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“Anti-Warp “ Laminated Timber Garden, Residential and Commercial Log Cabins

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For many years we at have always managed to extend the boundaries of new innovative and exciting designs with our complete range of timber buildings. However, there are times when it becomes impossible

to manufacture buildings whose designs just make it physically impractical to build. Sometimes this could be due to safety reasons

where the nature of the timber being used will not be strong enough to withstand the various stresses that it will have to endure.

Other times it could be due to the restrictive manufacturing processes that are in place. For example a long seamless wooden archway

or beam of some 12m long cannot be produced out of one single length of quality spruce-pine or Siberian Larch  when the maximum length that is milled is just over 6m.

A noticeable join would be made and the “Seamless” aspect of such a design would no longer exist.


Up till now it does appear to be the state of play with any Log Cabin Manufacturer or Supplier to the U.K.

Only up till now ! Why? Because, once again, break through the barriers of the seemingly impossible.

We also we have the largest range of 80mm glulam log cabins in the buisness.


The Laminated Timber Factory 

Modern technology has come a long way in the timber industry and have always insisted in striving to bring you the very best and most up to date

information on new methods of production. Such new methods involve massive injections of funding and, as a result, many manufacturers are just left behind., however, are now able to provide “Anti-Warp” Laminated Timber buildings for Garden, Residential or Commercial use.

The factory involved is 99% computerised. It is arguably the largest and most established in Europe. Cabins will never be the same !


The Laminated Timber process.

   Computerised Timber Selection

The level of sophistication in grading the timber prior to production is the ultimate in computerisation. All the timber used for our laminated process is C24 FSC timber, Joints, bends, splits, knots-shakes etc are automatically identified and subsequently conveyed to another section of the factory.

Once selected, the acceptable timber then needs to be brought to a moisture content of 14% and stabilised at that level within the factory. For this to happen the factory is equipped with a series of moisture content meters strategically positioned to ensure that the whole factory atmosphere is evenly distributed. This process is carried out throughout the year day or night.


Cutting & Milling 

Top quality long lengths of Pine or Larch are produced. The cutting machinery is extremely sharp and durable to be able to cut through sizeable sections of timber with such ease as butter is cut with a knife. Quality control here is also carried out automatically to ensure that every piece of timber is accurately cut time and time again against the pre-set template from the computer.



When such timber is assigned for production of a cabin there are many other factors that have to be taken into consideration.

The laminating process is very sophisticated. A constant flow of industrial highly concentrated impact glue is passed over moving sections of timber

In readiness for fusing together. This is carried out so that there are opposite stresses along the cross section of each piece of timber to be glued.

This represents the key factor that prevents the wood from any subsequent warping or twisting.

Once this process has been completed the resulting timber is much stronger than it was in its original natural state.

Because of this much longer lengths of timber can be produced without fear of breaking. This opens up a completely new dimension where previously

some designs of cabins were not practical to be produced safely. Furthermore designers within the timber industry were restricted in their creativity, having to ensure that their designs and architectural flare had to be in keeping with the then safety elements associated with the natural timber.

Now, of course, they are free to go beyond previous boundaries and come up with designs that are truly different and refreshing., as a result, are proud to present such a range of exquisite cabins that have just come off the drawing board.


Cabin Joinery 

Many good quality standard Natural Pine interlocked Cabins show the projections of the logs at each corner of the cabin. Twinskin Log Cabins show double projections.

This is something that has been accepted for many years with interlocked log cabins. Where insulating material is applied within the cavity of such walls a marked improvement in heat retention is clearly made. However, it is far from 100% at the corners because of the slight variance that exists albeit fractions of a millimetre. has come up with two major important breakthroughs to improve both the effectiveness of better insulation and a much more appealing appearance.


Introducing carefully pre-programmed dovetail joinery into each corner needed a very sophisticated form of engineering coupled with more investment into special cutting machinery designed just for that purpose. This has resulted in a much closer join at each corner whilst still retaining the traditional appearance of the interlocking process. To maximise the insulation qualities to virtually 99.9% effectiveness, a special expanding tape is also applied to the joins prior to dovetailing. Once together, the tape expands covering any slight miniscule imperfection or gap resulting in a superb tight fit.


Taking this advanced stance further, much discussion and brainpower was used to try and remove the need of the projections of timber at each corner of the interlocked cabin. are pleased to announce that with superior technology of using the new dovetailed system with a special pre-designed vertical post effect at the extreme corner. Our clients can now enjoy the pleasure of possessing an interlocked log cabin with beautifully square clean corners with no projections and without any compromise of the stability, strength or insulation qualities.


Forestation selfishly want to trade and supply customers for a very long time. We also insist in consistency of standards and quality of timber.

