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Scandinavian Log Cabins

Our Scandinavian Log Cabins are not just the best, they are  awesome. If you are looking for that true log cabin experience, and your budget allows you to truly have a great cabin, then our handmade Scandinavian Log Cabins  are the best in the business. With over 40 years experience, some of the most skilled craftsman in the industry, our Scandinavian Log Cabins  will give you an exsperiance that no other type of cabin can offer.

Scandinavian Cabins

Scandinavian LogCabins

Scandinavian Log Cabins  057 Scandinavian Log Cabins  111 Scandinavian Log Cabins  165 Scandinavian Log Cabins  219 Scandinavian Log Cabins  273 Scandinavian Log Cabins  327 Scandinavian Log Cabins  381 Scandinavian Log Cabins  435 Scandinavian Log Cabins  489

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Internally Cladding a 44mm Log Cabin (1)

glulam cabins

glulam residential log cabins

Over the years, one tends to learn what works and does not work. As the first company from the Baltic’s, or for that matter any where in the world, to supply the UK with Interlocking Log cabins, we understand what can and should not be done with log cabins.

Our blog today is going to focus on what you should not attempt to do!

There are too many back street companies selling in our opinion waste wood, and referring to these or calling them Log Cabins. It’s easy to spot them, they brag about selling 70.000 a year + log cabins, and show mountains of cabins in plastic wrapping 10 high! These in our opinion are a waste of perfectly good timber! Manufactured on high-speed machines, and designed for maximum profit. Not longevity or Safety, and forget Quality!  Its easy to spot these companies, they ALWAYS have a sale on!

The companies that are high quality brands be them watches, Rolex, or computer’s, Apple, do not have summer sales, winter sales etc, and neither do we! This is because our Brand is strong, our Quality is renowned, and our prices reflect our Workmanship!

So over the years we have learned what to offer the customer and what not to offer. We as a company believe in offering quality every time.

With the failing of past governments and the shortages of housing, more and more people are looking to live in the Garden. This is illegal, so planning permission is essential.

But!!! Looking past the laws of the land, we would like to focus on what you should attempt to use as a starting structure for a Residential dwelling and what you should not!

Too many people are looking to internally clad a solid wood 44mm log cabin, to bring them up to a habitable standard  (this is on the advice of doggy dealers offering this as an option to earn crazy amounts of money for internal cladding) this is just plum crazy, and not just because firstly the timber is way too thin, and that it moves around way too much as the different seasons come around, also that the timber shrinks, and not forgetting that it does not in its self have any U value to speak of, and the biggest problem is that it is not structurally sound! The Cabin was not designed for the extra weight, or stress of internal timbers bolted to the walls and roof! A residential cabin, is designed from the off set to be a residential cabin, a garden log cabin, is not a residential cabin.

Most 44mm solid log cabins are designed for that extra room in the garden to have a snooker room, or drum kit, put garden tools away, the patio set, etc, garden log cabins are just better buildings than the old T&G Shed, they last a lot longer, far more aesthetic, and have far more uses, But! They are not residential buildings! When ordering a log cabin from, we always ask the purpose, we do not try and sell you a building for the sake of just selling a cabin.

As most of you know solid timber be it 44mm, 60mm or 70mm and 90mm is affected by the seasons, the timber swells, contracts, and will do this most of its life! Most dealers will tell you other wise, but this is plain and simply the truth! Yes you can add timber stain, and yes it will slow some of the movements down, but not entirely.

We at logcabins LV believe the starting structure( building-Cabin) should be manufactured from 80mm engineered laminated glulam log-timber to internally clad and insulated. We also will offer with this kind of cabin very robust purlins of 80mm x 300mm ( glulam) which will take the support of roof cladding and insulation.

Our Engineered Glulam Timber only compresses, it does not move, expand, or contract, and at a starting grade of C32 it is truly the one timber that should be in the foremost on your mind to use to build a residential log cabin from.

We hate blowing our own trumpet, we like people to read and figure out for themselves why we are the best and what they should use, however, today is an exception, as the matter at hand is far to grave to leave it up to chance.

Laminated, Glulam log cabins are the only choice when it comes to internally insulate and clad a residential log cabin, park home.

Please follow this link and read and view some up close photos of good Glulam engineered graded logs, and the not so good finger jointed timber.

Ours and the Rest!

