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Summer Cottages

logcabins- summer cottages

Summer Cottage -log cabins

Through out Finland there are a staggering 152.000 lakes, around these pristine lakes are situated many thousands of sauna summer cottages.

Sauna in Finland is seen as the ideal way of rejuvenating the skin, getting rid of toxins and relaxing after a hard days work. Baths are not a common place in Finnish houses or apartments.

Therefore, when the Fin’s travel to their summer cottages at the weekends, or on their annual leave, sauna is a huge part of that vacation experience.

Incorporating a sauna into a summer cottage needs to be thought out well, as the whole family will participate, which means their could be as many as 10 to 20 people enjoying an evening in the woods, having BBQ a few beers, Sauna and midnight swim.

Around the summer, cottages could be many small interlocking log cabins to accommodate friends and family, so interlocking log cabins, or timber frame cabins are very popular in Finland.

Most summer cottages are fully insulated, and some can be as large as 250 sq meters, depending on the plot size! Triple Glazing and strong roofs are necessary due to snowfall, below temperatures, and the occasional bear waking up and foraging, and the most popular route into a cottage by bears is through the roof!

It is very important that when manufacturing a summer cottage one begins to think about what kind of timber to use, in the old days it would have been solid logs, round, hand sawn and quite a crude structure. More refined summer cottage cabins came to fruition in the 60’s and 70’s, and then in the 80’s quality interlocking structures were popping up all over the lakeshores. These are manufactured from quality pine logs and from then until now nothing much has changed in design or quality.

We have looked at traditional summer cottages and believe that by using an Engineered 220mm x 200mm Glulam log, this will be sufficient to keep the cold out, will stand the test of time with the scorching summers and extremely cold winters.

We have taken some time in redesigning a few of the most popular designed summer cottages, and giving them a make over….

At the beginning of February, we will be offering the Finnish public a New log cabin website. On offer will be the whole LV range, including our new Summer Cottage Range.

Do not settle for less!

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Twin Skin Log Cabins

Twin Skin Log Cabins are not new to the market, we should know, we were the first to design and to manufacturer them and offer them to market which was over 10 years ago, since then every man and his shed has started manufacturing them.

No doubt, they are all waiting for us to come up with something new, so they then can follow the leader!

So to all the manufacturers out there, its time to invest 300.000 Euros, and for once buy a CNC New Machine, and offer a quality twin skin log cabin that works independently but is still connected. I can hear all the mills scratching their heads at that one!!

Our Twin Skin Glulam log cabins are not just available in 80mm x 80mm they are also available up to a staggering 340mm x 340mm.

There is no other manufacturer offering this kind of engineered Glulam Log quality, which is quite possible due to the simplistic, finger jointing machines they have purchased which have huge limitations.

Twin Skin Log Cabins are great for garden offices, residential 2 bedroom cabins, school buildings, class rooms, sport halls, swimming pool halls and the like. However when purchasing a quality twin skin glulam log cabin, you must pick the company very carefully.

There are many companies out there that claim to sell our product; we are now telling the public to email us first so we can direct you to an honest, reliable dealer.

Sadly, our quality has put us very much on top of the wish list for log cabins, and other manufacturers have suffered with falling orders. Sadly it has come to our attention that agents from other cabin brands claim to be able to source our products. So if you are looking for  a quality Twin Skin Log Cabin please send us an email.

At Log Cabins LV we pay lots of attention to our products’ durability.

One of the way of extending woods service time is impregnation, especially in places where timber might be constantly affected by excess humidity or water.

Such places are log cabin’s wall bearers, floor bearers and/or terrace decking bearers.

The impregnation system that we at Log Cabins LV use and which proved to be very effective is called Tanalith® E. Timber impregnated using this methodology undergoes several stages.

Seasoned timber has to be stacked just like for drying except that the size of the stack cannot exceed limitations set by impregnation chamber manufacturer. After loading timber stack in to a hermetic impregnation chamber the stack is pressed top to bottom by a hydraulic press in order to prevent timber boards twisting and warping during the impregnation process, the press releases only when timber stack is ready to be taken out of the chamber.

When chamber door closes and seals air tight powerful vacuum generators start reducing the pressure inside. When the pressure drops to a minimum the whole chamber gets flooded with liquid preservative agent, in case of our log cabins with Tanalith® E. After this the pressure is raised to atmospheric and timber starts sucking liquid in. Then the pressure is raised further to over 8bars in order to force preservative deep in to the wood.

The last phase of pressure treatment involves dropping pressure to atmospheric level, draining out impregnation liquid and creating vacuum again to remove excess amounts of liquid from the wood. By that time wood preserving substances are locked inside wood. This part end by normalizing pressure to match atmospheric. Door is opened and stack removed from the chamber.

Before using treated timber must drip off any remaining liquid residues and dry out. Log Cabins from us comes with pressure treated wall and floor bearers that are pre manufactured to the right lengths and do not require sawing or any other manipulation other than laying them in correct order. However if for some reason impregnated timber were to be cut notched or drilled, one must apply end grain preservative to maintain the integrity of the treatment.

Tanalised® E timber can be safely used in applications with log cabins where untreated timber would not last and rot rather quickly.

twinskin cabins

twinskin cabins- glulam cabins- log cabins

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Glulam Cabin Saunas 2015

The History and the benefits of the Sauna.

And our New Glulam Cabin Sauna Range!


The word sauna is an ancient Finnish word referring to the traditional Finnish bath and to the bathhouse itself.

Although finish style sauna may be one of most popular nowadays there are some variations that might come from other countries and other cultures or technological advancement.

Heat treatment as a form of relaxation, meditation or even therapeutic, were practiced all over the world for many centuries.

In all of history, in virtually every culture in the world, the wealthy did not consider their houses complete unless they were equipped with a body heating facility in some cultures the hose couldn’t be a home if it didn’t have sauna.

Since the dawn of ancient civilizations therapeutic heat applications can be found in scripts. Records of using heat for tumors and lesions date back 5000 years in Egyptian papyruses.

In Indian scripts dating as far as 568BC perspiration before bathing is considered very important. The Indians used heated substances like sand or cow manure to cover sore in order to raise the temperature of an affected part of the body. They also used stem produced by dropping hot piece of iron or stone into a pan of water placed underneath the sickbed.

