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New Window and Door Line for our Laminated Log Cabins

Quality Windows and Doors

laminated Windows and Doors

At we believe not only offering standard quality windows and doors for our solid log cabins but also quality residential windows and doors for our newly arriving Engineered Laminated Log Cabins. Manufacturing windows and doors is always the the bottleneck in the production, so rather than hurry and make a mess, we have decided to invest in the latest window-door line by Weinig. This new window and door line is not just the very best on offer in the world, but this CNC machine is truly the best at what it does, and that is make superb windows and doors every time. We are able to offer passive windows and doors, Tripple glazed, double glazed bespoke sizes in both windows and doors, materials avalible are Oak, Larch, Spruce.Why settle for less.Log the first choice for quality log cabins.

Log Cabins Window and Doors

Laminated Windows and Doors


quality windows and doors

Log Cabins lv

quality windows

Wooden Windows and Doors by

Quality windows and Doors

Computerised-Handmade Wooden Windows and Doors

Quality Laminated Windows and Doors

Bespoke Windows and Doors

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Log cabins And Laminated Timber

Our new Laminated Range of Laminated Log Cabins is nearly ready, and we are all incredibly excited. Laminated Log Cabins is not just the future it is also far more eco. Our new computerised machinery calculates to the cm every C24 6m plank, so our production is completely efficient. Also Laminated log cabins have a shelf life of over 80 years, where standard solid log cabin life span is half. LogCabins LV as always pushes forward offering the public incredible eco friendly products, keeping prices down, and quality levels high! Do not settle for less..

Our New Range of laminated Buildings-Log Cabins-Cabins will only be sold by our dealers-partners who have had extensive training-knowledge on this engineered laminated timber.

laminated Cabins LV

Log Cabins Laminated

Log Cabins Laminated Timber   42 Log Cabins Laminated Timber   47 Log Cabins Laminated Timber   52 Log Cabins Laminated Timber   57 Log Cabins Laminated Timber   62 Log Cabins Laminated Timber   67


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Laminated Log Cabins 7.5m x 4.0m

Here is a sample of the kind of laminated Log cabins we will be offering to our dealers. This is a first in our industry, 7.5m x 4.0m in 50 mm laminated wall logs. Aesthetics are so very important when offering the public choice in styles. This cabin is shown with Aluminum Windows and Doors. we will also be offering Laminated Windows ,Doors, UPVC and Solid Timber Economy Tilt and Turn Windows and Doors. Please call us for more info, or drop us an email.

log cabins lv laminated log cabins

Laminated Log cabins lv

Laminated 7.5m x 4.0m log cabins  42 Laminated 7.5m x 4.0m log cabins  47 Laminated 7.5m x 4.0m log cabins  52 Laminated 7.5m x 4.0m log cabins  57 Laminated 7.5m x 4.0m log cabins  62


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