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New Timber Frame Buildings 2017


Here is another one of our finished timber frame projects.

This little beauty is two beds, two baths, fully insulated, timber frame unit, clad in Siberian larch, and meets the UK full building regulations.


Unlike the rubbish sold in the UK under the guise of quality control by the government and given a few number and letters (BS 3632).


The BS3632 is laughable, our pensioners are robbed blind of their savings,


With the grandiose thoughts of safe investment, and living their retirement in a quality building, with in a safe gated environment.


But reality is that their hard earned savings, are stolen in a hand shake, and their dream park home, luxury lodge is no more that board, screws and glue, with cheap UVPC windows.


A Luxury Lodge / Park Home, should be to full building regulations. There should not be any if or buts about it.

All buildings that are lived in full time should be built to last, and be a sound investment.


If you really want to purchase a quality Park Home that really is an investment, built by a professional house manufacturer, then please give us a call.

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Residential Timber Frame Park Homes Lake District

residential log cabins lv

residential log cabins lv


As ever, Log Cabins LV moves forward, and today we just signed a deal for 50 residential timber frame buildings for a New Park Home, Park, in the Lake District, which we are obviously very excited about!

Photos of our new very contemporary modern highly insulated timber frame 2 bed, 3 bed and 4 bed will soon be published.

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logcabinslv-log cabins -cabins-log cabins


There are so many companies offering residential log cabins, which in all honesty are about as residential as a 3m x 3m garden shed.

When speaking to any company regarding a residential log cabin or timber frame, please make sure that it comes either to the standard of the mobile home act the BS 3632, (the new BS3632 2016) ruling, or to full building regulations, anything else is just a simple, non-residential building-cabin, timber build.

log cabins

log cabins

Log Cabins LV is without doubt the best design house of Log Cabins and Timber Buildings in the industry; we design super iconic, workable, eco, affordable buildings, that have quality at their core.


Our manufacturing departments are not just the best, but the very best of the best, and with our designs, and their talent, we are able to offer the market, amazing designs, at affordable pricing.

residential timber frame insulated buildings

residential timber frame insulated buildings

We have been designing cabins and supplying them to our dealer network for more than 16 years, and we still have a few dealers that started with us those many years ago, and this is where our strength lays, keeping core high quality dealerships around the UK, Europe with companies that are solely into selling Timber Buildings.


What we have found is that if a dealer sells other products, be it timber supplies, or lawn mowers, nail guns or paint, they sadly seem to only give half their attention to selling cabins, and when you are selling a log cabin, you must give it your full attention, and this is where problems arise.

residential timber frame insulated buildings

residential timber frame insulated buildings

Mistakes happen, and when mistakes happen, rightly, customers complain and they obviously call us, as they picked the LV brand, and it is we who must calm the waters between dealer and customer.


As a company and not many would actually admit to this, we make mistakes, but we try as quickly as possible to put it right. And as the leading company in design and highest quality manufacturing

residential timber frame insulated buildings

residential timber frame insulated buildings

So to stop this, we sadly as I said asked a few of our dealers that are not solely in the Timber Building industry to please remove our trade mark- ranges and wished them a great future. Some were understanding, others, well,,, were not!


We think this was proper and correct. The customer comes first, not profit!


And if people want to say nasty stuff about LV then it’s their right to express their inner anger, we are all for it, but we are more in tuned to customer service and keeping prices low and the quality of the workmanship high, than caring about disgruntled ex dealers.

residential timber frame insulated buildings

residential timber frame insulated buildings

Our reshuffle of dealers have seen our sales sore, but what we have seen is a happier end customer, better built log cabins and lower pricing.

In addition, what we have noticed is a complete stop of phone calls of customers complaining about dealers.

If you are looking for a company that really puts the customer first, please send us an email or give us a call!

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Residential log cabins UK

If you are looking for a quality residential log cabin, or timber frame residential log cabin, then please contact us today.

All our timber buildings are manufactured to full building regulations, and are all fitted with certified windows and doors, residential quality, and sprayed to your choice of colour.

We are able to offer a full turn key solution.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, which is fitted with the best quality of windows and doors in the industry then please fill out the contact form and we will help you find the nearest dealer to you.

Thank you very much for reading our blog!!!

Deluxe Log Cabin from Log Cabins LV

Deluxe Log Cabins from Log Cabins LV

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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1 bedroom Residential log cabins from LV


1 bedroom Residential log cabins

1 bedroom Residential log cabins , residential timber frame cabins



Imagine being able to purchase a Residential Log Cabin that is absolutely perfect in every way, tailored to your personal design, manufactured from the finest materials, fitted with certified triple glazed quality windows and doors, and to boot have a professional team to assemble said quality residential building.


More than that have a full turnkey solution, which offers, certified tradesman from all trades to perfectly finish off your new home.

1 bedroom Residential log cabins  762

Log Cabins LV have been supplying Log Cabins into the UK for more than 15 years, our own designs are now very much part of other companies portfolios, and our iconic design the Clock House is one of the best selling garden buildings of all time.

Yet, as a company we do not sit on our behinds and just live off our past successes, and say that’s enough, lets stop and just sell what we have.

1 bedroom Residential log cabins  763

Far from it, we design each and everyday better and better buildings, always moving forward, always pushing not just ourselves, but pushing the industry to offer better!

1 bedroom Residential log cabins  764

It is so very important to be flexible in build types.

We are the only company with over 4000 designs, and most of these designs are available in a different choice of build types, be it timber frame, log or engineered glulam.

Our New Range of Deluxe Log Cabins are not just simply the best standard engineered log cabins in the industry, they are the best range of log cabins ever to be offered to the public that is a fact!1 bedroom Residential log cabins  765

If you are seriously looking for the best brand of log cabins LV is it!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins USA ( eagle criminal log cabins)

At last!!! we have found a worthy dealer to partner with in America, the launch of their new website will be within 8  weeks.

They are very focused on off grid, mother earth, and the freedom to thrive!!

Tiny Houses, Back Yard Shacks, Log Cabins, and Timber Buildings.


Our New Partners will be offering comprehensive pricing, they operate on sound principles and are major wholesalers of Timber products.

A final sad word…

Sadly we have been forced to break ties with eagle  criminal log cabins in America due to their desire to excessively overcharge customers and overcharge their new dealers. This  is not part of our company ethic, they still are showing our products on their website claiming them to be their own, as you can see on the page below they have now covered up our registered trade mark! (top left hand corner) , but you can still find our content, trademark on their website.

Their entire website is made up of our content! Beware…

This just goes to show what kind of criminals we must deal with in this industry!

We would warn anyone doing business with Thomas or Vivian at eagle criminal log cabins to be aware that they are two very devious people! We would volunteer the advice of steering clear of these two old retired very dubious pensioners.



eagle log cabins criminals

criminals eagle log cabins


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