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Camping Pods by Log Cabins LV 2017


Are you looking for a quality camping pods?

Have you been looking on the internet and the choice just baffle you?

camping-pods-2017-02 camping-pods-2017-03 camping-pods-2017-04 camping-pods-2017-05 camping-pods-2017-06 camping-pods-2017-07 camping-pods-2017-08 camping-pods-2017-09 camping-pods-2017-10 camping-pods-2017-11 camping-pods-2017-12 camping-pods-2017-13 camping-pods-2017-14 camping-pods-2017-15Are you looking for a camping pod that really is fit for purpose?

Log Cabins LV has been manufacturing and designing camping pods for more than 8 years, we have in this time designed many new versions of our iconic design, which as always have been copied by all but mastered by none.

What makes a great camping pod is the timber , glulam beams, high spec insulation, not forgetting  our very competent skilled craftsmen, who have been manufacturing pods for over 8 years.

Also the quality of the windows and doors, the quality fire proof roof tiles, but more than all of this, our pods are designed to be used by 100’s of people over the course of their use.

Our Camping Pods are not just rugged, they are spectacularly  strong, and this is why our pods are used solely for childrens activity centres. Where quality is a must.

If you are looking for a quality camping pod, and you really want to purchase a pod that is built by skilled house manufacturers, then please give us a call.

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Glamping Camping Pods- 360 View- From LV

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Our Camping Mega Pod, 4.0m x 7.2.0m is with out doubt the best of all camping, glamping pods on the market to date.

Our Camping pods are not just sturdy, handmade by professional house builders, fitted with high quality residential CE windows and doors, amazingly insulated, and our camping pods are just so much very more than the rest offered on the web.

The internal design has a staggering 2.8m high-vaulted ceiling; Velux Windows offer an abundance of light, but more than that, the exposed framework gives the pod a gothic, church feeling, mixed in with excitement, design and wonderment.

What we find is that when our new dealers first enter a mega pod, they really are left speechless, as it is quite an overwhelming structure.

If you really are looking for a quality camping pod, that will last the test of time, then LV camping pods are the way forward.

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Camping Pods LV 2017

Camping pods have changed very little over the years, they are still similar in shape, there are of course cheap mass produced ones now for sale on the super store bulk buy websites, and of course there are quality ones to be had.

However, if you surf the web, you will find that not a lot of the camping pods are actually fit for purpose.

I am sure there are a few people out there in super store land, who sell the cheap massed produced camping pods will utterly disagree with me, but to them all have to say is, stop raking in the absurd profits, and offer better for less!

Camping Pods should be manufactured to last, they should be highly insulated, and they should be portable.

Our unique quality designed camping pods are manufactured not just to last, they are built to offer the inhabitants 5 star comfort.

So if your looking for quality, Pods, think Log Cabins LV.



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camping pods

Camping Pods

Camping Pods 02

Over the years, we have seen our High Quality Camping Pods lead all other designs in Design, Quality and price. Log Cabins LV is the number one Camping Pod Manufacturer.

When purchasing a camping pod, you need to understand what to look for and how longevity and quality of build is so incredibly important.

Camping Pods 04

Too many of you out there with a small parcel of land are looking to earn an extra income, and believe that putting up anything (cheap pods) will do as long as the campers stay dry!

Camping Pods 05

This is so wrong, and incredibly stupid. Just because it is made of timber, it does not mean it is a camping pod and fit for tourism, and where you can risk the lives of the public for financial gain.

Camping Pods 06

Sadly we have had one death in the pod industry in the last 3 years, a couple were renting a camping pod on a campsite, the pod was not insulated correctly, and vented properly, they brought their BBQ grill into the pod, closed the door.

Camping Pods 07

Sadly this was done to warm up their rented camping pod, and consequently, horrifyingly, one of them died because of course the pod was not sufficiently vented and also was not fitted with a carbon monoxide monitor, and they both suffered carbon monoxide poisoning.

Camping Pods 08

Now, and I am not at all backing the manufacturer who manufactured this pod, but farmers, camping grounds, backpacking grounds far too often say, NO, to high insulation packages for camping pods just to save a few hundred pounds.


In addition, many campsites that have cheap pods fail to put up the correct signage, and regulations.

