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Let us consider some more virtues of purchasing an Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabin Garden Office.

1) You will be making an outright purchase that results as an asset to your business.

2) You can offset the cost of that office (including the interest charges if you had to borrow money to purchase it) as a legitimate business expenditure against any tax liability.

3) If at any time you have no further use for the office, you can use it as a Summer House, Playroom, Storage area, Games room, Overnight accommodation etc.

4) The Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabin Garden Office can be dismantled easily if you wished to sell it or if you wish to take it with you if you move home.

5) When you are working in your office you have no interruptions. You can even lock yourself in and not hear any outside irritating sounds from next door neighbours as a result of top quality insulation against noise.


Having now been totally convinced about purchasing a Log Cabin Office, you will then embark upon the huge number of choices before you.

To help you make the correct decision you need to look at some important factors.


Firstly, where in the Garden will you site it? Your Office should not be an eyesore.

On the other hand, you don’t want your office positioned in an area where you have hardly any natural light to take advantage of. Careful thought on this matter alone needs to be made and shared with your partner so that no serious domestic difficulties ensure after the Log Cabin Office has been assembled.


Having earmarked a suitable area you must then be confident that you have a surface upon which you can build a decent foundation. If the earth in that area is very loose and/or undulated and soft, you may need to put a substrate core down to provide a good raw base to work on so as to avoid any possibility of subsidence.


So now to the size of the Log Cabin Office.

When it comes to Garden Cabins that are used for leisure pursuits, i.e. Playrooms, Reading areas, Summer Houses, Games etc. then it may well be plausible to look at the maximum dimensions of the cabin to meet the chosen area. An Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabin Garden Office, however, has to be approached in a different way.


You need to consider the area that you are using at present in your working environment.

Do you spread yourself about a bit? Does your work entail laying things out and thus requiring reasonable desk space? Do you have a fair number of books or files that need to be close at hand? Have you got a number of files and information that are currently being archived that will need to be in the Office?

The first two to three years of any business usually shows a much faster rate of growth than later on in life. With this in mind if you purchase any office that “Just fits” today. What are the chances of your outgrowing the office two or three years down the road?

For the extra amount required to invest, you would be well advised to opt for the largest office that you can afford as maximum floor space is of paramount importance.


If you opt for an insulated office that has a twin skin (Double outer) wall, each being 44mm thick, with a 100mm gap for an insulation pack to be inserted between the walls, you will arrive at a total wall thickness of 188mm. Dimensions of all log cabins are the outside dimensions, immaterial of the wall thickness. We now need to double that 188mm because the Log Cabin Office walls are the same thickness all the way around

the cabin. A 3mt deep Log Cabin office with the twin skin arrangement just mentioned will have a usable floor depth of 2.624 mts.. If it is 5mts long the usable floor length will be 4.624mts. The sq. mtrs become 12.133 sq mts as opposed to the measuring overall 15 sq metres. Your final decision in defining the size of Log Cabin Office required might affect the positioning of the cabin and you may have to reconsider where best it can go.


The thicker the outer walls the better insulation. Twin skin with sandwiched insulation is the very best and most effective form of insulation you can expect. All the 44mm thick walls and above come with high grade double glazed windows and, where appropriate, double glazed doors to ensure minimal heat loss and maximum comfort all year round.


To recap, You have chosen your Log Cabin Office size and you know where it is going to be positioned.The next thing to consider is if you intend having anyone visiting your office during the course of your business. If so, your office is your showcase and whilst companies spend oodles of money to impress their clients, you too can do this on a smaller scale. Perhaps your Log Cabin Office deserves a little decking surround to create an air of spaciousness. Some nice carefully planned paving stones leading to your office, or a good quality pathway would be just a couple of ideas that you can put into practice.


The Log Cabin Office that you choose will inevitably be controlled to an extent by your budget. If you are on a rather tight budget then it is recommended that you go for the maximum size with 44mm thickness that provides you with all year round comfort provided by double glazed windows as a standard feature, as opposed to a larger 28mm office with single glazing which, if it is something like a 5m x 3m, will tend to be a much more flimsier construction, especially if it finds itself in the middle of a howling gale.

