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Passive Housing 2020

2021 January there will be a momentous change in British Law, also to all European countries, as this is the Year and Month that we start to actually manufacture our dwelling-homes to a new set of building regulations, which in essence will bring all newly built homes to a passive standard!

So how could this affect you, well, its simple, rather than spending ridiculous amounts of money on heating your poorly insulated house, you could save hundreds on owning a passive house. Passive housing starts with triple glazing, keeping the noise and bedlam, smells and bustle of the outside world very much on the outside.

Passive housing also is a solid build, and a timber frame passive housing project can be finished in as little as 2 months. Built, tiled, plastered, wired, and internals fitted out! has over the years designed some amazing iconic garden buildings, and timber frame buildings, we are always looking to the future and trying to understanding what is needed and how to offer that in a quality package, which we find easy to do using our 3 principles of Quality, Design and Great Pricing.

Our passive homes are what we would like to call very funky, and our attention is very much on the First time Buyers.

As a company, we are more interested in designing great living spaces for people who actually appreciate what we are trying to achieve.

First time buyers in the UK, have historically been sold cheap and poorly insulated housing units.

Our design team has only just begun to look at the Passive market, and to look how we are able to offer great spaces, at affordable pricing. As we are sure you are all aware passive means ( a lot of insulation, frame work, triple glazing, and so much more).

Most companies offering a passive like build, are quoting prices from £2000 per sq meter. We are trying to come into the market with half that cost!

Log cabins LV trying to make tomorrow a better place!

Passive Timber Frame Housing lv    02 Passive Timber Frame Housing lv    03 Passive Timber Frame Housing lv    04 Passive Timber Frame Housing lv    05 Passive Timber Frame Housing lv    06 Passive Timber Frame Housing lv    07 Passive Timber Frame Housing lv    08 Passive Timber Frame Housing lv    09

Passive Timber Frame Housing lv    22

passive homes

passive housing

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Energy Efficient Passive Housing!


passive timber fully insulated housing

passive timber homes. passive timber houses

Energy Efficient Passive Housing   09 Energy Efficient Passive Housing   10 Energy Efficient Passive Housing   11 Energy Efficient Passive Housing   12 Energy Efficient Passive Housing   13 Energy Efficient Passive Housing   14 Energy Efficient Passive Housing   15 Energy Efficient Passive Housing   16 Energy Efficient Passive Housing   17 Energy Efficient Passive Housing   18 Energy Efficient Passive Housing   19 Energy Efficient Passive Housing   20


Key laws for new 2020 Energy Performance for Housing

All new buildings must be nearly zero energy buildings by 31 December 2020


The 2010 Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive are the EU’s main legislation when it comes to reducing the energy consumption of buildings, and all the directives will come into place by 2020.


This is not big brother telling us how to live; this is big brother telling all manufacturers of dwelling housing, how to become organized and stop manufacturing below par housing units. Which sadly blight our landscape?


Most first time buyers have said that the houses offered to them , quote, , “zero charm, thin walls and poor quality”!

Still the prices for these substandard housing units are just way up in the stratosphere, and unreachable for most.

It was also quoted that millions of buyers shunned these mass produced unsightly terrace houses.

In addition, what’s even more amazing, is that the government is going to build more of these awful housing estates.

Which means more land “ public land” will be sold at a reduced rate to some company that gave the ruling party a few hundred thousand at election time, and this company will do nothing but manufacture- build awful dwellings, and sell them at a extortionate rate, filling their pockets with profit, and the government can then say they have built more houses filling the quota set at elections “ Since I have been prime minister I have built 200.000 awful, cheap, nasty houses”. it’s a Win Win scenario for government and builder, and a loose, loose for the public!


Have you noticed that all housing estates are amassed with identical dwellings, killing the sense of identity and individualism?

Also these estates look from above like a massive domino board, awful!


The government believes that individualism is not important, but roofs over our heads are!

So…the homes offered are rubbish, their prices are too high, their quality is questionable, yet the quota’s are met, and central government scream across the house of commons that they have built more homes than other parties ever did.