Solid log cabins can be adapted to support great weights, and insulation, but you must inform the manufacturer of the Kn values etc.

For advice, please send us an email or give us a call today…

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Log Cabins Online =

Log Cabins LV has been offering log cabins, cabins, timber buildings,  Norwegian log cabins, Glulam log cabins and so very much more, log cabins online equals We have the largest, most in depth log cabin- timber buildings- glulam log cabin range on the planet,

What makes so different than all the other online logcabin dealers, simple, they are dealers, they are resellers of resellers, they mostly have the same boring designs, and most of the cabins are in truth, crap! This is not harsh, its the truth. If you would like some free advice on any thing regarding log cabins, please feel free and give us a call.

When you look for a logcabin online, you should take great care in who you spend your money with. At we take pride in selling our customers a quality log cabin, we take pride in the quality of the cabin, the doors, windows, floors, roof, packing, delivery and we take pride in having the number one dealers in the UK – Europe offering our products.

Over the years we have designed some cracking log cabins, The Clock House Log Cabin was our first and over the years we have refined this building in to being with out question the best Clock House Log Cabin on the market.( beware of dangerous copies).

We then brought to market a new concept, our Twin Skin Garden Office, which gave the public a quality insulated option for a fully insulated building at a ridiculously low price.  Once again we pushed the garden-cabin market to offer something different, we set standards.

We now have the best Glulam log cabins on line, and this is something that can not be copied, ( unless they have a 10.5 million euro nest egg to buy the machinery) which we very much doubt!

Over all is the number one in the world for design, choice and quality!

So if you are looking for quality log cabin on line….. please visit

cabins online uk

logcabins online uk


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Timber Frame Buildings UK

Over many years of manufacturing and design, has brought to the European Garden Market some amazing quality Log Cabins, Scandinavian Cabins, Interlocking Buildings, Twin Skin Log Cabins, Timber Frame Buildings, Camping Pods and much more. We always strive to push quality and design first, as great pricing comes from understanding your manufacturing process, and as one of the fore-fathers of log cabins we really understand about how to conserve timber, but never allowing that to effect safety of design. Our CEO and the designer behind the Clock house Log Cabin, the Twin Skin Log Cabin System and so many other recognized log cabins on the market believes that quality should be the number one issue! Our Pricing is honest, and our timber is FSC. if you are looking for a quality log cabin, timber frame building, or just want some honest advice, then please send us an email, or give us a call.

timber frame homes

timber frame buildings uk

Timber Frame Buildings  0066 Timber Frame Buildings  0120 Timber Frame Buildings  0174 Timber Frame Buildings  0228 Timber Frame Buildings  0282 Timber Frame Buildings  0552 Timber Frame Buildings  0660 Timber Frame Buildings  0930 Timber Frame Buildings  1578



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Glulam Log Cabins

Here are some new photos of some of our glulam purlin’s , logs,  and massive glulam roof beams.

Glulam Beams

Glulam Cabins

Glulam Log Cabins 057 Glulam Log Cabins 111 Glulam Log Cabins 165 Glulam Log Cabins 219 Glulam Log Cabins 273 Glulam Log Cabins 327 Glulam Log Cabins 381 Glulam Log Cabins 435 Glulam Log Cabins 489

Holiday Lodges

Here we have a beautifully designed, eco cabin. This timber frame building is fully insulated, sedum roofing, and quality through out! If you are looking for a quality, insulated bespoke designed timber frame building, please do not hesitate to send us an email. will shortly be offering a free Holiday to a New and Amazing Holiday Park in France. Please keep reading our blog for details.

Timber Frame Lodge Cabins for Holiday Parks

Holiday Lodge Cabins

Holiday Lodges  057 Holiday Lodges  111 Holiday Lodges  165 Holiday Lodges  219 Holiday Lodges  273 Holiday Lodges  327

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Garden Log Cabins

Our Garden Log Cabins are not just fantastic value for money, they are also amazing quality. With more than 14 years in the business, you can be sure we are here for the long haul.

We are the longest running Log Cabin Supplier in the UK!

Over the years we have seen literally hundreds of start up companies, selling log cabins at unbelievable prices, and giving 5 year guarantees, but then 2 years on, the company has gone bust, and there customers are left high and dry with problems galore, we have heard of absolute horror stories, bowed roofs, broken windows and doors, splitting wall logs to mention a few slight problems.


