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Deluxe Log Cabins From LV

Log Cabins Deluxe Windows and doors

Log Cabins Deluxe Windows and doors

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Quality Log Cabins, that is a key word so many companies use to advertise their cabins on the Internet.

But? Is the word “Quality” being misused?


There are so many ways to find out if the log cabin you are thinking of purchasing is high end a budget or a rip off completely on price!


Firstly, just because a log cabin is manufactured in Sweden, Finland or Germany, it does not mean the quality is higher from that of the Baltic’s or Russia.


In most cases, the products coming from the Baltic’s like windows and doors, and log cabins are actually better, as the price is lower, plus the timber is better, and not forgetting we do not have high taxes which means our pricing is normal, not inflated such as Sweden and Finland.


Most people believe that if the price is higher, then so is the quality, absolute rubbish!


Take for instance one company proclaiming to be German, who manufacturer in Poland and they do actually manufacture quite good Log cabins ( this I will agree on), but they sell them to their customers for an extortionate sum, and I mean that quite literally. I will be the first to say this,, they are greedy bastards!


If you take a normal 5m x 5m with standard normal double glazing etc, costing from most other companies would be around £5500 delivered in 44mm log thickness, then our German company will charge £2.500 more, because you are made to believe by their dealer outlets that the quality is so superior than other cabins, this is absolute rubbish.


I personally have spoke to one of the outlets, and it was almost like speaking to someone who was part of a cult! There are too many manufacturers giving advice to their dealers on how to extract high prices from the public, by using words such as, Top Quality, Eco, Durable, FSC, PEFC, Superior, Excellent, and the Best!


So!!!! How can you tell the Crap from the Quality?


Over the years, we have been able to spot companies that are here today and gone tomorrow, we are also able to spot a quality log cabin from that of the Bulk market that litters our market and the gardens of Europe.


Firstly, if a log cabin is worth its salts, it will have only quality windows and doors, yes, I am harping on again about the windows and doors, but they are the most important part of the cabin. Moreover, they must be standard, not an upgrade!


Our Windows and Doors on our new Range of Deluxe Log Cabins are not just absolutely amazing, they are truly the best windows and doors in the industry, and they are fantastic for the price. Also we are the only company that offers them standard now on a Garden Range.

I am sure you have done lots of calling around asking different companies about quality and what you get for the price.


Most will try their hardest to up sell to you and say that what they are offering is so much cheaper than everyone else for the price, but when you actually do the research you will find that their quality is on par to 99.9% of the other companies, and that you are actually being sold a pack of lies and not a pack of quality timber.



So Windows and Doors as we see are the most important part of a cabin, well actually the most important part of the cabin is the roof, but as we use the largest roof Purlins and thick roof boars in the business I am not too worried our roofs will come falling down any time yet, plus all our cabins walls have metal roods in them that come standard to tighten the construction down and make it stiff and secure, and that our 28mm floor board stops that springy bouncy effect it would have if the floor was 19mm which most companies tend to offer, (OK I am bragging),,, Yes windows and doors, are so important.


If you are thinking of running your business from a log cabin, and keeping it warm and dry through out the year, then sadly most log cabins, which are sold as standard log cabin, well 99.999% of the doors are not designed to keep heat in, or cold out!


If you look at most cabins, you will notice that part of the door, unless its fully glassed you will notice that it is made up of T&G timber boards, which are slotted together, now for a garden room, or a shed, it’s a cheap and great way of manufacturing the door.


We have been manufacturing this kind of door since we started 14 years ago, and for cost and ease of manufacturing, its a great way of keeping costs down, and sharing that low cost of construction with the public!


Our CEO has always grumbled about the windows and doors, he has always wanted to offer a top quality windows and doors, he used to shout from time to time that if only could offer a sprayed CE certified Window and Door set with every cabin for a sensible price, then hopefully the bulk manufacturers would have to sit up and listen stop wasting timber and precious resources and offer better!


This has been a burning desire of our CEO Kevin for years, and when we opened our New Production Line, Kevin decided then that all the New Deluxe Range from the log size of 45mm and above would have only have CE certified quality windows and fully insulated quality CE doors, and that we would be the first company to offer these as Standard not an expensive upgrade, and to top it off, we would offer them sprayed to the customers choice.


So to the question at the beginning, how can you know what a quality log cabin is?


Easy… CE certified argon filled double glazed unites in the windows and doors, that your supplier offers these as standard, that the door has an Oak Threshold, and that the tilt and turn mechanism on the windows is a of a residential quality, not push this, pull that and twist this, just to then open it.


You need 28mm flooring; large purlins that sit 90 degrees in the apex, but most of all you need quality through out and to top it off great pricing.


I think you can agree that for any company to compete against CE certified, BM Trada Certified Double Glazed Windows and Doors, Sprayed to any colour you want, and offered in a standard Range of Log Cabins at almost the same price as most rubbish offered on the web !

Yes! We are completely and utterly mad!

Or are we???


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!!!!


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Log Cabins LV Deluxe Range 2016

log cabins uk deluxe range 2016

quality log cabins, deluxe log cabins, log cabins, logcabin

Over the last 14 years log cabins have changed the way our gardens look, but are the log cabins offered good quality, how do you tell a great quality log cabin from a cheap and nasty massed produced one?


Simple if its not manufactured by us, its mass-produced.


In Jan 2016 Log Cabins LV will be offering our new Range of Deluxe Log Cabins.

Yes, I keep on harping on about the best quality windows and doors, and that we professionally spray them to any colour you wish!


Or that the manufacturing of these new deluxe log cabins are with out doubt top notch!