The only exception to that is that you consider insulating it yourself, which may be partially OK for cost reduction but you still have thinner 28mm walls that will never be as effective as 44mm. The added cost and time involved in going through this process can be extremely tedious and, by doing so, you immediately lose any statutory rights if there appears to be anything faulty.

The range of Garden Offices falls into two categories.

1) Interlocked Garden Log Cabins manufactured from high grade seasoned Pine.

2) Sectional buildings of Siberian Larch cladding with structural seasoned Pine.


The timber common to both is the carefully selected pine. The visual effect of tongue and groove 19mm pinewood for the ceiling is truly remarkable. The flooring is made of thick 28mm well seasoned and kiln dried pinewood to support that heavy desk that you may want to use. Please see our video 2 where one of our representatives, Dave, breaks a 19mm piece of flooring before your eyes.


Aesthetically, internally, good clean fresh looking pine around the walls will accommodate any furnishings for your office. Wood is just one of those materials where you can choose almost anything to compliment and will have favourable results.


Sectional buildings have the advantage of a speedier assembly time., The outer cladding of Siberian Larch provides a virtual rot proof timber even in its natural state because of its extremely high content of resinous Tanis combined with the sheer density of the wood.

Such cladding is often applied vertically as opposed to interlocked log pinewood that is assembled horizontally.

The quality of both elements in the range is indistinguishable and it is just a matter of personal choice as to which type of cabin you prefer.


Shelving on the walls will be a breeze as you require no drilling or “Rawlplug” type fixtures. Here again is the advantage of going for thicker walls.


When choosing a design for your office, you need to be very practical in planning ahead.

If you have a large number of books and files that require a fair amount of shelving then if you are going to use wall space for that purpose, you do not want your wall perimeter full of windows. Conversely, you will require extra floor space if you opt for stand-alone shelving.


Many local authorities will accept the erection of a Garden Log Cabin without planning permission if you conform to certain basic requirements. One of the main requirements is that the ridge height does not exceed 2.5mts. have manufactured a range of Garden Log Cabins that do conform to that particular criterion. Depending on where you are in the UK depends upon the attitude of your local authority. It is always best to check first before you embark upon such a project.


Distance from the house is a consideration. If you are having electricity in your Log Cabin office, you will require armoured electrical cable to join up from your home to your office. Such cable is quite expensive and the less you use the less expensive it becomes. You may, on the other hand, opt for a quiet generator to power your office electricity which, in a way, could be a good thing as it forces a “pay as you go” scenario when using fuel. If you do opt for a generator specifically for your office then, once again, you can claim the cost of the generator and the fuel used as an expense against any tax liability. If you happen to be VAT registered, you will also be able to reclaim the VAT element which at the current rate of 20% is 16.666% of the gross value.


The insulated Garden Cabin range boasts over 30 different cabins to choose from.

Every single insulated Garden Cabin, including the compact cabin no.207 which is 2.5m x 2.5m comes with double glazing and “Tilt & Turn” windows as standard.

Interestingly every single cabin in this range has a ridge height less than 2.5m. This includes the large insulated cabin no. 240 that measures a generous 7m x 3.5m.


Your Garden Office will need to be connected to the internet and telephone.

Wireless options are generally easier to have installed than hard-wired connections.

Extensions can be made from the house if you wish to use the same phone. However, if someone in the family is speaking at length to a friend, you could have another domestic problem on your hands. To avoid such a scenario, mobile phones come into their own.

Many small businesses are using mobile phones now. In fact, many people are opting for digital mobile wireless phones in place of hard-wired connections. Also, the “pay as you go” system is most popular.


Some mobile phone companies provide “Landline Numbers” as part of their package to entice new customers. Skype is an internet communication system that is free for anyone using Skype from one Skype member to another. You can also have a separate Skype “Landline” telephone number at a very low monthly rental for incoming calls.


Modern technology has helped more and more people to work at home most efficiently

and cost-effectively. has a new dedicated section for Garden Offices that is worthy of your perusal. We hope that by reading this information, you have been inspired and convinced about the great benefits that you can have by purchasing a Garden Office from or through one of the log carefully selected dealers or partners situated near you.

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