So the reason we have so many badly made houses is truly because of Politics!


Moreover, not forget about renewable fuels, why is it that every new house is attached to the gas supply? ((taxes must be made and paid))… Gas is extremely expensive, awful for the environment, why not fit all New Build homes with Air Source Heat Pumps? Power generated by solar??


Over the last few years we at Log Cabins LV have studied this market, and have seen that there are so many pit falls. And why we think we could offer a helping hand!



The number one Pit fall is the pricing, and what kind of quality you get for your pound!

It amazes us how when companies are building timber frame building, they do it completely on site! That stud work etc, it amazes us! What it shows is that most companies are not actually manufacturers with premises large enough to build a full-scale house under cover, which in our book is completely criminal.

Secondly, the timber used by most UK companies is awful, the government has set its guidelines on quality using the Trada, “who is Trada” I hear you ask yourself, well these are the guys and girls that are supposed to know about timber buildings, and set guidelines.

The best grade using Trada’s own grading system for timber house stud work , is C24,

94.9% of UK builders use C16! Which in our opinion is rubbish!


So what can we offer…

Well we can offer better pricing, skilled labor, everything built in our factories and shipped to site 99.0% completed panels.


We are the only company in the UK with a show home that already meets the 2020 directive, and our prices are 1/2 that of other companies offering passive homes at present. When this legislation comes to law, we will be the leading brand and the leaders in low pricing! Also our quality will be untouchable, as we have fist dibs on the best timber in the world!


Under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive:

Energy performance certificates are to be included in all advertisements for the sale or rental of buildings. We will be offering this next year with all our buildings, setting high standards and quality pricing, we are also able to offer all our customers the help they need to for planning we are in essence a one stop shop.


And we have qualified architects that are certified to design passive housing. 99.9% of architects do not have this certification. In addition, the architects that are certified must re-sit this subject every 5 years!


A typical timber frame passive 102 sq m home from would on average cost about £80 a year to heat!

If you would like to know more, and are interested in building a quality house that will meet requirements in 7 years, please call us, or send us an email.!

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Energy Efficient Micro Homes

quality micro living

passive micro home, fully insulated micro homes

Energy Efficient Micro Homes  09 Energy Efficient Micro Homes  10 Energy Efficient Micro Homes  11 Energy Efficient Micro Homes  12 Energy Efficient Micro Homes  13 Energy Efficient Micro Homes  14 Energy Efficient Micro Homes  15 Energy Efficient Micro Homes  16 Energy Efficient Micro Homes  17 Energy Efficient Micro Homes  18 Energy Efficient Micro Homes  19 Energy Efficient Micro Homes  20Our Micro Homes have taken on so many different shapes and sizes, and today we are featuring a concept by, which takes micro homes into a passive state of build!

Because you are thinking of building a small house, it does not mean because its small its warm, far from it, as most people build, manufacture micro homes to be cheap and quick to assemble, which normally means, a very thin timber frame stud wall with thin cladding and minimum insulation.

Our Super Insulated Micro Passive Home is built for all climates, and comes with triple glazing as standard, 3 bedroom cleverly incorporated into a house measuring only 6.5m x 6.5m, also this super efficient micro house has the feel of a super large house, yet taking up on 42.5 sq meter of floor space.

If you are looking for a highly insulated micro house, then do not settle for less,, the number one in design and build quality!

Passive Timber Frame Micro House

Base Size – 6.5m x 6.5m

Decking Poolside – 8.3 x 9.1m

Door size  – 1x 87cm x 210cm (outside)

Door size  – 5x 87cm x 193cm (inside)

Window size – 3x 100cm x 196cm

Window size – 1x 125cm x 210cm

Window size – 2x 100cm x 200cm

Window size – 2x 162cm x 200cm

Window size – 2x 162cm x 70cm

Window size – 2x 125cm x 70cm

Windows size – 3x 78cm x 118cm (roof)

Entrance       – 2.86m x 2.96m

Bedroom        – 2.6m x 2.96m (ground floor)

