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Log Cabins LV Glulam Cabin Sauna Cottages 2015

Sauna Cottages

Log Cabins- Sauna Cabins-Engineered Glulam Log Cabins

Glulam Cabins come in all different wall thicknesses and our New for 2015 Glulam Log Cabin Saunas are boasting engineered 200mm x 200mm wall logs, with quality residential window and doors, these cabins are meant to stand up to mother natures worst and still keep you warm and dry!

We will very shortly have a New LV Website, which will be offering the Finnish Public quality log cabins, highly insulated timber frame buildings, but more importantly quality Engineered Glulam Sauna Cottages.

Finland has an astounding 187.888 lakes, and surrounding these lakes are weekend retreats, Holiday Cabins, Sauna Cottages, and Timber Frame Buildings.

Our New Range of Sauna Cottages offer luxury, comfort and quality of design. do not settle for less!


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Oak Windows And Doors from 2015

The Launch of our New Passive Park Homes for 2015 in Dorset and Grantham are an exciting time for

Our New Passive Park Home Range consists of many firsts, and today we would like to show case some of our oak windows and doors, which will be part of the option pack with our New Passive Park Homes.

If you are looking for quality Oak Windows and Doors for your log cabin, or timber building, please give us a call. Do not settle for less!

Quality Windows and Doors

Oak Windows and Doors

Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   04 Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   05 Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   06 Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   07 Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   08 Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   09 Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   10 Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   11 Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   13 Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   14 Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   16 Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   17 Oak Windows and Doors for log cabins- timber buildings  2015   18


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Quality Log Cabins 2015

When scouting the Internet looking for a log cabin, there are so many factors to take into consideration.

Firstly, you must make sure the cabin is manufactured from the correct size components.

Because there is no government control at all on Garden Buildings, you really are in the lap of the gods when it comes to safety.

Component sizes are with out doubt the major issue when it comes to Quality and Crap, Safety and Hazardous.

When we look around the Internet and look at what 90% of Log cabin manufacturers offer (especially the cabins manufactured in the UK where timber prices are a great deal higher than ours and the quality levels of said timber significantly lower) we can see that the component sizes are dramatically smaller.

The first thing to notice is how the purlin is situated in the apex, we seat ours at a 90 degree, cheap log cabins, who bulk manufacture seat theirs at 45 degree’s.

This means Mr Gravity divides half Mr Bulk Manufacturers Purlin in half and offers only the half the resistance.

Moreover, when the Purlin is willfully undersized from the off set, longevity of said log cabin seems very unlikely!

The next vital part of the cabin is of course windows and doors, these should be robust, hand made from joinery timber preferably Scotts Pine, and long life should be the goal from the off set when manufacturing these items.

If you really want to purchase a quality log cabin then you must go through the gallery of the said manufacturer or Out Let! Galleries are a great way of really looking for the quality and flaws.. Also Videos, not the stupid videos of some fat guy with a beard, talking rubbish about how great his log cabin is and just making a sound for 20 minutes.

The Log Cabin industry as all industries has many shades of Great, Good, Bad and Incredibly Awful! Sadly when looking on the first page of Google for log cabins, most on sale are Mass Manufactured over priced finer jointed not worth a second look log cabins.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, a cabin that is safe, built by professionals, using the very best of timber available, offering hand made double glazed tilt and turn windows and doors, all our floors are 28mm (ask dealers for details).

Do not settle for less!



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Budget Log Cabins VS Quality Log Cabins


log cabins

log cabins lv2 log cabins lv3As Europe and most of the world experience sever weather conditions, sadly some of the log cabins on sale are willfully inadequate to withstand minus 15 and the torrential rain that seems to blight us regularly now.

Interlocking log cabins in certain thicknesses find it impossible to keep out water, especially if high winds and torrential rain attack the structure relentlessly.

Massed produced cabins which are offered with budget windows and doors are normally the victim, and sadly there are too many companies now offering these. Look on the first page of Google, and have a look at what is on offer, and you will notice that 90% of all the cabins look the same, and when we mean the same, they are clones of one another.

There are up to 10.000 Log cabins a month sold in the UK, and there are 7 companies all mass producing the same styles, competing against one another to get your business, claiming that are the largest, cheapest, offering you to pay low deposits etc. They are trying to catch you whichever way they can, and sadly as all the cabins are looking the same, its price that wins!