In addition, it has nothing to do with our timber quality; it’s the best of the best!

And that all the hardware is better than anything on a standard range of log cabins anywhere on the web!

What really makes these cabins amazing is the pricing!


There are German companies in the UK that sell very high quality log cabins, almost as good as ours but their pricing is ridiculously high.


If you want to purchase a log cabin that really does have the best windows and doors, engineered by skilled craftsman, and timber that really is a notch above the rest, then our Deluxe Range is worth waiting for.

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Quality Log Cabins – Windows and Doors 2001-2016

amazing windows and doors in log cabins, log cabins LV

Quality Windows and Doors for the best log cabins in the world

The best windows and doors

garden log cabins-Old Windows and Doors – log cabins lv the number one for windows and doors.

New Year comes but once a year, and on Jan 1 / 2016 Log Cabins LV will offer the market a Fantastic, New and the most comprehensive range of log cabins ever to adorn any Log Cabins Website.

Our New Range of Deluxe Log Cabins are not just manufactured by skilled carpenters and machine operators, or that we manufacture using the finest of all lumber, and the only CE certified tilt and turn argon filled windows and doors, or that our double and single doors comes with an insulated plate, and that you get to choose your personal choice of colour, which is sprayed on, yes! sprayed on to the doors and windows free of charge! (yes for free)..

In this industry of ours, nothing comes free, not advice, quality or for that matter the wrapping that covers your log cabins when it’s delivered.

Why??? Some say its business! I am sure Lord Sugar would say that it is all about making money! Profit!

So how are we able to offer not just the best quality windows and doors ever offered as standard in any log cabin range by any manufacturer at such low costs?

How are we able to offer so much quality for so less!

Well! Its quality simple…. We look at every option, we look at how to manufacture a Quality Log Cabin so its structurally sound, we are manufacturers of Norwegian Log Cabins, Timber Frame Houses, Glulam Buildings, The most sought after Camping Pods , we have our own Truss Manufacturing Plant, and we also manufacturer our own Residential Windows and Doors, which are built under BM Trada and CE Certification.

Quite Simply Log Cabins LV stands for the high end of log cabins and we are the only one-stop shop, but more than that, we offer incredible quality and sincere honesty!

99.9.9% of log cabin manufacturers are only just that, log cabin manufacturers, they might dabble in thin and very under par timber frame buildings, which will not last the test of time, and are 100% not built to any kind of building regulation.

We build our timber frame buildings under TEK 15, which is the Norwegian build standard, which absolutely kills UK building regs for everything and more.

Our New Deluxe Range of Garden Log Cabins are not just the most superb ever-manufactured Log cabins, they are simply the best of the best!

Please have a Look at the photos attached, please notice that the quality of 2001 is the same quality offered by 99.9% of cabin companies today!

Please have a look at 2016, this is what our New Deluxe Range of Log Cabins come standard with!

Quality Windows and Doors are with out doubt the most important part of your cabin, if they are rubbish, cheap and poorly made, that tells you a lot about the entire cabin!

No one has bothered to change their windows and door quality, they do not design new products because why fix what is still selling, the public do not know the difference, and the public do not care, well! The public does care, and the public wants a fair price for a good product!

So when deciding to purchase any log cabin, timber frame building, camping pod, glulam log cabin, please ask for close us photos of exactly what you are getting. If it is cheap, then be prepared to pay twice.

Manufacturing quality windows and doors is not the only thing you need to look for.

Please ask the company you are thinking of purchasing from what else they manufacturer, or is it just garden cabins, no doubt they will all tell you they build houses etc. Ask for references.

We are the only company that actually has a show house on display in Poole in Dorset that is Passive, our ability to provide the customer with exactly what he wants makes us the only company in the UK that can actually provide everything under one heading, and that heading is log cabins LV.


In addition, what has come to our attention is that there are companies offering structural calculations with residential log cabins and timber buildings, if there is not a signature of a certified UK/Irish structural engineer (with his phone number , address and accreditations after his name) on the structural calculation sheet then it is a fraud, please be aware of this!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!!!

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Bespoke Log Cabins – Timber Buildings 2015


quality micro housing

micro houses- bespoke micro houses- tiny housing

Bespoke Log cabins, tiny houses, micro homes  2 Bespoke Log cabins, tiny houses, micro homes  3Are you looking for a Log Cabin, are you finding it hard to purchase exactly what you need?

Look no further, as Log Cabins LV has the ability to bespoke any of our amazing range totally to fit your needs.

If you are looking to move a door, add a window, lower the height no problem.

We are the only company on the web, with over 4000 designs, and the ability to manufacture any of our Log Cabins into different build, manufacture types.

If you have seen one of our Log Cabins and you would like to have it manufactured in a highly insulated timber frame, no problem.

If you would like one of our Log Cabins to be built in a Scandinavian type hand made log, no problem, and we are also able to offer all of our cabins in an Engineered Glulam Log.

Log Cabins LV are the only company in the Timber Buildings, Log Cabin industry that has over 4000 designs, and can offer each building in different build types.

We have been in the market place for over 15 years, we were the first company to offer log cabins into the UK, and we are the innovators into the twin skin Log Cabins system, clock house cabins, garden offices and so many others!

If you are either fed up with stupidly high prices from  German Cabin Companies, or ridiculously Low from  Estonian Companies, then take the middle ground where you can be assured of high quality and great pricing !!!

Remember buy cheap buy twice, and also don’t over pay! There are many cabins now coming from Germany that are way over priced, do not get taken into thinking high price means better quality!

Log Cabins LV is also the leaders in the Camping Pod Market!

Do not settle for less!!

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