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We are always thinking outside the box!

Our iconic designs are meant to stir the imagination and show the public that glulam beams, glass and insulated timber frame can be as sexy as steel!

Our new home cinema pod is with out doubt challenging on so many levels.

My idea was to offer an amazing space that allows an individual to be surrounded in a frame that would firstly mesmerize, and secondly encase, but with out adding the feeling of claustrophobia, engineered glulam beams signify strength, and the glass allows outside in!

With over 7 billion people on this tiny planet, it is not often we are able to experience an emotion alone, and our New Galaxias Pod allows a sole individual to have an experience that we believe they will not want to share!

If you would like to know the spec of the Galaxias Pod and costing please contact a dealer today!


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