Planning Permission Explained by


Garden Log Cabins are used for so many different purposes; however, you must obey certain planning laws, listed below to help!


You can have a log cabin in your garden up to 4m or 13.4ft in height, if the cabin is more than two meters from the boundary fence from all sides, and must not exceed 30 sq meters

If the log cabin- Timber Building-Glulam Cabin is no more 2.5m or 8.25ft in height and is less than 2m or 6.6ft away from boundary, it is exempt from planning permission and please remember it must not exceed 30 sq meters, as it falls with in the permitted development law.


LogCabins.LV has the largest range of planning exempt buildings available in the industry. We also do not just have the largest range; we are able to offer all our range of planning exempt cabins in Glulam Timber Logs or our Graded Timber Frame and if you are looking to really have something special then our Scandinavian Log cabin type building-structure will put your garden very much on the map!


Log Cabins LV.. Do not settle for less!

Garden Log Cabins 003 Garden Log Cabins 057 Garden Log Cabins 165 Garden Log Cabins 219 Garden Log Cabins 273 Garden Log Cabins 327 Garden Log Cabins 381 Garden Log Cabins 435 Garden Log Cabins 489 Garden Log Cabins 543 Garden Log Cabins 597 Garden Log Cabins 651 Garden Log Cabins 705 Garden Log Cabins 759 Garden Log Cabins 813

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Log Cabins- Timber Buildings- Glulam Log Cabins

A few Facts about why Log Cabins LV are the market leader in Log Cabins- Timber Buildings and Glulam Log Cabins.

Log Cabins LV only use on our solid garden log cabins high quality Siberian Spruce that has been kiln dried to the correct moisture content to suit UK-European conditions.

LV provides a beautiful 28mm solid timber floor in all our cabins over 34mm, LV only use high quality hardware for all windows and doors.

LV use double glazed solid timber windows and doors.

All with optional French / Georgian Bars.

Our Timber Frame Buildings are built only with quality graded FSC C24 Siberian Spruce or Pine KD timber, with amazing quality residential windows and doors, which are possibly the best in the industry.

Our Glulam log cabins are with out doubt not just the best Glulam log cabins in Europe, but they are possibly top 3 in the world.

What surprises most of our customers is the quality level of our windows and doors with come with all our glulam cabins.

If you are looking for superior quality, at amazing price levels, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Do not settle for less ..logcabinslv .. The number one for quality buildings.


Timber Buildings

Log Cabins

Log Cabins- Timber Buildings- Glulam Log Cabins 111 Log Cabins- Timber Buildings- Glulam Log Cabins 165 Log Cabins- Timber Buildings- Glulam Log Cabins 219 Log Cabins- Timber Buildings- Glulam Log Cabins 273 Log Cabins- Timber Buildings- Glulam Log Cabins 327 Log Cabins- Timber Buildings- Glulam Log Cabins 381 Log Cabins- Timber Buildings- Glulam Log Cabins 435


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Timber Frame 2 Storey House by

Designing and making a difference is so very important to us!

Over the years we have designed so many iconic garden buildings, timber frame houses, summerhouses, garden offices, holiday accommodation, camping pods etc.

Here is a new addition to our Tan Range; this amazing timber frame building is not just different, it’s very different.

Our New Tan Two Story 4 Bedroom House is built with High Quality-Graded FSC CE C24 Timber, Triple Glazing, Cladding in Northern Siberian Larch, incredibly Insulated and costs, a lot, lot less than you think!

If you are looking for a quality timber frame building, or you have your own bespoke designs, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

Do not settle for less..

LogCabins.LV The leading Log Cabin company in design, quality and price!

quality timber frame buildings

siberian larch clad timber frame buildings

Timber Frame Houses  043 Timber Frame Houses  081 Timber Frame Houses  119 Timber Frame Houses  157 Timber Frame Houses  195 Timber Frame Houses  233 Timber Frame Houses  271


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Log Cabins VS Sheds

This year has been an awful trading year (reported as one of the worst ever) for the shed industry, as reported by a Top Nail and Screw Manufacturer in the UK,  reported reasons for this is that garden sheds are very much unchanged in design, with same build technique’s, and pricing way too high for  low specifications.

When we first introduced Interlocking Log Cabins into the UK market 12 years ago, only 5% of the public understood what a log cabin was.

Now 12 years on the Cabin market is now over-taking the shed in sales.

