special “Je ne sais quois” when this type of cladding is applied to the Clockhouse range.


Because of the already commanding appearance of the Clockhouse design, the added vertical cladding creates a more stately fashion and lifts the charm and esteem of this particular building to a much higher level.



There are five Larch Clockhouses in the range, each of which offer their own unique charm. When ordering Larch Clockhouses in 44mm wall thickness, you receive as standard, top quality double glazed tilt and turn windows designed for maximum ease for inside access for cleaning both sides of the windows.



Larch Clockhouse 272

The Larch Clockhouse 272 has an all round roof overhang for that extra protection from the elements. Plenty of natural light from the generous two thirds length double glazed windows situated at the front, either side of the double glazed double front doors.


At the front and side Apexes you have under each, two triangular shaped windows that add to the décor and at the same time creates more natural light without being too intrusive.


The image that is shown depicts a shingles roof which is an optional extra and well worth the small additional investment.


Larch Clockhouse 273

The Larch Clockhouse 273 has an all round roof overhang for extra protection from the elements. Generous level of natural light that has been made possible by the inclusion of 6 two thirds length double glazed units. Two at each side of the building and two at the front, either side of the double fronted doors. All of which are double glazed with the very best quality glazing.


The front apex has been clad with vertical Siberian Larch panels to coincide with the outer wall panelling. A five point locking system in all of the windows that are all tilt and turn when ordering this particular building with a wall thickness of 44mm.


Larch Clockhouse 274

The log Larch Clockhouse 274 has an all round perimeter roof overhang for additional weather protection. Superb level of natural light made available by the installation of two side windows, one each side, each of two thirds length that have been fully double glazed plus the inclusion of two full length double glazed windows at the front of the building either side of the double glazed double doors.

The single window either side that has been fitted offset towards the front of the building allows for more shelving area internally round the side and across the rear of the cabin.

Vertical Siberian Larch Cladding under the Apex to match the outer wall cladding completes another unique pleasing design.



Larch Clockhouse 275

The log Larch Clockhouse 275 has a roof perimeter overhang for weather protection. Under each Apex at the front and sides are carefully crafted triangular windows set in unobtrusively to heighten the design features.

There are four windows at the front of the building. Each one is two thirds length, two either side of double fronted doors. Top quality glazing is always used in the Larch Clockhouse with a secure 5 point locking system for all windows. This particular Clockhouse is ideal if the positioning of the building happens to be near a wall or fence at either side where no side windows are really necessary. The triangular windows in each side apex, however, allow light to penetrate into each side of the building.


Larch Clockhouse 276

The Larch Clockhouse 276 provides absolute maximum natural light with the generous inclusion of no less than eight two third length windows. Two either side of the cabin and two either side of the double doors at the front of the building.

Sensibly vertically clad Siberian Larch under the Apexes to match the outer wall cladding results in a very charming building.



For more information contact us directly or to one of our appointed Dealers or Partners


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