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Log Cabins

50mm Laminated Log Cabins

Welcome to the New World of the “Anti-Warp” 50mm Laminated Log Cabins.

If you are looking for reasonably priced Log Cabins that are going to remain sturdy, look good throughout their serviceable life and provide you with luxurious designs. You are on the right page.


Just feast your eyes on any of the following 18 beautifully engineered

Laminated log cabins.


Each has a minimum outer wall of 50mm. Many of these types of cabins, elsewhere, have outer walls in 28mm or 34mm without the additional laminated strength that we at are able to offer after much research. 


From 2.5m x 2.5m to a generous 7.5m x 4m, we are convinced that there will be something to suit you.


Let us look a little more closely at some of the log cabins in this range.


Laminated Log Cabin – PARIS

This superb log cabin is 2.5m wide x 2.5m deep. Each log board is 50mm thick x 200mm in depth for superior strength and quality. The front double doors are fully double glazed measuring a generous 1930mm x 1410mm with beautifully anodised aluminium framework. Another option to this is the ATHENS which provides an additional side window. Both very affordable cabins to fit any garden.


Laminated Log Cabins – LISBON – COPENHAGEN – BERLIN

Each of these cabins are 3m wide by 3m deep offering design variations.

Such dimensions have proved to be extremely popular for most gardens resulting

in the opportunity of a wider choice for our customers.


Laminated Log Cabin – DUBLIN

For additional space, this particular laminated log cabin is 3.5m wide x 3m deep with a very generous double front door opening to a width of 2.3m. This lovely cabin comes complete with decking frontage measuring 3.3m wide by 1.2m deep.


Laminated Log Cabin – ZAGREB

The Zagreb laminated cabin is the next size up measuring 4m wide x 3m deep.

This cabin has a superb chunky solid sloping roof with generous front overhang,

providing shade and protection, whilst relaxing outside on the decking area.

The ridge height being 2.47m high conforms to the maximum ridge height requirement that excludes the need for any planning permission, provided of course, other criteria are met as laid down by your local council. Please check prior to erection as different local authorities have different sets of criteria.


Laminated Log Cabin – SARAJEVO

This spectacular Log Cabin is 5m x 4m with the same type of design as the Zagreb

but with a more generous frontage offering a truly panoramic view with as a good sized 2m deep decking. Another alternative is to go for the same width but greater depth of 5m with the VADUZ.


Laminated Log Cabin – ROME

The ROME is a 6m x 4m laminated log cabin boasting a superb open frontage of 4.5m. The overhang is 1m that shades a very generous decking frontage of 2.5m deep. This type of cabin can be used for a multitude of uses both domestically and commercially.


Laminated Log Cabin – SOFIA

Moving to the other end of the spectrum, the SOFIA is the largest laminated Log Cabin in this range measuring an awesome 7.5m x 4m.

The cabin is designed with a superb pitched roof with 4 windows in the surrounding walls, two sets of doors that collectively give an incredible panoramic view whilst allowing maximum natural light to enter. All double - glazed with aluminium framework. A Summerhouse? A Playroom? A Study? You name it – this cabin can accommodate it.


The 50mm laminated log cabin range is the start of a really spectacular definitive

Version that represents the template for all the other laminated log cabins that we at are able to offer. We anticipate a strong response to this new and innovative range of buildings, any of which will transform any garden. To avoid any disappointment please place your orders well in advance to us directly or through any of our appointed Dealers or Partners.

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