But!! Do you really want a mass-produced log cabin?

Do you need a log cabin that falls apart, leaks in the winter is truly only worth half of its sale value?

Its easy to spot a massed produced cabin, the company will have a very small range!

Also bespoke cabins will take 6 to 10 weeks, and the companies will never have close ups of their windows and doors.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, a cabin that really is top notch, a log cabin that might cost slightly more but lasts a lifetime, then our massive range of log cabins and timber buildings are for you.


Firstly, We have more dealers than any other manufacturer, so if you are looking for that personal touch, we are here!

We were the First ever company to manufacturer the unique design of Twin Skin Log Cabin system, The Clock House, The Garden Office, we were the first company to use CNC machines to manufacture the Interlocking logs, making them water proof and very sturdy!

We have the largest range of Residential Log Cabins, and Timber Frame Residential Park Homes, Timber Frame Mobiles Homes and Timber Insulated Cottages, Insulated Log Cabins, Insulated garden Office, Insulated Log Cabin Offices, Glulam Log Cabins, and our new Glulam Twin Skin Log Cabins and so more! Please visit to find out why LV is the number one brand for quality timber buildings!


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quality glulam cabins

glulam cabins – glulam log cabins- glulam logcabins lv

Logcabins.LV would like today to highlight the other products that we are able to offer using our state of the art manufacturing glulam presses.

Over the years we have specialized in Cabins, Sauna Cabins, Log Cabins, Timber fully insulated panel buildings and hand crafted Log cabins plus:

Camping pods

BBQ huts, and if that’s not enough, we also are one of the leading light here in the Baltic’s in Glulam Buildings,

Sports Hall

Cricket Pavilions

Changing facilities

School libraries

Tennis Pavilions

Granny Annexes and so very much more.

We are able to offer fantastic pricing to companies, which is normally 40% lower than UK standard pricing, yet our standard of craftsmanship timber quality, design ability is way past that available on the market!

glualm log cabins

glulam cabins

If you look around on the Internet, you will notice that we supply most companies looking for quality high-end buildings, we specialize in helping meet budgets and offering the best for your pound! Our Glulam cabins have been used for many different purposes, School Class rooms etc.

What we have noticed and which we will try and eradicate is the Greedy Middle Man, that earns £30.000 pounds + a building, for doing absolutely nothing, who arranges build teams, that actually destroy the buildings and cost both sides money, then runs away when the going gets tough! There are way too many of these shifty individuals in the industry. Easy to spot, they always drink a lot, are always over weight, drive a cheap car and speak loudly! Anyone took offence, ((Sue Me))..

So if you are looking for the honest guys and girls in the industry that have been here from the beginning, and will be here to the end, that do not get aggressive when the going gets tough, and that actually understand all the in’s and outs of timber buildings, glulam buildings, timber frame insulated buildings , then please send us an email with your plans, requests, or possibly you have seen a building in our vast range that takes your fancy!

Today’s photo shows how we can turn, curl, bend, and manipulate glulam timber to form an amazing looking tower!

Do not settle for less!

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Residential Log Cabins VS Glulam Residential Log Cabins

Residential log cabins

If you are thinking of purchasing residential log cabin from solid logs think again. Time and time again we have had customers wanting to purchase residential log cabins from solid timber, to only find out that the planning authorities have rejected the proposal, because the cabin was made from solid wood. The planning department found it very hard to put it through building regs because of wood movement through out the seasons, cold bridging, splitting, warping etc.


This was the reason why we started manufacturing our log cabins from engineered glulam logs. Glulam solves all these structural instability problems. When the cabin is built it only compresses once and does not contract or expand during it’s life time. Glued laminated logs does not warp or twist, multiple laminations cancel each other’s internal tensions.


Thicker log walls give better insulation for a log cabin but the thicker solid logs tend to split more often due to being heartwood and the splits are normally longer and deeper.


Glulam logs tend not to burn with open flames, they smolder slowly and deteriorate much later in comparison to solid logs that burn and collapse quickly.


All these superior properties of a glulam log cabins vs solid log cabins not only makes it easy to comply with building regulations but also makes our residential engineered glulam log cabins last longer and keeps your investment safe.


if you are looking for holiday accommodation or school classrooms, an office, a garage, a meeting room or any other kind of function room then our glulam logs in single or twin skin are perfect for you.