Kitchen/Dining/Living  – 5.56m x 2.5m

Bedroom        – 2.6m x 2.96m

Bedroom        – 3.45m x 2.5m

Bathroom       – 1.6m x 2.5m

Utility room   – 1.0m x 1.4m

Ridge height – 5.2m

Internal ceiling – 2.2m

Roof Thickness – 40cm


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Timber Frame -Energy Efficient Homes


Timber buildings, highly insulated timber frame housing

quality timber housing UK

timber kit homes- passive housing- timber frame UK  2 timber kit homes- passive housing- timber frame UK  3 timber kit homes- passive housing- timber frame UK  4 timber kit homes- passive housing- timber frame UK  5 timber kit homes- passive housing- timber frame UK  6

Passive, highly insulated Timber Frame Housing will be as normal in the next few decades, as purchasing a car with hydrogen fuel cells.

Until then most people only dream of owning a fully insulated, highly innovated dwelling.

Over the last few years the prices per Sq Meter for Passive Housing has been incredibly high, so we at LogCabins LV and Iformbuildings have looked very closely at how it is possible to offer a passive like structure, at reasonable rates.

German Companies seem to be leading the way with an absurd price of £2400 per sq meter, which is incredibly high for just a highly insulated timber framed building.

There are many appliances that need to be fitted to get the 0.01 U value, with triple glazing as standard, but we believe we are able to offer the shell with out all the high tech equipment for half that offered by others. To get a high U value, you need to make the shell highly insulated, and durable.

Please view our Timber frame gallery!!!

Our Timber Frame Segments are nearly 500mm thick, and comprise of the latest insulation to offer a complete stop on all heat loss, but also to make the building cool in summer and warm in winter. When you enter into our Show Home in Poole, you will notice that all sounds from outside are completely and utterly gone! With Air Source Heat Pumps, which when fitted properly can deliver more than 1 to 3 times more heat energy to a home, than the electrical energy it consumes.

Also we can offer a full Air Recuperation system.

Our state of the art buildings are amazing in design; we offer a full turnkey Solution. A one-stop shop! do not settle for less!

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Passive Housing

Passive Housing

Passive Housing

Passive Housing  10001 Passive Housing  10002 Passive Housing  10003 Passive Housing  10004 Passive Housing  10005 Passive Housing  10006 Passive Housing  10007 Passive Housing  10008 Passive Housing  10009



Are you looking for an Energy efficient home? A Green Home? Are you looking for a house that really does tick all the right boxes?

Over the years we have at log cabins LV wanted to desperately change the way Park Homes are manufactured, as the BS 3632 is a typical “ lets grab the money and run” build regulation!

There are many, many companies building to this regulation and we have said defiantly thousands of times that this build regulation is designed for the manufacture to win, win and the buyer to loose, loose.

So then, as always the CEO of Log Cabins LV decided to get 2 highly skilled architects to sit down for 2 years to design a park Home that would be manufactured under our ethos, design, quality and price.

Our Designs are as always, modern, unique and bespoke and well priced for the quality provided.

Our Quality is unapproachable, using the best of all northern timbers, graded, and hand picked, Northern Siberian Larch and CE approved triple glazed windows and doors, CE certified timber c24 visually graded.

In the UK passive housing starts around £2000 per square meter, we start at £1000, and we are not scrimping on timber sizes, in fact we are actually offering more in the way of wall thicknesses and higher graded timber than our more expensive competition.

For us to offer this price is easy, we do not have any middle men in the middle of the transaction that have greedy, sticky fingers.

Our first passive show home is now available to view in Poole in Dorset! And our second passive show home will be able to view in the next few months in Allington near Grantham. Our two New Passive show homes are completely different to one another, offering different build designs.

Our Two Show Homes will offer a different glimpse into two different types of build, our Poole show home is high tech, passive, low heating bills and more cottage, retirement home design.

Our second show home will be as much tech, and still built to a passive standard, triple glazing etc, but more of a glimpse into the future of where park homes will go!

We are very excited to hear that the European Union in conjunction with the UK government are to overhaul the BS3632 and to demand manufacturers to offer better insulation and a better build regulation… Hip Hip..Hooray!!! Lets hope they scrap the BS 3632 and make manufactures manufacture everything to building regulation.