Camping Pods 09

Our loyal customer base that purchase our camping pods, do everything they can to offer a fantastic experience, always demanding that the pods be their best.


Camping Pods 10

Also most campsites that are owned by farmers, and who wish to boost their income in the summer months, seem not to want to purchase quality camping pods, but ones that will make do..

Camping Pods 11

Holiday parks that understand health and safety, also look after their customers ever wish, to purchase better quality pods, as they are looking for a return on their investment in 2 years and not 6 months.


Yes I know it’s horses for courses, but when cutting corners, one must remember there is a penalty to pay. Moreover, it is never a good idea to play with public safety.


This tragic accident- mistake has also happened in a tent, which just goes to show.

Camping Pods 12

There are dangers every where, so when offering accommodation to anyone, you need to make sure the accommodation is fit for purpose.

Also make sure that it is built to protect your customers, that warning signs, and a handbook are every where, and that the public know the do’s and don’ts immediately.

Camping Pods 13

Our camping pods are very much fit for purpose, we do not hurry production, we tailor-make each and every pod to our customers wishes, each and every pod that rolls off our assembly line is absolutely perfect.


We stand by our superb quality, which is why we give such a long guarantee on each and every part of our camping pods structure.


Our Pods are equipped with CE, BM Trada certified windows and doors, which are designed to last many, many seasons, regardless how forceful your customer base may be.

Camping Pods 14

The tiles are manufactured from composite of aluminum, which are fire proof and have a 40-year guarantee.


If you are interested in purchasing a camping pod that is fit for purpose, and will earn you many years of revenue, , please give us a call, or send us an email.


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camping pods

Camping Pods

Camping Pods

When the camping pods were first introduced to the public they were very simple structures.

When I say simple, I mean, they were built simply, with cheap windows and doors, and the construction was , well! a few 28mm T&G boards, and cheap simple tiles.

Then we introduced our amazing, professionally well built, side entrance camping pod, and we took the market over night.

The feedback, we received, was more orders,  we have not looked back since then.

Camping Pods 2So why are our camping pods, the best on the market? And why are our camping pods actually the cheapest?

LV camping Pods are the only camping pods that are fitted with quality CE approved hand made glulam wooden Trada Certified windows and doors! Painted to your choice of colour.

Camping Pods 3We are also the only pod manufacturer that actually manufactures pods that are true work horses, earning money in the season, and standing fast in the winter.

99% of our customers bespoke our camping pods to meet their park needs.

LV  Camping Pods can be fully winterized, and also are available with ensuite facilities.

All our exceptional  Pods are available in many different sizes, and configurations.

Our New 4m x 4.8m pod, which comes with toilet, shower sink (in a space you can swing a cat), and a full kitchen plus a bunk bed and bedroom which can take a queen size bed.

We believe in not just standing still , but designing new and exciting experiences for the family when they are on holiday.

If you are looking to furnish your park with outstanding buildings, that really are a cut above the rest, that last the test of time, that will stand up to Mr Publics abuse, please call us.

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Eco Perch Timber Frame Camping Units 2016

Camping pods 2016

Camping pods 2016- eco perch

Over the past few months, we have had many people asking us for timber frame buildings, and especially our curved shaped buildings.


So tonight, I thought I would give you a blast from the past and have a look at the eco perch camping unit we manufactured a while ago.


I would firstly like to say the guys that put their heart and soul into manufacturing and constructing this building were amazing, as even I was completely taken back with their carpentry skills and the quality of the finished product.

Sadly the company that bought this amazing structure from us did not listen in regard to the direction of the external Siberian Larch Cladding, I still say it should have been vertical. I hate join marks.


The Pod was one of the most challenging Timber frame buildings we have undertaken built to date, as the amount of measuring 4 times and cutting once meant this building took almost 3 months, plus steaming the external boarding, curving it, and making sure this building was perfect and exact.


As you can see its amazing, and that’s why we are always called upon to manufacture this kind of product.

