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The Baltic white spruce (Picea abies) is a species of spruce native to Central and Eastern Europe. It is a slow growing and straight coniferous tree with dense branches. Can grows up to 55 m (180 ft) tall.

The Baltic White Spruce genetically and morphologically is very close to the Siberian spruce (Picea obovata) which replaces it east of the Ural Mountains, and with which it cross-pollinates freely.

Since this species populates large territory, in different countries and regions it is also known as Norway Spruce, Common Spruce, European Spruce, European Whitewood, White Deal, some even call it Baltic White Pine or White Fir.

For the spruce Nordic Baltic region is the best growth zone in our side of the world. This ensures beautiful properties of the sawn timber from the seedling stage. Our spruce timber is naturally dense and clustered knots are sound. Sometimes ironically referred as the workhorse of timber. It is one of the most economically important timbers in Europe.

Interesting fact – Wright Brothers first aircraft was made of Spruce. It is still used in aviation due to its good strength-to-weight ratio.

Spruce timber has no clear difference between the heartwood and sapwood. Growth rings are clearly visible. Texture of the timber is fine and smooth and the grain is straight. Because spruce is dense and hard and relatively inexpensive it is preferred for load-bearing structures and exterior applications when treated. At the same time it has the right properties and can be used for indoors linings as well as outdoors.

Spruce is very easy to work with. Which makes it suitable for many applications such as furniture and furniture components, plywood, interior panels, floor boards, timber house structures, exterior lining panels, glulam beams and posts, and solid logs as well as glulam logs for our some of our excellent log cabins.

The timber processed into logs through our modern state of the art automated production line, whose operation is overlooked by our very experienced and skilled staff and controlled by the newest CNC machinery, computers and software. We review our production process for our solid logs and glulam laminated logs continuously in order to produce Log cabins that fit our customers’ expectations for quality and aesthetics as efficiently as possible.

Spruce can be sawn into long lumber therefore it timber of choice for roof purlins in our solid log cabins.

Spruce and Pine are great when it comes to manufacturing, and at we pick the best material at the best time in the season to manufacture from.

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