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Log Cabins LV The largest Camping Pod manufacturer in the World!

Log Cabins LV the largest camping pod manufacturers

Camping Pods UK


Above is the largest Camping Pods Park-Village in the world!


Are you looking to start a holiday camp?

Have you been trawling the web looking for quality camping pods? Are you looking also for toilets and shower blocks? Are you looking for a complete package?

Are you finding that all camping pods are either flimsy 45mm awful looking pods, or some crazy design that really is not fit for commercial usage?

Or are you finding them stupidly expensive and their quality level low!!

Are you looking for a manufacture that really can deliver and knows how to manufacture a camping pod to the highest of all standards?

And our standards and quality of build is higher than any other manufacture!

Our quality is so high, and prices so low, and because of this we are always picked as the main supplier to all major holiday parks in Europe! in association with are now the only camping pod supplier in Europe with a Holiday Park of more than 60 pods!

Making us the largest Camping Pod park manufacturer in the world.

Are you looking for a fully insulated pod with double glazed windows and toughened glass double glazed doors, and are you looking for a Pod that keeps your customers safe?

And are you looking for a camping pod that really does keep its value, keeps out the rain, and is built by skilled carpenters!

Are you looking to customize you pod internally or externally? If so we can offer full bespoke service.

LogCabins.LV manufacturers residential homes, so for us to manufacture a timber frame quality fully insulated camping pod well! it comes quite easy!

Our camping pods are known in the industry for longevity and quality at prices that will knock you over!!!

So do not settle for less!! If you are looking for a quality camping pod, then give us a call.

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Residential Log Cabins, Not Residential Log Cabins

Warning to all those thinking they are purchasing a Residential log cabin, 99.9% of the stuff sold on the internet by most cabin companies is Not Residential.. Please read this blog!

residential log cabins  lv   2residential log cabins  lv   3residential log cabins  lv   4

The word residential is used by most cabin companies that are based abroad, and do not really understand the word residential cabin!

A residential cabin must be built either to the BS3632 or to full building regulations with full structural calculations. If the cabin has neither and is built to neither then it is just a common garden cabin, no more no less! It may have cost a huge amount more because the word residential was attached which makes you think!! Arrr Dwelling!!!

Too many companies from the Baltic’s, and Scandinavia use the terminology Residential Log Cabin to proclaim that their flimsy 44mm log cabins are fit for human  habitation, they are not!

These cabins are not structurally sound and are not fit for purpose.

So when purchasing a Residential Log Cabin, be it glulam, or solid, timber frame, or hand made Norwegian log, make sure that what you are purchasing is truly a building fit for purpose, and that it is manufactured to either the BS3632 of full build regs.

There is no gray area here, it either is, or is not!!! THAT’S IT!

Secondly, a word of warning to the Public.

If you purchase a Log Cabin that looks like most dreadful caravans, and you think the planners will allow you to keep it, as its within the guidelines of size and shape, then take note, they won’t.

The BS3632 is quite stringent (even though it is the worst British Standard ever dreamt up) about ventilation, how the roof is assembled, pitch, and the way the body is assembled, and and and!

So if you are thinking of purchasing a Residential Log Cabin talk to the people that really know what’s what, and also who offer realistic pricing.

As we say in the industry, it’s easy to buy cheap, but you buy twice if you do!

We are able to help you with planning, build regs and other issues.

So do not get tempted to buy a cabin from the web with the word residential attached, as 99.9% are nothing but glorified garden cabins. And most a terribly built, awful designed, and last 3 years.

And lastly, if you do try and get away with buying a cheap cabin that looks like an awful static caravan, in the hope that your local building inspector might give you a squeeze and let you keep it up, and he does not! Then do not go crying foul to the credit card company about the log cabin company misleading you!

All our dealers from LV will tell you a log cabin , garden cabin is only a garden cabin, nothing more or less, what ever size, until you put it through planning, and all the structural elements are adjusted to meet said requirements! do not settle for less!