All the timber is C24 KD CE certified, windows and doors and certified CE trada Graded, and the quality of the build is second to none!

camping pods

camping pods- glamping pods- glamping

eco perch log cabins lv 111112 eco perch log cabins lv 111113 eco perch log cabins lv 111114 eco perch log cabins lv 111115 eco perch log cabins lv 111116 eco perch log cabins lv 111117 eco perch log cabins lv 111118 eco perch log cabins lv 111119 eco perch log cabins lv 111120 eco perch log cabins lv 111121 eco perch log cabins lv 111122 eco perch log cabins lv 111123 eco perch log cabins lv 111124 eco perch log cabins lv 111125 eco perch log cabins lv 111126 eco perch log cabins lv 111127 eco perch log cabins lv 111128 eco perch log cabins lv 111129 eco perch log cabins lv 111130 eco perch log cabins lv 111131 eco perch log cabins lv 111132 eco perch log cabins lv 111133 eco perch log cabins lv 111134 eco perch log cabins lv 111135 eco perch log cabins lv 111136 eco perch log cabins lv 111138 eco perch log cabins lv 111139


If you want a quality building, manufactured by the best, and at a cost that really makes sense, then please give us a call.


Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Timber Building 2016

Timber bUILDINGS NEW RANGE log Cabins LV

Timber Buildings- timber frames- sectional buildings-Dedicated to danny!!

You have looked at a Log Cabin and you just do not want that kind of look in your garden! You have been to your local shed manufacture and his products look cheap and nasty and are over priced.

So what do you do? You want a home office but the companies selling highly insulated timber frame units want from £15.000 to 25.000 and this is just so out of your price range! So what’s the answer? How do you get quality and not have to pay the earth for it! Simple, by purchasing a new Timber Frame Garden Building from our new range coming soon.

Our New Range of timber frame buildings will be highly insulated, we will be offering CE certified windows and doors, Trada compliant, and once again these amazing windows and doors will be offered to you any colour you choose. As a timber frame specialist, we understand about build quality, design and of course we understand about cost.

Log Cabins LV has over the years brought to market many, many different kinds of Timber Buildings, however we found that our framework which we use for domestic dwellings, houses etc was way too heavy and cumbersome to use for a garden buildings.

So we have gone back to the drawing board and come up with some new amazing designs that will be offered at low pricing, but still have quality stamped into the very heart of our new range. Please look out for our New Timber Frame Buildings for 2016!

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Happy New Year 2016 Log Cabins LV

Happy New Year Everyone…….



Hi every one, and welcome back to my blog, yes it’s been a few weeks, but even I need a rest!

OK, I am going to start off this years Blog with a moan.

I receive so many spam emails from too many companies selling log cabins.

Now that’s not all bad, but! when they start calling themselves Nordic this and nordic that, you must ask yourself this question, why?

The company in question is based here in Lithuania, and their factories are here in the Baltics.

Now we all know that Nordic means, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, Norden areas!

It does not mean Lithuania, Latvia, or f–king Spain.

So why does a company based in Lithuania proclaim they are from a Nordic Country!

Easy, to fool the customer into thinking they are from Scandinavia, which is supposed to mean better this and better that! A lie! Actually I am disgusted.

My company is very proud to be working here in the Baltics, I am proud of our workforce and I am proud with what we have achieved here. And I in no way would ever try and palm myself off, or my company as a Nordic Company!

So to those that are ashamed of the Baltics, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, all I can say is…—–k  off to those nordic areas you are so proudly proclaiming you are from and don’t come back!! Your a disgrace to this region!


Also stop trying to lie to the British Public! I am one and I don’t like it,

ALSO it’s called false representation and is illegal!




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The Mega Lodge Camping Pod

The Mega Lodge Camping Pod

The Mega Lodge Camping Pod

If you are looking for a high quality camping pod, then there is only really one company to speak to, LV!

Our Camping Pods, are not just the most innovated on the market, they are with out doubt the most outstanding manufactured Pods ever to grace the market!

Our designs are practical, functional, spacious, insulated and graded.

We are the number 1 in the world for manufacturing Pods and we are very proud of that!

Our claim to fame is that we have provided more than 100 pods to M Adventure to their Scottish Children’s Adventure Park, And another 100 Pods to their French Holiday Park.

Over the last 7 years we have produced more than 1000 Camping Pods.

What we have found over the last 7 years is that only very professional camping grounds- holiday parks- fisheries etc want to offer their customers quality buildings that offer high levels of comfort, competitive pricing, but more than that, they are looking for a manufacturing company that truly understands timber frame, structural engineering, and customer service.

Our Mega Camping Pod is the largest Camping Pod in the market to date.


Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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New Deluxe Standard DF Log Cabins Range for 2016

New Deluxe Standard DF Log Cabins Range for 2016

New Deluxe Standard DF Log Cabins Range for 2016

Yesterday we were very pleased to meet up with our two partners from the UK, who combined have over 30 show sites in the north and south of the UK.


The show around day consisted of product knowledge and a show around our new spray booths, windows and door lines, and fabrication.


The visit was to highlight our new and improved Deluxe DF Standard Range, and to show our dealers, and their sales guy’s the quality of the new residential windows and doors which adorn this amazing range now. We would like to thank them all for coming over, and also for their support in offering to the public the best standard range of cabins ever to come to the market!


Some people find it hard to understand the term, Deluxe Standard, as they seem to work against one another, but actually, it makes perfect sense.


Unlike all other manufacturers, we offer these Deluxe Cabins with all their goodies attached at one standard price, there is no up sale here. We offer 20mm Roof boards. 28mm flooring, we offer Residential Double glazed Tilt and Turn CE-Trada Approved windows and doors. That is a whole mouth full of extras, and yet the pricing is hundreds, if not thousands of pounds lower than anyone else on the market.


We even spray paint the windows to your choice of colour!


There are companies out there that are just so greedy, that our pricing is almost 1/3 less, which just goes to show, how greedy the Germans and Dutch tend to be!


I must laugh actually as we are Log Cabins LV, yet we are run and owned by a British Family, who have set the standards of the production from day one, which is why the ethos of the company is quality, design, price.

Greed was left out from the beginning. (Brits play fair)..


If you are a dealer looking for a new supplier, we are always ready to listen, however we vet all new comers, we want timber trained sales people to join us, preferably family businesses, also shed manufacturers that have been manufacturing for more than 10 years. We want only the best. And we do not take on people who have a history of bankruptcy.


OK on to another subject..


Yesterday we received a offer from another manufacturer on a Spam email client Mail chimps, what surprised us was 2 things, firstly, if they can not spell, or be bothered to use spell check. So? How can you trust this company to count how many parts fit in a packed building?

Secondly, they are offering camping pods, that do not have any form of CE certified doors or windows, or even trickle vents, which as we all know can lead to deaths sadly.


To those manufacturers that want to offer accommodation to the public, beware! In the UK you can be tried for manslaughter if a building you claim is fit for human dwelling turns out not to be and a death occurs!

Moreover, these entire log manufactured shaped pods, made of interlocking T&G timber are not fit for camping sites, or overnight dwellings. They are extremely dangerous and way over priced.


That’s my rant finished. I just get so angry when I see these companies fooling the public and offering absolute s–t, for a sovereign! Makes my blood boil! Log Cabins and camping pods are heavy structures and must be manufactured with care and precision.

If you have any questions about this or any other blog, please do not hesitate to send us a e-mail.


Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins LV The One Stop Shop!

Log Cabins LV

Log Cabins LV the one stop shop for all things timber .
Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   05 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   12 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   14 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   15 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   16 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   17 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   18 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   02 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   03 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   04 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   06 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   07 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   11 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   13

Log Cabins LV is without doubt the leading company now for quality log cabins in the UK!

Our new Range of Deluxe Log Cabins are not just amazing quality, they are the only Log Cabins in the UK that are actually priced fairly.

Log Cabins LV stands for Dynamic, Quality, Design and Pricing.

We are always looking to better our product, and offer the best quality as standard.

Our CEO dislikes upgrades, he believes that everything should be as good as it can be, without having to pay extra.

If you look on the 99.9% of Log Cabin Websites you will notice that if you want to improve the quality of your log cabin just say better windows and doors this is an up grade from most companies, what does this tell you about the company? It tells you that they have stripped the cabin of any kind of quality level and if you want quality, then pay! If not you get the bare bones.


When looking through the Internet, you will be spoiled for choice, there are so many companies offering what seems to be like amazing deals’, but most amazing deals turn out to be Not So Amazing when the products are up and ready to use.


What ever we offer is the best it can be for the price range it sits in. Obviously we can not offer amazing windows and doors cheaper than a it costs us to manufacture them, but what we do is look at costs very carefully and try our hardest to get you the best of the best for the lowest price possible.


Take for instance our Camping Pods, we are the only company to manufacture quality pods that can be used for large scale holiday parks, or adventure holiday centers.