Thanks to Herodotus and other ancient historians we have pretty good understanding on how hot and cold with or without steam bath houses were used in ancient Greece and Rome.

In these cultures baths we used for therapy, cleansing and rejuvenation as well as for pleasure.

Communal baths also was a social centre of the village or town and in time evolved in to places where all the social and recreational needs were met.

In ancient Greece and Rome, as with many other cultures, a ritual was made of massages and oil rubs after the sauna.

Turkish hamman was somewhat similar to roman baths and played a big role in social life. Turkish baths are wet saunas where temperatures are relatively low but the air is very humid and filled with steam or water vapour.

In central and north America native people also had their traditional saunas. Native Mexicans used to build temescals from wood and mortar. Temescal is was a low building a dry bath heated with fire where naked people would stand and perspire. To finish bathing they would pour water on themselves.

Northern American natives used to build sweat lodges in various designs but the common feature was the heat source. They used to heat up large stones in the fire outside the lodge and then bring them in and place into a hollow in the dirt floor in the middle of the lodge. The sweat lodge was a place of purification, not only of the physical body, but of the spiritual and emotional bodies as well. Outer cleanliness represented inner peace and mastery of one’s mental and emotional energies.

Not much known about Japanese saunas’ history but from the data dating back to 19th century it is known people there were using chambers somewhat similar to small kilns where one had to crawl to get inside. To the Japanese, relaxation has been an important part of remaining healthy, the therapeutic effects on the body of their heating chamber intertwined with emotional and spiritual aspects. The therapeutic value of this kiln bath was believed greater than taking hundreds of different medicines.

In some cultures, dry body heating and bathing in pools of water evolved into steam baths.

Russian Sauna known as banya is similar to Turkish sauna –  wet sauna where air can be even more humid and steamed with vapour.

In Russian Banyas it is common to use sticks or branches to slap the body and bring better blood circulation in the surface of the skin. After spending some time in a sauna one would go and immerse in to an ice cold water to cool down.

Nowadays the most popular type of traditional saunas all around the world is Finish sauna. Originating in Finland, the ancient Lapps or Sámi people used a form of Sauna as a place to meditate as well as a means of cleaning the pores of the skin and relaxing the tired muscles. The cleansing process was facilitated by the additional use of birch branches with leaves which were gently slapped onto the body causing the pores to open. This same practice continues today in Finland, Scandinavia and Baltic region as the practice was picked up by the Nordic peoples during the Viking age.

Therapeutic benefits of sauna include aid to adaptation, reduction of stress hormones, lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular conditions were documented and scientifically proved. The mental benefits of bathing in a sauna are reported by many users. The warm and quiet environment stimulates circulation and the release of endorphins in the brain, creating a sense of peaceful relaxation and well-being.

Saunas have been used for ages in Northern Europe as a form of relaxation, meditation and physical cleansing. In modern times the health benefits of the sauna are known around the world. However unlike during traditional Finish bathing ritual rather than jumping into an ice cold lake after the sauna, plunge pool or cold shower is advised to gently cool and cleanse the skin while closing the skin pores.

The endorphin release aids the relaxation of tired and overworked muscles. As the body temperature rises, blood vessels dilate resulting in increased circulation which is thought to aid muscle repair. This has the effect of soothing aches and pains acquired from exercise, making use of the sauna perfect for after sports recovery and the breakdown of lactic acid.

Some believe that while sweating in sauna detoxification of some heavy metals occurs. After having or even while having a sauna it is very important to replace water and salts that your body has lost therefore drinking mineral water is a good idea.

Experiencing fatigue after sauna is very natural. This relaxed state of calm and tranquility facilitates a deep and rejuvenating sleep which has many health benefits of its own.

It helps to deal with anxiety or stress related sleep loss. Sauna may be a way to naturally encourage the relaxation required for you to get a good night’s rest.

Saunas can be classified by heat source to electrically heated saunas and wood burning sauna; by air humidity – dry sauna and steam sauna.

Smoke sauna is a type of very old traditional Scandinavian style sauna where stones are heated with fire inside the sauna building. The stove does not have a chimney so the smoke enters the room. After few hours when the flame is out the room is ventilated, and the sauna is ready to be used. This type of sauna is rare but still built in Baltic region for its authenticity.

Besides traditional types of saunas there are infrared saunas. Unlike dry or wet saunas this type pf sauna does not involve heating the air instead it uses far infrared energy spectrum range radiation. Far infrared rays from infrared heaters has thermal effect on surface of the body. Infrared heaters produce body heating and sweating at a much lower air temperature than Finnish saunas. So for many people it’s much more comfortable to sit in an infrared sauna.

If you are looking for a quality timber( glulam cabin) Sauna, then are able to offer bespoke designs, sizee, which will fit your budget!

Glulam is the perfect material to build a sauna log cabin from, which is why our New Range of Glulam Cabins are becoming a massive hit with the public. Glulam does not shrink or split, it can come in 12m lengths, and if you are looking for a place to really relax, expel toxins from your skin, and just be alone with no noise, and feel at one with yourself. then a Sauna cabin from is the best choice for you. Please send us an email for more information.

Please check out our 80mm glulam cabins

Glulam Log Cabin Sauna buildings

Glulam Sauna Cabins

Glulam Cabins -Sauna Cabins- Log Cabins 03 Glulam Cabins -Sauna Cabins- Log Cabins 05 Glulam Cabins -Sauna Cabins- Log Cabins 07 Glulam Cabins -Sauna Cabins- Log Cabins 09 Glulam Cabins -Sauna Cabins- Log Cabins 11 Glulam Cabins -Sauna Cabins- Log Cabins 13 Glulam Cabins -Sauna Cabins- Log Cabins 15

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Glulam Cabins

When you purchase a Glulam cabin what should you be looking for?

Firstly you must make sure that the company selling you their glulam logs are firstly manufactured under all the EU regulations, too many glulam log cabins are coming from outside the EU and are not certified, this means in reality you could be purchasing complete and utter rubbish!

Our Glulam/Laminated Timber is certified by  Otto Graf Institute for strength classes which start from A, GL24(BS11),GL28(BS14) and GL32(BS16) in accordance with DIN and EN norms we also received in 2012 ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates.