Glulam log cabins can easily pass building regulations and structural calculations. For more information please send us an email or give us a call.

Do not settle for less!

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Log Cabins And Cutting Corners 2015

Log Cabins And Cutting Corners


Bulk Log cabin manufacturers are always trying to find ways to make log cabins cheaper. It is easy to spot these cabins.

Firstly look at the windows and doors, you will see the framework is very thin, the hardware is cheep and the glass is very thin. The floorboards normally are 19mm and the roof boards are also normally 19mm and the purlings are sat normally at 45 degrees not 90 in the apex. This is done because it is a cheaper way to manufacture the cabin.

Purchasing a cheap log cabin means that you will have to purchase another one four years down the road they are not meant for longevity they are not meant to stand harsh winters they are literally a throw away.

This is a real shame as the timber used to manufacture these log cabins is quite good, however saying that profit comes before quality normally from bulk log cabin manufacturers so looking after timber supplies is not foremost on their mind.

What’s quite funny is that we have manufacturers that brag they manufacture 5000 – 10000 buildings a year which works out at if you take the middle ground 20.5 buildings a day including weekends and we are made to believe that quality from these mills is amazing (pull the other one John).

Mass manufactured log cabins are a blight to all that buy them, as we are filling our gardens with rubbish once again.

Purchasing a quality log cabin would only cost possibly 20% more yet you get a building that is hand made with quality double glazed tilt and turn windows and doors all of which are designed to last.

LogCabins.LV has over many years designed some of the most iconic garden buildings for the UK – Europe – world.

We are the only log cabin manufacturer with quality of design and fare pricing structure, which puts us on top of many companies’ lists as their preferred supplier.

Over the last 8 years, we have seen our business grow and grow which is down to our personal customer service, great pricing, fantastic quality and addressing all issues.

LogCabins.LV has been offering the public log cabins, timber buildings, camping pods, park homes, residential buildings, timber frame housing and so much more for over 15 years which makes us the longest supplier / manufacturer in the UK and Ireland.

Unlike most companies that have 3 to 5 ranges we have an amazing 45, starting with a small 3m x 3m in 35 mm going all the way up to a 500sqm fully insulated timber frame house.

If we can help you with bespoke designs or any other queries please do not hesitate to give us a call! do not settle for less!

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Camping Pods LV 2015

Camping Pod

Camping Pods

Log cabins LV manufactures massive variety of timber buildings. On our range we’ve got garden log cabins timber frame buildings, residential log cabins, glulam building designs etc.

We categorize those buildings by their structural features, building technologies or quality ranges but in each category, you will find timber buildings that can be attributed to the mix of functionalities and purposes.

Some of them are exceptionally for living in, some work best as the offices; some are ideal holiday log cabins, while some are truly multipurpose.


One of our ranges is unique in all respects. It is very exceptional in design, building technology and purpose… We at Logcabins LV are driven by innovations and we continuously work hard to innovate new and exciting building designs 24/7/365 days a year!.


We have looked at holidays and camping industries, and we saw a huge gap in the lower end of market, but still trying to offer quality accommodation with in the boarders of affordability for the Holiday Parks and Camping sites that were looking to expand into this market.


It’s a hard act to follow, quality and price, and also what we have found is that a very small but hard core cottage industry that has started crudely manufacturing Camping Pods at around the £6000 mark, which is a reasonable price, however, the materials used, and the quality of the windows and doors, also the durability, sadly has turned the camping pod market into an almost cheap shed market! (And sadly camp sites who really do not know good/bad are buying them and putting the public at risk)


When people go out on camping trips they usually chose to stay in either a tent, a recreational vehicle (RV) or caravan, or one of our Holiday Park Residential Log Cabins.


What was lacking was a space that offered comfort, security, and regardless of what Mother Nature decided to offer up, it would keep the occupants warm and dry!

Our Camping Pods are the best of the best, there is nothing on the market that touches our quality, and price!


From there, our creativity led us to designing a separate department for timber frame fully insulated holiday buildings- Cabins- Mobiles-Chalets – And Quality Insulated Camping Pods.


