As a company, we have tried every year to offer our dealers exciting ranges at affordable prices.

When searching on the internet for log cabins you will notice that most if not all companies offer the same, 3m x 3m 44mm with double glazed windows and doors, etc.

However, telling the difference between what is good and rubbish is rather difficult.

Being fooled by price is most companies way of pulling you in, and noticing that most if not all have sales going on 99.9% of the time, which is the second attempt of pulling you in, and then the companies write about their Log cabins being the best quality and amazing windows and doors.

Most cabin retailer’s websites are fools paradises, where you think your dream cabin is available at amazing prices, and that it can be delivered the next day! Imagine a top quality log cabin, sitting in storage ready for you to pull out your credit card and wham! It’s at the bottom of your garden looking pretty.

Reality check.

Buildings-Log Cabins that are in stock are normally piled high, have literally thousands of kilos of weight on them, plus most companies that sell thousands of cabins a year must manufacture over the winter, so you’re cabin could be over 6 to 8 months old.

This is a cash and carry mentality, which is pile them up high and kick them out the door quickly!

This mentality is not one that should be in the log cabin industry.



As one of the founding fathers of Garden Log Cabins in the UK, we have tried over the years to improve our manufacturing techniques and keep pricing realistic to our quality levels. Moreover, not flood the market with rubbish! Wasting quality natural materials, and over charging for it!

Some of our glory moments have been to design and manufacture first the Clock House log cabin, bring to market and design the first twin skin interlocking log cabin, offer tilt and turn windows, make sure all our cabins from 34mm have 28mm flooring, better hardware, and strengthening all our rafters and purlins, which is no mean feat and keep pricing levels low!

Because of this, we believe we are now the leading brand in Europe, Australia.

There are cash and carry log cabins, and there is quality…LV stands for quality!

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