Because of this our Glulam production is exported from our factory to all over the world, including, Sweden and Finland!

We can also offer

Preparation of advance proposals,

Preparation of projects,

Supply and construction of steel components,

Wood impregnation,

Fire retardant




We are able to offer lengths up to 36m, yep! 36m in one long length! In addition, our maximum span is an unbelievable 80m.

We are also able to offer a curved beam of 40m.

All this is just facts and numbers, but these facts, and numbers mean, you are not just purchasing a quality glulam log cabin; you are purchasing an engineered Glulam log cabin, that is simply better than the rest by leaps and bounds.

What we have found when we surf the web and we are look to see if there is anything better for sale than us, we realise that we are not just the best, and that our standard engineered glulam log is so way past the post to anything else on offer, we realise that most of what is sold on the internet, is actually Finger Jointed small bits of  ungraded timber, and they sadly they use the word Glulam to tempt you in!

Interlocking log cabins be them glulam, Solid or Handmade were first sold into the UK about 15 years ago, we should remember, as it was us that offered them into the market first! Then we offered them out to shed companies, and timber companies to offer to their customers, and we are proud to announce we still have our very first dealer purchasing from us!!

When looking for a quality glulam log cabin, the KNOTS, are the give away, if the timber has a lot of knots steer clear, in fact RUN! Knots are a great give away for lack of quality, grade and engineering ability! Next, ask them to show you photos of their press, this is a vital part of the whole operation, there isn’t really a bad pressing station, depends what kind of grade and length you are looking for. A lot of old mills, and some new mills, purchase standing hydraulic glulam presses, and for window frames, door frames, chairs, tables etc, Vertical presses do the job! In fact they don’t need anything better.

However, when you manufacture houses, structural beams, elements, sport stadiums, swimming pools, equestrian centres, large supermarkets, public bridges, for cars, and public,  then a standing press is sadly wilfully inadequate.

Because of this, we have invested 10.5 million Euros into one of the most sophisticated flat bed engineered glulam pressing stations in the world!

However that does not mean we must recoup our investment by pricing heavily our product, it’s actually the opposite, our glulam structures, be them Log Cabins, or Post and Beams, are the best priced in the market, as we have very little waste, due to the whole line being computerised, and that we only use C24 graded timber before we start!

Also please ask yourself this question, would you rather purchase a £50,000 Glulam cabin from some small independent builder, who obviously is purchasing it from another trader, and pay his finders fee of 20%, or purchase it from the manufacturer save your self, his fee, their fee and still get a better deal??

The European Union is a great place to find, quality and price, and still be safe when it comes to purchasing direct. The fear of having your money stolen by a foreign company is fallacy, as we have lost more money to UK companies going bust and then re opening under the same name 2 months later than any country in the world. And we sell into most!

You have more rights in the Baltic’s legally, than in the UK!

It is impossible here for a company to go bust tomorrow and the CEO open another the next day! We take bankruptcy here very seriously. It is a pity the moral high ground is not in the UK any more!

And this BLOG is being written by a 51 year old Brit!

Pride, honor and reputation are the qualities I have only found here in the Baltic’s over the last 34 years! Dishonesty and theft, with in the Cabin fraternity is none existent.

I can honestly say, doing business into the UK with our products is a mine field, we are very lucky to have great partners now, we have over the last few years got rid of a few bad apples, that’s why it is imperative to send us an email and check who is who!

If you are seriously looking for a Engineered Glulam log cabin, have a budget, would like high spec triple glazing, quality engineered logs etc, then please give us a call, or send us an email.

Please check out our Residential Glulam Cabins

glulam cabins

glulam log cabins

Glulam Cabins  05 Glulam Cabins  07 Glulam Cabins  09 Glulam Cabins  11 Glulam Cabins  13


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History Of Log Cabins

A Brief History of Log Cabins, by

A Brief History of Log Cabins, by

The History Of Log Cabins 

Archaeologists and historians who researched the development of architecture date log cabins back to the Bronze Age around 3500BC.

The Very First log cabins were built in Northern and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine and Germany where large amounts of woodlands were dominant, so the conditions were perfect for the constructing of rudimental log houses, log cabins.

The first written source is by the Roman architect Vitruvius Pollio describing the log dwellings-Houses-Cabins which were constructed by laying logs horizontally over the top of each other and filling the gaps-holes in with mud and wood chips.


Researchers believe that at first log buildings-cabins- houses were built using round logs, only later hand hewn log cabins emerged.  This is the first improvement made in log cabins. And of course not the last!

For millennia hand hewn interlocking log cabins were the main type of houses in these areas where winters were extremely cold and well insulated cabins, houses were vitally important.

It is believed that interlocking log cabins – houses – buildings, where tree trunks were used and stacked one on top of another and overlapping the logs at the corners started in Eastern Europe and then spread to Scandinavia and the rest of the Europe in 11th century.

Over many centuries’ log cabins and interlocking log structures have developed immensely and have became bigger, stronger, and what started as a low roof hut has grown into a two story house and incredibly large barns.

The Fins made the greatest advantages in developing interlocking log techniques. They developed interlocking corners by notching the logs at the ends, resulting in strong structures that were easier to make weather-tight by inserting moss or other soft material into the joints.

Insulating properties of solid logs were big advantage over other building techniques, complex joints were developed to ensure more weather tight joints between the logs, but the profiles were still largely based on the round log technique .

By the time log cabins were taken to the new world Europeans had long tradition of using logs for buildings houses, barns and other buildings. Log cabins became trendy in Canada and northern part of US. This type of building became very popular among early settlers especially in northern parts of America where weather conditions during winter can be very , very harsh.

With suitable tools, a log cabin can be erected from scratch in days by a family. As no chemicals are involved, such as hardening of mortar, a log cabin can be erected in any weather or season.

Modern log cabins often are sold as prefabricated kits machined in a factory rather than hand-built in the field like of bygone days. Modern approach to building interlocking log cabins allows to build more structurally stable buildings without sacrificing architectural creativity. Techniques like twin skin log interlocking building made log cabins even more insulated and customisable.

At Log Cabins LV you will find massive range of log cabins and timber buildings. From modern built traditional looking round log houses or machine sawn garden log cabins to very contemporary glulam log cabins and timber buildings.

