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Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod 2017

Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod 07

The LV Log Cabins Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod

Who manufactures a modular timber frame highly insulated building that is either a garden office, granny flat, kids romp room, a rental, 5 star holiday accommodation, a unique camping unit, a Glamping pod.

Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod 23

Which can be moved at a blink of the eye, is distinctive in every way and as always has a price that is extremely competitive ,YEP! It’s obviously a Log cabins LV design!

Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod 33

Welcome to our new for 2017 modular highly insulated, timber frame modular building, which can be used all year round, and is extremely energy efficient.

Our Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod is only available from Log Cabins LV certified dealers.

Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod 10

It is a contemporary garden studio, a garden office, a garden sewing room, a very deluxe camping snug, 5 star retro hotel room, a mans cave, woman retreat, band room, actually it’s everything, and so very, very much more, and unlike 99.9% of other companies that offer timber frame buildings, we deliver this amazing new design in modules that can be fitted together in minutes and water tight that day!

Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod 49

Our Modular (1) design is under 2.5 meters (8′ 2”) high and can be placed as close as you want to a boundary fence, wall, without planning permission, and as 3 sections only have a footprint of 28.8 sq meters, it does not require planning at all. (Please speak to our certified LV professional agents regarding any planning concern you may have).

Our Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod is only available from Log Cabins LV certified dealers.

Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod 53

Modular (1)

Size, 2.4m x 4m or 2.4m x 6m

Height 2.4.8m


Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod 27


Pine flooring, laminate flooring, hard wood flooring, carpets, etc, (please ask our dealers for advice and prices) 95mm framework with 100 mm insulation, 10mm impregnated plywood. 80mm x 220 impregnated glulam Siberian Larch strength ring base beam, inserted into the ring beam bearer galvanised steel forklift sleeves for easy immovability. Absolutely built to last.

Our Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod is only available from Log Cabins LV certified dealers.


Gypsum plates, 6mm chipboard, 70mm framework with 70mm insulation, 6mm gap, wrapped in TLX silver, 6mm gap:

  1. Larch panel oiled for the front and back walls,
  2. Tyvec membrane, lathing and metal tiles for the sidewalls.



Gypsum plates, 6mm chipboard, 95mm framework with 100mm insulation, 6mm gap, TLX silver, 6mm gap, 12mm chipboard, bitumen or EPDM membrane.


If you would like us to offer you a specification that meets full building regs, and full structural calculations, please do not hesitate to ask.

Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod 30


As you will see, these amazing pods come in many different computations and are unique to Log Cabins LV and its certified dealer network Europe.Our Modular Timber Frame Lodge Pod is only available from Log Cabins LV certified dealers.

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camping pods

Camping Pods by Log Cabins LV 2017


Are you looking for a quality camping pods?

Have you been looking on the internet and the choice just baffle you?

camping-pods-2017-02 camping-pods-2017-03 camping-pods-2017-04 camping-pods-2017-05 camping-pods-2017-06 camping-pods-2017-07 camping-pods-2017-08 camping-pods-2017-09 camping-pods-2017-10 camping-pods-2017-11 camping-pods-2017-12 camping-pods-2017-13 camping-pods-2017-14 camping-pods-2017-15Are you looking for a camping pod that really is fit for purpose?

Log Cabins LV has been manufacturing and designing camping pods for more than 8 years, we have in this time designed many new versions of our iconic design, which as always have been copied by all but mastered by none.

What makes a great camping pod is the timber , glulam beams, high spec insulation, not forgetting  our very competent skilled craftsmen, who have been manufacturing pods for over 8 years.

Also the quality of the windows and doors, the quality fire proof roof tiles, but more than all of this, our pods are designed to be used by 100’s of people over the course of their use.

Our Camping Pods are not just rugged, they are spectacularly  strong, and this is why our pods are used solely for childrens activity centres. Where quality is a must.

If you are looking for a quality camping pod, and you really want to purchase a pod that is built by skilled house manufacturers, then please give us a call.

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Timber Building 2016

Timber bUILDINGS NEW RANGE log Cabins LV

Timber Buildings- timber frames- sectional buildings-Dedicated to danny!!

You have looked at a Log Cabin and you just do not want that kind of look in your garden! You have been to your local shed manufacture and his products look cheap and nasty and are over priced.

So what do you do? You want a home office but the companies selling highly insulated timber frame units want from £15.000 to 25.000 and this is just so out of your price range! So what’s the answer? How do you get quality and not have to pay the earth for it! Simple, by purchasing a new Timber Frame Garden Building from our new range coming soon.

