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Log Cabins LV 16 years of Design-Quality and Dedication


log cabins lv

log cabins lv

Why is it that when we design a shape, or a size, or a feel, which is unique to us, everyone wants to copy it. Some idiot said the other day a cabin is just a cabin, and this kind of comment tells me that there are some in the industry that only see profit in this industry and not the beauty in design, or the integrity and skill of craftsmanship that goes in to manufacturing, designing a structure that actually works!


We have designed thousands and thousands of log cabins, and we have thought about each and everyone.


Take for instance our DF Range of deluxe log cabins; each log cabin was thought about, shape, design, amount of logs, position of windows, purlin thickness etc.

These are without doubt the best log cabins in the industry that is an absolute fact.


Our Deluxe Cabin range is the only standard range in the UK, which actually come with certified windows and doors.



We looked at trends and also at customer’s needs, desires, wants over the last 16 years, taking into account current laws, looking at shape and size of each and every window in each and every wall, and truly making sure they flow and feel balanced. I personally hate doors that do not match windows.


When you see a cabin and the entrance door, window, is higher than the surrounding windows placed in the walls, I hate this, I really do, we have a few cabins even in our massive ranges that have this oddity, not my personal favorite, I like balance.


All this takes time, and Log Cabins LV has the foresight and wisdom, plus the skill to design a building that actually make sense, also not forgetting which is fit for purpose, and we pride ourselves on also offering, designed, quality manufactured aesthetically beautiful log cabins which are affordable.


However, when designing a log cabin, there is one thing you must always take into account, and that is the raw material usage.


Unlike the bulk manufacturers who scrimp and scrape, use as little timber as possible in their log cabins, as profit is the key word, not quality, we are quite different to this.


We do look at lumber usage but in a different way, we design our buildings be them timber frame or log, so we really use everything, every part of our log usage, as throwing away or burning waste is waste, and we are extremely eco conscious.

Russian Gost sizes, 16/22mm, 25/44mm, 50-100mm


As we all know Russian timber being the best of the best. So odd sizes in cabins means its local timber, which normally means quick grown rubbish, remember profit comes to most men’s heart before quality.


Therefore, log cabins, which are, say manufactured from 58mm-68mm 98mm or some other weird size means local fast grown timber. Keep away, fast grown, summer cut logs, equals lots of splits and a lot of shrinking.


Also here is a great tip, if the bottom of a door of any log cabins you are thinking or buying is made up of very thin T&G boards, smaller than say 90mm in width, keep clear.



WARNING……There are people who claim to be LV dealers, but actually are not, please ask us before purchasing any cabin who is who, best be safe, rather than being deeply sorry later when you have a rubbish copy of a LV building littering your garden!


When you go through our website, looking for a log cabin or your choice, we would please like you to remember this, it has taken us 15 years to get all this material together, and many thousands of hours yearly and most times 7 days a week to get LV to being the leader of design and quality. There are those out there that have been in the industry a short period of time and like to pretend they know all and offer all, we are the only company that actually can offer a passive house or a 1m x 2m interlocking shed, a hand made Norwegian log cabin or a Camping Pod.


Log Cabins LV..the beginning was started with us wanting better than a shed made from pallet timber in your garden!

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Log Cabins And Cutting Corners 2015

Log Cabins And Cutting Corners


Bulk Log cabin manufacturers are always trying to find ways to make log cabins cheaper. It is easy to spot these cabins.

Firstly look at the windows and doors, you will see the framework is very thin, the hardware is cheep and the glass is very thin. The floorboards normally are 19mm and the roof boards are also normally 19mm and the purlings are sat normally at 45 degrees not 90 in the apex. This is done because it is a cheaper way to manufacture the cabin.

Purchasing a cheap log cabin means that you will have to purchase another one four years down the road they are not meant for longevity they are not meant to stand harsh winters they are literally a throw away.

This is a real shame as the timber used to manufacture these log cabins is quite good, however saying that profit comes before quality normally from bulk log cabin manufacturers so looking after timber supplies is not foremost on their mind.

What’s quite funny is that we have manufacturers that brag they manufacture 5000 – 10000 buildings a year which works out at if you take the middle ground 20.5 buildings a day including weekends and we are made to believe that quality from these mills is amazing (pull the other one John).

Mass manufactured log cabins are a blight to all that buy them, as we are filling our gardens with rubbish once again.

Purchasing a quality log cabin would only cost possibly 20% more yet you get a building that is hand made with quality double glazed tilt and turn windows and doors all of which are designed to last.

LogCabins.LV has over many years designed some of the most iconic garden buildings for the UK – Europe – world.