So the camping pod as the name suggests is a relatively little timber (Womb) which blends in well with forests, lawns, beach environments, holiday parks, great for children, great for temporary accommodation, and is exceptionally eco-friendly while at the same time providing very comfortable accommodation for the camp site visitors. We call it The Pod because of its shape, size, mobility (fork lift sleeves built in) and ease of upgrading.


A basic model camping pod, when looked at from the end, is arch shaped. The metal-shingled roof with has a 40-year guarantee spans all the way from the ridge to the ground covering and seamlessly transitioning into sidewalls. It has a double glazed door on one end and a double glazed window on another.


The structural arches and inside paneling is Siberian pine graded timber and the outside cladding is superb Grade A Northern Siberian larch. Doors and windows are all of residential grade, double-glazed, and argon filled, with very strong 5 point locking system stainless steel hinges and tilt and turn hardware. All our camping pod windows are made with micro ventilation openings.


Materials we use in building our pods are hand selected to meet our top standards and give luxurious look and feel as in most of our products.


All camping pod designs in our range are simply derived from this basic camping pod design idea by adding some features but sticking to the original conception. Our camping pods differ amongst each other in floor sizes, windows and entrance door sizes and positions. Bigger camping pods are often wanted with entrance on the side and skylight windows in the roof or standard windows on the sidewall.

This was a short introduction to our range of fully insulated camping pods, for more on this please send us an email or give us a call., do not settle for less!

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log cabins LV Videos

Log Cabins LV 

YouTube Channel

cabin videos

logcabins videos


Our video bank on you tube (Thanks Google) contains over 50 videos.

With in our videos you will see everything from Garden Log Cabins, Glulam Twin Skin Educational Buildings, Timber Frame Housing, Camping pods and so very, very much more!

What we would like you to do is look at how we manufacture our buildings, unlike 99.9% of other manufactures we actually enjoy showing off our production lines, which we believe gives you the opportunity to view how your building-timber structure-cabin-chalet are manufactured!,

Also for you to observed which machines are used, most are brand new and are fully computerized, which means your cabins, timber buildings are precision made.

Our timber is with out doubt some of the best on the planet, we hand pick every plank; we only use FSC, KD, C24 for structural elements. do not settle for less!

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Camping Pods

Camping Pods

siberian larch camping pods

Over the many years we have been manufacturing timber frame buildings we have championed Northern Siberian Larch as the only external cladding!

Northern Siberian Larch is with out doubt the most durable cladding when it comes to water penetration, and with the correct treatment, Siberian larch will last for tens of years! has the largest range of timber buildings, from garden offices, to Residential Holiday Home Accommodation, to unique fully static Chalets. Our Camping Pods are the only camping pods in the business with grade A Siberian Larch as the external cladding. They are also the only camping pods that have Residential Standard Windows and doors, plus all our camping pods have tilt and turn windows with micro openings. Camping Pods have over the last 4 years become a large cottage industry; sadly there has been one death, caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. takes build quality and safety incredibly serious and we do not leave anything to chance where the public are concerned. All our camping pods have trickle ventilation, micro openings in the windows and safety notices all over each and every camping pod.

If you are looking for a quality camping pod, want quality windows and doors. Our pricing to trade is cheaper than any of the back street pods on offer, yet our quality is 100% better! That’s a very large brag, please look at this video and see for yourself the largest Children’s Pod Park in Europe.

A lot of companies come to us for their Pods, Changing Rooms, Staff Meeting rooms, Insulated Staff Cabins and Toilets etc. We offer a full turnkey solution, and know how to make your park stand out from the rest! If you are looking for advice, pricing etc, please call us, or send us an email!, do not settle for less!

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Holiday log cabin Accommodation -Log Cabin Holiday Cottages

Log manufacture amazing holiday lodges and log cabins for and in the UK.

If you are looking for an amazing log cabin for that romantic getaway, or relaxing family holiday, then we have hundreds to pick from for your Holiday Park, fishing Lake, Caravan Park etc, Park Home Holiday Park etc.

Luxury log cabin holidays need luxury timber frame highly insulated buildings with you are guaranteed quality and bespoke options avalible ,5 star quality every time. Our ranges include quality-insulated lodges, Cottages, Log Cabins and amazing quality log and timber frame English and European style Cottages.

