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Bespoke Park Home-Timber Frame-Highly Insulated-Homes

Log cabins, garden timber offices, 1-2-3 bay timber garages, outhouses, nurseries, timber frame buildings, schools classrooms, granny annex, work rooms, workshops, art studio, residential structures, residential park homes, are all available in bespoke, custom designs. Unlike 99% of other companies we do not just bespoke wall sizes, ridge heights, positions of windows and doors, we also custom design the window and door sizes, shapes, and integrity. If you are looking for a door that must have toughened glass, just ask, if you would like a door to be wheelchair friendly, no problem.

The reason Log Cabins LV is so dominant in the cabin, timber frame market place is partly to due with the fact that we have the best dealer network worldwide; also we are very choosy about who becomes an LV dealer. If you do not see our trade mark shield on the dealers website and each cabin image, then they are not selling our products, if a company claims to sell our products, but you can not see our logo, please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call. Too many companies are already trying to claim they are part of our dealer network and that the cabin’s they are selling are LV. Please email us if you are in doubt. Attached are a few images of our new to come Passive Park Homes, we feel Park homes are poorly manufactured and over priced, so we now offering the market a quality Park Home Timber Frame Home which is massively insulated, with quality over sized, under priced, graded C24 timber frame work, which will make the rest of the industry run for cover!!

With the best windows and doors in the business, your bespoke park home will be the best it can be!

quality bespoke timber frame park homes

bespoke park homes

Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 12 Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 23 Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 34 Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 45 Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 56, caring about price, quality and design!


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Timber Frame Panels- Fully Insulated Residential Cabins-Houses- by

When purchasing a timber frame-building-house, the most important part of the structure is the structural components of the frame work. Integrity of the framework and the quality of the timber with in it is so very, very important. Below are some photos taken of our amazing framework, as you will notice all the framework is CE-C24-KD-FSC graded timber. Please follow the links attached to view our amazing range, all built to our high standards.

We are able to offer a full turn key build solution. 

When you are looking for a quality cabin for  residential purposes we know that you will be overwhelmed ( in a good way) at how can help you from design, to price and to full instillation. Sadly !! Solid single skin log cabins are incredibly difficult to get through planing, if you are looking for a full residential usage then timber frame or glulam log cabins are the best way to go! Gone are the days of the cladded single skin 70mm log cabins, this is a very cheap way of insulating a log cabin, and not a long lasting one at that! A lot of companies still offer this neanderthal build type, which sadly is time wasting, a complete waste of money, and incredibly  inadequate . The Caravan act ( BS3632) is sadly lacking in all things (British), as it is not a build quality that we as a company would offer for a kennel! Things to beware of. Firstly, if a company is trying to sell you a residential cabin , and their method of selling is telling you to buy your residential cabin, and they advice you to buy the cabin under the BS 3632 which helps you evade vat, and structural calculations and!!!!  building regulations, this should start the alarm bells ringing immediately. At we truly believe the BS 3632 standard is designed only to put profit into the manufacturers pocket. This build standard is poor to say the least. We can offer a Structural Engineer, who can offer all  Calculations. We can offer the full turn key solution for your residential build.

insulated residential quality cabins

residential timber cabins

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