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Oak Garden Offices and Log Cabins LV

oak buildings, oak log cabins,

Oak buildings, oak log cabins, oak garages, oak shelters, oak beams

Why is it that so many people want to purchase Oak Buildings?

Fact, it takes an Oak tree 40 years until it can produce an acorn.

In the UK the common Oak is protected, and a very serious quota is put on harvesting-felling- logging

However, our common Oak is also under threat from Oak Processionary Moth, it is a non-native pest found in London and Berkshire.

Acute Oak Decline (AOD) also chronic oak decline, (COD) is serious conditions, which affects the UK oaks.

Several contributing factors are linked to the diseases.

Decline of mature oaks since 1920.

Key symptoms include canopy thinning branch dieback, and black weeping patches and lesions underlying the bleed spots.


Knowing all this the question is why are we allowing industry to use our beloved oak for, door stops, sheds, beach huts, garden buildings, garages, internal beams, etc.

The reason is partly to do with history, and that the fact that England sadly needs to change its habits in construction and what timber to use.

garden office siberian larch

quality garden offices from log cabins lv

At log cabins LV we never use Oak, English, or any other species of Oak for any part of our buildings.

This is just a company choice, but we think if we start to push other amazing timbers that are in abundance, then hopefully the industry will change its habits and Oak might get a change over the next 400+ years to catch up and be once again the champion of timbers!


Log Cabins LV do not settle for less!

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Garden Offices LV

Timber Frame Garden offices

Garden Offices timber frame

It is very difficult to be inspired working in an office that just kills ambition and motivation. Staring at the same walls day in and day out, painted off white, with strip lighting, and a view of a Smokey city landscape.


Commuting to this kind of environment daily, weekly, monthly, yearly will eventually sap your energy and drive, and when you reach the ripe old age of 50 you will be questioning you life, and what you have achieved. Your boss will be looking at you and thinking of replacing you with a younger version, and at 55 you could be unemployed and doing shelf packing in Tesco’s to make up your pension.

I know this sounds daunting, but sadly it is the truth, the city plus commuting plus work saps your youth, energy, drive and in the end ambition!


insulated garden offices

timber garden offices

Now more and more people are looking at their rail ticket cost, then multiplying that over 5 years, looking at how long they must spend daily commuting, which in most cases is 2 to 4 hours a day. After reviewing all these facts, and figures there really is only one choice.


So the Garden Office was born and more and more people are now working from home, not missing congestion, or road charges, accidentals and tail backs on the M25 or sitting in traffic with fumes being the breakfast smell, or being crammed into a tube, bus or train!


More and more people are sitting in their boxer shorts, and dressing gowns, sipping latte or fresh orange juice with ice cubes at the ready, the smell of fresh bread and salmon and turning on their computers waiting for the day to begin, relaxed and ready, motivated and fresh! Which is great for the health, and company turn over..

timber buildings and garden offices

garden offices timber buildings

So, what kind of garden office should you be looking for? In addition, what is your budget? Please give us a call or send us an email and we will gladly offer correct, honest advice. do not settle for less!

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Garden Offices – Studios – Modern- 2015

quality garden offices and studios 2015

garden offices by log cabins lv

When looking to purchase a Garden office, there are many things to take into account.

The first is what kind of quality building are you looking for.

Are you looking for a cheap log cabin type garden office, with cheap windows and doors, and a shelf life of say 3 to 4 years?

Modern garden offices 2015

High quality timber frame modern garden offices

Alternatively, are you looking for a slightly more expensive timber office that looks exactly like your neighbors, has an OK double door, and a opening window and looks like a garden compost box bought from a company in Bedford!

high end garden offices

quality garden office studios from log cabins lv

Sadly there is very little else on the market at the moment, most of the garden offices and garden studios are either incredibly boring, cheaply made, both, seem to offer very little in the way of insulation and are either built by a back street shed manufacturers or out of work cabin installers, and are sold for hideous amounts of money!