Please follow these links to find what we believe is possibly the best range of quality holiday style log cabins, holiday timber frame style buildings available in the business

holiday log cabins

self catering cottage holiday-timber lodge quality holiday log cabins


We are able to offer a full turn key solution on all our buildings, we are also able to come to your holiday park and asses what will help you and let us help you save hundreds of thousands of pounds, but purchasing our new highly insulated timber frame options.


Here you will find some amazing holiday accommodation type structures, engineered glulam log cabins and highly insulated timber frame.

If you need any help at all trying to figure out what’s in your budget range, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

Do not settle for less, the number one in holiday cottages.

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Sauna Log Cabins-Sauna Cabins-Sauna Summer Cottages

Sat in Traffic Every Day? Surrounded by dirty polluting machinery?

If you are looking to get rid of harmful, heavy polluting toxins, and seriously relax your tired and weary body after a hard days work,  then our sauna log cabins are perfect, its really strange to say this but these glulam sauna cottages are actually great for your health in so many, many ways!!!

Have you seen our new range of sauna log cabins? or better known as Sauna Cottages? This fantastic new range is possibly the largest sauna log cabin range on the planet, and it just get’s bigger and bigger! We decided to offer this unique range in 200mm x 200mm engineered quality glulam logs, which are up to the task of coping with harsh winters and long hot dry summers. If you are looking for a log cabin that is designed to be the ultimate in relaxation and quality in build then our glulam sauna log cabins are without doubt the best thing on the market, if you are looking for quality, price and design, is the Number 1 on the planet!

sauna logcabins

sauna log cabins

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Twin Skin Log Cabins vs Timber Frame vs Glulam Log Cabins

One of our qualities that we are very proud of and which we demand of our dealers and sales-people is honesty

Yep! Good old fashion honesty, which is a rare trait in this industry!

Sometimes it means that we might lose the sale because we have offered honest advice.

There are too many liars, con men, and complete and utter idiots in our industry with zero experience, and are only out to take your money and run! We need Don on cowboy builders to do a few episodes on log cabins!! (We can supply him with 30 company names straight off)….

OK back to our blog.

We as a company believe it is worth educating the public.

Nearly every day we receive a call from a potential client who wants some particular cabin or other timber building and we just know it is not what he or she needs or simply it is not the best solution for the customer.

Sometimes we even advise to go with brick and mortar instead of timber and log.

If you are thinking of purchasing a timber structure be it timber frame or log it is very important to understand that this is a long-term investment and it is very important for your peace of mind that you are fully aware of what you are going to receive before you place an order.

It is also very important to have a clear vision what the building is going to be used for. Different types of cabins and timber buildings have their pros and cons. Today we are going to lay some guidelines down for your thought process.


–              I want a cabin for my garden.

A Solid log cabin in 34mm for your garden is a perfect solution if you only need a cabin to keep your gardening tools, read a book on summer evenings , or need a spare room to put boxes, or that noisy washing machine and dryer!

Our DF range of log cabins in 44mm with quality tilt and turn double glazing are great for everything, but are not suitable to put the mother in law in at the bottom of the garden!

If you are thinking of building yourself a garden office then what you need is a building with tall windows that allows a lot of natural day light in, this is where a lot of garden office fail, small windows, made from thin material and incredibly cold in the winter, that’s why a twin skin system in 44mm x 44mm is the way to go for any kind of budget priced insulated garden office type structure.. Should you be looking for a garden cabin that is good for staying-living-office-bedsit-granny flat, an all year round we would strongly recommend insulated twin skin which is available in solid timber and also our engineered glulam timber.


If you are looking for a permanent dwelling, a home, then we would suggest timber frame.

Over the last few years we have been working tirelessly to bring to market a timber frame panel that won’t just keep you warm and safe in the winter, and cool in the summer, but also a panel that will protect your investment. (I am looking for a knighthood for this one).

With in 3 moths we will have 2 display models in the UK, which we know will upset the Park Home fraternity deeply!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email, and please have a long hard look through our website, there is a lot to take in, but every design can be tailored to your needs. Bespoke designs welcomed.

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Quality Log Cabins LV

Creating quality log cabins, timber frame buildings, camping pods and many other timber structures that will truly last the test of time, which are built using the very highest quality timber, with the latest technology, producing a product that is second to none in the industry, these are the hallmarks of a product.

We are each and every month trying our hardest to offer to the world wide market new and exciting products at unbelievable prices, but still offering a quality product.

