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New Timber Frame Buildings 2017


Here is another one of our finished timber frame projects.

This little beauty is two beds, two baths, fully insulated, timber frame unit, clad in Siberian larch, and meets the UK full building regulations.


Unlike the rubbish sold in the UK under the guise of quality control by the government and given a few number and letters (BS 3632).


The BS3632 is laughable, our pensioners are robbed blind of their savings,


With the grandiose thoughts of safe investment, and living their retirement in a quality building, with in a safe gated environment.


But reality is that their hard earned savings, are stolen in a hand shake, and their dream park home, luxury lodge is no more that board, screws and glue, with cheap UVPC windows.


A Luxury Lodge / Park Home, should be to full building regulations. There should not be any if or buts about it.

All buildings that are lived in full time should be built to last, and be a sound investment.


If you really want to purchase a quality Park Home that really is an investment, built by a professional house manufacturer, then please give us a call.

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timber frame village halls

Timber Frame Village Halls.

Quality Timber Frame Village Hall.

When we design and manufacture a building for one of our clients, it is always marvelous to receive a photo that shows off the quality of our workmanship.

Highly Insulated timber frame buildings now are exceedingly sought after due to their insulation properties, rapid build time, and of course price.

This beautiful Village Hall, that is utilized in so many different ways, Weddings, Disco’s, Bingo, Folk Dancing, the list is actually endless.

The overall feeling of this building is strength, beauty and of course longevity!

What I feel proud about, is that long after I have past, this building will be standing strong and be used by many other generations, and unlike the here today and gone tomorrow cabin superstore type sellers, we at LV build solid constructions that last generations.

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