Camping Pods

Camping Pods

Camping Pods

Camping Pods are all the rage now, but what is a good camping pod, and what is not!

As one of the largest manufacturers of timber frame houses for the Norwegian market, with a skilled old and experienced work force, with top of the range CNC machinery we truly know how to build quality highly insulated structures, and that is possibly, why our camping pods are the most sought after in the industry.

Our camping pods are purchased by High End Camping Sites, Children Holiday Parks, 5 star Accommodation Facilities, Hotels, B&B’s and the like. Our Camping Pods are not just hand built; they are truly the best in the industry when it comes to the high quality materials used. Plus our prices are very competitive against lesser models. The Original Camping Pod was designed by the Toda Tribe, this original building has been copied by companies who would like to take credit for this unique design.

If you come across these fraudsters, please say Toda and I am sure they will grin and change the subject quickly.

Camping Pods from are unique, fully insulated, hand made, quality residential windows and doors, toughened glass, fully wired out and can be used the day they are delivered. Do not settle for less!

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