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Camping Pods- Euro Pods

The Camping Pod-Euro Pods-Glamping Pods


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Log Cabins LV are proud to present our unique design for Camping Sites, Fishing Lakes, Hotels, Fisheries and other accommodation venues.

We have 2 versions of Camping Pods.

Camping Pod 1 is 2.4m x 4.0m

Camping Pod 2 is 2.4m x 6.0m

Camping Pod Extension Available in different sizes


There are two Pods in this exquisite range

Camping Pods 1 & 2

If you would like a taste of the absolute ultimate camping experience you could do no better than enjoy the pleasure and comfort that our standard Camping Pod 1 has to offer. This is camping with Glamour and we firmly believe that the word Glamping, that provides five star camping accommodation, sits squarely with the unbeatable experience of our Camping Pod 1


Bring your camping equipment and leave your tent at home. But our camping Pod 1 is not just skin deep glamour. Built from the very best of materials, including the waterproof, rot proof Siberian Larch providing 100% outside protection from the elements, coupled with fire resistant metal Roof Shingles, Metal roof cladding, diffusion membrane, structural pine framework and 50mm insulation, TLX multi–foil insulation, it truly represents the ultimate leisure experience.


The standard Camping Pod 1 goes further to provide maximum comfort by including high quality toughened double glazed CE approved residential type doors with a superb durable safety locking system. With trickle vents as standard you can be assured that the Camping Pod 1 provides total protection and comfort whatever the weather.


Inside the Camping Pod 1 attention to detail is absolutely exquisite. Siberian Pine, a beautiful well seasoned clean smooth timber, milled and designed to perfection depicting tongue and grooved pine flooring and internal pine walling culminating in breathtaking internal curved beams that follow the curvature of the ceiling. No worries of cold coming from the floor because it has structural spruce framework with impregnated marine ply, 100mm insulation and pine/spruce flooring. This is the bare standard version, most opt for a  Multi Foil upgrade.


The Camping Pod 1, because of its superb design and aesthetically pleasing appearance can also be used as Garden Office providing an opportunity for a low cost, low maintenance, work from home alternative. This top of the range Eco friendly Camping Pod 1 is delivered ready built direct to any UK destination. No assembly is therefore required. Forklift sleeves are another feature enabling easy movement when wishing to transport or move this uniquely styled building from one position to another. You will need to hire a forklift facility to remove it from the flatbed lorry. Once that has been carried out, your standard Camping pod1 is ready to use.


Another great feature of the Camping Pod 1 is that if you would like one in your own garden it does not require planning permission as it conforms to the following criteria.

1) The overall outside sq. Metres = 9.48. within the maximum 15sq. mts. allowed.

 2) The allowable height of eaves of a roof is 2.5mts. This curved roof eaves = 2.2mts

 3) Maximum overall height is less than 2.7mts at 2.604 mts.

The only other stipulation is that you need to site the Camping Pod at least 1 metre from any outside boundary. You are therefore able to use this as a really unique Summer House, Garden Office or Playhouse for the kids. You do need to be sure that the Lorry that arrives has got easy access to your final destination of your standard Camping pod 1 and that it can be easily removed from the lorry and on to your designated area.

This is because, as previously mentioned, it is already complete and ready to use without the need of any further assembly.


If you are the owner of a Fishery or Leisure complex on a commercial basis based upon an average rental of £45/ €70 per night, bearing in mind that the Camping Pod 1 sleeps up to 4 people. You have a very competitively priced rental that you could recoup the full cost within 5 months. That means making a profit in the first year! are proud to bring to the UK through its dealership program this uniquely patented designed eco-friendly Camping Pod bringing camping to the leisure industry to a new improved top grade level.


The Camping Pod 2.

The ideal Family Pod sleeping up to 6 people with absolute ease as this Camping Pod is a generous 6mts long.

The unique exceptional design features do not in any way compromise the solidity and careful structure of this superb craftsmanship.


The external walls are clad with Northern Siberian Larch. A very much sought after

timber that is naturally waterproof and rot proof without the need for any protective coating, due to high Tanis levels.


Internally there is a beautifully contrasted seasoned Pine panelling and

Structured framework coupled with 50mm of insulation to ensure maximum comfort.

Camping just cannot get any better than this.


The roof composes of strong British quality 40-year guarantee steel shingles which with out doubt is a top quality roof cladding, a diffusion membrane and 50mm insulation upgrade to a Multi foil insulation. This is internally supported with tongue and grooved quality Northern Siberian pine T&G panel.


The flooring is made of strong 28mm thick tongue and grooved pine under which is 100mm of insulation supported by a pine structural framework with impregnated chipboard for the sub floor.


The elegant yet sturdy Door & Windows are made of quality pine wood frames with argon filled double-glazing using the highest quality glazing.


As an added feature there are Trickle vents in Euro Standard Tilt and Turn windows which also boast a micro opening feature and very strong safety glass as standard on our residential Double glazed Double or Single doors.


No need for assembly as the Camping Pod 2 arrives at your required UK/European destination completely finished ready for sitting.

All you need to do is to ensure you have a fork lift facility to remove the Camping Pod 2 from the back of the flat bed lorry for safe unloading and positioning.

There are forklift access points in the pod for easy transportation.


This Beautiful Unique Design is with out doubt the most Eco Friendly large Camping Pod on the market to date. Manufactured by experienced house builders, using the finest of materials, we can honestly say there is nothing better on the market for the price.

The Camping Pod 2 is perfect for your campsite, fishing lake, or an amazing garden office. Please call one of our dealers today for further information., as you can see has an enviable reputation offering probably the widest range of Log Cabins, Sectional buildings, Garden Cabins in the UK and Europe. With supplies to other parts of the world including Australia, Russia and Norway, you can feel comfortable that you are dealing with an organisation of strength and stability. continues to grow from strength to strength and continues to lead with more innovative designs and technical breakthroughs ready to be unleashed through 2013 and 2014. Be part of this winning team and become the proud owner of a building that has come from the very best of manufacturers. We look forward to serving you.

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