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Log Cabins New for 2015

Log Cabins Sauna New for 2015

Sauna Log Cabins New for 2015

Log Cabins New for 2015    03 Log Cabins New for 2015    05 Log Cabins New for 2015    07 Log Cabins New for 2015    09 Log Cabins New for 2015    11 Log Cabins New for 2015    13 Log Cabins New for 2015    15 Log Cabins New for 2015    17 Log Cabins New for 2015    19 has over many, many years designed some incredibly amazing buildings, which now adorn many garden spaces through out Europe and the World!

Of course our Clock House is very much on top of the list, but there are many other designs that are solely ours, the Garden Office 5m x 4m in 44mm, the Twin Skin Garden Log Cabin Office 5.5m x 5.5m in 44mm x 44mm, in fact we were the first company ever to offer Twin Skins Log Cabins!

Last week we noticed this was written on a dealers website in the UK!


(If you have seen a particular log cabin size or style that you like maybe elsewhere, chances are it was a copy of one of ours in the first place, but you may also wish to take advantage of our extreme flexibility in design and make some minor or major changes )

( I think the guy that wrote this has a very serious drink problem, as why would he say that no doubt its there design , if the log cabin is not on his website?)

The reason we are highlighting this text, is that it tells you that this company has no desires to design, innovate, test or try, they just want to copy! And they are too tight to even to hire a qualified Architect to design at least a few different designs, this company, steer clear of!


When designing log cabins, timber buildings, the process is quite a long and difficult one, firstly we must make sure the walls are strong enough to hold up the roof, as mother nature put’s strain on all buildings be them brick or timber in many different ways.


When designing a log cabin from solid timber, we always make sure that the trusses are super thick, super strong. In addition, there is a lot more thought going into a log cabin than just if the building is functional ,design, sturdy, safe and priced well, we also have to take into account timber use!


Quality timber should be used with respect, and when designing any log cabin, timber frame building, camping pod, glulam log cabin, what ever, it is imperative that we use our timber resources and not waste them!

Unlike most balk manufactures of log cabins, we do not under size on timbers to boost profits, what we do is look at all our unique designs and work out what that cabin needs and to make sure that cabin is the best it can be, and we are famous for the best quality interlocking log cabins now in the World, be them solid or Glulam!! is now expending into Finland, as sadly even the Finn’s with all their wood and expertise cannot match us on quality and price!

We are please to announce that we will be offering a brand new range of sauna cabins, which you can live in!

Our New Sauna Log Cabins are not just amazing value for money, also they are manufactured from our graded glulam logs, which just happen to be the best glulam graded logs in the business, there is no other company on the net with better!

Please email us direct to find out who you should talk to, there are too many companies now telling customers they are our dealers and are not!!!!

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Log Cabins- Timber Buildings and The Machines!

We at log cabins LV believe that manufacturing quality log cabins, means we must invest heavily in large scale quality CNC machinery. When you surf the internet, looking for log cabins, or timber buildings, it is near on impossible to find manufacturers showing off their investment, as most of the time, they don’t invest as they are here today and gone tomorrow.

Now we are very different, we believe in longevity in business as investment into not just quality timber, hardware for windows and doors, but also the machinery that cuts, notches, moulds, and laminates.

So below are a few photos of machines we use on a daily basis!

If you are looking for the best of the best log cabins, or a quality timber framed residential cabin, lodge, house, office, please send us an email today!

log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings

log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings LV 2015

log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  017 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  033 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  049 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  065 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  081 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  097 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  113 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  129 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  145 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  161 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  177 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  193 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  209 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  225 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  241 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  257 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  273 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  289 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  305 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  321 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  337 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  353 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  369 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  385 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  401 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  417 log cabins lv number one in log cabins and Timber Buildings  433


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Quality Log Cabins at Honest Pricing


logcabins lv 2015- logcabinslakeland

logcabins lv 2015- logcabinslakeland UK

Today we are going to talk about our range of log cabins.

Log Cabins LV has the largest range of log cabins and timber buildings than any other company on the planet, the reason for this is choice.

99.9% of companies on the internet have a very small range of log cabins on offer. The reason for this is bulk manufacturing.

Log Cabins LV believe that bulk manufacturing should be illegal?

When bulk manufacturing occurs the quality of the log cabin itself normally is incredibly low. It’s easy to spot a bulk manufactured log cabin.

How to spot a mass manufactured cabin, look for “For Sale” signs, “reduced pricing”, “winter sales”, “while stocks last” etc.

At Log Cabins LV we never have sales, we never reduce pricing, and we never have sitting stock. The reason we never have sales is because our log cabins and timber buildings are the best they can be at the lowest prices they can be. We never have sitting stock because we believe every log cabin should be tailor made for each and every customer’s requirements and sitting stock means bulk manufacturing and if the company that is offering mass produced buildings / log cabins means they are manufacturing through out the whole of the winter, which means that your newly purchased log cabin could be eight months old and have had ten other cabins piled on top of it.

If you are looking for that quality log cabin and you want an honest price first time Log Cabins LV should be your first choice.

We have an amazing jaw dropping 45 ranges most log cabin companies have a maximum of 3 – 5, we offer glulam, solid timber, round log, timber frame, camping pods, log cabins that are under 2.5m high to full residential building compliance family homes.


Log Cabins LV do not settle for less!!

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DF 08 3.5m by 3.0m in 44mm Log Cabin

DF 08 3.5m by 3.0m in 44mm Log Cabin

DF 08 3.5m by 3.0m in 44mm Log Cabin

Today we would like to introduce you to another beautiful log cabin from our Amazing DF log cabin range.

Our DF 08 3.5m by 3.0m in 44mm wall thickness interlocking solid log cabin ( is a perfect edition to anyone’s garden..

Our DF 08 Biddulph log cabin is great in 44mm.

The DF 08 Biddulph log cabin has on its left wall a very generous large opening double glazed CE Hand made tilt and turn window (from 44mm, 1520mm x 710mm), there is a CE certified double glazed double door with two big CE certified windows on each side, this cabin has generous amounts of natural light flooding in.

.Any cabin from Log Cabins LV that is 44mm and above comes with superb quality tilt and turn window mechanisms and handles. Our 34mm cabins come with budget double-glazing.