However! The cabin market has its faults also, when you search for a log cabin on Google, Yahoo, Bing, you will notice that most log cabin websites are selling the same designs as each other. Most of the designs are not for the UK market but Germany!

This is one reason most of the high volume mills copied our clock house log cabin design, as their standard designs were, are, boring and cheaply made. Sadly they have also now cheapened the Clock House, as their manufacturing departments want to manufacture it for as little as possible, keep sale prices high, and boost profits.

The Cabin market has only a few manufacturers that blow fresh air into garden, offering different designs, different timber thicknesses, and quality! has the largest design portfolio of log cabins, timber buildings, residential cabins, timber frame residential park home Mobiles in the world.

We have also the largest range of Camping Pods, which just happen to be the Mega Pod of all Camping Pods.

We do not claim fame too much, but we can hold our hand on our heart and say that has been the largest influence of design, Price and Quality in the UK Log cabin market.

If you are looking for quality, price design, do not settle for less.

Please send us an email…. logcabinsLV


log cabins


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Log Cabins 2015

Over the years has strived to assimilate the best dealer network in Europe, Our Dealers are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry on Log Cabins, Sectional Buildings, Summer Houses, Gazebos, Scandinavian Hand Built Log Cabins, Camping Pods, Home Offices, Twin Skin Log Cabins, Glulam log cabins, just to name a few. Our Unique Designs now foster many a British and European garden! Over the years we have designed some of the most now iconic garden buildings on the Web. Our claim to fame for what we believe is the most iconic of them all is the Clock House. We also designed- manufactured- brought to market the first Twin Skin Log Cabins. Our unique designed Camping Pod is now the favourite for all large Holiday Parks, fishing lakes, camping grounds and with the largest camping pod available on the market, our unique iconic designs go from strength to strength! If you are looking for a manufacture that is able to turn your bespoke designs into reality, also we are the only company in UK-Europe to be able to offer your custom design in 5 different build types.

Timber Frame Buildings

Glulam Log Cabins

Solid Logs Cabins

Scandinavian Log Cabins

Profiled Round Logs Cabins

If you are looking for a Residential Log Cabin or just a simple 3m x 3m 44mm log cabin, please send us an email, and we will direct you to your nearest dealer!


log cabins

Log Cabins -  Logcabins - Cabins  005 Log Cabins -  Logcabins - Cabins  043 Log Cabins -  Logcabins - Cabins  081 Log Cabins -  Logcabins - Cabins  119 Log Cabins -  Logcabins - Cabins  195


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Glulam Log Cabins Windows and Doors!

Just a brief Blog tonight, showing off our incredible residential CE approved quality windows and doors, which all our Glulam Log Cabins are supplied with. Our Glulam Log Cabins are renown for the best windows and doors in the industry that is why we have the very best dealer network in Cabin industry. All our quality triple glazed windows and doors are bespoke, tailor made, and come with quality hardware. We are able to offer wheel chair access doors, fire doors, internal doors, external doors, and so very much more, we also take on all bespoke designs, in Pine, Spruce, Larch, Oak, Cherry, and Cedar! If you are looking for the best Glulam log cabin in Europe-UK, please do not hesitate to send us an email, or give us a call.

glulam log cabin

glulam cabin


glulam logcabins

glulam cabins UK

glulam logcabins

glulam logcabin

glulam logcabin

glulam cabin


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Glulam Log Cabins-Glulam Buildings

When purchasing a Glulam log cabin you must be sure that the company you are thinking of purchasing it from are able to offer you superb quality, that their Glulam logs are graded, and that that grade exceeds C32 at all time. Also that they can prove to you that they have sufficient flat bed presses, not vertical to manufacture the Glulam log on.

We are able to manufacture the following from our engineered Glulam timber…

We are also able to offer our engineered glulam twinskin system.

80mm-120mm-160mm-200mm  Glulam  Residential Log Cabins

80mm-120mm-160mm-200mm  Glulam  Park homes

80mm-120mm-160mm-200mm Glulam Mobile Homes

80mm-120mm-160mm-200mm  Glulam  Chalets

80mm-120mm-160mm-200mm  Glulam  Granny Annex

80mm-120mm-160mm-200mm  Glulam  Garden Offices

80mm-120mm-160mm-200mm  Glulam  Houses

And so very, very, very much more!!

We are able to offer our glulam timber in the following species.



