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Laminated Larch-Pine-Spruce /Areans/Churches/Swimming Pool Buildings

quality laminated buildings Laminated Buildings can offer a wide range of different type of buildings, we do not just solely sell Log Cabins. Our forte is almost anything Timber, and construction! If you are looking for something special and you would like advice, please do not hesitate to call us and find out how can help you!



laminated timber construction 27

laminated timber construction 36

laminated timber construction 45laminated timber construction 54

laminated timber construction 63

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Swimming Pool House 7.0m x 5.0m

Are you looking for a Quality Swimming Pool House?

Do you want a building that is practical, highly insulated, with Quality Graded Timber, Laminated Larch Beams? Are you looking for a bespoke design that fits with your requirements?

Are you looking for professionals to help you through the quagmire of planning issues and headaches attached with building permissions, has the team available. With a total of over 300 years of experience in the group, we are sure that any problem you may have, we can help!

Our Quality is as always way beyond anything on offer at present in the market place to date! Quality comes with a cost, however we as a company have a commitment to the public to offer a quality building at reasonable pricing.What we have done is infuse a Siberian Larch-Laminated Frame that can be impregnated with what ever preservative, waterproofing and fire retardant needed, with a quality larch clad timber frame inserts.

As always we are pushing the envelop of design quality in the timber frame industry.

Please speak to Andy at for more information on Endless Pools- HotTubs and quality Pool Houses.

cabin_805_img01_v1 cabin_805_img02_v1 cabin_805_img03_v1 cabin_805_img04_v1 cabin_805_img05_v1 cabin_805_img06_v1 cabin_805_img07_v1 cabin_805_img08_v1


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Log Cabins Sales

Andy and his crew at LCS are as always pushing forward offering amazing customer service also great pricing. If you are looking for a hot tub and a building to cover it, Andy is the MAN!! is with out doubt one of the Top Dealers in the UK for log cabins!

log cabin sales

quality cabins from log cabin sales ltd

Log Cabin Sales LV  00 Log Cabin Sales LV  09 Log Cabin Sales LV  18


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Camping Pods

Our Camping Pods are now leisure companies choice, its not because our standard of build is the highest is the market place, its not because the pricing is unbeatable, its not because we only use top quality building materials in each and every Pod, and its not because our quality double glazed residential windows and doors are designed for longevity with toughened glass, its because when you put the whole package together our Camping Pods are great for commercial use and make sense, and that they are designed to last, which equals a very safe investment ! We now supply the LV Camping pod to every continent on the planet! If you are looking for a solid investment, our Camping Pods are with out the doubt the best on the market! And as we are one of the largest house manufacturers for the Norwegian market we understand quality of build.

Our Pods are clad in grade A Siberian Larch, not the European lower grade.

For commercial requests please send us an email today.

Camping Pods LV 000 Camping Pods LV 028 Camping Pods LV 056 Camping Pods LV 084 Camping Pods LV 112 Camping Pods LV 140 Camping Pods LV 168 Camping Pods LV 196


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Pool House LV

Another concept for a pool house from logcabins .lvcabin_802_img01_v1

Pool-house size – 15.0m x 9.0m

Pool-house size internal – 14.46m x 8.46m

Pool-house with decking – 17.5m x 12.5m


Window Size – 6x 810mm x 1750mm

Window Size – 10x 900mm x 1750mm

Window Size – 2x 1000mm x 1750mm

Window Size – 4x 1830mm x 1020mm (triangle)

Window Size – 1x – 2670mm x 660mm


Door Size – 1x 1800mm x 2000mm


Wall height – 2.4m

Ridge height – 4.6m


Insulated Micro Log Cabins Hull 4.0m x 8.0m with Loft

Unlike any other manufacturer we take our buildings seriously, so when we receive an order from our Partners for a bespoke log cabin, no mater if its a 3m x 3m , or a larger build like a Micro Cabin, or a Residential Log Cabin 8m x 20m, or a Timber Frame Build,   we build it first, before we send it to the customer. This way we are sure that what you have spent your hard earned money on is present and correct., the best selling range of cabins in Europe.

As you can see we use incredibly large prulins , beams, in our construction, if you were to look at most manufactures their purlins are small, and quite often weak, stronger / larger ones will be offered to you, but as always as a upgrade, our cabins come with incredibly strong timbers as standard.


Micro 000 Micro 028 Micro 084 Micro 140 Micro 168 Micro 196 Micro 224 Micro 280 Micro 308 Micro 336 Micro 364

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Swimming Pool Houses

Swimming Pool Houses

Swimming Pool Houses LV 28

Our New Out Door Pool enclosures are with out doubt the pinnacle of perfection.

We will be over the next few weeks bring to market new and amazing designs for the well healed, or some one on a budget!

Our designs revolve around laminated frames, timber and glass inserts.