We at Log Cabins LV have looked at this part of the market and decided to throw some of our very Modern Office and Studio designs concepts into the mix, at very affordable pricing.

larch clad timber frame studios

timber frame siberian larch clad quality garden offices and studios

The way we are able to offer lower pricing is that we are the boys and girls that have first dibs on the best of the best timber stocks of Europe-Russia-Finland-Sweden!

Due to our geographical location we are able to source not just the premium lumber felled, we are also able to offer you timber that has not sat on a dock side for weeks waiting for a vessel to ship it to the UK. Our timber is direct from the forest, directly to our manufacturing department and then into your garden! Cutting out middle men, salt water, and transport costs.

Unlike your local shed manufacturer of Cabin Company, we are base beside the largest forests in the world, so our ability to manufacture your timber frame highly insulated office; studio for better pricing is quite easy. (our timber costs less), plus we are able to source the best timber for our timber buildings.

Also we manufacture here in Lithuania, where the skills of carpentry, house manufacturing in timber frame is high on the list of tuition our girls and boys are taught at school, collage and university!

timber frame garden studios

hand crafted windows and doors, quality insulation, timber frame garden offices

If you really want a true Quality Highly Insulated Timber Frame Garden Office that is truly a work of art, built by professional house manufacturers, then please send us an email.

Log Cabins LV do not settle for less!

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Modern Garden Offices by Log Cabins LV

Welcome to our New and Exciting Modern Garden Offices 2015

garden office siberian larch fully insulated

quality timber frame garden offices

Are you looking for a contemporary garden office that really is different in every way to all the other outdated, and incredibly boring designs now littering the web?

A garden office of the future that would cost pennies to heat, looks amazing, keeps its value, and really does add valued capital to your estate!

Our New Modern Passive Range of Timber Frame Garden Offices are as always a cut above the rest and totally unique to us, and with an amazing price tag that will make all other manufacturers run for cover, also a specification that other manufacturers can only dream of being able to offer at our sq meter rate.

highly insulated garden offices

timber frame garden offices, insulated garden offices- timber clad garden offices

Log Cabins LV is known for its design leadership qualities when it comes to anything and everything garden, our garden utility building designs, be it a small granny flat, a reading room, timber frame extensions, therapy centre, a micro house, or the humble old garden office, all bespoke designs are very much welcome.

Our New modern timber frame garden Office range will encompass triple glazing as standard high quality insulation and incredibly hardwearing Vertical Northern Siberian Larch cladding.


Please give us a call, or send us an email for more information.

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The Blog of all Blogs on Log Cabins- Timber Frame Buildings -Garden Offices

log cabins, timber frame studio, insulated garden offices

timber frame garden offices, studios from log

Timber frame Offices, or a passive timber frame holiday lodge are just a few new designs we have coming soon to our already massive selection of buildings.

Things to look out for and say No To!

quality insulated timber frame offices from log cabins lv

quality timber frame offices with unique designs only from log cabins lv

quality timber frame offices with unique designs only from log cabins lv

Firstly, when purchasing a timber frame garden office, beware of the builder who makes it from scratch in your garden. It is best to view their premises, if they do not have a factory then your timber frame garden office is subjected to mother natures whims, if it rains, or the evenings are damp, it will mean that the internal part of your building is wet (damp) and this means that your timber frame garden office will rot from with in!

This is why deliver 100% sealed waterproof finished panels to site! We do not take chances.

;log cabins lv the company that offers quality for less

amazing designs and prices from the best manufacture in log cabins and timber buildings lv the name behind many iconic designs in the UK garden market

amazing designs and prices from the best manufacture in log cabins and timber buildings lv the name behind many iconic designs in the UK garden market

Sadly there are some very stupid people out there that will pay as much as £20.000, to £25.000 for a 5m x 6m timber frame office, with a pathetic 100m frame work, that is made entirely in the garden, is manufactured from completely ungraded material, and believe that the people they have (bodging it together) are qualified carpenters.(Yes this is a real story).

We just sit back and wonder why there are so many TV programs about rouge traders. £25.000 for a 5m x 6m timber frame garden office, hello people out there,£25.000 , the 5m x 6m is worth about £15.000 maximum and with in that price there is already 15% profit added, and if it is built in the garden, this company are not paying over heads somewhere!, the extra £10.000 is pure greed.