Please remember that from 44mm and above we fit quality tilt and turn windows and quality hand made doors.

Double glazing in 44mm abd above in our DF log cabins is a standard feature. So please when looking around the web and you try and compare, please remember from us you get high end product as a standard, no added charge.

In every other cabin from this range the windows and doors are made from very quality seasoned  and graded Joinery Baltic Pine, which is very precisely milled on our state of an art CNC machinery and finishing off by hand!

All our DF log cabin’s floors are very hard Pine 28mm thickness T&G boards, which are supported by tanalized timber floor bearers. The DF cabin roofs are made from 19mm Baltic . (Quality at every level)

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, please send us an email or give us a call.

Do not settle for less!



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Log Cabins LV

All the timber that we manufacture our log cabins and timber buildings are sourced from responsibly managed, government controlled FSC certified boreal forests, stretching throughout northern Baltic and Siberia regions.

Which suggests that this timber is intrinsically quality (please see our previous posts on the kinds of trees and forests that our timber is sourced from). However to get quality construction and cladding or decking lumber might still be a bit of a challenge. That intrinsic value can be wasted during stages in the chain from the foresters to us.

At Log Cabins LV our biggest concern has always been quality and that’s why our brand is now recognized as the quality mark. The location of our production facilities, which are metaphorically and literally speaking next to the forest, which allows us to be incredibly picky. We don’t waste money on shipping timber around far from where it is sourced and we can afford buying only top class timber logs and lumber yet still remain competitive with our production pricing. In addition, our ECO foot print is so very, very low compared to other manufactures.

We have been manufacturing timber buildings for the industry for many years and we have learned how to pick our suppliers of sawn KD carcassing to get the best of the best in timber stocks for our log cabins and timber buildings.

After buying our sawn KD timber, we continue to inspect the quality of each and every piece of timber before and during the production. All of that ensures quality of the final product, as our customers deserve the very best! do not settle for less!

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Log Cabins to live in!


Log cabins to live in UK

Log cabins to live in from

Log cabins to live in  39 Log cabins to live in  55

Are you looking for a log cabin, to live in? Are you worried about planning, are you looking for a fully insulated building, are all the log cabin companies giving you stupidly high prices, do you own your own Holiday Park? Or may be you have fishing lakes and are looking for quality, quantity and a fair price?

Fed up with the sales patter, well! is the number one in the UK for Residential Log Cabins, Insulated Timber Frame Cabins, Highly Insulated Timber Frame Mobile Homes, and so much more.

What stands us apart from is our quality and pricing, we offer a lot more for a lot less! offices are situated in Lithuania and Latvia, why?

Because we have 1/5 of the worlds forest next door!

Our aim is to provide the customer with not just quality built buildings, but also manufacture our structures in timber that is of the highest quality, hand picked first from the stupendous amount that is sent to the rest of the world, we are the guys that acquire not just the best but the very best timber for all of our timber frame cabins to live in, or highly insulated timber frame glulam lodges, or our Highly superb massively insulated Park Home Mobiles.  !

That is one reason our Glulam cabins are the best in the world, due to our ability to hand pick from the best graded lumber to start with, there is no other company on the net offering our grade of glulam!

There are many places in Europe and the European boarders where timber cabins, timber frame buildings, be it Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, that have OK timber, prices are low, but sadly knots are in abundance in the timber.

In addition, the ring growth is wide apart, as temperatures never fall below minus 15 in these areas, great timber starts from Northern Ukraine and moves up and above the Urals.

The timber from Bosnia, Croatia, Romania is great for small buildings, like sheds, small 5m x 5m cabins and the like, but for large timber framed buildings if you are happy with young knotty timber, then prices are extremely competitive!

This is not a harsh assessment of these areas, just a point of fact.

Olives from Margate are not as good as Olives from Crete! (Terrible analogy)


The UK has many great Designers, Architects and Highly skilled carpenters, and these carpenters are able to build some amazing structures, however 90% of all the timber used in construction in the UK is from either the (Baltic regions, Russia, Sweden Finland), Very Cold Climate areas.


Sadly when quality timber is landed in the UK it is normally snapped up straight away and bought by companies who manufacture high end dwellings.

This is why we have over the years grown in strength as our quality is now recognised as top-notch stuff! (One of our valued clients assessment of us)


So getting back to the beginning of our blog are you looking for a log cabin to live in?

Or a Residential Timber Frame to live in?

If you are, then please send us an email, and lets see what we can do for you, with in your budget confinement.

Typically, we are 40% to 53% cheaper than an average UK manufacture.

If you are looking for a building that keeps you warm, dry, and built from the very best timber in the world, speak to the guys from the woods, not the city!

Our typical timber frame spec for residential living will be C24, with extremely high U values.

Please follow this link to see our huge range of residential log cabins to live in!

LogCabins.LV do not settle for less!

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Log cabins LV DF Range

log cabins lv df range 44mm

df log cabins

3.5m x 2.5m DF 44mm Quality Log Cabin If you are looking for quality but your budget is tight and you need a smart looking amazing garden log cabin, our DF range of interlocking log cabins is the range we think you should look at first.

Our DF range of Log Cabins are simplicity and affordability in a neat package. All of our quality timber buildings in the DF log cabins range are under the permitted 2.5 m height and do not require any planning permission in the UK. All our timber that we manufacture our log cabins from comes from FSC certified responsibly managed governmental forests. Our manufacturing plants are all based in the Baltic States.

Our geographical locations allows us to obtain not just the very best quality timber, but amazing quality timber. The best forest on the planet are on our door step, and we pick and choose the best quality logs for the manufacturing of all our log cabins. If you are looking for amazing quality log cabins, packaged and priced well, there is really only one choice. Take a look at this beautiful little timber garden log cabin. Even though we supply impregnated 70 x 70 mm wall and 70 x 45 mm floor bearers with all our garden log cabins, we still recommend building these cabins on a concrete pad with water resistant film to avoid water damage from the wet ground. Alternatively, on a Quick Base post system.

The body is graded Baltic or Siberian pine (spruce), which we can offer in 34mm 44mm, 70mm or 90mm interlocking timber logs. Or if you’d like it insulated we can also make it twin skin out of 34mm or 44mm timber logs with very good rock wool insulation between timber log walls. We could manufacture this little cabin in 28mm logs but normally we strongly advice our customers not to order this wall thickness cabins from anybody because 28mm is a floor board and can’t be taken as a construction timber, this kind of timber is not very durable.