We are able to offer a full turnkey solution, which would involve the full pool set with Jacuzzi, and the pool house.

We are able to offer the Following.

Outdoor pool and covers.

Above Ground Pools and Laminated Covers. Full Turnkey solution.

Pool Houses attached to your house. Full Turnkey solution.

Bespoke Pool Houses. Full Turnkey solution.

Timber Clad Pool Houses. Full Turnkey solution.

Laminated Log Pool houses. Full Turnkey solution.

Swimming Pool Houses LV 00

Custom designed pools with enclosures available from


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Residential Log Cabins

Residential Cabins-Log Cabins -lv  7 has the largest range of Residential Log Cabins on offer in the industry, but this does not mean we have to stop there, we are always looking to offer something different, higher quality, lower pricing.

The Log Cabin Holiday industry has over the last few years taken off locally in the UK and Europe.The demand for quality Residential Buildings, Cabins, is now at an all time high, pricing is with out doubt an issue due to the state of the economy, however customers that are looking for a Quality Insulated Log Cabin Residential Building still want something different to attract new customers, and because of this we have designed a new range of Residential Cabins.

Residential Cabins-Log Cabins -lv  1

We can offer the following.

1 Bed Residential Cabins Insulated Timber Frame Laminated

2 Bed Residential Cabins Insulated Timber Frame Laminated

3 Bed Residential Cabins Insulated  Timber Frame Laminated

4 Bed Residential Cabins  Insulated Timber Frame Laminated

5 Bed Residential Cabins Insulated Timber Frame Laminated

6 Bed Residential Cabins Insulated Timber Frame Laminated

Our New Range Of Laminated Timber Frame Residential Cabins are with out doubt the Masters of any Residential Range on offer at the moment anywhere in the world!

The different construction types are as follows.

Spruce Laminated Frame- Spruce Timber Frame Cladding High Insulation

Pine Laminated Frame- Pine Timber Frame Cladding High Insulation

Siberian Larch  Laminated Frame- Siberian Larch Timber Frame Cladding High Insulation

We are able to offer Bespoke Designs, and Custom Residential Log Cabins.

Below is a typical Segment specification:

  • Exterior walls: segments consisting of wooden framework 45x145mm, impregnated gypsum plates as wind isolation, 20 mm air gap, horizontal spruce larch panels (undercoated), fully prepared holes for door installation.

in free lengths: 150 mm KNAUF insulation, 0.2 mm plastic film, lathing for the piping and cable gap 45×45 mm, 50 mm KNAUF insulation, 12.5 mm gypsum plate, 10 mm chipboards as additional materials in WC/showers.

  • Internal walls: segments consisting of framework 45×95;

in free lengths: 100 mm KNAUF insulation, 12.5 mm gypsum plate from both sides, also 10 mm chipboards as additional materials in WC/ showers.

  • The roof: precut rafters 45×195 + 45x95mm, c/c 600mm;

in free lengths: 12.5mm gypsum plate, 50mm KNAUF insulation( we are able to offer any kind of insulation on request), 45×45 lathing for cables extra insulation, 0,2mm plastic film, 250mm KNAUF insulation into the rafters, diffusion film, lathing for air gap 45x45mm, 22 mm chipboards and bituminous shingles as final roof cover.

  • Boards for covering outside joints of segments, wind boards and panel boards for covering the bottom outside of the roof in free lengths, all materials painted as outside panel.
  • Rain gutter system: made of coated steel. 
  • Galvanized metal materials needed for segment assembling: bolts, anchoring bolts, metal plates.

Windows: Quality wooden laminated frame windows with triple glazed package, Scandinavian-type – opening outside, with quality handles painted in chosen colour.Doors: simple wooden entrance doors with insulated plate (glass package window can be included) with 3-plug locks and handles, impregnated, grunted and painted white. Wooden inside doors made glued pinewood with impregnated MDF fillings, with simple locks grunted and painted white.

We are able to up the insulation in the timber frame segments to 370mm of insulation, giving the segments almost a passive rating.

For this construction type please call us direct, or send us an email to find out which one of our dealers is qualified nearest to you to supply this kind of Timber Laminated Building.

Residential Cabins-Log Cabins -lv  4

Quality Designs, Quality Timber, Amazing Pricing.

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Garden Offices

if you are looking for a Garden Office  then has with out doubt the largest selection of Garden Offices available on the market! And if you are looking for that highly insulated Quality Garden Office with residential type windows and doors, thats not a problem also!

If you are looking for a traditional Office ( Log Cabin) or Contemporary ( timber frame insulated) or a Modern design, we can offer this and so very much more!!

For quality Garden offices, please call one of our partners, if your not sure please send us an email today and we will endeavour to help you in any way we can.