Our New Range of timber frame buildings will be highly insulated, we will be offering CE certified windows and doors, Trada compliant, and once again these amazing windows and doors will be offered to you any colour you choose. As a timber frame specialist, we understand about build quality, design and of course we understand about cost.

Log Cabins LV has over the years brought to market many, many different kinds of Timber Buildings, however we found that our framework which we use for domestic dwellings, houses etc was way too heavy and cumbersome to use for a garden buildings.

So we have gone back to the drawing board and come up with some new amazing designs that will be offered at low pricing, but still have quality stamped into the very heart of our new range. Please look out for our New Timber Frame Buildings for 2016!

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Camping Pods LV 2015

While browsing the internet looking for quality camping pods, I have noticed that there are only two or three companies out there in the manufacturing world able to actually produce a quality camping pod fit for the public use..

Sadly all there seems to be is a mass of shed like structures that try and resemble our unique design, and they fall short in so many areas. I intend to list these so you can actually see what I see.

Firstly, what bright spark came up with the idea of only coating the roof with just timber? If timber were the ideal product for roof covering, then why is it there are no dwelling houses up and down your street with timber roofs? I am not talking about cedar shingles, which in all honesty are aesthetically pleasing, but useless for long-term use, I am speaking about planks, 28mm planks? T&G 28mm planks, that are actually useless.

So keep away from Camping Pods, which have just sawn plank roofs, they leak, twist, crack and split, and for long-term use, useless and a waste of money!


Next, camping pods that have a wall thickness of 28mm, or 44mm, these are not camping pods, they are barrels /sheds, made for children to play in, and that’s it, no more no less! They do not come with CE approved windows and doors, they come with cheap garden type, which are not fit for or can be used for tourism (safety first).


Also cheap camping pods do not come with toughened glass or are designed to be roughly treated, these are the perfect example of blame and claim! Plus these kind of cheap camping pods have little or no insulation properties.

So if you are thinking of throwing your money away, then this is the way to go!


Camping Pods from log cabins LV are not just the best camping pods on the market they are also the most versatile.


We are the only company in the camping pod market to offer complete parks; we are able to offer staff timber frame accommodation which will conform to building regs, drying rooms, toilet and shower buildings, and staff pods.


We are very proud to have been picked to supply Manor a Adventure Children’s Adventure Holiday company with the largest two parks in existence with over 100 pods per park, we feel that if you can trust a company to deliver quality, in bulk numbers it must be us!


So why are our camping pods so versatile.


Cheap camping pods are built very rudimental.


A lot of cheap camping pods look great from the outside, aesthetics being the number one point of sale for these kind of camping pods, but all that sparkles is not gold, and if you know what to look for, you will notice that they are built poorly, and are built to maximize profits also very little consideration is given to longevity or strength.


Our Camping Pods are not just amazing to look at, they are amazing to the core of there graded, KD C24 FSC timber frame shell.


Our double glazed windows and doors are not just fantastic, with built in micro openings, and tilt and turn quality hardware, also the CE approved double glazed toughened glass door, or the Northern Siberian Larch, and the glulam bulks, or the steel tiled roof which is guaranteed for 40+ years, or the way we are able to join pods together, I could go on and no, Camping Pods by LV are the best in the business, and they are the only Camping Pods that make sense when you compare like for like and price for price.

Do not settle for less!

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We are proud to announce that is now open for business.

camping pods for sale uk

camping pods for sale uk, germany, europe, france

Log Cabins LV The largest Camping Pod manufacturer in the World!

Log Cabins LV the largest camping pod manufacturers

Camping Pods UK


Above is the largest Camping Pods Park-Village in the world!


Are you looking to start a holiday camp?

Have you been trawling the web looking for quality camping pods? Are you looking also for toilets and shower blocks? Are you looking for a complete package?

Are you finding that all camping pods are either flimsy 45mm awful looking pods, or some crazy design that really is not fit for commercial usage?

Or are you finding them stupidly expensive and their quality level low!!

Are you looking for a manufacture that really can deliver and knows how to manufacture a camping pod to the highest of all standards?

And our standards and quality of build is higher than any other manufacture!

Our quality is so high, and prices so low, and because of this we are always picked as the main supplier to all major holiday parks in Europe! in association with are now the only camping pod supplier in Europe with a Holiday Park of more than 60 pods!

Making us the largest Camping Pod park manufacturer in the world.

