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Eco Fully Insulated Timber Frame Park Homes

Are you looking for a full turnkey solution? Are you fed up with high price tags and low specifications? Buildings timber frame housing for more that 47 years!

If you are looking for a park home that will be worth more in ten years time, please keep reading!

Too many companies use wording like, sustainable alternative, strong eco focus, renewable and recyclable, this kind of literature is just to justify high pricing.

Logcabins.LV is focused on quality timber, straight from certified FSC lumber, which is KD and Trada Graded.We use only C24 for all structural elements. We believe in fair pricing and great value.

We are one of the only companies in the UK- Europe that buy our timber-lumber direct from source, manufacture all our buildings in the Baltic’s, and then ship the full pre made panels-Glulam Logs pre made to the UK or Europe. (Our Carbon Foot Print =The whole process consists of just 2 truck journeys). We are also the only company as we know manufacturing buildings for Norway with full TEK 10 building code.

Why should you purchase your buildings from us? Why is the quality of our buildings so much higher than those manufactured in the UK-Europe?

Well! It’s an easy one to answer, slightly long winded but here goes.

Our Panels are made with thicker, better , graded timber, highly insulated, quality siberian grade A larch  and our prices are beyond approach for the level of quality!


Nearly 90% of quality graded timber used for house manufacturing in the UK comes from the Baltic’s, Russia, Sweden, Finland, (The best timber in the world is Russian). Sadly the UK has very little in the way of quality timber and very few forests.

The Difference…Our timber comes direct from the Government FSC Forest Wholesaler.

Our Russian timber also is FSC.. It is a known fact that  The Russian Government is very pro active on timber stocks and FSC.

The Difference….This means we get the best of the best timber fibre , quality, highest grade, and at great pricing. Our timber quality is impossible to find in the UK, unless you import timber yourself and come to our forests and hand pick each and every log, finished profiled boards, as we do!

(Our Competitors) When a shipper (timber agent) put’s in an order , It travels from our government  or  privately  owned mills  to the key side. Most boards are pre cut and are known as either Unseasoned, or KD (Kiln Dried Timber)

(Our Competitors) The Timber then will sit on key side until there is enough lumber to justify a shipment to the UK.

(Our Competitors) This could take anything from one month to three months to leave the key side for final destination.!

(Our Competitors)  This means your timber is sat beside the sea in winter or summer, unseasoned timber is not covered! (salt and timber not a great mix) Also the timber ownership has changed hands twice at this point! (Plus stevedore costs).

(Our Competitors)  the timber is loaded on to the vessel and can be at sea for as long as 5 to 8 days, depending on weather conditions and port destination, if the weather is bad the timber on top deck can be seriously affected by salt once again.

(Our Competitors)  the vessel arrives, the timber will be unloaded and once again stored key side until sold or shipped to final destination ( a lot of companies store timber key side as storage costs are lower on dock side).. Then 6 to 9 months after the logs were felled and machined into square edged planks-boards, the local builder goes to his timber whole seller with your deposit to purchases what you believe is fresh quality timber.

(Our Competitors)  when we read through company’s brochures about carbon neutral, footprint, quality timber, fresh etc, most of everything written is so far fetched its offensive to the ones that really are looking at carbon foot prints, fresh timber, and amazing quality buildings..

Do not settle for less. logcabins.lv..

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