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Timber Frame Buildings


quality timber frame buildings

timber frame passive buildings

There are so many ways I could write this blog tonight, I could say and build the best Timber Frame Residential Buildings in the UK.


I could say we have the only Passive Timber Frame Building in the UK on display!


I could also say that our build quality is so way above the rest.


Also we are the only company in the UK that can offer a passive timber frame building, be it a retirement home, park home or a 4 bedroom house,.


If you are looking for a quality timber frame building, and you really do not know who to purchase from or listen to, then my answer would be to go with a company that has 14 years experience in the cabin industry and over 20 years experience in the timber frame industry and over 30 years in the timber industry.


At we understand the need for guaranteed quality at every stage of the manufacturing process. We take direction from our skilled architects, our structural engineers, and make sure that what we deliver is the best it can be.


Our timber frame buildings be them passive or nonpassive are without doubt the best in the industry.

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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The Mega Lodge Camping Pod

The Mega Lodge Camping Pod

The Mega Lodge Camping Pod

If you are looking for a high quality camping pod, then there is only really one company to speak to, LV!

Our Camping Pods, are not just the most innovated on the market, they are with out doubt the most outstanding manufactured Pods ever to grace the market!

Our designs are practical, functional, spacious, insulated and graded.

We are the number 1 in the world for manufacturing Pods and we are very proud of that!

Our claim to fame is that we have provided more than 100 pods to M Adventure to their Scottish Children’s Adventure Park, And another 100 Pods to their French Holiday Park.

Over the last 7 years we have produced more than 1000 Camping Pods.

What we have found over the last 7 years is that only very professional camping grounds- holiday parks- fisheries etc want to offer their customers quality buildings that offer high levels of comfort, competitive pricing, but more than that, they are looking for a manufacturing company that truly understands timber frame, structural engineering, and customer service.

Our Mega Camping Pod is the largest Camping Pod in the market to date.


Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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New and Improved Deluxe DF Range 2016

New and Improved Deluxe DF Range of 45mm

New and Improved Deluxe DF Range of 45mm

Our New and Improved Deluxe DF Range of 45mm and above Log Cabins are without doubt the best under 2.5m high Log Cabins on the web!

What our New Deluxe DF Range of Log cabins represents are a total 100% upgrade in all components, a total rethink on how to manufacture not just a quality garden building, but also a log cabin that is just so much a cut above the rest.

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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New Deluxe Standard DF Log Cabins Range for 2016

New Deluxe Standard DF Log Cabins Range for 2016

New Deluxe Standard DF Log Cabins Range for 2016

Yesterday we were very pleased to meet up with our two partners from the UK, who combined have over 30 show sites in the north and south of the UK.


The show around day consisted of product knowledge and a show around our new spray booths, windows and door lines, and fabrication.


The visit was to highlight our new and improved Deluxe DF Standard Range, and to show our dealers, and their sales guy’s the quality of the new residential windows and doors which adorn this amazing range now. We would like to thank them all for coming over, and also for their support in offering to the public the best standard range of cabins ever to come to the market!


Some people find it hard to understand the term, Deluxe Standard, as they seem to work against one another, but actually, it makes perfect sense.


Unlike all other manufacturers, we offer these Deluxe Cabins with all their goodies attached at one standard price, there is no up sale here. We offer 20mm Roof boards. 28mm flooring, we offer Residential Double glazed Tilt and Turn CE-Trada Approved windows and doors. That is a whole mouth full of extras, and yet the pricing is hundreds, if not thousands of pounds lower than anyone else on the market.


We even spray paint the windows to your choice of colour!


There are companies out there that are just so greedy, that our pricing is almost 1/3 less, which just goes to show, how greedy the Germans and Dutch tend to be!


I must laugh actually as we are Log Cabins LV, yet we are run and owned by a British Family, who have set the standards of the production from day one, which is why the ethos of the company is quality, design, price.

Greed was left out from the beginning. (Brits play fair)..


If you are a dealer looking for a new supplier, we are always ready to listen, however we vet all new comers, we want timber trained sales people to join us, preferably family businesses, also shed manufacturers that have been manufacturing for more than 10 years. We want only the best. And we do not take on people who have a history of bankruptcy.