Garden Offices  0

Over the year we have sold literally thousands of garden offices for home use, some customers have called up our agents years on and asked if we could refit the office to make it into a home studio, adding toilet and Shower, we of course obliged. When we manufacture a log cabin, or timber building, we use quality timber, so adding on an extra section, refitting, no problem.

Garden Offices  1

So why are our garden offices the publics choice, its quite simple really, we bespoke 99.9% of our Garden Offices to suit the customers needs, we listen to what is needed and try our very best to make sure that we deliver the right product ( office) at the right price, but always keeping the quality through out the process.

Garden Offices  2

We are the only company in UK-Europe-World with so many different quality timber structure designs under one roof! Please call us today or have a chat with one of our partners. offering choice, quality and amazing pricing.




Spilling the Beans on Hiding Twisted Logs.

For many years logcabins have been manufactured from just single plank natural fibered timber, (we now have quality laminated timber ) and as we all know timber tends to do its own thing once its machined! Firstly there is the drying process of the timber logs,  then the cutting/machining of the timber, and which machine is used, also are the blades sharp, and  is the operator skilled, This then determines if the timber is  fit for purpose  to be or  is it fire wood! If the timber is cut badly, and the machinist did not follow the grain on cutting your logs for your logcabin , the timber will be twisted, or if the doors of the kiln were opened too quickly! Actually there are so many reasons why timber can twist, so the cheap manufacturers want to hide this problem from the public. So how do they hide from you twisted logs in your cabin walls? Optical illusions, what you thought was decorative  is in fact a way to conceal twisted logs, so! they cut the end of the log, which then gives you zero focus point on the wall log end( the notched area) . Sadly a lot of the manufactures in the UK are using local Pine/Spruce from the local surrounding forests, the timber is very young, which will lead to twisting.Thats one reason why they are cheap! Profit comes before Quality!




European Pine/Spruce is a lot older, tougher tighter grained timber! European Pine and Spruce is grown in harsher climats that lead to a far more dense timber Do not settle for less!




All our Log Cabins have a full end logs, we have always made our log cabins with untampered Log ends, as we believe in Quality, not Quantity!

We always check our logs, floor,roof boards plus our windows and doors moisture content on all our cabins, making sure every Log cabin is as best as it can be!

logcabinslv testing moisture content 0

Beware of cheap, as cheap = Problems!

Logcabins .lv is with out doubt becoming the peoples choice.

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Highly insulated Laminated Sectional Buildings from

residential log cabinsResidential log cabins  0213Quality Cabins Masters Range

The Ultimate Garden Den–Laminated Timber Frame Buildings as always offers unique quality to the UK -Europe-World.

Our Masters Range of Laminated Timber Frame Buildings are with out doubt a Notch above anything on offer in the market to date.

The Masters Range is a solid frame work of laminated Spruce-Pine -Siberian Larch,which ever one takes your fancy,  with High preforming Insulated Timber Frame infill. simply years ahead of the rest!

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Cheap Log Cabins

This article is about Cheap Log Cabins and the misery they cause.

When looking for a Log Cabin-Timber Shed- Wooden Cabin for your Garden, you need to be very careful what you buy.

If your looking for a cheap shed to put your lawn mower away, and you’re not too concerned about quality then there are so many companies offering Cheap! But Cheap means Cheap! has the largest range of Quality Clock House Log cabin designs in the World!

If you see a Clock House Log Cabin in 44mm and it is being offered for under 3000 Pounds-Euros, then be prepared for problems. A quality Clock House will offer double purlins, a cheap one offers you single purlins, this will mean on the single purlin clock house you must expect the roof to bow in in the middle after a few years, a quality Clock House Log Cabin  will also offer very heavy windows and doors. A Clock House for instance has 8 double glazed windows , and a double glazed double door, 4 windows and the double doors are placed all in the front wall, this makes the wall weak, as there is very little timber holding them in place. We are the original designers of the clock house log cabin, we understood the problems this cabin could have, and designed ours to be incredibly strong in areas that could cause problems years down the line. Sadly so many customers know very little about the build process, or the designing that goes into such a timber structure. We also offer 28mm flooring in all our cabins, all cheap manufactures will offer this as an up grade. Also our windows are VERY HEAVY, as the glass is 24mm argon filed and the windows all tilt and turn from 44mm and upwards. We also offer double glazing in our 34mm cabin, this is economy  none the less its double glazing, where most if not all manufacturers will offer this to you as an upgrade.

We would recommend that you think very carefully before buying any cheap cabin!

Cheap Cabins cause misery to thousands of people yearly do not be caught out or enticed to buy rubbish, you will regret it…

When looking to buy a log cabin please look at the reviews of the said company you want to purchase it from, Google is great at giving all the info you need, have a look for complaint forums and read what people say, 2 great reviews can not cover up a 100 bad!