Here are a few photos of some of our products.

log cabin - log cabins- lv

logcabins-logcabins lv

Log Cabins LV  2015  35 Log Cabins LV  2015  34 Log Cabins LV  2015  33 Log Cabins LV  2015  32 Log Cabins LV  2015  31 Log Cabins LV  2015  30 Log Cabins LV  2015  29 Log Cabins LV  2015  28 Log Cabins LV  2015  27 Log Cabins LV  2015  26 Log Cabins LV  2015  25 Log Cabins LV  2015  24 Log Cabins LV  2015  23 Log Cabins LV  2015  22 Log Cabins LV  2015  21 Log Cabins LV  2015  20 Log Cabins LV  2015  19 Log Cabins LV  2015  18 Log Cabins LV  2015  17 Log Cabins LV  2015  16 Log Cabins LV  2015  15 Log Cabins LV  2015  14 Log Cabins LV  2015  13 Log Cabins LV  2015  12 Log Cabins LV  2015  11 Log Cabins LV  2015  10 Log Cabins LV  2015  09 Log Cabins LV  2015  08 Log Cabins LV  2015  07 Log Cabins LV  2015  06 Log Cabins LV  2015  05 Log Cabins LV  2015  04 Log Cabins LV  2015  03 Log Cabins LV  2015  02 Log Cabins LV  2015  01



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Park Homes-Mobile Homes UK will over the next 12 months bring to market a few new and very special products. Firstly we will have on display in Dorset and Grantham in the UK, the UK’s first Passive Park Homes, at a price that will make your Jaw drop.

Our New Highly insulated Park homes-Holiday Homes and not just built to the whimsy BS 3632 build code, or to the highly insufficient UK building regulations, and also way higher than the New Euro 5 code, we have designed these buildings to be incredibly highly efficient, highly desirable, minimalistic, functional, and kitted out with a platinum service pack. Marble/Granite worktops, wet rooms, built in cupboards and so very much more.

There are too many building companies that offer rubbish, hiding behind building regulations, and we are fed up with seeing second hand park homes- mobile homes being sold for 1/10 of their value 10 years after they were purchased.

As we are all aware, each and every year the government is raising U values, and build standards, so we have decided to raise them to a height that is 30 years in front, by doing the math on how the EU-UK decides on build code we believe our formula is ground breaking for this industry, but still keeping the prices low. Moreover, keeping your investment safe.

We will be offering with all our new Park Homes-Mobile Homes EPC certificates..

Our New Range of Park Homes-Mobile Homes have had two qualified architects working 1 year at great cost to us, to come up with what we believe is the future of mobile homes-park homes!

We believe it is sometimes best to pay a little more to get back your investment rather than loose nearly everything. Why purchase a mobile home, park home that will loose its value at a rate of £500 a month?

In addition, do you want your park home to be built as if it were a glorified caravan, or a real timber frame highly insulated house?

We are a House manufacturer, we manufacture everything inside our factory, and the panels are delivered to site finished, which means, Mother Nature cannot harm them.

Our Park Homes- Mobile Homes will be solid in construction, all our timber is CE KD FSC C24 graded which is used throughout? Quality timber laminated residential spec windows and doors, triple glazed, and a massive choice of different external cladding, including Northern Russian Siberian Larch. We also offer many different internal claddings.

All our new range of Mobile Homes-Park Homes will be totally bespoke, which you can sit down and tell our experienced UK partners what you would like, where you would like it and what finish you would like also! Long gone are the days of park homes- mobile homes having small bedrooms, thin walls, pathetic windows and doors, and what we call gas guzzling heating bills.

The Future is our New Range soon to be on display! For more information, please send us an email or give us a call!

Very soon the rules will be changed when it comes to having to purchase your Park Home solely from the owner of the land, and you being allowed to purchase yourself the Park House-Mobile House  you want, rather than being blackmailed into buying a pile of crap for a fortune!

I think there will be a lot of parks that will very soon want better homes on their site, not all the same Wendy house looking structures that are wafer thin, and totally inadequate! Its time we protected our retired elderly, not blatantly and openly stealing from them! We all one day will want a nice home to relax and say I did my bit, not have leaking ceilings, and high gas bills! ARRRRR not forgetting…and loose everything we ever made on selling our first, and last house to a Park Home Salesman!

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