Many suppliers sell similar cabins in this thickness so be vigilant that it is well made and not a mass produced log cabin. Our honest recommendation is Don’t go with anything below 34mm or 44mm for a single skin solid log cabin if you are not certain about the company you are thinking of buying from! If you order this cabin from us with it you will get a quality double glazed window and door set, with stainless steel hinges and quality tilt and turn windows hardware in our 44mm model and above. Double glazing in our windows and doors come as a standard from 34mm wall thickness and above. Tilt and turn hardware available from 44mm wall thickness.

Windows and doors in all our cabins are made from joinery Baltic pine milled on latest CNC machines and hand joined by the very experienced high skilled joiners in our windows and doors factory. This little garden log cabin comes with two 1130mm x 710mm windows and a double door that is 1.93m tall and 1.41m wide. The floor is made of 28mm spruce boars and the roof is 19mm boards on a single skin cabin or 25mm and 19mm roof boards on a double skin cabin with insulation between them. Please have a look at our DF garden log cabins here ( we are confident that you will find the cabin that suites your garden best. Our years of experience, quick delivery and competitive pricing makes the company of choice to thousands, of customers a year! Do not settle for less!

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Insulated Timber Frame Buildings Designed by Logcabins.LV

Insulated timber frame housing

Insulated timber frame houses

If you happen to be looking for a quality graded timber frame building of a residential specification, on Log Cabins LV site we have the largest range of residential timber frame buildings on the net to date!

We also are very flexible and bespoke options are available on all our huge range.

On our residential timber frame range you will find what you are looking for if not it will give you the some idea of what your timber insulated house or insulated cabin could resemble.

Our Insulated Bespoke range composes of timber frame buildings and cabins that by design could serve multiple purposes. Be it a large one storey house for the family to live in with two or more bedrooms, like this one 16.8 x 6.9 m timber frame residential house (, a two storey house that could be either the family house or holiday house such as this beautiful timber frame residential building (, a very modern looking vertical clad flat roof timber frame house, (, or perhaps smaller building that could serve you as a holiday cabin in your park, wood, fishing lake or perhaps a granny annex (

We have some really beautiful little timber frame buildings perfect for having as a garden office, gym, or reading room, please take a look at this 4.5 x 4.5 m timber frame house (

Our flat roof timber frame fully insulated buildings are perfect buildings for a meeting room, store room, studio as  they are bright inside and contemporary looking outside (


Please see the whole range here and discover the timber frame building of your dreams ( and if you like something please contact us.

Do not settle for less.

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Solid Log Cabins or Timber Frame Buildings

Timber Frame Buildings -Cabins

Timber Frame Buildings – timber frame houses

Log Cabins LV is recognised as the leading log cabins manufacturer in the world. We wholesale our cabins in Europe and all over the world.

But don’t let the company name misguide you, at the very core we are timber buildings company and we have years of experience in manufacturing quality timber houses, log cabins, Camping Pods, Park Homes, Residential Buildings and so very much more.

We receive multiples of calls and emails every day from people interested in residential log cabins and our usual answer is: go with timber frame option if you are looking for planning consent.

Today we would like to discuss what are the pros and cons of log cabins and timber frame buildings.

Log cabins for centuries have been the traditional type of residential building especially in Nordic and Scandinavian regions and one might think that the old good natural material – timber Log – is the best way to go.

Log cabins are very valued for ability to regulate the microclimate inside the building. Due to the hygroscopic properties of the wood humidity inside log cabins on average is very well balanced which makes it feel warm and cosy inside. Timber cabins do not require ventilation or air conditioning systems because walls themselves breathe.

Natural wood interior might also be appealing. With solid logs in the log cabin’s wall comes and the main disadvantage. Because logs absorb and release water vapor they tend to move, contract and expand. It also requires a lot of thought while designing the cabin in order to make it sound which brings some limitations in what can be done and what can’t be done design wise.

While it’s true that log cabin is the most natural residential dwelling you can get one should consider timber frame building when exploring options.

Modern technologies in designing timber frame buildings allows us not only replicates features of log cabin building but also brings housing to the new level by improving the standards.

Timber frame buildings bring wider possibilities of decorating the interior and exterior. It also allows wider range of floor layout possibilities. But the most important thing is that timber frame buildings are so much easier to insulate and will pass building control.

The insulation can vary from low and moderate to really heavy duty U vales are as important as price, the higher the U value, the lower the heating costs

At Log Cabins LV we can offer you different levels of insulation depending on your budget. Keep in mind that good insulation is a good investment which will return as much lower energy cost for heating.

For many customers possibility to expand the building or build extensions is important. In this case, our advice is also: go with timber frame. Timber frame buildings are more stable the walls do not move up and down with annual weather change and any extension is very easy to flash to the existing building.

Our timber frame buildings can be also called modular because we manufacture our buildings in a controlled factory environment. We deliver these modules to site where the timber frame house-building can be quickly erected avoiding bad weather that could cause extensive damage to the internal part of the panel, all our panels are weathered proofed, so if it does decide to rain, we know our panels keep dry.

Sadly there are too many companies that do not own their own large factories to build panels, so they start building the frame work on site, this is a NO, NO, and should be banned! There is no point purchasing KD (Kiln Dried) timber, which is the backbone, the spine of the building if it is already compromised by water!  If you really want to purchase a quality timber frame building-House-Mobile Home, then please send us an email!…. do not settle for less!

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Log Cabins.LV 2015

Log Cabins LV has been in the timber buildings business for over 15 years. Our ranges of log cabins, camping pods and timber frame buildings over these years have just got bigger and bigger and now it is the biggest range on the market. We work hard to satisfy growing demand for quality timber buildings and we constantly expand and renew our range. Lately we have brought new amazing quality Glulam log cabins in 80mm and 120mm,160mm,200mm, 240mm and fully insulated timber frame houses to our list of products.

All our timber buildings – log cabins – glulam cabin  are manufactured from graded FSC certified lumber-timber-logs. The timber we manufacture from is mostly Siberian Larch and Nordic Pine and Quality Baltic Spruce. Our mills are equipped with very modern latest woodworking hardware and we employ very experienced and competent staff to manufacture products that are no doubt the best.