OK on to another subject..


Yesterday we received a offer from another manufacturer on a Spam email client Mail chimps, what surprised us was 2 things, firstly, if they can not spell, or be bothered to use spell check. So? How can you trust this company to count how many parts fit in a packed building?

Secondly, they are offering camping pods, that do not have any form of CE certified doors or windows, or even trickle vents, which as we all know can lead to deaths sadly.


To those manufacturers that want to offer accommodation to the public, beware! In the UK you can be tried for manslaughter if a building you claim is fit for human dwelling turns out not to be and a death occurs!

Moreover, these entire log manufactured shaped pods, made of interlocking T&G timber are not fit for camping sites, or overnight dwellings. They are extremely dangerous and way over priced.


That’s my rant finished. I just get so angry when I see these companies fooling the public and offering absolute s–t, for a sovereign! Makes my blood boil! Log Cabins and camping pods are heavy structures and must be manufactured with care and precision.

If you have any questions about this or any other blog, please do not hesitate to send us a e-mail.


Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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The Most Sought after Range Of Deluxe Standard Log Cabins in Europe!


We are so incredibly pleased to announce that we have our New for 2016 deluxe Standard Range of Log Cabin designs finished and ready for offer in January!

Our New range of over 100 Deluxe Log cabins, many are under 2.5 in height, and many old favorites now reintroduced and now are just a lot better!

The reason we say Standard Deluxe Range is our that our quality is simply Deluxe, and is way above anything offered on the Internet, or in any Garden Centre and Log Cabin outlet or other Log Cabin manufacturer.


Many companies on the web scream loudly that you cannot buy better!

Well! Now you can!

Have you noticed as you trawl through the Internet, that most of the log cabins are manufactured using the same techniques?

We ourselves offer this same manufacturing technique, as price is the factor here.

However what we have done is really look at how we can better our log cabins, how we can make them the best they can be, a Deluxe Range, that can be offered under our standard pricing structure.

residential log cabin windows and doors


Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   03 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   01 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   04 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   05 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   06 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   07 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   08 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   09 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   10 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   11 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   12 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   13

Investing heavily in new machinery, blades etc, meant we were able to shrink our residential standard window and door frames down from 110mm to 44mm, But! Still offering our quality, still offering strength, and still offering our guarantees!


One of the reasons why I write so many articles, blogs, about our new windows and doors, I think is to help the public understand that most log cabin bodies are simply the same, a 45mm log is a 45mm log.

The notching, molding and machining can vary differently, but!!! It is quite difficult to mess up wall logs! Actually, I have seen a few cabins where the machine operator must have fallen asleep or been drunk, as the word square could not have been associated with these cabins!


Some tell tale signs of lesser quality can be found when looking at the floor and roof board quality.

I hear there are some companies offering 19mm, 20mm thickness flooring, this is sadly inadequate, but these Log cabins are manufactured to be price driven, and are in all honesty (crap).


There are Dutch and German companies in name only that manufacture now in Poland and Estonia, their quality level is good, but their sales force spell bind the customers with grandeur and quality level’s that quite frankly are not there, and over charge greedily!


Log Cabins LV will utterly, completely, upset the Log Cabins industry in January, our quality and price will not just put the cat among the pigeons, it will show the public who is fleecing them, and who is not!!


More to follow!!! the sensible choice!!!

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Log Cabins LV The Only Choice!

Deluxe Quality Log Cabins LV

Deluxe Quality Log Cabins LV -log cabins LV. logcabins

Looking through most websites you will notice that upgrading is the term used for up sale, which means spend more!

Log Cabins LV do not Up Sale, we do a Quality Standard!

Quality Standard Log Cabins are about as rare a Rocking Horse Pooh!


Purchasing a Quality Log Cabin is like walking in a minefield blind folded, as caution is needed through out the whole process.


When purchasing a Log cabin you will want to speak to an expert, and in this industry they are greatly in short supply.


As always I tend to put a dark cloud over the cabin market, but when you are speaking to Mr. Smith from company X who has never in his life walked in a Russian Forest, or heard a molder day after day, or smelt the timber fresh out of the kilns, or even understands slightly how a tree grows, then how is this man from company X can speak to you about the benefits of purchasing a log cabin.