Northern Siberian Larch


There are too many companies on the internet offering Glulam Log Cabins that are quite frankly rubbish, they stick bits of off cut timbers together and then label the building a Glulam cabin, the correct terminology for this timber is (crap) or finger jointed!

Finger Jointed timber is great for 19mm roof boards, or fence panels, etc, but it is not worthy of the title Glulam Engineered timber.

As you can see by the photos attached to this blog, we are able to manufacture 80m spans with our engineered laminated, Glulam, timber?

80 meters is a massive span, and to accomplish this the Glulam timber used is under incredible strain, and as a company to be asked to build a span of this magnitude, is an honor! But it is also an endorsement of the quality of our Engineered Glulam Timber.

We hate blowing our own trumpet, but who would you rather buy your Glulam log cabin from, Us? Or an unknown?

If your looking for a quality Glulam log cabin, please send us an email.

Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 034 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 054 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 074 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 094 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 114 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 134 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 154 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 174 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 194 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 214 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 234 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 254 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 274 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 294 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 314 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 334 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 354 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 374 Glulam Log Cabins- Glulam log cabin buildings 394


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Engineered Glulam Twin Skin Log Cabins

We first introduced Engineered twin Skin Glulam Log Cabins to the English Garden market about 8 years ago.

We also introduced them into the Residential Market showing their massive potential and how to save money and increase U values plus offering durability and quality.

There are many companies that truly want you to spend 1000’s more on internally cladding a single solid skin cabin log cabin, just for the sake of cladding their pockets with money on the prefix of giving you a better insulation package.

Most of the time this leads to awful condensation and headaches.

Glulam log cabins which are manufactured by us are not just amazing they are truly an engineering marvel.

Unlike other twin skins solid log cabins in the market, have allowed for internal, external movement, and with our new glulam twin skin technology system easily passing building regulations, and getting required U values, we believe that will as always push the industry to change their method of build, and invest in better machinery.

The only insulated building available in the garden 8 years ago was either a shed with thin panelised walls, very expensive timber frame conservatories, and of course the dreaded expensive brick and block construction.

Our Engineered Glulam Twin Skin Cabins have over the years changed the way people think about log cabins in general, and their usage.

The Twin Skin Log cabin Design stems from Mother Russia.  Mother Nature in the most northern parts of Russia can reach minus 50 / 60 in the winter, and as lumber is the most freely available building material, cabins with very thick double walls emerged offering amazing U vales, as the internal part of the wall was filled with wood shavings/ sheep’s wool etc.

Our Engineered Glulam Twin Skin Log Cabins are the best in the UK by far, as our expertise has come from 40 years of experience.

The whole purpose of bringing this building technique to the market place was a passion to offer the best and keep this amazing deign concept alive, but to bring it to modern day standards..

Beware of any company selling Twin Skin log cabins that are not on our dealers list.

The dangers of buying a glulam twin skin log cabin that is not manufactured  on a CNC computerized machine could in the long run be a very expensive mistake. Each and every notch must be inline, and stay true to each and every other notch, a manual machine cannot guarantee this, our investment of 10.5 Million Euros  was needed to make our Engineered Glulam Twin Skin Log Cabins the best in the UK-Europe offering grading of C32 to C40.

If you are uncertain about anything regarding a Engineered  Glulam Twin Skin Log Cabin please feel free to send us an email and let us help you.

Do not settle for less.

engineered twinskin log cabins

twinskin glulam log cabins

Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  043 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  056 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  069 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  082 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  095 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  121 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  134 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  147 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  160 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  173 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  186 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  199 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  212 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  251 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  264 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  277 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  290 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  303 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  316 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  342 Engineered Glulam Log Cabins  368


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Highly Insulated Timber Frame Housing

As one of the largest timber frame house suppliers in Norway, we are often asked to manufacture highly insulted timber frame buildings for the northern most part of the country. Norwegians are very much into keeping the landscape looking natural and designing their properties to blend into the countryside.

Norway has one of the highest build regulation standards in the world. TEK 10.

Three times that of the UK and most of Europe.

Insulation values are a major part of this high standard, but also on par with insulation is build quality. Visual Graded CE KD C24 is the only grade expectable for all weight bearing walls, roof etc. Most of Europe and UK use Visual Graded C16, which is the bottom most part of the Visual Grade Scale. (Please ask your builder which grade he is thinking of using in your timber frame build).