If you would like some help please do not hesitate to ask one of our Partners. or send us an email direct.

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Cabins-Log Cabins-Garden Living

If you are looking for a wooden log cabin to live in which is with in permitted building regulations , and  in the garden, then please have a look at our garden Studio Range of log cabins, with so many different configurations we are sure you will find something that will suit your needs, and budget! If you are unsure of the dealer to go to please send us an email and we will try our hardest to make the whole process as easy  and pleasant as possible.


Garden Studio log cabins lv 0


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Equestrian Centre Design- Riding Arena

logcabinslv Equestrian Centre Design- Riding Arena does not just design, manufacture 3m x 3m 34mm log cabins, we also manufacture at one of our largest plants in Europe some on the largest Span Laminated Post and Beams, Purlins etc in Europe! When purchasing large buildings from us, you are not gambling, professionalism and dedication mean that we are able to supply you, with what ever is necessary, do not gamble your hard earned money with companies that have zero manufacturing facilities, if your looking for a quality building give us a try. Our prices, designs, and quality are with out doubt the best in the business.Please send us an email

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Timber Frame Laminated Garages from logcabins lv

Here is a new design hot from the drawing board, our new and exciting timber frame laminated garage from This amazing garage is with out doubt the best of the best in size, strength and design.

As we are able to offer all custom, bespoke designs please do not hesitate to chat to one of our dealers if this or something like this, or something completely different takes your fancy.

Log Cabin Garages lv000 Log Cabin Garages lv132

The concept behind this garage is to show that everything is possible, that strength is always available in wooden type projects. Laminated beams are stronger than most steels, they are able also to with stand quite a lot of abuse where steel finds it impossible.

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Residential Log Cabins The Masters Lodge Edition!

Residential log cabins  0355


Hi and Welcome to our new range of Lodges for Residential Park Home  living.

Once again we bring to market a quality looking building that stands apart from anything else in the market to date!

Our motivation on producing better daily is the reason why is the people choice, and also why we are on every continent on the planet.

Our new Masters Log Cabins design,  residential cabin, is made from laminated timber frame, larch, spruce or pine and the wall inserts are sectional, timber frame. This kind of construction is incredibly new to the UK and as we have one of the largest manufacturing Mills in Europe solely manufacturing Laminated beams, for log cabins, sectional housing, laminated purlins, public swimming baths, ( pic below) we feel we are the customers choice. our expertise in structural designs, amounts to us leading the field daily, monthly, yearly!logcabins.lvResidential log cabins  0568

Residential log cabins  1065



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Log Cabins LV and why we are so successful.

Log Cabins LV has for many years been striving to move forward and offer the public year in and year out more designs, better quality, but always keeping the log cabins / timber buildings affordable.

Have you noticed that on so many websites the companies say, timber prices going up? Buy today before the rush! That one makes us chuckle! Also have you noticed that most companies only have a few different cabins to offer, and the images all look the same!

OK firstly, timber prices do not go up monthly or weekly, they go up/down yearly, and normally if the timber price has been up’d in the middle of the year its to do with the log supplier, or timber supplier cutting ties with the manufacturer  which is normally because payment was not on time! So if you want to chance your hard earned money on a reseller, or even manufacturer that writes this monthly on his or her website, be wary. You may be at risk on loosing your deposit!

Designs, we have more Log cabin/Residential cabin designs than any other manufacturer in the World. We are proud of this, also we are able to manufacture everything that is on show on So why do most companies only have a small range, its an easy one to answer, because they make all the cabins in bulk. So when you call them up and order your new amazing all singing and dancing cabin, 9/10 it would have been sitting around in some dirty dusty mill for up to 6/8 months.cabin_796_img10_v1

What stands us from the crowd, is that we have been selling log cabins longer than any other seller in Europe to date!

We were the designers of the original Clock House Log Cabin, and insulated Twin Skin Log Cabin system.

We have not risen our prices for 5 years, and every Cabin be it what ever build or design type is made fresh and put on an Arctic Lorry with in 4 weeks of order. A freshly manufatured cabin smells of our well maintained and organised forests,

Bespoke log cabins are with out doubt troublesome to arrange, drawings and calls are made many times a day to get it right, but our keen experienced staff thrive at the challenge and will help you through all processes. There is no reason to buy a cheap 3m x 4m log cabin, the same as your neighbours and his and so on, when you can have made to your specification an amazing space that will serve more than a purpose than just to store the BBQ and lawnmower.

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Welcome to

Welcome to Log Cabins Lv, thank you for coming to look at our blog, daily we will be writing into this blog our thoughts, talking about our new designs, and generally allowing the public to see into the workings of the largest manufacturer in Europe of Log Cabins/Timber Buildings and other timber constructions.

Log cabins

Logcabins, Log Cabin, Log Cabins.Camping Pods, Timber Buildings

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