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Log Cabins

Custom Design Log Cabins

Bespoke Custom Designed Log Cabins  and Garden Buildings




The new fresh range of Log cabins for 2013 includes the “Standard range”, the “DF” range, the “TF” range, “The Clockhouse” range, the Siberian Larch” range, the “Tan” range, the “Scandinavian style” range, the “Large Cabin” range, the “Podcabins” range, the “Residential” range, the “ Planning Permission exempt” range, all of which have that added appeal. The virtually indestructible Siberian Larch for which is renowned for all over the world as the unique leader in successfully processing this specialist kind of timber,  is much sought after in the UK.

 We do not offer 28mm log cabins, this is a floor board material, not a construction timber, beware of any manufacturer using the word (strong) 28mm timber is not a construction timber.

The “Planning permission exempt” range has been specifically crafted to comply with

Many UK criteria whereby planning permission to erect such buildings, is not required. Whilst we are always checking  a wide spectrum of Local and District Council rules, regulations and bylaws. It is important that you check with such Government bodies any other criteria that you have to conform to regarding distance from outside boundaries etc. Always best to be safe than sorry, so do make these enquiries before you commit yourself with any foundation work.


If you do have an old existing dwelling that is sitting on a piece of sound foundation that has been sitting there for more than 4 years, you should be able to get a swift positive response for a “new for old” application. The new building can be bigger than the old one but has to cover the same “Footprint” of the old pre-existing one.


Planning Authorities can be extremely helpful if you approach them and ask for their advice as to what you can and cannot do. They serve the general public and their mission is to ensure that environmentally, economically, any changes that are made do not have a detrimental effect upon the region they serve.


Flood risk is an important factor in the UK and the Environmental agency in the UK put out a national set of  charts relating to depths and flow of flooding as a result of

extreme weather conditions. Such parameters are taken on by local and District Councils and, in some cases, depending upon the criteria, it may be more important for you to convince the Environmental agency over an issue as opposed to District Council. strive to help you in these matters by recommending specialist Planning application specialists who could help you.


In the UK, boast over 60 Distributors and Partners who show the ”LV”

Insignia on all of the images. Such Distributors and Partners are here to give you the help and guidance within your locality. Always look out for the “LV” insignia for the assurance and knowledge of dealing with a bona-fide organisation. will supply anywhere in the U.K. through any one Distributor or Partner that you choose to deal with.


On the commercial front, are happy to quote for any project. Nothing is to large or small. The same care and attention to detail is always present.


Whilst Classrooms and Libraries have already been mentioned. Consider Hotels, Reception areas for Leisure Complexes and complete Housing Developments.


“Podcabins” are a new and exciting addition to the range and is taking the leisure industry by storm all over Europe. The ultra modern design features coupled with an instant delivery of a ready made building is ideal for some instant income if you happen to be an Hotelier or Leisure/Tourist attraction or a Caravan and Camping site.

Within the space of a couple of years the initial investment in such exquisite buildings is easily recouped.


The immense success that has brought to a highly respected manufacturing organisation worldwide to include distributors and clients in Australia,

Russia, Sweden, France, Germany and the U.K. is the whole ethos of a genuine care and passion and permanent enthusiasm to see a job done to perfection from the order stage to the finished product. The driving force that strongly penetrates every division of the organisation is noticeable. Out of the sizeable areas of apathy that often exists in this particular industry, it is quite refreshing when our clients come back to us with their appreciation of the knowledge and experience that we readily translate into the language that they can understand. Too many times, nowadays, people get blinded by science and get confused. unravel that all for you. With patience and care we see you, the Customer, as a very special Partner. Many of whom have become our friends.


Please enjoy browsing through our website, where you can feast your eyes on the biggest exhibition of Log Cabins in the world without moving from your home.

Thank you for watching. has over the years designed a great many unique Garden Buildings and Custom Designs.

All of which have a specific usage, be it either a bedroom in the garden, a bunkhouse type of construction, which has been designed to sleep 4 to 10 people, some of which are under 2.5m high, under 30 sq meters and need no planing permission in the UK.

Here is a short list of Custom Buildings- Log Cabins- Timber Frame Buildings.


Custom Designed Bespoke Multi Room Cabins

Custom Designed Bespoke Large Cabins

Custom Designed Bespoke Log Cabins

Custom Designed Bespoke Timber Buildings

Custom Designed Bespoke Scandinavian Log Cabins

Custom Designed Bespoke Camping Pods

Custom Designed Bespoke Clock House Log Cabins

Custom Designed Bespoke Residential Log Cabins

Custom Designed Bespoke Summer Houses

Custom Designed Bespoke Twin Skin Log Cabins

Custom Designed Bespoke Insulated Log Cabins

Custom Designed Bespoke Under 2.5m high Log Cabins


Please do not hesitate to send us an email if you need any help.

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