Norwegians love to use sedum roofing out in the wilds, as this offers amazing insulation properties to the timber frame or Log Cabin dwellings and gives the building a natural feel, and also brings natural into the design, so it’s a plus, plus , plus!

Sedum roofing is a very heavy alternative to steal tiles, or shingles. All our timber frame buildings are built regardless if they are erected in Northern Norway or Essex with strength in every part of the construction.

If you are looking for a quality timber frame building-house-office-garage-park home-mobile-granny annex- etc, please give us a call or send us an email.

Sedum Roofing timber frame Building

Highly Insulated Timber Frame Buildings

Timber Frame Houses  041 Timber Frame Houses  059 Timber Frame Houses  077 Timber Frame Houses  095 Timber Frame Houses  113 Timber Frame Houses  131 Timber Frame Houses  149


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Timber frame and Log Cabins

This Blog today is just to speak quickly about timber frame buildings and log cabins, and how they are greatly different.

There are quite a few agents/dealers in the UK- Europe that will offer you a log cabin, and call it a residential building. But the difference between the two is night and day.

A residential building, timber frame, is designed to be a 12-month a year dwelling. A single skin log cabin is not.

In certain countries where rainfall is minimal and the season is hot then very cold, then a single skin 220mm Scandinavian log cabin is great, but in some parts of Europe-UK where the weather is very damp, this kind of structure has its limitations due to rainfall.

When a company offers you a single skin log cabin say in 70mm solid timber and offers to clad the building inside, this still does not get around the moisture issue.

This year we have had hundreds of people call us and ask us if our twin skin log cabins (solid timber) will meet building regulations, and sat tests, etc, and the honest answer is yes, but we need to redesign the whole cabin. And we 9 times out of 10 ask them to look at the timber frame selection, which we have over one hundred designs in our gallery.

Timber frame is truly the only way to go if you are on a budget, and you are looking for super insulted building, which will also last the test of time.

Below are some photos of Timber Frame buildings we have manufactured and built.

If you are looking for a mobile home, Park Home, or a Quality Retreat, please give us a call. the number one company on the web for designs, price, and quality!

timber frame housing- log cabins- cabins-

timber frame housing- log cabins- cabins-

Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  03 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  05 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  07 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  09 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  11 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  13 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  15 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  17 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  19 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  21 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  23 Timber Frame Housing- Log Cabins  25


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Chapel Log Cabins

WOW…….. a blast from the past! Here is our Chapel Log Cabin, another iconic design by LV, Our Chapel Log Cabin is a very unique design to us, showcasing what we believe is the tallest door ever manufactured for a garden log cabin. Our chief designer wanted to offer the public a building that fell with-in planning, quality windows and doors (to a budget), aesthetically pleasing, well built, and just looked incredibly different from anything everything else which was on the market. We have now stopped manufacturing this cabin from 58mm Glulam logs. Now the Chapel Log Cabins are manufactured from only 80mm Engineered Glulam graded C32 logs. The reason we have changed timber spec is down to the fact that we have bettered the windows and doors, and made them truly residential quality with heavy duty hinges, triple glazing and quality hardware.Also we have moved production to a more advanced manufacturing unit where we have brand new notching machines, and moulders. Gone are the days of flat bed CNC machines. The Chapel Log Cabin uniquely designed door needs to be made on our new Full Automatic CNC Weinig Window and Door Line. The Chapel log cabin door it’s a very difficult door to manufacture and for it to keep its shape, integrity, and have long lasting durability it needs to be manufactured from a heavier framework. Sadly as specification of this cabin has risen so has the price, however it is a cabin that once erected in your garden, will last the test of time, and offer you many years of enjoyment. Log Cabins LV, the number one company in Europe for log cabin designs, quality and price….

Chapel LogCabins

Chapel Log CabinsChapel log cabin

quality log cabins

quality iconic chapel logcabin designs from LV..looking for a quality building then call

chapel log cabins

The tallest garden cabin door in the garden, designed by

LV chapel log cabin

The Chapel Log Cabins a logcabinsLV product.

chapel log cabins

Quality designs by log cabinslv

Now our New  and improved Chapel Log Cabin is manufactured using 80mm graded glulam logs, do not settle for less.

log cabins lv the first choice in glulam log cabins

quality glulam timber from log cabins lv

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Mobile Homes from

Mobile Homes, what are they really worth?