Products that we offer for the market include residential log cabins and houses, solid log cabins and glulam log cabins, interlocking twin skin log cabins, garden log cabins, camping pods, park homes, garden offices and very more. We also do bespoke designs for our buildings. We look at traditional buildings for design inspirations and we adopt the newest technologies and advanced machinery to make best modern and traditional looking buildings.

Many of products we manufacture can be found on display all over Europe, UK, Ireland. . Give us a call or send us an email and we will point you in the right direction to visit a show site near you!

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, don’t second guess, think LV..


log cabins- log cabins

cabins- cabin- log cabins- log cabin log cabins- cabins  10 log cabins- cabins  01 log cabins- cabins  07 log cabins- cabins  13

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Glulam Log Cabins LV 2015

Glualm Log Cabins- Glulam Beams

Quality glulam log cabins- residential cabins from the number one company in Europe

Glulam Log Cabins-Glulam Residential Log Cabins 39 Glulam Log Cabins-Glulam Residential Log Cabins 44 Glulam Log Cabins-Glulam Residential Log Cabins 49 Glulam Log Cabins-Glulam Residential Log Cabins 54

Glued laminated timber, or better known as glulam timber, is an engineered quality timber, a natural structural material manufactured by gluing-bonding together large pieces of graded and seasoned timber which is lighter to handle than the alternatives i.e. Steel, Iron, glulam has also has intrinsic beauty, and is incredibly environmentally friendly.

Glulam technology was introduced in the early 20th century in Germany. The material plays a significant role structurally and aesthetically. Glulam members are manufactured out of quality C24 graded timber that is specifically selected, the timber is performance graded, seasoned and uniformed. The sized lumber is then bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant, eco-friendly adhesives, which is great for residential buildings. (Many companies do not offer this).

There has been a great deal of research into glulam logs, beams, timber over the past 30 years, and it is now accepted around the world as a much needed alternative material to steel, which has the same structural properties, yet in a fire, Glulam-Laminated timber smolders, and takes a very long time to fail, unlike steel in heat!

Glulam structures add warmth and beauty to a building when exposed and unlike most other structural building materials, Glulam is commonly used as the finished product.

The laminates are typically finger-jointed into continuous lengths. This lamination stock comes in 40mm thickness hence our Glulam log thickness starts from 80mm and increments by 40mm.The height of our logs is normally 200mm.

Prior to gluing, the laminate timber is sent through our huge production line , all timber is uniformed into 40mm x 200mm x 13m lengths.

Then after applying eco-bonding adhesives they are pressed together on our CNC line until the bonding agent has cured, after that the 13m lengths again are cut to desired lengths.

At Log Cabins LV Glulam timber is available in several species of wood. Baltic Pine, Baltic Spruce and our favorite Northern Siberian Larch.

We can manufacture Glulam timber in a variety of straight and curved configurations, which offers us artistic freedom without sacrificing structural requirements. Wood has two times the tensile strength to weight ratio relative to steel.  Moreover, wood has greater compressive resistance strength than concrete. At the same time remains cost competitive with structural steel.

At we like to offer quality, price and above all else choice! has the largest choice of log cabins in the world. We also have the largest choice of glulam log cabins, in many different thicknesses, and with engineering timber to back it up, we have the best quality glulam log cabins for sale to date on the web!

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, and you really are not sure whom to purchase it from, please give us a call!

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Baltic Spruce by cabins- cabins

Baltic Spruce by log

The Baltic white spruce (Picea abies) is a species of spruce native to Central and Eastern Europe. It is a slow growing and straight coniferous tree with dense branches. Can grows up to 55 m (180 ft) tall.

The Baltic White Spruce genetically and morphologically is very close to the Siberian spruce (Picea obovata) which replaces it east of the Ural Mountains, and with which it cross-pollinates freely.

Since this species populates large territory, in different countries and regions it is also known as Norway Spruce, Common Spruce, European Spruce, European Whitewood, White Deal, some even call it Baltic White Pine or White Fir.

For the spruce Nordic Baltic region is the best growth zone in our side of the world. This ensures beautiful properties of the sawn timber from the seedling stage. Our spruce timber is naturally dense and clustered knots are sound. Sometimes ironically referred as the workhorse of timber. It is one of the most economically important timbers in Europe.

Interesting fact – Wright Brothers first aircraft was made of Spruce. It is still used in aviation due to its good strength-to-weight ratio.

Spruce timber has no clear difference between the heartwood and sapwood. Growth rings are clearly visible. Texture of the timber is fine and smooth and the grain is straight. Because spruce is dense and hard and relatively inexpensive it is preferred for load-bearing structures and exterior applications when treated. At the same time it has the right properties and can be used for indoors linings as well as outdoors.

Spruce is very easy to work with. Which makes it suitable for many applications such as furniture and furniture components, plywood, interior panels, floor boards, timber house structures, exterior lining panels, glulam beams and posts, and solid logs as well as glulam logs for our some of our excellent log cabins.

The timber processed into logs through our modern state of the art automated production line, whose operation is overlooked by our very experienced and skilled staff and controlled by the newest CNC machinery, computers and software. We review our production process for our solid logs and glulam laminated logs continuously in order to produce Log cabins that fit our customers’ expectations for quality and aesthetics as efficiently as possible.

Spruce can be sawn into long lumber therefore it timber of choice for roof purlins in our solid log cabins.

Spruce and Pine are great when it comes to manufacturing, and at we pick the best material at the best time in the season to manufacture from.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, a cabin that will last its test of time, and you want to purchase it from a company that understands design manufacturing, and timber, then your only choice is

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Baltic Pine- Log Cabins LV

Baltic Scots Pine Cabins

Baltic Scots Pine Log Cabins Scots pine from Baltic region.

Baltic Pine, commonly known as Scots Pine is a species of pine from the Baltic region. Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) also known as European redwood is an evergreen coniferous tree growing up to 35 m in height and 1 m trunk diameter when mature.

It is native to Europe and Asia, ranging from Western Europe to eastern Siberia. It also is the only pine native to northern Europe. Few hundred years ago Scots pine was common tree in the UK but due to over-exploitation and grazing it became extinct throughout most of the country.