Are you looking for a fully insulated pod with double glazed windows and toughened glass double glazed doors, and are you looking for a Pod that keeps your customers safe?

And are you looking for a camping pod that really does keep its value, keeps out the rain, and is built by skilled carpenters!

Are you looking to customize you pod internally or externally? If so we can offer full bespoke service.

LogCabins.LV manufacturers residential homes, so for us to manufacture a timber frame quality fully insulated camping pod well! it comes quite easy!

Our camping pods are known in the industry for longevity and quality at prices that will knock you over!!!

So do not settle for less!! If you are looking for a quality camping pod, then give us a call.

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quality twin skin log cabins by

Building a log Cabin!

Skinners-Sheds in Sussex have just sent us these amazing photos to show all you people out there, how well they erect cabins and not just small 5m x 3m 34mm cabins.

Its takes skill and a great building team to tackle a twin skin residential. Skinners-Sheds knows how to do it with ease!

If you are looking for a quality cabin, then please send us an email or please fill out the form on find a dealer page!


logcabins lv

log cabins lv

twinskin cabin

twinskin log cabins

pine boards for log cabin internal roof

quality internal log cabin roof

twinskin logcabins

buildings a twin skin log cabins

Log Cabins  068 Log Cabins  072 Log Cabins  076 Log Cabins  080 Log Cabins  084 Log Cabins  088 Log Cabins  092 Log Cabins  096

Log Cabins  328 Log Cabins  332 Log Cabins  336 Log Cabins  340 Log Cabins  344 Log Cabins  348 Log Cabins  352 Log Cabins  364


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Camping Pods by




Log Cabins LV is now offering custom made camping pods to fit all budgets, and all needs. Our camping pods are not just the best on the market they are the only camping units, glamping pods built by professional builders, We use our skills, and modernised machinery to manufacture quality camping pods. we are the only company that actually build our pods to build standards. Our pods are not just robust, they are built from top quality timber, and our external siberian larch cladding is possibly the best external cladding on any pod ever manufactured.


Glamping Pods

camping pods


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Camping Pod, Mega-Family Unit 2014

Camping Pods have now been on the market for more than 5 years, as one of the forerunners in this market, and with a totally unique camping pod design we have designed yet another amazing, Mega Pod –Family Camping Pod for camping sites, fishing Lakes and so on… We have found that a lot of other camping pods on the market are not fit for purpose, and poorly constructed, where ours are designed firstly and before all else for public safety.

Also our camping pods are designed to offer a huge amount of natural light.

When designing our new family camping pod, we have taken a lot into consideration.

Our windows and doors as you can see are uniquely designed to allow copious amounts of light in, with toughened windows and doors, and a full bath room, bedroom and lounge area, your guests will not just experience a 5 star camping holiday, they will experience luxury!

Do not settle for less., the leading light in design.

family camping pods

mega camping pods

Family Camping Pod  11 Family Camping Pod  20 Family Camping Pod  47




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New LV Family Camping Pods 5m 2014

The Pod below is a bespoke design, Designed for Sea Air, Sand Dunes, and public safety!  as always brings to market a New and fully functional commercial camping pod. Our Camping pods are not just aesthetically amazing to look at, they are the only camping pod that lasts. What makes us unique in this business, we are the only manufacturer of camping pods that also manufacture residential housing, we are not a man in a shed! Our Camping Pods are built to building code, they are built to last and only quality windows and doors are used, which makes us the choice for the larger camping site parks, fisheries and holiday parks. If you are looking for camping pods that really do stand out, maybe you would like us to bespoke a unique design solely for you , please do not hesitate to give us a call , or please send us an email.

New Camping Pod 2014 58 New Camping Pod 2014 51 New Camping Pod 2014 44 New Camping Pod 2014 37 New Camping Pod 2014 30 New Camping Pod 2014 23 New Camping Pod 2014 16 New Camping Pod 2014 09 New Camping Pod 2014 02

Camping Pods –

Our Camping Pods may not be the cheapest on the market, but should a building that needs to be robust, customer friendly, and fully commercial compliant be made with cheap materials, awful windows and doors, and clad in stub standard timber? There are so many Camping Pod type buildings on the market for sale, yet the question is, how many of them are really fit for commercial use, and should the public be allowed to rent, and reside in them.

If your looking for a quality camping pod, a camping pod that will last the test of time, a camping pod that will give your customer an amazing exsperiance, then our camping pods are truly the only choice on the market!

All our camping pods are building compliant, fully CE certified windows and doors, tilt and turn double glazed.

