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New Deluxe Standard DF Log Cabins Range for 2016

New Deluxe Standard DF Log Cabins Range for 2016

New Deluxe Standard DF Log Cabins Range for 2016

Yesterday we were very pleased to meet up with our two partners from the UK, who combined have over 30 show sites in the north and south of the UK.


The show around day consisted of product knowledge and a show around our new spray booths, windows and door lines, and fabrication.


The visit was to highlight our new and improved Deluxe DF Standard Range, and to show our dealers, and their sales guy’s the quality of the new residential windows and doors which adorn this amazing range now. We would like to thank them all for coming over, and also for their support in offering to the public the best standard range of cabins ever to come to the market!


Some people find it hard to understand the term, Deluxe Standard, as they seem to work against one another, but actually, it makes perfect sense.


Unlike all other manufacturers, we offer these Deluxe Cabins with all their goodies attached at one standard price, there is no up sale here. We offer 20mm Roof boards. 28mm flooring, we offer Residential Double glazed Tilt and Turn CE-Trada Approved windows and doors. That is a whole mouth full of extras, and yet the pricing is hundreds, if not thousands of pounds lower than anyone else on the market.


We even spray paint the windows to your choice of colour!


There are companies out there that are just so greedy, that our pricing is almost 1/3 less, which just goes to show, how greedy the Germans and Dutch tend to be!


I must laugh actually as we are Log Cabins LV, yet we are run and owned by a British Family, who have set the standards of the production from day one, which is why the ethos of the company is quality, design, price.

Greed was left out from the beginning. (Brits play fair)..


If you are a dealer looking for a new supplier, we are always ready to listen, however we vet all new comers, we want timber trained sales people to join us, preferably family businesses, also shed manufacturers that have been manufacturing for more than 10 years. We want only the best. And we do not take on people who have a history of bankruptcy.


OK on to another subject..


Yesterday we received a offer from another manufacturer on a Spam email client Mail chimps, what surprised us was 2 things, firstly, if they can not spell, or be bothered to use spell check. So? How can you trust this company to count how many parts fit in a packed building?

Secondly, they are offering camping pods, that do not have any form of CE certified doors or windows, or even trickle vents, which as we all know can lead to deaths sadly.


To those manufacturers that want to offer accommodation to the public, beware! In the UK you can be tried for manslaughter if a building you claim is fit for human dwelling turns out not to be and a death occurs!

Moreover, these entire log manufactured shaped pods, made of interlocking T&G timber are not fit for camping sites, or overnight dwellings. They are extremely dangerous and way over priced.


That’s my rant finished. I just get so angry when I see these companies fooling the public and offering absolute s–t, for a sovereign! Makes my blood boil! Log Cabins and camping pods are heavy structures and must be manufactured with care and precision.

If you have any questions about this or any other blog, please do not hesitate to send us a e-mail.


Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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