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Glulam Log Cabins

What is the forever-lasting log cabin? It’s a glulam log cabin manufactured by

Our Glulam log cabins are not just amazing, they are fabulous. And with out question the best on offer in the industry to date!

if you are thinking of buying a quality log cabin, top shelf stuff, then the only course of action is to decide from who and how much?

To decide on purchasing a log cabin made from glulam logs, you firstly need to find out if it is graded glulam timber, or just timber stuck together! ( otherwise known in the trade as finger jointed). Quality Glulam Timber  should start from C32 to C40 in grade..

The difference in price between rubbish and quality is minuscule, as the companies that claim to sell Glulam, just copy the prices, models, designs from those that actually do sell engineered graded glulam and hope for the best!

We are a certified mill; we manufacture high-end glulam logs, trusses, beams, bridges, etc. Our yearly turn over in volume of Graded Engineered Glulam is 31.000 Cubic Meters! This is done on one of the most sophisticated Glulam plants in this end of the world. We manufacture for the Swedish government public bridges from our Engineered Glulam.

We also sell to Japan, where earthquake areas need a flexible solution in housing. Engineered glulam is great for counteracting and dealing with aggressive ground tremors etc.

If you are looking for a pool house, hot tube cabin, swimming pool enclosures, or just a strong, durable garden office, fitted out as standard with residential windows and doors, that will take mother natures abuse for many years to come, then please speak to us.

Glulam Log Cabins are not just the future, they save timber resources.

Glulam Log cabins have a life span which far exceeds that of a normal solid log cabin.

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