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Educational Glulam Classrooms (2)

Here are some more photos of our onsite build, our educational classroom buildings are going up a treat!

Over the years we have encountered many customers worried about purchasing a building direct from Latvia-Lithuania! Be them a company or a private individual. When asked the reason, we are always told, “you know” the stories etc.etc. Yet in reality it is easier to go bankrupt in the UK and than any other country in Europe. I would honestly say, speaking as a Brit, that doing business in the UK is a mine field, and picking dealers that are honest, above board, and that know their trade, can be a task in its self! There are a lot of dishonest cabin companies in the UK, who seem to get pleasure from over seriously pricing on products that are worth possible 1/5 of the sale value. have been in the log cabins industry longer than anyone in the UK. And we know who is good and who is bad! If you are living in Cheshire for instance and are looking for a quality, honest log cabin company, then speak to, if you are in Dover and looking for a cabin company then we would say and so on!

If you are looking for quality, fairness in price, and great customer service, has all of the above and more to offer!! If you are looking for a dealer with all the right credentials then please follow this link

glulam log cabin classrooms

educational buildings

Educational Glulam Classrooms  009 Educational Glulam Classrooms  017 Educational Glulam Classrooms  021 Educational Glulam Classrooms  025 Educational Glulam Classrooms  073 Educational Glulam Classrooms  077 Educational Glulam Classrooms  081 Educational Glulam Classrooms  137 Educational Glulam Classrooms  145 Educational Glulam Classrooms  149 Educational Glulam Classrooms  153



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Educational Glulam Log Cabin Classrooms

If you are looking to build a clubhouse, classroom, garden office, cricket pavilion, or a residential timber frame home, then can help you. is the longest running manufacturer to supply quality log cabins to the UK market and one of the longest in Europe.

We have the largest range of log cabins, timber frame buildings, Glulam log cabins, Camping Pods, Scandinavian log cabins, in the world.

Here we have attached a few photos of a build we have in progress at the moment.

As you will notice this is an engineered Glulam twin skin set of classrooms.

Our CIS certified fitters have done an amazing job erecting these two sturdy buildings, which will give this school a nature’s breath of fresh air for 180 children when they begin school next term!

We are proud as a company to have been chosen to supply and build these two classrooms, and to show the local authorities that quality does not need to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. If you are looking for a quality school class rooms, or any other buildings , please give us a call today, or send us an email.

80mmx 80mm glulam log cabins

Glulam Log Cabins Classrooms

Glulam Classrooms 80mm x 80mm 9m x 18m 28 Glulam Classrooms 80mm x 80mm 9m x 18m 36 Glulam Classrooms 80mm x 80mm 9m x 18m 44



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10ft x 10ft – 3m x 3m Micro Houses

10ft x 10ft  Micro Cabins.

Log Cabins LV is with out doubt the leaders in Micro House Designs. If you are looking for a quality little dwelling, a Micro House, a quality timber frame cabin for your garden, then our micro houses are with out doubt the best in the industry and at an incredible low cost, these are not built to the awful caravan- park home BS3632 code, these are built using the best graded timber on the market, our timber frames are possibly some of the very best in the industry, using Northern Siberian larch as the main cladding, not the over priced, thin cedar cladding which is now flooding the market!

Siberian Larch has a copious amounts of natural oils, which keeps your dwelling, building, office, spare garden room free from water ingress!

So many companies design Micro Houses to look like sheds, out houses, or quaint dolls houses. Our Micro Houses are with out doubt designed with insulation, longevity and designed for long term living  and they also stand out among all others on the web( OUR QUALITY IS TOP SHELF). There are a few start up companies looking for backing to begin production, where we on the other have 39 years of build experience and are an established house manufacture, using the finest quality timber available, all our timber frames are manufactured using C24 graded timber, and we use amazing residential quality windows and doors. offers the public through the best dealer network in the business so many different quality products, log cabins, laminated log cabins, Camping Pods, Residential timber frame housing, Norwegian hand made log cabins, and so very much more. If there is a design which takes your fancy, but you would like it in another build type, then please send us an email and lets see if we are able to help you.

If you are part of an off grid community and are looking to have a structure that can withstand harsh winters and long summers, then our buildings are what you are looking for. Please send us an email.



Do not settle for less.