We are the only log cabin manufacturer with quality of design and fare pricing structure, which puts us on top of many companies’ lists as their preferred supplier.

Over the last 8 years, we have seen our business grow and grow which is down to our personal customer service, great pricing, fantastic quality and addressing all issues.

LogCabins.LV has been offering the public log cabins, timber buildings, camping pods, park homes, residential buildings, timber frame housing and so much more for over 15 years which makes us the longest supplier / manufacturer in the UK and Ireland.

Unlike most companies that have 3 to 5 ranges we have an amazing 45, starting with a small 3m x 3m in 35 mm going all the way up to a 500sqm fully insulated timber frame house.

If we can help you with bespoke designs or any other queries please do not hesitate to give us a call! do not settle for less!

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As a company, we have tried every year to offer our dealers exciting ranges at affordable prices.

When searching on the internet for log cabins you will notice that most if not all companies offer the same, 3m x 3m 44mm with double glazed windows and doors, etc.

However, telling the difference between what is good and rubbish is rather difficult.

Being fooled by price is most companies way of pulling you in, and noticing that most if not all have sales going on 99.9% of the time, which is the second attempt of pulling you in, and then the companies write about their Log cabins being the best quality and amazing windows and doors.

Most cabin retailer’s websites are fools paradises, where you think your dream cabin is available at amazing prices, and that it can be delivered the next day! Imagine a top quality log cabin, sitting in storage ready for you to pull out your credit card and wham! It’s at the bottom of your garden looking pretty.

Reality check.

Buildings-Log Cabins that are in stock are normally piled high, have literally thousands of kilos of weight on them, plus most companies that sell thousands of cabins a year must manufacture over the winter, so you’re cabin could be over 6 to 8 months old.

This is a cash and carry mentality, which is pile them up high and kick them out the door quickly!

This mentality is not one that should be in the log cabin industry.



As one of the founding fathers of Garden Log Cabins in the UK, we have tried over the years to improve our manufacturing techniques and keep pricing realistic to our quality levels. Moreover, not flood the market with rubbish! Wasting quality natural materials, and over charging for it!

Some of our glory moments have been to design and manufacture first the Clock House log cabin, bring to market and design the first twin skin interlocking log cabin, offer tilt and turn windows, make sure all our cabins from 34mm have 28mm flooring, better hardware, and strengthening all our rafters and purlins, which is no mean feat and keep pricing levels low!

Because of this, we believe we are now the leading brand in Europe, Australia.

There are cash and carry log cabins, and there is quality…LV stands for quality!

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Over the years we have designed some amazing logcabins, if you are looking for a cabin in the UK to be with in the permitted building regulation, then you’re building, logcabin, will need to be under 2.5m high and no more than 30 sq meters. We have designed some great little buildings for this regulation. Our DF range of logcabins, are not just great value for money, they are all hand crafted, and are amazing quality. All our cabins from 34mm and above come with 28mm floor, 19mm roof boards, and starting from our 44mm come with quality tilt and turn windows.

Our 34mm logcabins come with economy double-glazing, and are also fitted with 28mm flooring and 19mm quality t&g boards. Our TF range is also with in the permitted building regulations, and come with 28mm flooring and 19mm roof boards. Please follow the link.

What we have found over the last few years that permitted 2.5m high cabins are what the customer asks for more than our old range of Standard Garden Logcabins. Logcabins come in all shape and sizes from us, our unique designed clock house logcabins are the best built in the industry.

We manufacture all our logcabins from pine, and use only joinery timber for our quality tilt and turn windows and doors. If you are looking for a quality logcabin for your garden, then all our solid logcabins are great value for money, and if kept in good running order will last many years. We always tell our customers to please add guttering on the logcabins as soon as possible, also to stain our logcabins with quality stain. It is very important also that all logcabins are put on a level base, and have a drain away around them. It is also important that you keep the guttering free and clear of leaves etc. Logcabins are now very much in the public domain, there are many, many different companies selling Logcabins, however it is important to buy your logcabin from a dealer that one, has not been bankrupt in the last 3 years (always ask), who have liability insurance, and who know their stuff. Too often the cowboys in this industry will say yes to every question you have, and offer you a great price. These we have learned are the low budget mills that really do not manufacture logcabins, but more like twigs, glued together with hope and string. Beware! Remember you get what you pay for, and a cheap log cabin is a liability, not a comfortable cabin to put your children to play in, or valuable belongings. All dealers will ask you many questions and guide you through the process, they will also ask your budget, this saves a lot of time, and helps you to decide what is with in your budget and makes ordering and delivery so much quicker. If you are looking for the best, than the rest, is the only choice!