We therefore only source timber from certified sustainable forests. This ensures continuity of quality and sustainability for further growth for everyone.


Raw timber quality control 

As well as best quality engineering and computer programming, one must not forget the need to ensure that the timber that is forested is of the highest quality.

Arctic regional slow grown Pine and Larch are considered to be the best in the world. The sheer extreme conditions that these trees have to endure over many years of growth has made them far more resilient, dense and stable with high levels of tannin that virtually nullifies any possibility of wood rot. Any twists and warping of such wood is, by nature, minimised. The quality control is therefore twofold in that careful selection is made prior to entering the factory, plus additional computerised controls during production. The laminating process (mentioned earlier) creates a total Anti-Warp product that is ideal for longer lengths of timber.


More about Larch 

Much is said about the virtues of good quality Pine and correctly so. Larch, however, brings the whole scenario of Timber cabin manufacturing into a new dimension.

The Balklands and Northern Scandinavia grow the best quality Larch that is slow grown to form an extremely dense and virtually impenetrable timber.

The weight variation between a section of slow grown pine compared with the same size section of Larch is quite substantial. Larch is almost twice the weight.

Because of the high density of Larch, it has been used in its raw state in submerged conditions as supporting beams for many buildings in Venice that still stand today after hundreds of years. The downside of this for many manufacturers is that it is extremely difficult to cut and shape using the same cutting machinery that is used for Pine. The cutters wear out and have to be replaced very frequently. This is why many manufacturers do not promote this kind of timber., however, have the state of the art cutting machinery that can handle this high quality superb timber.

      Larch is used extremely well for outside wall cladding where wood is exposed to the elements. It is pleasing to the eye in its natural state and compliments pine beautifully in many of the design features. The natural ageing process of both Pine and Larch contrast well as pine tends to yellow whilst Larch goes into a silvery grey. Both types of timber, of course, happily accept the recommended protective coatings that are available in the market place in a number of different colours and finishes.


      The New Range has the factory; the timber, the quality control, the designers, the manufacturing experience, the engineering and computerised knowledge and the highly trained distribution network of Dealers and Partners globally. The final piece of the Jigsaw is the range of products.

      The new range is truly exceptional. You will see on our website beautiful futuristically designed cabins that you will not see anywhere else, simply because many of our competitors just do not have the manufacturing capabilities or any of the other above mentioned important elements that make it happen. For many years it has been so very easy for Manufacturers to say “We cannot make that” or worse still “It cannot be made”, i.e. nobody can make it. The poor client then has to look at second best and accept something that did not fit the original dream. Not so with Now your dreams can really turn into reality. Be it for your Garden, for your own living accommodation or if you are looking for buildings for commercial reasons, we can produce and supply where others refuse. 


      Windows and Doors

      The standard range of window and door frames are made from the very best quality timber with carefully crafted dovetail corners. The double or treble glazing is of the highest quality argon filled glazed units to maximise insulation. can now also supply Aluminium or UPVC frames for doors and windows to laminated timber frame cabins. These additional options, once again, bring design and colour ranges to a new level.

      As a result of the more extensive longer beams that can be produced, much wider frontages can be manufactured with a range of French Doors that can extend as wide as 8m quite comfortably. Sliding Concertina French Doors is another new option that is well worth a look.


      Archways and Arcs

      With the new laminating process can now supply curved overhead beams with substantial span. Here such opportunities exist for a large entrance to a commercial environment or an additional curved design for the top of a front door. The same can be applied to windows. Here again a tremendous transformation results. Curved boundaries for decking. Curved archways internally. The possibilities are immense.


      Advantages of Laminated Log Cabins.

      If you are looking to convert your outside swimming pool to one that is housed within a log cabin, this can now be carried out very easily. The difficulty in manufacturing such pool Houses comes about if the Pool in question is of a larger size. Many manufacturers are just unable to build a structure that would accommodate such a facility because extra support beams etc. would be required for standard interlocked log cabins. Now that the new laminated version has arrived

      The extra strength enables much longer lengths to be used without any additional support. This means a clear vision from one side of the pool to the other both across the length and width.


      Tannelised Laminated Timber Cabins go the extra mile by introducing Tannelised Laminated Timber Cabins.

      This option provides our clients with a building that has been pre-treated prior to going through the laminating process. The finished article in its natural state will withstand weather conditions and provide a maintenance free building.

      This process is carried out in the same factory to ensure continuity of the high quality required. Firstly the prepared timber is put under extreme pressure to extract any available moisture. This is then replaced with the tannin resinous liquid that is designed for protecting every fibre within the timber. Moisture content level is kept stable so that the subsequent laminating process can take place. All this is carried out automatically and monitored throughout production. The applications for such laminated timber for Residential or commercial use are numerous.

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