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Solid Log Cabins or Timber Frame Buildings

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Timber Frame Buildings – timber frame houses

Log Cabins LV is recognised as the leading log cabins manufacturer in the world. We wholesale our cabins in Europe and all over the world.

But don’t let the company name misguide you, at the very core we are timber buildings company and we have years of experience in manufacturing quality timber houses, log cabins, Camping Pods, Park Homes, Residential Buildings and so very much more.

We receive multiples of calls and emails every day from people interested in residential log cabins and our usual answer is: go with timber frame option if you are looking for planning consent.

Today we would like to discuss what are the pros and cons of log cabins and timber frame buildings.

Log cabins for centuries have been the traditional type of residential building especially in Nordic and Scandinavian regions and one might think that the old good natural material – timber Log – is the best way to go.

Log cabins are very valued for ability to regulate the microclimate inside the building. Due to the hygroscopic properties of the wood humidity inside log cabins on average is very well balanced which makes it feel warm and cosy inside. Timber cabins do not require ventilation or air conditioning systems because walls themselves breathe.

Natural wood interior might also be appealing. With solid logs in the log cabin’s wall comes and the main disadvantage. Because logs absorb and release water vapor they tend to move, contract and expand. It also requires a lot of thought while designing the cabin in order to make it sound which brings some limitations in what can be done and what can’t be done design wise.

While it’s true that log cabin is the most natural residential dwelling you can get one should consider timber frame building when exploring options.

Modern technologies in designing timber frame buildings allows us not only replicates features of log cabin building but also brings housing to the new level by improving the standards.

Timber frame buildings bring wider possibilities of decorating the interior and exterior. It also allows wider range of floor layout possibilities. But the most important thing is that timber frame buildings are so much easier to insulate and will pass building control.

The insulation can vary from low and moderate to really heavy duty U vales are as important as price, the higher the U value, the lower the heating costs

At Log Cabins LV we can offer you different levels of insulation depending on your budget. Keep in mind that good insulation is a good investment which will return as much lower energy cost for heating.

For many customers possibility to expand the building or build extensions is important. In this case, our advice is also: go with timber frame. Timber frame buildings are more stable the walls do not move up and down with annual weather change and any extension is very easy to flash to the existing building.

Our timber frame buildings can be also called modular because we manufacture our buildings in a controlled factory environment. We deliver these modules to site where the timber frame house-building can be quickly erected avoiding bad weather that could cause extensive damage to the internal part of the panel, all our panels are weathered proofed, so if it does decide to rain, we know our panels keep dry.

Sadly there are too many companies that do not own their own large factories to build panels, so they start building the frame work on site, this is a NO, NO, and should be banned! There is no point purchasing KD (Kiln Dried) timber, which is the backbone, the spine of the building if it is already compromised by water!  If you really want to purchase a quality timber frame building-House-Mobile Home, then please send us an email!…. do not settle for less!

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