Logcabins 017 Logcabins 034 Logcabins 051 Logcabins 068 Logcabins 085 Logcabins 102 Logcabins 119 Logcabins 136 Logcabins 153 Logcabins 170 Logcabins 187 Logcabins 204 Logcabins 221 Logcabins 238

Logcabins 255


These images are from our old range of logcabins,, the number one in logcabins for more than 14 years in the UK!


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Highly Insulated Timber Frame Housing

As one of the largest timber frame house suppliers in Norway, we are often asked to manufacture highly insulted timber frame buildings for the northern most part of the country. Norwegians are very much into keeping the landscape looking natural and designing their properties to blend into the countryside.

Norway has one of the highest build regulation standards in the world. TEK 10.

Three times that of the UK and most of Europe.

Insulation values are a major part of this high standard, but also on par with insulation is build quality. Visual Graded CE KD C24 is the only grade expectable for all weight bearing walls, roof etc. Most of Europe and UK use Visual Graded C16, which is the bottom most part of the Visual Grade Scale. (Please ask your builder which grade he is thinking of using in your timber frame build).

Norwegians love to use sedum roofing out in the wilds, as this offers amazing insulation properties to the timber frame or Log Cabin dwellings and gives the building a natural feel, and also brings natural into the design, so it’s a plus, plus , plus!

Sedum roofing is a very heavy alternative to steal tiles, or shingles. All our timber frame buildings are built regardless if they are erected in Northern Norway or Essex with strength in every part of the construction.

If you are looking for a quality timber frame building-house-office-garage-park home-mobile-granny annex- etc, please give us a call or send us an email.

Sedum Roofing timber frame Building

Highly Insulated Timber Frame Buildings

Timber Frame Houses  041 Timber Frame Houses  059 Timber Frame Houses  077 Timber Frame Houses  095 Timber Frame Houses  113 Timber Frame Houses  131 Timber Frame Houses  149


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Laminated Log Cabins and The Process. Chapter 1

What is the difference between our laminated log cabins and the rest?

Glulam log cabins, or laminated log cabins can be as different as night or day.

Sadly the public fined it impossible to tell the difference between a cheap finger-jointed cabin and an engineered quality laminated log cabin.

So is going to help you understand the good, and bad also the incredibly very ugly!

The Good!

When looking for a quality laminated log cabin you firstly must look at where the timber is manufactured and from what!

The manufacturing of the laminated timber for your cabin is with out doubt the most important part of all the process.

Firstly, and all this information should be available from your chosen supplier when you are thinking of buying what we call in the trade The Best of All Log Cabins, you need to ask what type of bonding agents they use, and if it is for public domain, and for them to show you the certificates which are in date. There are many bonding agents that can cause serious Toxic harm to humans. This should be of major concern when you’re thinking of purchasing a Laminated Log Cabin.

laminated log cabins   0950

From the beginning of the process, the timber, which is fed into the lamination line, should be a grade quality C24; we can hear many mills scream at that, as C24 is the summit of visual graded timber. It is then fed into the line where many processes incredibly improve the timber quality from C24 to an unbelievable C36.

graded c24 timber

graded c24 timber

Firstly, the moisture content of each and every plank of graded material to be checked.

Then the plank should be resized and edged.

Every plank should have all blemishes removed! The more you remove, the higher the grade.

All timber should start the beginning of the process at a 6m length.

graded c24 timber

graded c24 timber

Quality Laminated Timber is made from long lengths of timber, not minuscule bits!

Below are some recent Photo’s of one of our 120 mm laminated log cabins.

laminated log cabins-    0018 laminated log cabins-    0251 laminated log cabins-    0484 laminated log cabins-    0717 laminated log cabins-    0950 laminated log cabins-    1183 laminated log cabins-    1416 laminated log cabins-    1649 laminated log cabins-    1882 laminated log cabins-    2115 laminated log cabins-    2348 laminated log cabins-    2581 laminated log cabins-    2814 laminated log cabins-    3047 laminated log cabins-    3280 laminated log cabins-    3513 laminated log cabins-    3746 laminated log cabins-    3979 laminated log cabins-    4212 laminated log cabins-    4445 laminated log cabins-    4678 laminated log cabins-    4911 laminated log cabins-    5144 laminated log cabins-    5377 laminated log cabins-    5610 laminated log cabins-    5843 laminated log cabins-    6076 laminated log cabins-    6309 laminated log cabins-    6542 laminated log cabins-    6775 laminated log cabins-    7008 laminated log cabins-    7241


More to Follow!!!