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A++ Energy Efficient aesthetically pleasing and modern first time buyers homes!

Another passive house design by yours truly, OK….

Our mission is to manufacture A++ Energy Efficient aesthetically pleasing and modern first time buyers homes, But! Ours are different.

Why? Because we really know what we are doing when it comes to manufacturing affordable energy saving housing.

Let me explain why!!

The UK sadly is not in a position to fend for its self where KD timber, studwork timber, joinery timber is concerned.



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In 2015, the UK produced 3,782,000 cubic meters of sawn wood, 3,342,000 cubic meters of wood-based panels and 3,561,000 tones of paper and paperboard. The UK does not produce enough timber to satisfy domestic demand, and the country has been a net importer of timber and paper for many years. In 2008 the country imported sawn and other wood to a value of £1,003 million and exported £58 million; imported £932 million of wood-based panels and exported £92 million; and imported paper and paper-based products to a value of £4,873 million and exported £1,590 million.

In 2012 approximately 15,000 people were employed in forestry and 26,000 in primary wood production in the country, resulting in a gross value added to the country of £1,936 million. With the ongoing closure of sawmills, the biomass industry is likely to be a key driver for future growth.


So if you are thinking of purchasing a timber frame A++ energy efficient house then purchase it from a company that really understands timber frame, and purchase from a company that can source excellent timber.

Also purchase your building off a company that are sat next to the largest forest on the plant!

And before any shouts the Amazon is the largest forest on the Planet, think again.

The UK is 28.954.0 sq meters

The Amazon is 4.100.100 sq meters

Russia is sq meters.


Not forgetting that Russian timber is subjected to harsh winters, and hot summers, so growth is slow, and timber grain is tight!


This is truly sad news for the UK, but it is good news for the home owner, and soon the Baltic’s will be offering Eco Housing at half the price UK builders can offer it for! This is fact!

Too long home owners have forked out ludicrous sums for Timber frame housing / brick housing! Its time better was offered at lower prices.

Log Cabins LV…AT the forefront of change!!

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