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Log Cabins

200mm Laminated Log Cabins

Introducing the 200mm “Anti-Warp” Laminated Log Cabin

If a Log Cabin could speak, this particular one would truly laugh at whatever weather is thrown at it, however cold it is and however strong the wind may blow.

This 200mm Laminated outside wall - almost 8” thick ! will provide you with a fortress type log cabin that will keep you safe and snug all the year round.

Besides the natural density of the slow grown timber that is carefully selected prior to milling, the laminating process increases the strength

to bring this particular log cabin into a class of its own.


This sturdy cabin comes complete with high grade double or Triple glazed French Doors with Aluminium frame.


The accommodation uses maximum floor-space and comprises an L shaped living area that spans across the full depth of the Log Cabin, half of the width of the cabin across the back wall and two thirds of the width of the cabin across the front elevation. Maximum natural light is achieved with good size double glazed windows at each end of the Log cabin as well as a window either side of the French Doors

that are fully glazed. This arrangement of windows provides the L shaped Living area with a total of three windows in addition to the French Doors.

The bedroom is sufficiently large to accommodate a double Bed. Here too, maximum natural light is achieved with the remaining two large double glazed windows positioned at the end of the log cabin and at the front.

A doorway leads out to the living area with access to the Toilet facilities. A compact yet serviceable room with a corner shower, W.C and washbasin and small double glazed window sufficiently designed

to provide generous natural light.

The flooring is of the highest quality 28mm tongue and groove Siberian Pine. This flooring is standard in all of cabins which sets a challenging precedence over much of our competitors.

There are three roofing options, each of which creates a different look and feel.

1)          Heavy duty Mineral Felt that lasts for many years has always been a most excellent value for money product for roof covering

2)          Shingles available in Red, Black or Green come with effective tiled patterns that really bring the log cabin into its own. Once applied the adhesive cures forming one single mass that creates an extremely effective waterproof membrane.

3)          Roof tiles are the ultimate and you can choose from traditional tiles to the more modern rubber compound tiles, again available in different colours.


Security is always important and here you can be assured of the very best quality locking systems for both doors and windows to give you peace of mind.


This affordable residential log cabin sets the pace against the competition for luxury at its best. All the very best timber, styling, craftsmanship is all here. The same as you would expect to see in much larger cabins.


We envisage an avalanche of enquiries for this new 200mm Laminated Log Cabin. You would be wise to act fast to avoid disappointment. Contact us directly or through one of our appointed dealers or Partners.


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