Our ability to manufacture camping pods that are able to take years and years of abuse by thousands of children is very much the test bed of success! And with over 100 Pods in the parks and we have not had one door fail, or Pod leak, this is a tap on the back for us as we believe in our quality, and so do our loyal customers.


12% of our sales are from referrals from customers to their friends, and this percentage rises yearly.


We are the only Company in this business that is able to manufacture certified trusses, Glulam Log Cabins, Bespoke Log Cabins, Hand Made Norwegian Log Cabins, Timber Frame-Passive- Non Passive Dwelling Homes, Office and timber frame bespoke structures, CE windows and doors, High Quality Camping Pods and so much more, we are not a typical box standard, Log Cabin Manufacturer.


All our different departments thrive at in their area of expertise

In a nutshell we are a one stop shop, that offers quality, price and customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for quality, sensible pricing, and people who really understand what a timber structure should be, and the quality level you would expect, please send us an email and we will have one of our nearest professional dealers contact you.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Camping Glamping Pods 2016

Quality Camping Pods LV  09 Quality Camping Pods LV  10 Quality Camping Pods LV  11 Quality Camping Pods LV  12 Quality Camping Pods LV  13 Quality Camping Pods LV  14 Quality Camping Pods LV  15 Quality Camping Pods LV  16 Quality Camping Pods LV  02 Quality Camping Pods LV  03 Quality Camping Pods LV  05 Quality Camping Pods LV  06 Quality Camping Pods LV  07 Quality Camping Pods LV  08

There is only one company that manufactures quality camping pods at realistic prices.

Over the years, our camping pods have been the choice of the serious camping parks and holiday parks, which are looking for a serious manufacturer who understands quality; longevity, quick production, but most of all understand the need for sensible pricing.

If you look at our New Camping Pod Lodge, you will notice the vast size of this unique building. This is a Timber Frame Highly Insulated Camping Pod.As a manufacturer, we pride ourselves with producing quality products.Our New range of Deluxe Log Cabins are now the most sought after range of Log Cabins in the UK, topping excellence in every aspect which includes unique designs, and absolutely slaying the bulk manufactures in obviously quality, pricing and customer care!If you are looking for the best camping Pods in the World, then we are the manufacture to speak to only!

LogCabins LV

The Sensible Choice every Time!

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Glamping Camping Mega Pods UK Manufacturer

Glamping Camping Pods UK  03 Glamping Camping Pods UK  07 Glamping Camping Pods UK  13 Glamping Camping Pods UK  15 Glamping Camping Pods UK  02 Glamping Camping Pods UK  05 Glamping Camping Pods UK  06 Glamping Camping Pods UK  12 Glamping Camping Pods UK  14 Glamping Camping Pods UK  16 Glamping Camping Pods UK  17

There are so many camping pods on the market that are seriously not fit for purpose, then there are camping pods that have become more than glamping, camping, more like a 3 star hotel room, and cost more than a brand new family saloon car.

And then there is the Mega Deluxe Camping, Glamping Pod by Log cabins LV.

Our New and Amazing Mega Camping, Glamping Pod is not just built to the highest specification of any camping, glamping Pod ever manufactured, it is the largest, and most durable, insulated, well designed fully compact camping pod in the industry.

We are the only manufacturer who are certified to manufacture CE quality windows and doors, we are the only manufacturer that are certified to manufacture roof trussing and we are the only manufacture who is certified to manufacturer housing fit for the Norwegian market to TAK 15.( Which is Higher than UK regulations).

Our Camping Pods are not just insulated they are super insulated, with quality CE certified Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Windows and Toughened Double Dlazed Doors/Door, also with the 4 Double Glazed Velux Windows, this camping pod is truly a space that has copious amounts of natural light internally. Cutting costs, but also allowing your guests to feel the natural all around.

Log Cabins LV is known for design and quality and we have taken our time in designing for the market a camping pod that is just so much more, TRULY THE MARKET LEADER.

Our Camping Glamping Pod is the tallest in the industry bragging and internal height of more than 2.8 m, yes 2.8 meters, no more feeling claustrophobic; our design is zero claustrophobic, and with a floor area of 28.8 meters when you enter, there is no sense of being a sardine in a tin!