Understanding the timber, from which you log cabin are manufactured, is with out doubt the most important part of the whole production of the cabin walls, roof and floor.

log cabins lv the number one for logcabins and timber buildings

amazing quality windows and doors for log cabins from

Log Cabins are normally manufactured from either Pine or Spruce, depending on the time of year, pine is preferred by some mills, and spruce others, most bulk manufactures mixed species, which is OK if you a purchasing a cheap 19mm log cabin with an age expectancy of 3 years, otherwise stay clear of mixed species Log Cabins. Ask the company concerned if they mix, they must tell you as part of your rights as a consumer.


Next, windows and doors, yes I know I go on and on about windows and doors, but our Amazing Quality Deluxe log cabins windows and doors, that will come standard, in our new Deluxe Range coming in January 2016, will be the most amazing standard range of log cabins ever to be introduced to the public.


What makes a quality set of doors and windows is the timber used.

The ingredient is laminated quality joinery timber.


This stops the windows and especially doors from ever twisting, warping and staying true to form.


This kind of manufacturing comes under the heading of Residential Quality, and for this most companies charge anything from 800 pounds for doors, and 350 for windows. We also spray our windows, by machine, also our windows and doors are CE certified and are approved by BM Trada!


The BM Trada certification means Doors and Windows fulfill a number of critical functions in buildings, including protection from fire, intruders and the elements, all whilst continuing to operate effectively and with minimal maintenance.


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!


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Deluxe Log Cabins From LV

Log Cabins Deluxe Windows and doors

Log Cabins Deluxe Windows and doors

Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  6 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  9 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  1 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  2 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  3 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  4 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  7 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  8

Quality Log Cabins, that is a key word so many companies use to advertise their cabins on the Internet.

But? Is the word “Quality” being misused?


There are so many ways to find out if the log cabin you are thinking of purchasing is high end a budget or a rip off completely on price!


Firstly, just because a log cabin is manufactured in Sweden, Finland or Germany, it does not mean the quality is higher from that of the Baltic’s or Russia.


In most cases, the products coming from the Baltic’s like windows and doors, and log cabins are actually better, as the price is lower, plus the timber is better, and not forgetting we do not have high taxes which means our pricing is normal, not inflated such as Sweden and Finland.


Most people believe that if the price is higher, then so is the quality, absolute rubbish!


Take for instance one company proclaiming to be German, who manufacturer in Poland and they do actually manufacture quite good Log cabins ( this I will agree on), but they sell them to their customers for an extortionate sum, and I mean that quite literally. I will be the first to say this,, they are greedy bastards!


If you take a normal 5m x 5m with standard normal double glazing etc, costing from most other companies would be around £5500 delivered in 44mm log thickness, then our German company will charge £2.500 more, because you are made to believe by their dealer outlets that the quality is so superior than other cabins, this is absolute rubbish.


I personally have spoke to one of the outlets, and it was almost like speaking to someone who was part of a cult! There are too many manufacturers giving advice to their dealers on how to extract high prices from the public, by using words such as, Top Quality, Eco, Durable, FSC, PEFC, Superior, Excellent, and the Best!


So!!!! How can you tell the Crap from the Quality?


Over the years, we have been able to spot companies that are here today and gone tomorrow, we are also able to spot a quality log cabin from that of the Bulk market that litters our market and the gardens of Europe.


Firstly, if a log cabin is worth its salts, it will have only quality windows and doors, yes, I am harping on again about the windows and doors, but they are the most important part of the cabin. Moreover, they must be standard, not an upgrade!


Our Windows and Doors on our new Range of Deluxe Log Cabins are not just absolutely amazing, they are truly the best windows and doors in the industry, and they are fantastic for the price. Also we are the only company that offers them standard now on a Garden Range.

I am sure you have done lots of calling around asking different companies about quality and what you get for the price.


Most will try their hardest to up sell to you and say that what they are offering is so much cheaper than everyone else for the price, but when you actually do the research you will find that their quality is on par to 99.9% of the other companies, and that you are actually being sold a pack of lies and not a pack of quality timber.



