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Timber Building 2016

Timber bUILDINGS NEW RANGE log Cabins LV

Timber Buildings- timber frames- sectional buildings-Dedicated to danny!!

You have looked at a Log Cabin and you just do not want that kind of look in your garden! You have been to your local shed manufacture and his products look cheap and nasty and are over priced.

So what do you do? You want a home office but the companies selling highly insulated timber frame units want from £15.000 to 25.000 and this is just so out of your price range! So what’s the answer? How do you get quality and not have to pay the earth for it! Simple, by purchasing a new Timber Frame Garden Building from our new range coming soon.

Our New Range of timber frame buildings will be highly insulated, we will be offering CE certified windows and doors, Trada compliant, and once again these amazing windows and doors will be offered to you any colour you choose. As a timber frame specialist, we understand about build quality, design and of course we understand about cost.

Log Cabins LV has over the years brought to market many, many different kinds of Timber Buildings, however we found that our framework which we use for domestic dwellings, houses etc was way too heavy and cumbersome to use for a garden buildings.

So we have gone back to the drawing board and come up with some new amazing designs that will be offered at low pricing, but still have quality stamped into the very heart of our new range. Please look out for our New Timber Frame Buildings for 2016!

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Lodge Camping Pods – Toilet- Kitchen- Bedroom and Lounge.

Lodge Camping Pods - Toilet- Kitchen- Bedroom and Lounge.  03 Lodge Camping Pods - Toilet- Kitchen- Bedroom and Lounge.  04 Lodge Camping Pods - Toilet- Kitchen- Bedroom and Lounge.  05 Lodge Camping Pods - Toilet- Kitchen- Bedroom and Lounge.  07 Lodge Camping Pods - Toilet- Kitchen- Bedroom and Lounge.  09 Lodge Camping Pods - Toilet- Kitchen- Bedroom and Lounge.  13 Lodge Camping Pods - Toilet- Kitchen- Bedroom and Lounge.  17

Camping Pods come in all shape and sizes, they also cost most of a time an Arm and a Leg!

And now we have these awful, flat packed camping pods for sale on the internet, which are in all honestly unfit for an outside toilet, never mind a public building. Flat pack pods need to be steered clear of at all times….. They are ghastly, over priced, rubbish!!!

If you are thinking of purchasing a camping pod and you are looking for quality of build, design and price then the sensible choice is Log Cabins LV.

There are many companies that copy our buildings, but a fake is a fake, and quality of fakes as we all know is inferior, and most of the times dangerous.


When manufacturing a camping pod there is so many different stages of construction that are essential for longevity and safety, and trust us when we say, we know them all.

We are the only manufacturer to have supplied the two largest camping pod parks in the world of over 100 camping pods per village, also we manufactured the timber frame toilets, shower blocks and drying rooms, and as a holiday village for children, we have had to take every eventuality into consideration where safety and quality of build are, were, concerned.


Once again, forgotten how many times I have written that, OK.. again, Once again here is our amazing, New Camping Pod, size 3 m high, 4 m deep and 7.2 m long!!!

It is not just the biggest camping pod in the Industry, we call it the Lodge-Pod, because this Pod is bigger than the Hulk and can withstand some serious beating, Mother Nature would need to drop a tornado on top of this amazing structure for it to have some difficulties. We have not just made this pod the biggest, we have made this pod the best.


4 Velux Double glazed Windows, CE certified.

I Large Single Door, fully double glazed Toughened, CE certified.

I Large Single Double glazed Window ( tilt and turn, micro opening) CE certified.

2 types of insulation. (It’s a secret, but these pods are good for minus 50!)

All timber FSC,

And many other amazing features which we will be happy to tell you about!


We manufacture the best camping pods on the market that is fact. We are foremost a house manufacturer and second camping pods! This means all our work force are skilled craftsmen, which then ply their many skills into transforming a camping pod structure which ever size, into a work of art. We as a company are very proud of our work force, our products and our brand!!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice….


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