We also pride ourselves on the build quality of all our timber buildings, however our camping pods are not a cut above the rest, they are superior, and this is why our camping pods are the most sought after in the industry.

From graded Glulam beams, to certified CE windows and doors, our glamping camping pods set the standards others cannot match. In addition, our pricing is amazing.

If you are looking for a camping Pod that can easily sleep 4, easily, and that offers a fully functionally bathroom, Kitchen, A secluded Double Bedroom Area, and the living room area is large enough to accommodate a table with 4 chairs, and a pull out sofa bed. This is the only camping pod that really does have leg room.

Our Mega Camping Pod comes full wired out, with Internet, electric, phone and coax cables wired through out to your requirements.

One Camping Glamping Pod comes on one Arctic Truck, easy to assemble, unlike other ‘Small, Mega Pods on the Market, Ours do not need special licenses for moving on public roads.

If you are thinking purchasing a Camping Glamping Pod there is only one choice.

Log Cabins LV

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Camping Pods Stoneleigh Park 2015

Glamping-Camping Pods

camping pods- glamping pods-glamping uk

Hi everyone, and apologizes for not doing or adding to my blog for a few days.

So what’s to talk about today? Log Cabins? Nop! Residential Buildings, Nop!

I think today I will talk about the Glamping Show, which was on last Weekend in Coventry.

Yep, I made the arduous and to be honest damn-right dangerous trip from Lithuania to my home land the UK… WOW! That island is full up and bursting at the seams!

OK…no politics here!


Let talk about the reason for my trip into the heartland of Queen and Country!


The Glamping Show in Stoneleigh Park was quite good , for its first year, I would say the turn out was very good. It was well laid out, and there were many different companies selling their products, not all glamping related, but mostly!


On arrival I must be honest and say I was spoilt for the choice of hot dogs, or good old fashioned English Pork and apple sauce in a bun, OK.. I pigged out a little!


So the LV troop, consisting of Keith and his amazing Family, all glamping, camping, Pod enthusiasts, and great sales team, and a few other undercover LV operatives descended into the Glamping show…


First Company we came on, I kept my mouth firmly closed, I am known for saying how it is, and if someone lies to my face, I have this tendency to call them a liar there and then!

Pod Company One, that’s what we will call them…


OK.. the sales man was very enthusiastic, he was what you would say, full of shit!

He lied about his product from the beginning of the conversation of Hi, to the end to Bye!

I am not very good at being force fed horseshit, but I kept my tongue firmly inside my mouth and just listened.


We were told that a Pine in 44mm timber from Siberia was enough to keep you snug and warm, because it was from Siberia! Imagine, it has nothing to do with the thickness of the timber to get high U values, it was because the timber had been felled in Siberia, also it was his best mate in the northernmost part of Russia that supplied him direct! Blar, blar, blar!


Then we must talk about Insulation, OH!! his pods were the best of the best, there was nothing on the market even close to his product, sadly his product was cheap and nasty, and made by a blind guy and his 2 legged dog in a desert!


Ok insulation, he was offering 19mm boards on the walls, with 50mm rockwool, then another 19mm and then tiles!

The windows and doors were not CE approved and we actually offer better with our Garden log cabins.

LOL…. sorry got to laugh, and his price tag for this amazing pod, was £6000 plus vat! Oh! plus transport! OH. plus plus plus… It came to a ludicrous price and was in all honesty not fit for purpose!


I will not mention the flat pack Pod, as it is a joke, and seriously cannot be a contender for Public Campsites.


In addition, there were Camping Pods in Kit Form, that went up and you could take them down, actually they were ####### Stupid and a waste of money! Single skinned and had light gaps between all the parts….


Then We came across, Camping Pod 2 manufacturer..


Now I was very, very impressed, and for me to offer that kind of entering statement I must have seen something of quality, as this pod was quality.

The internal part was great, the cladding was great, the roof had been manufactured solely in Larch, which seriously is not the best of ideas, but he will get a few claims and stop that as quickly as he started, but over all, amazing quality.


I introduced myself, LV baby, and we had a great chat, his company manufacturers garden offices, obviously not doing too well, and with his prices beyond the moon for the pods, he won’t last long!! (got to be competitive)..


Why is it that in the UK a 2.49m x 4.0m Pod manufactured in the UK costs to trade over £6.500, that’s just greedy, I mean seriously that’s ####### greedy!

