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New Eco Insulated Timber Frame Buildings

Timber Frame Buildings are not just quick builds, they are also highly insulated, and great value for money.

There are many companies on the Internet selling timber frame housing, and most of them are amazing companies offering great deals!

There is great value for money, and there is also Amazing value for money. has over the years become internationally known as a design and manufacturing house for everything to do with log cabins, but! We are so much more than that; our skill is actually very much into design and development of all thing timber, and structures.

Looking back, we have designed some iconic buildings, and as each month passes we keep on pushing the boundaries offering the public more great designs for the garden-leisure and holiday sector!

Now we are turning our attention onto the Housing market, and looking to see what is missing. Firstly, its Sheppard’s, there seems to be many sheep, and all the sheep are doing is the same, day in day out, with out direction!

In the UK the government really does not know, understand, want to see, or care, what the budget low cost housing is made from. Just as long as it meets target, costs and the pathetic U value set by central government.

So we then have estates of awful looking, red brick houses, all looking the same, and all using very expensive gas as the sole heating source.

So! What are we doing to try to stop this, well! Actually, nothing, as local government as we all know are bought and paid for by the large monopoly style-building contractors, who invest in each party heavily at election to win contracts to build these low, income slums.

This sounds very damming, but it’s sadly the truth.

The Government asked Kate Baker to review the housing market, and her findings showed that at present trend 260.000 houses were needed to be built each and every year to keep up with the market needs. And at present there are needed 1 million new houses in the UK.

Lets look at a flat in Enfield, a two bed in an old council block £275.000.

Location, location, forget about esthetics, value and worth.

So what can we do to help, over the next few years we are going to introduce, highly insulated, passive type housing, that works, which is friendly for environment, your pocket, and cost half as much as a two bed flat in Enfield. What we are hoping for is a new government that will allow first time buyers to purchase the land and then choose from different suppliers eco state housing, (conditions to the purchase of the land is that they build more efficient housing, and not be reliant on gas or brick).

We as a company would love to set the standard of U value, and build quality, at a given set price, and lets see how many companies fail to get with in our guidelines.


Firstly all graded timber must be C24, not C16.

No Panels to be  built on site, all panels must be made in a controlled environment!

Finished panel must be no less than 270mm thick. All panels must pass load test!

Pressure test must be no more than 4, UK at present is 8.3! Awful!

All timber must be CE stamped, and from managed governmental FSC forests!

All windows and doors must be of high quality, CE certified argon filled triple glazing.

Our list would fill a phone book, but at the end of the list the price is still low,low,low!

Please look out for our new LV ECO HOMES!

quality timber frame insulated housing

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