So Windows and Doors as we see are the most important part of a cabin, well actually the most important part of the cabin is the roof, but as we use the largest roof Purlins and thick roof boars in the business I am not too worried our roofs will come falling down any time yet, plus all our cabins walls have metal roods in them that come standard to tighten the construction down and make it stiff and secure, and that our 28mm floor board stops that springy bouncy effect it would have if the floor was 19mm which most companies tend to offer, (OK I am bragging),,, Yes windows and doors, are so important.


If you are thinking of running your business from a log cabin, and keeping it warm and dry through out the year, then sadly most log cabins, which are sold as standard log cabin, well 99.999% of the doors are not designed to keep heat in, or cold out!


If you look at most cabins, you will notice that part of the door, unless its fully glassed you will notice that it is made up of T&G timber boards, which are slotted together, now for a garden room, or a shed, it’s a cheap and great way of manufacturing the door.


We have been manufacturing this kind of door since we started 14 years ago, and for cost and ease of manufacturing, its a great way of keeping costs down, and sharing that low cost of construction with the public!


Our CEO has always grumbled about the windows and doors, he has always wanted to offer a top quality windows and doors, he used to shout from time to time that if only could offer a sprayed CE certified Window and Door set with every cabin for a sensible price, then hopefully the bulk manufacturers would have to sit up and listen stop wasting timber and precious resources and offer better!


This has been a burning desire of our CEO Kevin for years, and when we opened our New Production Line, Kevin decided then that all the New Deluxe Range from the log size of 45mm and above would have only have CE certified quality windows and fully insulated quality CE doors, and that we would be the first company to offer these as Standard not an expensive upgrade, and to top it off, we would offer them sprayed to the customers choice.


So to the question at the beginning, how can you know what a quality log cabin is?


Easy… CE certified argon filled double glazed unites in the windows and doors, that your supplier offers these as standard, that the door has an Oak Threshold, and that the tilt and turn mechanism on the windows is a of a residential quality, not push this, pull that and twist this, just to then open it.


You need 28mm flooring; large purlins that sit 90 degrees in the apex, but most of all you need quality through out and to top it off great pricing.


I think you can agree that for any company to compete against CE certified, BM Trada Certified Double Glazed Windows and Doors, Sprayed to any colour you want, and offered in a standard Range of Log Cabins at almost the same price as most rubbish offered on the web !

Yes! We are completely and utterly mad!

Or are we???


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!!!!


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Log Cabins Under 2.5m

Log Cabins Under 2.5m . Planning Not Needed.



under 2.5 high log cabins

under 2.5 high log cabins


We are always being asked for cabins under 2.5m to the ridge height and Log Cabins LV has the largest range in the business for log cabins under 2.5m

Here we have supplied a link to all our ranges that are under 2.5m

Planning permission is not usually required.

However, if you were unsure about your local planning requirements then it would be best if you contacted your local planning office for guidance-assistance.


This is the largest range of under 2.5m buildings on the market to date, all these buildings are now available with our new Deluxe CE Certified Windows and Doors, please ask our dealers for more information.

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Bespoke Timber Frame Buildings-Log Cabins

bespoke manufacturing- bespoke log cabins

bespoke timber frame buildings- bespoke log cabins- timber frame bespoke housing

Bespoke Log Cabins and Timber Buildings  2 Bespoke Log Cabins and Timber Buildings  3 Bespoke Log Cabins and Timber Buildings  4 Bespoke Log Cabins and Timber Buildings  5 Bespoke Log Cabins and Timber Buildings  6 Bespoke Log Cabins and Timber Buildings  7 Bespoke Log Cabins and Timber Buildings  8

Bespoke Log Cabins should be manufactured by companies that really have an engineering background!

99.9% of Log Cabin companies do not!

Something to ponder on while thinking about whom to purchase your bespoke log cabin from.


There are log cabin companies out there in the big bad world that will offer structural calculations on all their roofs, but lets stop that quickly!!! (No point offering Structural Calculations on a Log Cabin Roof if you do not have structural calculations for the walls, as it’s the walls that holds up the roof) and this kind of dangerous foolish crap goes on day after day!


Too many customers are bamboozled with sales people feeding them absolute manure and as this industry is not regulated, so many people are conned out of their hard earned money!