Here’s a challenge, go to eBay, put what ever mobile home you are thinking of buying, look at the price offered to you, and have a look at what a similar one 10 years old is worth and you will be horrified, We Were!!

What we noticed is that if you pay in 2005 £80.000, in 2015 it will be worth less than £20.000. This kind of depreciation is not what most companies write in their literature about safe investment, release equity, and blar, blar, blar!

Looking after our retired population tends to sway on defrauding them from their life’s hard earned earnings. It’s almost like the Sales reps from dreaded Spanish time share clan have invaded the Mobile Home Market! I know that sounds harsh, but building a Mobile Home under the caravan act BS 3632 and charging £80.000 is robbery, and anyone offering this kind of build quality, with that kind of price tag is running all the way to the bank skipping and laughing!

So what is the alternative, how can you keep your hard earned money in the bank, and purchase a quality Mobile home that is not manufactured under the dreaded BS 3632 awful, Caravan Mobile Home specification!

Simple, give us a call, or send us an email, once you see what kind of specification we offer, and the price tag attached, and how we can guarantee your purchase will hold its value, we will then ask you to ask which ever company you have been speaking to regarding buying a Mobile Home to give you a price on our specification! We are certain (1) they can’t manufacture to that specification,(2) and if by change they are able to offer something similar, their price will be double to ours!

We have been manufacturing timber frame houses, Kits, for more than 30 years, our specification on all dwelling homes, be them mobile homes or 2 storey timber frame apartments will out match, out grade, out price all others!! the Home of Quality Mobile Homes.and Timber Frame Kits .


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Bespoke Park Home-Timber Frame-Highly Insulated-Homes

Log cabins, garden timber offices, 1-2-3 bay timber garages, outhouses, nurseries, timber frame buildings, schools classrooms, granny annex, work rooms, workshops, art studio, residential structures, residential park homes, are all available in bespoke, custom designs. Unlike 99% of other companies we do not just bespoke wall sizes, ridge heights, positions of windows and doors, we also custom design the window and door sizes, shapes, and integrity. If you are looking for a door that must have toughened glass, just ask, if you would like a door to be wheelchair friendly, no problem.

The reason Log Cabins LV is so dominant in the cabin, timber frame market place is partly to due with the fact that we have the best dealer network worldwide; also we are very choosy about who becomes an LV dealer. If you do not see our trade mark shield on the dealers website and each cabin image, then they are not selling our products, if a company claims to sell our products, but you can not see our logo, please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call. Too many companies are already trying to claim they are part of our dealer network and that the cabin’s they are selling are LV. Please email us if you are in doubt. Attached are a few images of our new to come Passive Park Homes, we feel Park homes are poorly manufactured and over priced, so we now offering the market a quality Park Home Timber Frame Home which is massively insulated, with quality over sized, under priced, graded C24 timber frame work, which will make the rest of the industry run for cover!!

With the best windows and doors in the business, your bespoke park home will be the best it can be!

quality bespoke timber frame park homes

bespoke park homes

Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 12 Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 23 Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 34 Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 45 Bespoke highly insualted park home timber frame Buildings 56, caring about price, quality and design!


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120mm Glulam Log Cabins

Cricket Pavilions, Garden Offices, Granny Annex, Stables, Garages, Studios, Commercial Buildings, Schools, Nurseries and many other types of wooden constructed buildings can be manufactured from 120mm glulam logs.

Our Glulam Log Cabins are not just the best; they are unequal in the industry.

Our windows and doors are way above the industry standard, our insulation levels again above industry standard, and our build, well! Once again, way, way above the industry standard. If you look at the photos below you will see the size of the internal purlins, they are way over industry regulations, they are also graded to C40, this grade is unheard of in the UK where Glulam Log Cabins are concerned.

We can offer all glulam cabins with our new dove tail twinskin system, this allows the internal skin to move independently from the external, which combats cold bridging and movement issues. Sadly there are many companies out there calling themselves logcabins experts, who sadly know zero nero about log cabins! Please call us if you would like advice…

All our glulam cabins are pegged through out, they come with stainless steel rods.

We can pre-drill cable holes inside the logs to keep all electric wires hidden from view, we are able to offer a full turnkey solution. is with out doubt the company to turn to if you are looking for quality, honesty, price and product! We are 100% committed to making the market offer more for less! the number one for quality, design, price.

glulam cabins 120mm

120mm glulam log cabins

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