Camping Pods….Quality Camping Pods by


The Photos below are of our Child Proof Holiday Pods, at a  children’s adventure holiday park in Scotland, for more details please send us an email.

camping pod

camping pods

camping pods 197 camping pods 392

Camping Pods LV

There are camping pods bought flat pack, and there are camping pods that come fully finished ready to go.

There are camping pods that are fit for storing dry timber, and there are camping pods that are fit for tourism.

Sadly it is very difficult to distinguish one from the other, as pretty pictures and a photo from 100 foot away really do not show quality!

So here up close and personal are quality camping pods, made by a house manufacturer clad in Northern Siberian Larch, and are great value for money!

If your looking for the best, then look no further!

quality camping pods

camping pods lv

camping pod 035 camping pod 062 camping pod 089 camping pod 116 camping pod 143 camping pod 170 camping pod 197 camping pod 224 camping pod 251 camping pod 278 camping pod 305 camping pod 332 camping pod 359 camping pod 386 camping pod 413 camping pod 440 camping pod 467 camping pod 494 camping pod 521 camping pod 548 camping pod 575 camping pod 602 camping pod 629 camping pod 656 camping pod 683

Camping Pods

We have been manufacturing Camping Pods for many years now, our camping pods are not just excellent, they are seriously amazing!!

Clad with Grade A Northern Siberian Larch, Tilt and Turn Quality Windows and Doors, Double Glazed CE approved.

We were approached last year by a Major Children’s Holiday Park Vender to furnish their holiday parks with camping pods suited for children.

Our Camping Pods went through a very rigorous check, we looked to see where small fingers, feet and hands could be trapped, we adjusted windows and doors, our bespoke double bunk beds were also designed for child, safety and comfort.

If you are looking for industrial camping pods that will last the test of time, please give us a call today or send us an email.

Log Cabins LV the number one for camping pods in Europe.

camping pods UK

camping pods

camping pod

glamping Pods


Deluxe Camping Pods 5 Star

Over the years, we at have tried our best to offer our customers a bespoke service that rivals none. We are lucky to have joined forces with our partners in Switzerland to jointly bring to the market an amazing 5 star Camping Pod Experience.

Most Camping Pods on the market are designed with price in mind; these Camping Pods are designed to be the best of the best! “Sir”.

Insulation values are better than 99.9% of houses, and the workmanship, which went into these Deluxe 5 Star Camping Pods, even tested our skilled craftsman.

With Marble flooring, triple glazed windows, and doors, under floor heating, hard and soft woods, and an amazing amount of electrical appliances, makes these the Best Camping Pods ever made. is known for it’s iconic designs, and its high quality levels.

If you are looking for something that is just not available on the market, something that is way above the normal structures offered, then we are the Girls and Guys to speak with. Please call us, or email us

5 star Camping Pods

Deluxe Camping Pods

Camping   2 Camping   3 Camping   4 Camping   5 Camping   6 Camping   7 Camping   8 Camping   9

Camping Pods 2014

Camping Pods-Glamping Pods 2014


Please follow this link to our main page for all camping pod sizes available from

lHi everyone, here are some new photos of our new Camping Pod Village.

Our Pods are available in many different sizes, plus we are able to offer a bespoke service.

Please go to our Website and have a look at all the different models available.

Our unique patented design of a Camping Pod, which is seriously far superior to anything else on the market to date, built from Siberian Larch, and manufactured by highly skilled carpenters, are fit for the Kids! Actually, these are for Kids, we had to manufacture each, and every Pod to be Kid proof, where there is blame there is always a claim! This amazing little Pod village, which is no doubt the largest of its kind in the world can be found in Scotland, please give us a call if you would like to have a show around. Camping Pods are nothing new, we have been manufacturing them for almost 4 years, and there is a lot of rubbish on the market place now, so be very careful whom you purchase from. Safety of design should always come before price. If your looking for a camping pod that is built to last, that is made solely for the public, and is manufactured to a very high standard, then our Camping Pods are the ones to purchase. Our Camping Pods are Arctic friendly, yes truck and extreme cold. We now have our Camping Pods circulating on every continent, which we are very proud of. If you are looking for a Camping Pod for your holiday park, please send us an email or give us a Call!, a Brand you can Trust, do not settle for less!

Our Camping Pods are available in Bespoke Sizes.

Camping Pods 2.4m x 4m ( Standard)

Camping Pods 2.4 x 6m ( Standard)

Camping Pods UK

camping Pods

Camping Pods  4 Camping Pods  6