Don we need a program done of rouge cabin companies!

do not settle for less, log the number one in timber frame, 1000's of designs

Home Office and amazing passive mobile studios and park homes, the number one in quality fully insulated timber frame housing


Home Office and amazing passive mobile studios and park homes, the number one in quality fully insulated timber frame housing

When purchasing a timber frame garden office, look at the specification, look at the manufacture and what he has claimed to have built before.. Ask to speak to customers, and do a call around to see true pricing.

Our timber frame specification is unbeatable for a standard garden timber frame office, yes our panels are incredibly heavy, yes we offer triple glazing as standard, and yes our windows and doors are without doubt the best the industry has to offer.

quality timber frame highly insulated garden office and studios from log cabins lv

quality timber frame garden offices- incredibly heavy panels means quality solid graded FSC C24 timber.

When you look for a garden office fully insulated, and totally wired out plaster work done, painted, and all the bells and whistles fitted, then yes can offer this complete service, and we can also offer it at amazing prices.

timber frame park homes

timber frame segments, top quality framing, the best siberian larch avalible

timber frame segments, top quality framing, the best siberian larch avalible

When you order a timber frame highly insulated garden office or studio from us it will delivered by hiab, 100% watertight and ready to bolt together, we are able to bespoke the entire office to your needs, electric etc, and have qualified fitters assemble for you on site.

As you can see our panels are super heavy due to their thick, timber structural components. There is not another company offering so much for so little!

Quality Timber Frame Home Stuidos

Home Office, Home garden studios.

Home Office, Home garden studios.


Here is a typical build type for our fully insulated garden offices. If you are looking for more insulation, or a passive build please ask, we can offer a 45×195 stud work c/c600 or c/c400 if needed. This is the smallest frame work we do, which still beats all other companies x 2!

Exterior walls:

  • Horizontal larch panel 20x140mm – undercoated once and painted twice;
  • Vertical battens 20x45mm c/c600 for air gap;
  • Gypsum plate 9.5mm as wind barrier;
  • Segments of wooden framework 45x95mm c/c600;
  • KNAUF insulation 100mm – in free lengths;
  • Plastic film 0.2mm – in free lengths;
  • Gypsum plate 12.5mm – in free lengths.


Ground floor:

  • 12mm chipboard on top; We are able to offer many types of different floor covering.
  • Segments consisting of 45x145mm wooden balks;
  • 150mm KNAUF insulation;
  • 22mm waterproof chipboard underneath;



  • Final roof cover – not included, supplied be the Client;
  • Chipboard 22mm – in free lengths;
  • Battens 45x45mm c/c600 along roof rafters for air gap – in free lengths;
  • Diffusion film TYVEK Pro – in rolls;
  • Precut rafters 45x145mm c/c600 – in free lengths ;
  • KNAUF insulation 150 mm into the rafters – in free lengths;
  • Plastic film 0.2mm – in free lengths;
  • KNAUF insulation 50 mm – in free lengths;
  • Battens 45x45mm c/c400 for pipes and cables – in free lengths;
  • Gypsum plate 12.5mm for the ceiling – in free lengths
  • Boards under the overhang roof

Rain gutter system made of coated metal.

Windows and doors:

  • Windows:  CE approved laminated wooden frame windows with triple glass package, European type- (inward opening with handles), painted your choice.
  • Outside doors: CE approved laminated wooden entrance doors with insulated plate (glass package window can be included) with high security 3-plug locks and handles, impregnated, grunted and painted your colour.

Galvanized metal materials needed for segment assembling: bolts, anchoring bolts, metal plates are included.

A Quality 4m x 5m. Timber Frame fully highly insulated garden office with CE certified double/triple glazed windows and doors, can start from as little as 9000 euros, or £7000 ex vat ex works! , please ask for details.

Do not settle for less. the number one in Timber Frame Garden Offices..

Before ordering any  of our designs of timber frame buildings from our log cabin resellers please give us a call directly to discuss pricing!

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