Trade prices for a camping pod that is a front entrance (we call the cave) should cost no more than 4500 Euros. This for orders of over 10 pods.


Next Camping Pod 3 manufacturer.


OK.. Once again amazing. And I mean it was seriously ####### amazing. The quality of this camping pod was top notch! And that was it’s fault, it was too good.

The Camping Pod was manufactured from plastic, ply and all things that last an eternity. And the asking price for it started at £25.000, plus vat , plus transport.

As I said the quality was amazing, I could not fault anything, apart from the vanity top, that looked like a kitchen top had been used, however, the shower, the windows and doors, the toilet, etc was great, but at £25.000, plus vat , plus transport it should be!


Glamping, Camping should be a mixture of the great outdoors, warmth, security and using materials that blend into the forest, or fields, mountains, streams, lakes etc, it’s not supposed to be a motel room feeling! It’s Camping…

Also to get a return on a unit that costs 25.000, would take a few years! By then, they are old and used!

The happy medium is Camping Pods by LV.


So what are my over thoughts on the show, well to be honest there were companies there that really tried to offer the public a quality building. But I seriously doubt any of them will be around in years to come, their pricing is too high and speaking honestly, their manufacturing ability to offer the market quantities of their products is limited.


One reason we are always picked over the rest is that our quality is top notch, our pricing is way below that of any other manufacturer and our ability to manufacture over 200 pods a year puts us to number one in the industry.


We have manufactured the most expensive Five Star pods costing a whooping 175.000 Euros, to the largest camping pod parks of over 100 camping pods per park designed for children. We are actually the most successful mass manufacture of Camping Pods in the industry!!

OK… enough about us, what about you?? How can we help you???


Please visit our Web site..Click Here..


Camping Pods LV 2015

While browsing the internet looking for quality camping pods, I have noticed that there are only two or three companies out there in the manufacturing world able to actually produce a quality camping pod fit for the public use..

Sadly all there seems to be is a mass of shed like structures that try and resemble our unique design, and they fall short in so many areas. I intend to list these so you can actually see what I see.

Firstly, what bright spark came up with the idea of only coating the roof with just timber? If timber were the ideal product for roof covering, then why is it there are no dwelling houses up and down your street with timber roofs? I am not talking about cedar shingles, which in all honesty are aesthetically pleasing, but useless for long-term use, I am speaking about planks, 28mm planks? T&G 28mm planks, that are actually useless.

So keep away from Camping Pods, which have just sawn plank roofs, they leak, twist, crack and split, and for long-term use, useless and a waste of money!


Next, camping pods that have a wall thickness of 28mm, or 44mm, these are not camping pods, they are barrels /sheds, made for children to play in, and that’s it, no more no less! They do not come with CE approved windows and doors, they come with cheap garden type, which are not fit for or can be used for tourism (safety first).


Also cheap camping pods do not come with toughened glass or are designed to be roughly treated, these are the perfect example of blame and claim! Plus these kind of cheap camping pods have little or no insulation properties.

So if you are thinking of throwing your money away, then this is the way to go!


Camping Pods from log cabins LV are not just the best camping pods on the market they are also the most versatile.


We are the only company in the camping pod market to offer complete parks; we are able to offer staff timber frame accommodation which will conform to building regs, drying rooms, toilet and shower buildings, and staff pods.


We are very proud to have been picked to supply Manor a Adventure Children’s Adventure Holiday company with the largest two parks in existence with over 100 pods per park, we feel that if you can trust a company to deliver quality, in bulk numbers it must be us!


So why are our camping pods so versatile.


Cheap camping pods are built very rudimental.


A lot of cheap camping pods look great from the outside, aesthetics being the number one point of sale for these kind of camping pods, but all that sparkles is not gold, and if you know what to look for, you will notice that they are built poorly, and are built to maximize profits also very little consideration is given to longevity or strength.


Our Camping Pods are not just amazing to look at, they are amazing to the core of there graded, KD C24 FSC timber frame shell.


Our double glazed windows and doors are not just fantastic, with built in micro openings, and tilt and turn quality hardware, also the CE approved double glazed toughened glass door, or the Northern Siberian Larch, and the glulam bulks, or the steel tiled roof which is guaranteed for 40+ years, or the way we are able to join pods together, I could go on and no, Camping Pods by LV are the best in the business, and they are the only Camping Pods that make sense when you compare like for like and price for price.