Micro Houses

3m x 3m Micro Housing

Micro House 3m x 3m   02 Micro House 3m x 3m   03 Micro House 3m x 3m   04 Micro House 3m x 3m   05 Micro House 3m x 3m   06 Micro House 3m x 3m   07 Micro House 3m x 3m   08 Micro House 3m x 3m   09 Micro House 3m x 3m   10 Micro House 3m x 3m   11

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Fully Insulated Residential Park Homes

When purchasing your Fully Insulated Residential Park Home, you must as we always say, ask for all the information, from floor to ceiling, and walls to windows and doors, not just what the company you are thinking of purchasing your residential park home supply. If the wording winterized comes up in their advertising, question this vigorously, also about timber thicknesses, and timber grades. This can be an awful task, but by asking all the right questions, you’ll get the Residential Building- Park Home of your dreams, as most park homes in the UK and Europe are constructed with a build code or similar to the dreaded BS 3632, this is a sink hole build code, which reminds us of time share! Pay a lot and get very, very little in return.

Our quality starts from the very fiber of the timber, which is the highest grade available, which is selected for your residential building, Park Home. We only use the best, and then we go even further by over sizing out timbers, insulation values and so much more! The only surprise you’ll get from our quality timber frame buildings is that you get your investment is safe.

Our new range of residential park homes will be way above building code, the euro 5 build code is very adequate in some ways, but it does not go far enough, so we have decided to beef that code up, by applying further insulation and triple glazed windows and doors, our aim is to make our residential park home timber frame units way, way above any code that may come into effect with in the next 10 years, this being the case, your investment is safe, as the building will need no further work carried out if thermal values change. Which are one-reason park homes loose their value so quickly.

Plus our ex works price to the customer will be a jaw dropping experience for all concerned in the industry and public, as many question will be asked why is a building 6.7m x 18.0 m costing 80 to 100.000 pounds when our price is half, and in Euros, and to a building specification that almost triples what is available on the market at present! So please watch this space…Please Send us an email or give us a call.

residential log cabins

Park Homes by

park home

park homes

park homes uk

timber frame park homes

timber frame park homes

quality residential buildings

park homes larch clad

quality insulated panels for park homes

3 bed cabins

3 bed residential park home



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Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m

Our residential timber frame park home buildings are not the average rubbish that is feed constantly to the public. Sorry for starting this blog attacking the establishment, but we truly believe the BS 3632 build code to which 99.9% of shed manufactures, or so called Park Home Manufactures abide by is truly not fit for purpose, and in the end you will see zero return on your investment of thousands of pounds / Euros as this build code is truly meant for only the manufacturer to earn from. The BS 3632 build code should be obsolete!

Timber Grading is just so immensely important where timber frame buildings-Park Homes-Glulam Log Cabins etc are concerned.

This 6.7 m x 18.0 m 3 bed residential Timber Frame Park Home is possibly the most sought after size in the industry, boasting 3 beds, 2 bathrooms, lounge, and kitchen, and other useful rooms.

We have a build team fully CIS registered, we are also have tradesmen’s that work part of our build team that offer all trades and are all registered tradesmen, Electric, Gas etc. Our Steel Sub frame is hand built, and absolute quality!

Attached are quite a few important photos, you will notice that all the timber on the panels are graded, and the grade is C24, 99.9% of companies use C16, which is the bottom end of grades, and the cheapest of timber, which does not seem to reflect in most companies prices.

More to follow….Do not settle for less!


Timber Frames Park Homes

Park Home uk

Timber Frame Park Homes

Park Homes

Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  066 Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  100 Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  134 Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  168 Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  202 Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  236 Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  270 Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  304 Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  338

Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  20 Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  34 Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  48 Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  62 Timber Frame Residential Park Home 3 Bedrooms 6.7m x 18.0m  76

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Educational Classrooms Timber Frame

Educational Classrooms manufactured from Timber Frame available now from

Educational Classrooms for special needs children, or a bespoke classroom for the school that needs extra space, and finds it difficult to meet budget.

Our Glulam Log Cabin classrooms are with out doubt the best on the net at present; we are the only manufacturer to offer Engineered Glulam Classroom Log Cabins with grading as high as C40, which is almost an unknown grade in the UK-Europe.

Our Classrooms are designed to have esthetically pleasing designs, and meet price.

We have decided to design now quality timber frame classrooms, which are built to last. The dreaded BS 3632 is a build standard a lot of companies manufacturer to, which we believe is a very, very poor level of build quality.

Educational buildings, classrooms, nurseries, collages, and schools, all have a budget, most budgets are woefully inadequate, which normally leads to schools, and other institutions going for the cheaper options, which means our children are educated in Prefab Buildings that really do not inspire young minds.

