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28 mm Log Cabins

Over many, many years I have stated more than once, and a few of you will say out there I have said it more than that, that 28mm log cabins are crap.

Then low and behold, 3 weeks ago I changed my mind. ( this came as a shock)..

A friend of mine contacted me and asked me to visit his production of new 28mm log cabins.

Sadly, all the 28mm log cabins I have ever come across normally manufactured in an old building, with old machines, using cheap timber, and have badly constructed windows and doors.

So with this in mind, I went to visit my friends mill, with a preconceived idea that what I would find would be rubbish.

I can honestly say, the timber was some of the best I have ever seen.

Northern Russian Pine, amazing quality, hardly any knots, planed and profiled (double tongue and grooved).

The windows and doors were good quality, and the finish was I think as good as our 45mm cabins.

The pricing on these units was incredible and I know that the UK market will eat them up and demand more.

I have waited nearly 14 years to find a manufacture that actually cares about how to produce a quality 28mm log cabin.


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28mm Log Cabins

Log Cabins 28mm

28 mm log cabins

28 mm log cabins

Our forte has never been 28mm log cabins, we have always said that they are cheap and nasty, as most that are produced are, however tonight we are going to offer not just a quality range of 28mm log cabins, we are offering the best 28mm log cabins that has ever been manufactured.

So why are our 28mm log cabins better than the rest, well its quite simple, we are not going to mass produce them, we have decided to really make a 28mm cabin the best it can be, however we are going to make sure our new range of 28mm log cabins also meet price point for this product!

If you are looking for a quality 28mm log cabin, please send us an email, or give us a call.

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