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Log Cabins Video

Log Cabins Video Presentation



Log cabins .lv has an enviable range of quality log cabins but to really fully understand the care and expertise that is put into manufacturing the range of products we have put together some videos for you to look at.

We add videos of our latest projects weekly so please call back to see what else log has to offer!

The Video 1 gives you a very good idea of certain extras that we have considered when manufacturing our

State of the art Camping Pod. Safety is of paramount importance and our windows that are shown either side of the Pod enables the Camper to get in and out if ever there was a fire.

Too many other Pods on the market have made too smaller windows thus restricting escape should the need ever be required.In the UK Health and safety is an important issue and feel that we lead the market place having taken such important aspects into consideration.


The Camping Pod has a most superior design and when you browse through our website to locate the range you will be able to see the specification is extremely high, besides the design features which puts this type of Camping Pod comfortably into any high profile Leisure complex.


Once in the factory ,you can see that the Camping Pod is made to completion and is not sent out in kit form.

It goes on a lorry and you will note on the video the access holes for the fork lift truck to lift the Pod completely from the Lorry, having made its destination where it is then transported  on site ready for immediate use.


The video then backtracks to the components being milled with great precision in the factory. The machinery used is of the highest quality, very expensive, but delivers top quality product time and time again with superb precision. Pre-programmed cuts and notches are produced in the timber at the exact locations before assembly.

The same exacting process takes place when manufacturing all of the Garden Log Cabins and Garden Offices.

A view of the ceiling shows exquisite tongue and groove Siberian Pine. This is typical high quality ceiling work that you can expect to experience when purchasing a Camping Pod or any other Garden Log Cabin manufactured by


As you progress through the video we are pleased to present some of the “Pavilion” styled Log Cabins with 

an upgrade towards the “Clockhouse” Log Cabin.


Residential Log Cabins are well worth viewing as they have always been highly acclaimed by all of our clients in the UK.

Finally the video ends with a shot of some of the various sections of profiles that have been produced by automatic machinery geared to produce a myriad of different shapes and designs by pre-programming

computerised technology.


Video 2 shows Dave, one of our Associates demonstrating how flimsy 19mm floorboards can be. Granted the “joists” are further apart than they would normally be in a Garden Cabin, but the same distance apart was demonstrated for the 28mm. The 19mm floorboard that Dave threw away  saying that it  is “rubbish” was actually broken by his jumping activity. Whereas the 28mm showed its absolute higher grade strength and quality. Dave was not injured at all during this demonstration. He happens to be a Black Belt Karate Instructor.


In Video 3 you have a wonderful opportunity of seeing our range of Gazebos. Seen on their own as images is fine but here in the videos where you see them in garden surroundings will help you immensely to decide which is best for you. The roofing range includes thatched, tiled or shingles and it is interesting to see how versatile Gazebos can be as demonstrated by the drop down waterproof sides on one of the Gazebos where a complete transformation results.

There is a variety of shapes for the Gazebo range. In the video you will see round, octagonal and square

with choice of roofing. Such a construction is an inexpensive addition to asny garden and serves ss an excellent focal point. We hope you enjoy the video.


Video 4 takes you into greater depth regarding the Camping Pod and really shows you how the design features of this superb building is quite unique. The combination of Siberian Pine internally for the main internal construction and the Siberian Larch outer clad walls, coupled with BS and EU standard traditional tiling for the roof makes for an outstanding Camping Pod. 


Finally  our Video 5 takes you through some examples of customised cabins that have been carefully manufactured to a design that our customers have created themselves. Any Garden or Residential Log Cabin

Can be made to your own specification.

The simplest way to start is to consider the overall size. Various design features can be added. A plan of your requirements in terms of numbers and sizes of rooms is also important . Once you have the three basic pieces of information we can then go into greater depth and come up with an artists impression of your dream cabin that could end up being alongside the others that we have presented on this video.