That’s all about to change this year, is coming to market with a range of highly insulated timber frame classrooms, that will be manufactured to an incredibly high specification, with a price tag that will have 99.9% of other timber frame manufactures running for cover! For too long substandard classrooms have made their way into schools, wasting budgets, and offering our children zero inspiration of surroundings.

Do not settle for less!

glulam classrooms for sale

timber frame classrooms

Educational Timber Frame Classrooms  048 Educational Timber Frame Classrooms  071 Educational Timber Frame Classrooms  094 Educational Timber Frame Classrooms  117 Educational Timber Frame Classrooms  140 Educational Timber Frame Classrooms  163 Educational Timber Frame Classrooms  186 Educational Timber Frame Classrooms  209 Educational Timber Frame Classrooms  232 Educational Timber Frame Classrooms  255

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Quality Micro Housing by

Micro Housing is now becoming all the rage! But what is Micro Housing? What should a Micro House offer you? To which standard should your micro house be manufactured from? Should your micro house be manufactured using the old and tired BS 3632 code, or should your new acquisition be manufactured to full building regulations with full structural calculations. Should your framework be built from C24 stress graded timber, or the under dog so frequently used C16 or the much more cheaper common zero grade.

Our Micro Housing is not just modern in design, functional, incredibly well insulated, and built to the highest of standards, it is needed today to help house, students, and the increase in population that can not afford to climb onto the mortgage ladder.

All our framework is to full building regulations, all our timber is stress graded Kiln Dried C24 FSC, the best and nothing but the best!

As you can see our micro housing comes in all shapes and sizes, some we design and others designed by our customers.

But design is not the bee all and end all of a quality building.

Quality Windows and Doors are so very important to your living space.

All our windows and doors are made on a full CNC line, quality second to none.

Our Outside Cladding can be either Siberian Larch or Pine, which ever takes your fancy. Inside can be T&G or plaster board. We are able to deliver them as kit form or a full build service.

So if you are looking for that quality little house on that spare parcel of land you have, or a retreat in the woods, maybe your children are looking to live in the garden, then our micro housing sleep 2, 3 and even 4.

Garden Living is now becoming the norm, sadly too many people sleep in poorly made 34mm log cabins, 12mm sheds or the old brick garage, so our new micro housing offers, comfort, quality, amazing build all of which comes at incredibly low pricing.

Micro Houses from log…

quality micro houses for sale UK

micro housing

timber frame micro house 2014  47 timber frame micro house 2014  48 timber frame micro house 2014  49 timber frame micro house 2014  50 timber frame micro house 2014  51 timber frame micro house 2014  52 timber frame micro house 2014  53 timber frame micro house 2014  54 timber frame micro house 2014  55 timber frame micro house 2014  56



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Educational Glulam Log Cabin Classrooms Twin Skin 80mm x 80mm

Here are a few new photos of One of Two Classrooms we are building at present. The size of these class room cabins is 8m x 18m. All our log cabin twin skin classrooms conform to full building regulations.

This education building is a twin skin log cabin, in essence, however the internal wall is manufactured using a dove tail joint, which gives the building superior strength, and still conforming to sat tests.

Unlike 99.9% of all companies on the internet, all our erecting teams for these kind of projects are CIS certified. This is a must if you are involved with large buildings where the public are concerned.

So whats different about this school cabin classroom to other log cabin school classrooms, firstly the price is low, quality is highest available and construction time is incredibly quick. Twin skin log cabin classrooms, if manufactured correctly, to building regs and are able to conform to Sat Tests can offer a solution that could bring the cost of our Educational Buildings down. It just takes the boldest to step forward and start building with them.( Darren Did)….

What is very important, is that the timber used for the educational log cabin class rooms is engineered, we have spoken about substandard Gluelam timber on our blog before, also about the kind of machinery that is used by back street mills, plus the grade of the timber which is so very, very  important. Please read this blog to understand more.

Grades are just so very important in all building types. Sadly the UK is one of the only countries in Europe for instance that does not have large forests, and because of this timber must be imported in. There are many places on the planet where timber is in abundance, but that does not mean that if the timber looks good, it is great for Timber Frame, Log cabins or Glulam cabins, all timber, no matter what it looks like, must be graded. And this is either done by machine, or by eye. Visual grading starts at C16 and finishes at C24. In the UK many, many companies because of price use the lowest grade possible, C16 , which is frankly rubbish, and not fit for a dwelling house. But the UK government caved in to the building trade and allows this grade to be used in construction.