Do not settle for less!

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Log Cabins – Timber Buildings UK

Log Cabins LV has for over 15 years been producing various kinds of timber buildings, log cabins, glulam log cabins, bespoke timber frame and log and so much more, with confidence in our quality, designs and of course our competitive pricing.

We only use first class lumber which we source from all over the northern hemisphere, Spruce, Pine, Siberian Larch all of which is FSC, and from government controlled stocks, all our timber is CE stamped.

As a company we are in control of the whole process, from log felling, machining the logs, to the drying process and then to the manufacturing (molding) of the planks into quality logs for your garden log cabin.

Because we are involved with the full process of each log cabin, we can quite happily guarantee a superior quality of service and quality of product!

We are also able to offer a full-bespoke service; we always at Log Cabins LV listen to the customers needs and make sure we deliver the cabin of your dreams!

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logcabin-timber building

Unlike any other Log Cabin companies, we manufacturer quality Log cabin type windows and doors, 24mm glass packages from 44mm upwards.

We are able to offer with cabins with a wall thickness 70mm and above Residential triple glazed and quadruple Glazed windows and doors. Our residential windows and doors are CE approved, and are manufactured on a new CNC Weinig window and doors line.


Our Superb Insulated Timber Frame Garden Buildings, can all be pre painted, and are 99.9% complete on delivery.


We are able to offer the following in sizes in Logs.


28mm, 34mm, 44mm, 58mm, 70mm, 90mm, 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 200mm, 240mm, 280mm, and 320mm.


Please call or email for more information.

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We are proud to announce that is now open for business.

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Log Cabins LV The largest Camping Pod manufacturer in the World!

Log Cabins LV the largest camping pod manufacturers

Camping Pods UK


Above is the largest Camping Pods Park-Village in the world!


Are you looking to start a holiday camp?

Have you been trawling the web looking for quality camping pods? Are you looking also for toilets and shower blocks? Are you looking for a complete package?

Are you finding that all camping pods are either flimsy 45mm awful looking pods, or some crazy design that really is not fit for commercial usage?

Or are you finding them stupidly expensive and their quality level low!!

Are you looking for a manufacture that really can deliver and knows how to manufacture a camping pod to the highest of all standards?

And our standards and quality of build is higher than any other manufacture!

Our quality is so high, and prices so low, and because of this we are always picked as the main supplier to all major holiday parks in Europe! in association with are now the only camping pod supplier in Europe with a Holiday Park of more than 60 pods!

Making us the largest Camping Pod park manufacturer in the world.

Are you looking for a fully insulated pod with double glazed windows and toughened glass double glazed doors, and are you looking for a Pod that keeps your customers safe?

And are you looking for a camping pod that really does keep its value, keeps out the rain, and is built by skilled carpenters!

Are you looking to customize you pod internally or externally? If so we can offer full bespoke service.

LogCabins.LV manufacturers residential homes, so for us to manufacture a timber frame quality fully insulated camping pod well! it comes quite easy!

Our camping pods are known in the industry for longevity and quality at prices that will knock you over!!!

So do not settle for less!! If you are looking for a quality camping pod, then give us a call.

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Camping Pods

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If you are looking for a quality camping site that boasts the best camping pods in the UK then St Ives, then St Ives Bay Holiday Park has not just bespoke camping pods, their camping pods are unique to all other camping pods on sale in the UK.

Our Camping Pods, be they from our standard range or bespoke to our customers design and needs.

Log Cabins LV manufactures not just the most amazing log cabins; we also make the best camping pods on the market.

Our Camping Pods, are manufactured by skilled craftsman, we only use FSE timber, CE, C24, outside cladding Northern Siberian Larch, hand made quality double glazed windows and doors, craftsmanship that is beyond reproach.

We find that many up market camping sites come to us as they are looking for exceptional quality, and above all else sensible pricing.

There are many Pod manufactures in the UK- Europe, however we are the only manufacture to actually build complete villages, with timber frame fully insulated shower blocks, Drying Rooms, Staff rooms etc.

If you are looking to purchase a quality camping pod, then please give us a call.

Do not settle for less!

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