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Details Gazebo's are not just the best, they are also the best value for money in the entire UK/Eire/Europe and USA Pound for Pound/Euro for Euro/Dollar for Dollar there is not one company that can touch our quality in the price range. .

The timber gazebo, and all gazebos for that matter, comes in a variety of design styles. The Victorian is the most traditional but you can also get the exotic oriental and the tropical Polynesian.


It's not hard to understand why a garden gazebo can be such an enjoyable place to relax. After all, it's peaceful and it lets you appreciate your surroundings. A garden gazebo is the perfect place for reading or meditation, but it's also an ideal place to spend warm summer evenings with your friends and family. You can also use a garden gazebo to enjoy meals in your garden, but their best use is to provide an exceptional place where you can relax.


Most gazebos are self-supporting and are open on all sides without any windows or doors, but occasionally they are attached to walls or outbuildings. Gazebos can serve as wonderful bandstands, but they are very versatile and can be used for a variety of outdoor entertainment purposes. They're also a great way to allow people to stay in the shade. You'll be able to find a number of gazebos from Logcabins lv which can be perfect for the type of garden you have and the surrounding landscaping.


You can use them whole year round if you wish, be it spring, summer, Autumn or winter. It does have a roof over its head so you know you have protection from the elements. The choice of Roofing once again transforms the Gazebo immensely. Traditional Thatched type roofing made from natural products really keep the traditional look and lasts for a very long time, Cedar wood has for some time been a very popular method for roofing.This gives it that rustic appearance and again being a natural product really blends in well with the environment. If you want something that combines tradition with modern thinking then go for Shingles which are readily available in different colours and patterns. Here you can customise your Gazebo to virtually satisfy a wide range of requirements. Add some wall panels and it can be snug. Add a heater and even if it's in the middle of winter you will be as cozy as a cat. Perhaps the only problem you will have is how to actually get there from your house.


Originally introduced by the Chinese. It is used to relax while drinking tea or reading while enjoying the scenery. In the development of the it is used as garden accessories that remain the same functionality that is to relax.


Practically everyone will agree that Garden gazebos are a very attractive feature in almost any garden. Functionality and quality will be determined by design but predominantly by choice of materials used in construction, quality of the workmanship during manufacturing as well as on-site installation will all impact on how effective the overall design is and its ability to satisfy the needs of a range of different user requirements. We at Logcabins lv put the same care and consideration in our Gazebos as we do with our residential Log Cabins. You can be assured of obtaining the best from the best.


The garden gazebo is a thing of beauty, it has been known that in the past kings and queens had enjoyed gazebos in their royal gardens, setting up a trend of garden gazebos for history's rich and famous.


Just contact us or one of our appointed Dealers or Partners for more information.


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