Logcabins LV believes that quality construction must start from the ground up, and we also believe in getting the best timber for each and every project.

We are positioned as a company right on the boarder of the largest forests in the world, so as you can imagine we get the first pick of the best FSC logs, we then grade it, and only C24 for instance would go into our panels, nothing less! And the same applies to our glulam timber, however, because our glulam cabins are of engineered quality we take the C24 graded timber, and cut that up to make a C32 or even C40 grade. All our purlin’s are C40 graded.No other company in the UK can come even close to us with this kind of graded timber. And whats more important, there prices are almost double to ours? For more info please email us.

glulam log cabins

glulam cabins

Twin Skin 80+80 Glulam Log Cabins  Educational Buildings  37 Twin Skin 80+80 Glulam Log Cabins  Educational Buildings  38

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Glulam 80mm Log Cabins to live In – by

More and more people are looking to put a log cabin up in the garden and live in it! So they take to the Internet and trawl the web looking for suitable cabins, but sadly 99% of people have no idea really what they are looking for, and are fooled by what the top ranking log cabin Internet sites tell them. Triple thermal walls, insulated this and best that, which most of the time is just blar, blar, blar.

44mm log cabins are fantastic for a multiple of purposes, but they are not residential, and no matter what you put as insulation, they are not designed to be lived in!

Engineered Glulam log cabins are the future for the garden, as prices come down, more and more people understand that wasting their money on cheap mass produced cabins, is a waste.

When looking for a cabin to live in there is many factors to take into account, more than just insulation.

So if you are looking for that garden log cabin to live in, please give us a call, or send us an email, and we can put you on the right path.

Log Cabins LV has the largest range of quality residential glulam log cabins on the market.

glulam log cabins lv

log cabins to live in

Glulam 80mm Log Cabins37 Glulam 80mm Log Cabins38 Glulam 80mm Log Cabins39 Glulam 80mm Log Cabins40 Glulam 80mm Log Cabins41

Scandinavia Log Cabins-Original Norwegian log cabins-Log Cabins LV.

If you are looking for a truly awesome, rustic looking log cabin, then can offer you an amazing exsperiance, our Original Norwegian log cabins are with out doubt the perfect addition to any garden.Original Norwegian log cabins by are available in bespoke designs.

If you are looking to be different than the rest,  then is the company to speak to.

Do not settle for second best, please email us today do not settle for less!

Original Norwegian log cabinsOriginal Norwegian logcabinsOriginal Norwegian log cabinsOriginal Norwegian log cabins by log cabins lvOriginal Norwegian log cabinsOriginal Norwegian log cabins

than the rest then is the company to speak to.


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Timber Frame Panels- Fully Insulated Residential Cabins-Houses- by

When purchasing a timber frame-building-house, the most important part of the structure is the structural components of the frame work. Integrity of the framework and the quality of the timber with in it is so very, very important. Below are some photos taken of our amazing framework, as you will notice all the framework is CE-C24-KD-FSC graded timber. Please follow the links attached to view our amazing range, all built to our high standards.

We are able to offer a full turn key build solution. 

When you are looking for a quality cabin for  residential purposes we know that you will be overwhelmed ( in a good way) at how can help you from design, to price and to full instillation. Sadly !! Solid single skin log cabins are incredibly difficult to get through planing, if you are looking for a full residential usage then timber frame or glulam log cabins are the best way to go! Gone are the days of the cladded single skin 70mm log cabins, this is a very cheap way of insulating a log cabin, and not a long lasting one at that! A lot of companies still offer this neanderthal build type, which sadly is time wasting, a complete waste of money, and incredibly  inadequate . The Caravan act ( BS3632) is sadly lacking in all things (British), as it is not a build quality that we as a company would offer for a kennel! Things to beware of. Firstly, if a company is trying to sell you a residential cabin , and their method of selling is telling you to buy your residential cabin, and they advice you to buy the cabin under the BS 3632 which helps you evade vat, and structural calculations and!!!!  building regulations, this should start the alarm bells ringing immediately. At we truly believe the BS 3632 standard is designed only to put profit into the manufacturers pocket. This build standard is poor to say the least. We can offer a Structural Engineer, who can offer all  Calculations. We can offer the full turn key solution for your residential build.

insulated residential quality cabins

residential timber cabins

Timber Frame Panels  37 Timber Frame Panels  38 Timber Frame Panels  39 Timber Frame Panels  40 Timber Frame Panels  41 Timber Frame Panels  42 Timber Frame Panels  43 Timber Frame Panels  44 Timber Frame Panels  45 Timber Frame Panels  46 Timber Frame Panels  47 Timber Frame Panels  48 Timber Frame Panels  49 Timber Frame Panels  50 Timber Frame Panels  51


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Log Cabins LV and Pinterest

Quality Log Cabins

log cabins- logcabin-cabin

You can find us now on Pinterest, over the next few months Pinterest will have our complete range of cabins, timber buildings, laminated cabins, camping pods, and so very much more.