In Britain it now occurs naturally only in Scotland and has been proposed as the national tree of Scotland.

However the girth and height of this species in Scotland is quite undersized compared to other areas in the world, but is great for use in pulp or shuttering etc.


Scots Pine populates a rather big region in Europe, sprawling from Portugal in the west out to eastern Siberia. That results in natural variability in terms of density, strength, and appearance because of the wide geography of growth and different conditions for the tree.

Pines from colder northern climates tend to produce denser, more finely-textured wood-timber because of their slower and longer growth. Baltic pines are the best in this respect.

Scots pine is a softwood sawn form of which is used for general construction purposes, flooring paneling and interior joinery. Its texture is relatively fine and the grain is usually straight.

The growth rings are prominently marked by the darker, denser summerwood. The knots are usually closely grouped.

Baltic Pine dries quickly after felling, warping or distortion if any is very moderate.

The (trees) pines are debarked and cut into poles and cut into planks very quickly, so that the drying process can start as soon as possible. If the timber is not dried quickly then the fungi can turn the timber a slight blue colour. This will not affect the load bearing capabilities of the timber, just effect the appearance. Drying and cutting pine is an art form, and we have many years of experience.

In our production of Solid Timber Interlocking log cabins we use Baltic Pine as our main timber for our logs. We also use joinery pine, which is dried to 9% for all our windows and doors. factories are located in Baltic countries; we are getting our hands first on the very best timber, at a competitive price. Our log cabins are with out doubt manufactured from some of the best timber on this planet.

This also helps us work efficiently and minimize waste while giving you the quality you deserve for your investment.

Scots Pine is perfect timber for making staircases, window frames, doorframes, paneling etc.

Pine has a nice smooth finish pine takes stain treatment very well or paint, you can varnish also.

When treated with quality preservatives it is very durable for long term outside use.

Baltic pine accepts impregnation (Tanalith E ) very well. Our floor bearers all come pressure treated.

Baltic pine has been appreciated for decades for its thermal properties and has been timber of choice in internal finishes. It shows remarkable quality properties in our log cabins and timber buildings.

Log ..Do not settle for less!

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Glulam Log Cabins

Keeping Quality levels high, and still offering great pricing is a tight rope of an act!

When you trawl the web, you will come across so many amazing looking log cabins, glulam cabins, timber buildings, camping pods, interlocking sheds and the prices will be no doubt be extremely tempting!

But! What do you get for your money, how can you tell by looking at a photograph-picture, image what the quality level of the log cabin, timber buildings actually is?

You can ask a huge amount of questions, and see if the dealer, seller, on line sales assistant knows their stuff, and still you have to take it at face value and have your fingers crossed.

You could also do a search and see if the company in question have any bad blogs, customer complaining etc. This will eliminate 50%, but the companies that have sent a request to Google to be forgotten (Thanks EU for such a stupid Law) means now that companies with very bad blogs, complaints against them, which have now been taken down, are free once again to manipulate, steal, con customers. is the longest running supply company in the Log Cabin Industry for the UK-Ireland.

If you are looking for quality, then we are the boys and girls that offer advice, price and a determination to get you that timber building of your dreams.

Our Glulam Log Cabins in 80mm, are fantastic value, if you have a close look at these amazing photos attached to today’s blog, you will notice that we are not just manufacturers of amazing quality logs, we also manufacture trusses, which are used for super markets, swimming pools, agriculture buildings, equestrian centers, and so much more, our twinskin, system is untouchable in 120mm x 120mm. not settle for less!

Engineered Glulam LogCabins LV

Engineered Glulam Log Cabins

Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  26 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  31 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  36 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  41 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  46 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  51 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  56 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  61 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  66



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Log Cabins LV and Northern Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch Cladding In previous Log Cabins LV blog entry ( we discussed Russian forests and touched on the matter of Northern Siberian larch.

Today we would like go more in depth on this subject and talk about Larch cladding. We love working with Siberian Larch timber and this is why. Wood cladding is nothing new; people have been using it for hundreds of years. However, timber cladding is being rediscovered as more and more architects choose it for modern residential and industrial projects.

The most appealing feature of good timber cladding is its aesthetically pleasing effect on the building also timber cladding-wood is sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Our timber of choice for external cladding at Log Cabins LV is Northern Siberian larch.

Larch is softwood but its density is very high which makes it one of the hardest of all softwoods, approximately 70% harder than Scots pine. Long and slow growth in harsh climate makes Siberian Larch naturally resistant to decay, rot and fungal attack, very durable and long lasting.

These are very desirable features for outdoor use and applications. Siberian larch is used not only for cladding but also as a superior construction timber because of one of its main features – its dimensional stability.

Larch has low shrinkage factor and is resistant to twisting or warping in other words it is the most stable of the softwoods, subject to little movement when installed. Siberian Larch has relatively little sapwood, heartwood makes up 75–90% of a tree trunk, therefore timber milled from Larch is mostly heartwood which is much harder, denser, less penetrable, more durable, chemically and structurally stable and resistive to outside factors due to high resin content. Dimensional stability is very important when you want to use paint systems with your cladding. Overall stains (Oil based) work well on Siberian Larch but it can also be left unfinished for a traditional silver grey natural colour which looks amazing on modern timber frame buildings and cabins after one to two years exposure to sunlight (UV radiation). Some cladding suppliers claim that Northern Siberian larch is the same specie as European larch hinting that same quality is to be expected. This is so far from the truth it’s laughable, we know they are two distinct species. Even if they were the same biological specie, it is important to understand that growing environment plays a huge role in what properties timber will express.

Northern Siberian Larch is a slow growing wood it grows tall and sheds lower branches to conserve energy and nutrients during short summers and very long and cold winters. Consequently, that reflects as tight fine grain and fewer knots on the timber. Unlike European larch, the knots in Siberian larch cladding are a lighter grey colour and tend to stay solid even after drying and machining.

Siberian Larch is much harder and durable than the lesser European larch. With all that being said we offer the best quality Siberian larch for all of our timber frame panel buildings. So if you are looking for a glulam larch log cabin, or would like larch as your cladding on your residential timber frame building, or you are looking for a larch clad house, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Do not settle for less!

Northern Siberian Larch cabins

Northern Siberian Larch cladding

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