There are cabin companies out there that manufacturer as part of their product range timber stick buildings.

The reason we use the word stick and not frame as these are exactly what these buildings are, complete and utter rubbish that last possibly 5 years and then you will start having problems that eventually lead to the demise of the building.


If you are looking for a timber frame bespoke garden office then the timber frame with insulation should be about 290mm to 310mm thick “minimum”, there are companies offering a pathetic 117mm walls.

117mm thick timber walls, which in all honestly is completely inadequate, and with just 25mm of insulation, well you have to be a complete and utter fool to purchase one! You need 250mm of insulation, with framing of 45mm x 195mm, out side clad in Siberian larch, not good old shiplap, or some 12mm t&g pine!


Bespoke building do not need to cost an arm or a leg, you just need to know the right people to purchase from, and that’s where it gets difficult.


We heard a story, about a fitter from one of the largest bulk manufacturers in the country offering his service to a client, it is reported that he built her a timber frame bespoke building, the building had a sliding doors which were double glassed and the side window was single glassed!


The horror stories that we hear told to us from customers that are just so fed up with either waiting for their orders and have cancelled, or with customers that have had a cabin delivered and it was just not possible to put it up as they had so many bits missing!


Bespoke Log Cabins need to be manufactured by professionals, you also need to be sure that what you order is what you receive, and that you are not paying way too much for it.

Our bespoke cabins now come with not just amazing quality log walls, great flooring and roofing, all quality hardware and metal rods, plus the water proof tape to fix the windows and doors in, you also get quality timber glulam residential windows and doors, sprayed to your choice of colour!


In addition, our Log Cabin LV specialist will come to your home and help you measure up and offer professional help where needed.


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice.

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Log Cabins LV The One Stop Shop!

Log Cabins LV

Log Cabins LV the one stop shop for all things timber .
Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   05 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   12 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   14 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   15 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   16 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   17 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   18 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   02 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   03 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   04 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   06 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   07 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   11 Log Cabins LV One Stop Shop   13

Log Cabins LV is without doubt the leading company now for quality log cabins in the UK!

Our new Range of Deluxe Log Cabins are not just amazing quality, they are the only Log Cabins in the UK that are actually priced fairly.

Log Cabins LV stands for Dynamic, Quality, Design and Pricing.

We are always looking to better our product, and offer the best quality as standard.

Our CEO dislikes upgrades, he believes that everything should be as good as it can be, without having to pay extra.

If you look on the 99.9% of Log Cabin Websites you will notice that if you want to improve the quality of your log cabin just say better windows and doors this is an up grade from most companies, what does this tell you about the company? It tells you that they have stripped the cabin of any kind of quality level and if you want quality, then pay! If not you get the bare bones.


When looking through the Internet, you will be spoiled for choice, there are so many companies offering what seems to be like amazing deals’, but most amazing deals turn out to be Not So Amazing when the products are up and ready to use.


What ever we offer is the best it can be for the price range it sits in. Obviously we can not offer amazing windows and doors cheaper than a it costs us to manufacture them, but what we do is look at costs very carefully and try our hardest to get you the best of the best for the lowest price possible.


Take for instance our Camping Pods, we are the only company to manufacture quality pods that can be used for large scale holiday parks, or adventure holiday centers.

Our ability to manufacture camping pods that are able to take years and years of abuse by thousands of children is very much the test bed of success! And with over 100 Pods in the parks and we have not had one door fail, or Pod leak, this is a tap on the back for us as we believe in our quality, and so do our loyal customers.


12% of our sales are from referrals from customers to their friends, and this percentage rises yearly.


We are the only Company in this business that is able to manufacture certified trusses, Glulam Log Cabins, Bespoke Log Cabins, Hand Made Norwegian Log Cabins, Timber Frame-Passive- Non Passive Dwelling Homes, Office and timber frame bespoke structures, CE windows and doors, High Quality Camping Pods and so much more, we are not a typical box standard, Log Cabin Manufacturer.


All our different departments thrive at in their area of expertise

In a nutshell we are a one stop shop, that offers quality, price and customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for quality, sensible pricing, and people who really understand what a timber structure should be, and the quality level you would expect, please send us an email and we will have one of our nearest professional dealers contact you.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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