We have found over the years that social media is a good platform for our customers to learn about log cabins, and timber constructed building, we have also found that todays internet buyers are looking for information and photos, videos of log cabins and choice. has the largest range of timber buildings , log cabins, laminated glulam log cabins, on the internet, and as a company we have found that choice is allows our customers to have a better understanding on price, quality and choice, do not settle for less,

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Timber Kit Buildings Australia

Over the past few years has been offering to the Australian market quality timber buildings and log cabins. in conjunction with now has the largest dealership of log cabins-timber buildings-Laminated Glulam Log Cabins in Australia.

With the largest dealership of log cabins in all areas of Australia , is flying the flag of excellence for log cabins, glulam cabin, camping pods, timber buildings.

What we have found in Australia that the customer wants value for money, but nonetheless expects quality at every turn. Other manufacturers have tried to offer the lesser quality cheap mass produced garden cabins from Europe-UK into Australia and failed miserably.

We on the other hand have had rave reviews on our buildings, and our order books are kept full. When you are looking for a quality log cabin, think

We have the largest range of log cabins, timber buildings, glulam log cabins, and camping pods, than anyone on the planet. We also can offer a manufacturing turn around on any bespoke design in under 4 weeks delivered.( depending on construction type). do not settle for less!

Timber Kit Buildings Australia

Timber Kit Buildings Australia

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Log Cabins Gallery!

Here are a few photos of some of our log cabins stretching back 10 years, As the longest running manufacturer – supplier of log cabins, garden offices, timber frame work shops, clock houses, log cabin garages.

We can offer the following.

Bespoke Log Cabins

Bespoke Log Cabin

Bespoke Cabins

Bespoke Cabin

Bespoke Timber Buildings

Bespoke Timber Garden Buildings

Bespoke Garden Buildings

Bespoke Garden Cabins

Bespoke Garden Log Cabins

Bespoke Garden Insulated Buildings

Bespoke Insulated Garden Offices

Bespoke Quality Log Cabins

Bespoke Cheap Quality Log Cabins

Bespoke Self Build Log Cabins

Bespoke Log Cabin Kits

Bespoke Log Cabins For Sale

log cabins LV  104 log cabins LV  129 log cabins LV  154 log cabins LV  179 log cabins LV  204 log cabins LV  229 log cabins LV  254 log cabins LV  279 log cabins LV  304 log cabins LV  329 log cabins LV  354 log cabins LV  379 log cabins LV  404 log cabins LV  429 log cabins LV  454 log cabins LV  479 log cabins LV  504 log cabins LV  529 log cabins LV  554 log cabins LV  579 log cabins LV  604 log cabins LV  629 log cabins LV  654 log cabins LV  679 log cabins LV  704 log cabins LV  729 log cabins LV  754 log cabins LV  779 log cabins LV  804 log cabins LV  829 log cabins LV  854

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Log Cabins and Bespoke Designs

Over the years we have sold thousands of cabins, be them clock house log cabins, garden offices, timber frame granny annex’s or a fully insulated residential building.our fully compliant camping pod.

Our Dealers all over the world, truly love their trade and because of them and them only our Brand has become the most known Cabin Brand in the world.

Here are some Classic Bespoke designs of quality log cabins.

clock house log cabins

bespoke log cabins

Log Cabins LV - 2014  048 Log Cabins LV - 2014  063 Log Cabins LV - 2014  078 Log Cabins LV - 2014  093 Log Cabins LV - 2014  108 Log Cabins LV - 2014  123 Log Cabins LV - 2014  138 Log Cabins LV - 2014  153 Log Cabins LV - 2014  168 Log Cabins LV - 2014  183



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Log Cabins LV -The largest range of logcabins in the World.

Over the years we have at designed some incredible log cabins, timber frame buildings and glulam log cabins, our designs have helped the industry turn from the Blockhaus German designs to a more aesthetically modern European Design. With over 3000 designs and so many more coming you are spoilt for choice when you enter We are always designing new and innovative cabins, timber frame buildings, glulam cabins.big and small.

Do not settle for

quality log cabins

3000 designs from log

Amazing designs from 2014  036 Amazing designs from 2014  051 Amazing designs from 2014  066 Amazing designs from 2014  081 Amazing designs from 2014  096 Amazing designs from 2014  111 Amazing designs from 2014  126 Amazing designs from 2014  141

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Log Cabins LV Classrooms.

Once again we bring to Market a new and amazing range of high quality glulam log cabin classrooms, double skin, fully insulated, built to building regs, and each has a  full set of structural calculations attached. This amazing range of new educational units are designed for quick assembly, and quality of build. Glulam timber logs  is the ideal products to make a classroom from, it is highly robust, and because they are designed from glulam the safety of the classroom is way beyond that of steel and brick.

Log Cabins LV as always tries to offer the market quality with amazing prices attached!

timber classrooms

educational classrooms

glulam log cabin classrooms 21 glulam log cabin classrooms 36 glulam log cabin classrooms 51

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CNC Machinery by

Here are a few photos of some of the machines we use to manufacture our different types of cabins, timber buildings, sectional timber frame, laminated timber log cabins, solid log cabins, log cabin windows and doors, also residential windows and doors.

We believe in using the latest machinery,  which means that our products are the best they can be every time, giving the end user a marvellous product at a fantastic price! do not settle for less!

quality log cabins from

log cabins LV

Log Cabins LV......2014 036 Log Cabins LV......2014 051 Log Cabins LV......2014 066 Log Cabins LV......2014 081 Log Cabins LV......2014 096 Log Cabins LV......2014 111 Log Cabins LV......2014 126 Log Cabins LV......2014 141 Log Cabins LV......2014 156 Log Cabins LV......2014 171 Log Cabins LV......2014 186 Log Cabins LV......2014 201 Log Cabins LV......2014 216 Log Cabins LV......2014 231 Log Cabins LV......2014 246 Log Cabins LV......2014 261 Log Cabins LV......2014 276 Log Cabins LV......2014 291 Log Cabins LV......2014 306 Log Cabins LV......2014 321 Log Cabins LV......2014 336 Log Cabins LV......2014 351 Log Cabins LV......2014 366 Log Cabins LV......2014 381 Log Cabins LV......2014 396 Log Cabins LV......2014 411 Log Cabins LV......2014 426



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Good and Bad Laminated -Glulam Timber Log Cabins…

While trawling the web, I came across a company offering glulam log cabins. Obviously as this is my passion, quality timber, glulam, buildings etc, I decided to have a look through their gallery. I was shocked to see the condition of the timber. So I just thought I would show the difference between quality laminated timber, Ours, And the not so good glulam timber ( firm X).

I will leave it up to you to decide who you would rather manufacturer your glulam cabin!

These logs are honestly awful, this is not graded Glulam. The grains on each log should be opposing to the one next to it, this glulam is Rubbish! BEWARE,,

glulam logs - by- log  1431


This next photo is our glulam graded timber which has the attributes of being fresh, strong, zero knots and amazing quality! Do not settle for less,…

log cabins lv the first choice in glulam log cabins

quality glulam timber from log cabins lv

Log Cabins LV

Here are a few photos taken this week of production and our mills, as you can see not everything is LogCabins, we also specialise in Glulam beams and Trusses, Camping Pods, Sectional Timber Frame Buildings and so very much more.

glulam log cabins

glulam Logs

glulam logcabins

glulam log cabins

200mm laminated log cabins

200mm glulam logs

Quality Glulam Timber 80mm

Quality Laminated Logs

glulam beams by

Curved Glulam Beams


Glulam beams

Large Glulam Beams


As you can see by the photos we specialise in Glulam beams, which are used in Cabins, Houses, Factories, Sport stadiums, Shopping Centers, Equestrian Centers, Swimming Halls, Agricultural Barns- Buildings, our glulam is used for road bridges, and for even church roofs.


quality bespoke glulam

Specialists in Glulam production


Over the years I have spoken relentlessly about quality timber frame buildings, and how it is so very, very important to have grading of the highest caliber on timber which is destined for the manufacturing of Park Homes, Timber Frame Residential Buildings and the like, also that these kind of structures must be strong on there own merit and not part of a whole. Here you can see panels, floating in the air, which shows our true belief in our panel construction and the quality of build.

quality timber frame residential cabins

quality timber frame buildings

Timber Cabins

Timber Frame Buildings

Please visit the links below. 


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